1984 Barbie dream house

The average person might only live in one or two homes in her adult life, but Barbie has a penchant for real estate and interior decorating: She upgrades her living space every few years.

Through the decades, she’s embraced mod style, gone super glam, and has tried out the latest in household technologies (though one thing is constant: Barbie always has a beachfront pad in Malibu). Take a tour of her many homes, from smart studio to posh pink mansion:

1. 1962

Courtesy of Mattel

Can you believe the first iteration of today’s pink Barbie palace was made completely out of cardboard? The original design relied on Mad Men-esque style, including minimalist furniture and colors inspired by nature.

2. 1974

Courtesy of Mattel

By the 70’s, Barbie was movin’ on up: This three-story home even had an elevator! The decor showcased tons of bright colors and patterns that were decidedly fun and girlie.

3. 1979

Courtesy of Mattel

This A-frame house looked realistic with working doors and windows, and had cute planters for polish. The lifelike design was so popular that Mattel continuted to make it for almost a decade.

4. 1983

Courtesy of Mattel

This dreamhouse doubled-down on creating a realistic world for Barbie by using flat photographs to decorate each room (a somewhat eerie effect that hasn’t been repeated). But, of course, the dolls still got their elevator.

5. 1990

Courtesy of Mattel

Barbie’s world reached peak pink-ification with this “magical mansion.” It featured a ringing telephone, a working doorbell, and a fireplace that lit up.

6. 1998

Courtesy of Mattel

The architectural details of this dreamhouse are some our favorites: It has stained glass, bay windows, pink arches, and even a balcony.

7. 2014

Courtesy of Mattel

Stop everything: Barbie’s latest pink pad has two elevators. And one is just for her clothes (so they can travel seamlessly from her wardrobe to the bathroom, of course). We’re moving in.

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Photos: Courtesy of Mattel


Barbie Dreamhouse Playset

When young imaginations move into the Barbie Dreamhouse, they turn this amazing dollhouse into a dream home! More than 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide, the Barbie Dreamhouse has so many amazing features — three stories, eight rooms that include a carport (car not included) and a home office, a working elevator that fits four dolls, a pool that has a slide descending from the story above, five pieces of transforming furniture, lights, sounds and more than 60 additional accessories, including an adorable puppy, that can all be used to decorate, set the scene and play out so many stories. Plug-and-play design helps keep pieces in place as small hands move around (and make clean up easy for adult hands!). Decorations and furniture for indoor and outdoor settings inspire play from all angles, and the transformations provide two-in-one fun while encouraging flexible action — the couch turns into bunk beds, the coffee table flips for a bed sized for Chelsea doll (sold separately), the fireplace becomes a home office, the refrigerator turns into an outdoor food stand and the oven houses a barbecue in back. Lights and sounds add even more delightful touches — the oven lights up and the timer ticks, the stovetop sizzles with the frying pan and whistles with the tea kettle and the toilet makes a flushing sound. Young decorators will have so much fun moving accessories around the house as they explore their personal style and tell all kinds of stories, from daytime to nighttime, indoor to outdoor, Barbie home alone or with a house full of friends and family (dolls sold separately). Pool parties, friend sleepovers, sister bonding, backyard BBQs, birthday, holidays and every day – – there are endless stories to tell and limitless ways to explore living in the Barbie Dreamhouse because with Barbie, anything is possible. Includes Barbie Dreamhouse and 70 accessories that include furniture, household items and a puppy; dolls, fashions and car not included. Colors and decorations may vary.

Barbie Dreamhouse

Move right into the Barbie Dreamhouse and discover a world of possibilities because with Barbie, anything is possible! Three floors, seven rooms and a working elevator let kids dream up all kinds of stories, from a fun night in to getting ready for girls’ night out. The built-in garage has a door that realistically opens and closes by sliding a tab. It’s the perfect space for parking Barbie car (sold separately), or customize the house and use the garage as a bonus room to fit any story. Attached to the garage is a beautiful atrium window where Barbie doll (sold separately) can gaze out on the stunning Malibu sunsets — but flip the window down, and it converts into a swimming pool, perfect for a fun pool party for Barbie doll and her friends!

Product Features:

  • Move right into the Barbie Dreamhouse and discover a world of possibilities because with Barbie, anything is possible!
  • Dream up all kinds of stories with three floors, seven bedrooms, 70+ accessories and a working elevator with simple pull mechanism!
  • ‘Smart’ accessories snap into an interactive furniture piece for lights, sound and/or motion.
  • The addition of a garage with a door that flips open and closed gives kids the freedom to live out life with a car (sold separately) or create an extra room to fit their story (like a game room).
  • Furniture pieces help decorate the space, while fabulous items — from place settings to a TV remote — help expand realistic play.
  • Ages 3+
  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

This page lists the main characters of the show and acts as an index of character articles.

Main Characters

The main characters of the show consists of Barbie, her sisters, her friends and her pets. They appear in multiple episodes and usually have prominent roles in the episodes that they appear in. Storylines and plot points usually revolve around different situations happening to the main characters.

Midge was joined the cast in season 3, Summer joined in season 4, and Grace joined the cast in season 6.

Barbie Ken
Raquelle Ryan
Nikki Teresa
Midge Summer Grace
Skipper Stacie Chelsea
Tawny Taffy Blissa

Other Characters

Other characters include characters that have appeared in one or more episodes and are usually objects or animals rather than actual dolls. They are either recycled throwaway gags, like the Fish, characters that contribute to the plot like Closet or hidden characters like the Schlond Poofa.


Background Clones Randy Bravo Reporter
Mall Cop Fifth Harmony


Fish Bear Oyster
Flippy, Splashy and Jumpy Hudson Brunhilde


Tennis-Playing Robot Shoe-Vacuuming Robot Closet


Little Miss Cupcake-elator Schlond Poofa
Sassy the Snowman Bananas

Character Guide

Life in the Dreamhouse — characters
Main Characters
Barbie Ken Raquelle Ryan Nikki Teresa Midge Summer Grace
Skipper Stacie Chelsea Tawny Taffy Blissa
Other Characters
Clones Randy Reporter Mall Cop Fifth Harmony Ben
Fish Bear Oyster Dolphins Hudson Brunhilde
Tennis Robot Shoe Robot Closet
Cupcake-elator Schlond Poofa Sassy Bananas

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is an animated web series based on the popular Mattel franchise Barbie. It is produced by Rob Hudnut, David Wiebe and Michelle Coogan at Arc Productions and distributed by Mattel. The series premiered on the official website and YouTube on May 11, 2012 and is currently part way through its seventh season. When the show is airing, a new episode debuts each week and is translated into 21 different languages, and it is both mobile and tablet-optimized.

The series is set as a reality TV-esque show following Barbie and her friends Ken, Teresa, Nikki, Midge, Summer, Ryan and Raquelle, as well as her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea and their pets Tawny the horse, Taffy the dog and Blissa the cat in the day-to-day activities that take place in the Dreamhouse and surrounding areas.

Much of the humor in the show derives from parodying and lampooning both the traditional reality TV format and the Barbie franchise itself – the dolls, for example, are perfectly aware that they are dolls and use oversized items, warn of the dangers of cutting their hair because it never grows back and need to wear sunscreen so that they don’t melt.

The series has gathered a following on various sites around the internet, most notably Tumblr, whose members are collectively referred to as Dreamhousers.


From left to right: Skipper, Stacie, Ryan, Chelsea, Tawny, Blissa, Taffy, Barbie, Ken, Raquelle, Nikki and Teresa.

See also list of characters

The series has a main cast of eleven Barbie dolls, two of which are male, in addition to three Barbie doll pets, and a number of supporting and background characters who are compromised of fish, car parts, celebrities/news reporters and a sentient closet.

Age and gender

The only doll whose age is definitively known is Chelsea, who turns six during Happy Birthday Chelsea. Skipper appears to be between 15 and 17 years old, while Stacie falls somewhere in between her two sisters. The topic of Barbie’s age was brought up multiple times during Gifts, Goofs, Galore, with no doll being able to provide an answer until Barbie told them at the end of the episode. Unfortunately for us, this was blocked out for the viewers by Shoe-Vacuuming Robot. Barbie has more than 43 years old as mentioned in the first episode. Ryan and Raquelle are the same age, as they are twins, and Ken, Teresa, Nikki, Midge and Summer are assumed to be around the same age as each other.

  • Barbie: Let’s face it — Barbie is the doll who has it all. She’s a fashion icon who has a fab home, the best friends and the perfect guy who’s nuts about her. She’s great at everything, while remaining humble and kind, and is always there to cheer on her friends no matter the challenges. That’s why everyone loves her.

Barbie’s friends

  • Ken: The best boyfriend in the world, he wants to be the perfect guy to the perfect gal, but hasn’t quite got the perfection thing down the way Barbie does. He loves creating new crazy gadgets to make her life easier, but sometimes they do the opposite. Though his over-eagerness to please leads to some mishaps, his heart is always beating Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba Barbie.
  • Teresa: Always there for her friends (just maybe not on time), Teresa is the mellow, live-and-let-live type. Sarcasm is lost on this boho-chic gal, who subscribes to as many conspiracy theories as she does gossip magazines. What she says is what she means… for better or for worse.
  • Nikki: Smart, sassy, and totally fun to be around, Nikki is a “what you see is what you get” kind of girl. For her, no adventure is too crazy. To her friends she’s a softy, but if someone crosses one of her dolls, they’ll discover a dose of her wicked wit. And as everyone knows from her in-the-know vlog, she has her finger on the pulse of what is trending right this second.
  • Ryan: Like his twin sister, Raquelle, Ryan knows he’s hot. He loves showing off his plastic abs and bad boy ’tude. But this wanna-be musician doesn’t fantasize about taking Barbie down a notch (like his sis does); instead he dreams of taking her out on a date.
  • Raquelle: For Raquelle, excess defines her posh lifestyle. Roughing it is not having a butler. The only thing to put a crack in her diamond sheen is Barbie. She dreams of catching her Malibu neighbor in a fashion fail and posting the pics on the web. She also wouldn’t mind stealing her boyfriend.
  • Midge: (introduced in season 3) The original bestie of Barbie from Willows, Wisconsin, Midge is a throwback to the 1960s. Thanks to Barbie, she’s gone from flashback to flash fab in no time, but when she gets nervous (especially around Ryan) she reverts back to slang like groovy and threads. It’s her super smarts and quirky style that make her absolutely a-dork-able!
  • Summer: (introduced in season 4) Summer is a whirlwind of energy, who only has one mode – go, go, go! The former runway model now strives to master every sport in the world. For her, even the simplest activities have ways of turning into epic contests. Some find this competitive spirit a bit too much, but Barbie just adores her undying enthusiasm.

Barbie’s sisters

  • Skipper: The oldest of the three younger sisters of Barbie, Skipper is a tech guru/budding filmmaker. When she’s not directing her fam in her next movie masterpiece, she’s texting, gaming and talking… sometimes at the same time. Of all the sisters, she’s the one who wonders, “Should I do what Barbie does or do the last thing Barbie would do?”

  • Stacie: Extreme sports lover Stacie keeps everyone on their toes with her hyperkinetic energy, drill sergeant-like scheduling and entirely honest views on boring activities. She easily fits in with the guys, but doesn’t get why Skipper seems to be obsessed with them.
  • Chelsea: Chelsea is the youngest of the sisters and knows how to work her cuteness well. This adorable 6-year-old always seems to come up with the exact super-cute thing to say in order to win over her sisters and their friends.

Barbie’s pets

  • Tawny: This noble steed of Barbie is by her mistress’s side with just a whistle. Living the fab life with Barbie has certainly gone to her head. She is lovably neurotic about her looks — from her immaculate mane to her designer horseshoes.
  • Taffy: The pampered pooch of Barbie isn’t just fond of the finer things like filet mignon and doggy spas, but also has a sophisticated taste for art and literature. She loves nothing more than a good chew toy, classical music and a nice long belly rub.
  • Blissa: Blissa, the fickle feline, always purrs for Barbie, but everyone else has to be on alert. She’ll either snuggle up with Dreamhouse guests or turn their pant legs into scratching posts.


Main article: Episodes

Voice Cast

  • Kate Higgins as Barbie
  • Sean Hankinson as Ken
  • Katie Crown as Teresa
  • Nakia Burrise as Nikki
  • Haviland Stillwell as Raquelle and Tawny, Taffy and Blissa (when translated)
  • Charlie Bodin as Ryan
  • Paula Rhodes as Skipper and Stacie
  • Laura Gerow as Chelsea
  • Ashlyn Selich as Midge
  • Tara Sands as Summer
  • Lillian Sofia as Grace
  • Todd Resnick as Closet
  • Grant George as Randy Bravo
  • David Wiebe as Reporter

The voice work is provided by the Los Angeles-based Resnick Interactive Group.

The Restaurant
Official Description This dining spot is the hottest in Malibu. All the fab-tastic people are seen here. From filet minion to gourmet burgers or salads, whatever tasty mood strikes, Barbie and her friends can fulfill it here.
Type Restaraunt
Merchandise Food
Located At The Mall
Image Gallery

The Restaurant is a store at The Mall. It first made an appearance in Bad Hair Day. It was shown to have soup in that episode, but in the description it also says to have filet minion, gourmet burgers, and salads. There are red and white comfy chairs at each of the tables, and a smoothie bar in the back. There are also chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and a TV on the wall.


The place to be seen at!

It’s all in the soup, people.

Location Guide

Life in the Dreamhouse — locations
The Ryan Mansion The House of Ken The House of Nikki
Casa de Teresa The Beach Campgrounds
The Barbie Dreamhouse
Main Dreamhouse Foyer Dreamhouse Living Room
Dreamhouse Kitchen Dreamhouse Garage The Barbie Bathroom
The Barbie Bedroom The Barbie Closet Bedroom for Chelsea
The Raquelle Mansion
Main The Pool
The Mall
Main The Barbie Boutique The Raquelle Boutique
The Restaurant Chelsea’s Lemonadory
Space Tiki Resort TV Studio
Paris The Alps New York
Beijing London The Arctic

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