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The 40 Best Toys & Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

Every child needs some toys to combine in their play for holistic development. With kids now having a seemingly never-ending supply of fresh new toys to play with, shopping for kids, especially 5 year olds who are at the entry stage to kindergarten can be a difficult task. Choosing a gift is even more difficult when you have to shop for a child who is not your own. To help give you some ideas of what to get, here is our list of the top 40 gifts and toys. One of them is likely to be the perfect choice for that 5 year old boy in your life.

My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Rock your 5 year old boy’s world with the My First Foam Pogo Jumper. Designed by Flybar, this active gift is just perfect for the energetic boy, and the fun-inducing toy will be difficult for him to put down once you have handed it over to him. The cool-looking toy comes in a variety of colors, such as green, blue, teal, and orange, so you can choose the color that appeals most to the child. With some of these models featuring animal pictures to spice them up, the toy will never go wrong.


Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Treat your boy with a set of these Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes. Featuring a set of three planes capable of performing some amazing stunts, the aeronautical engineered toy planes are a perfect gift for your boy to get obsessed over. With a choice of launching the planes through stomping, jumping, or running, the set will provide maximum fun for your boy. The versatility of this set is marked by the fact that it comes with the Glider, Wildcat, and Lopper planes. The set is complete with a launch stomp pad and launch stand, which changes the way your aircraft flies. With the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes, your boy can be left to feel responsible and full of added pride thanks to it being 100% kid-powered.


DC Super Friends Batboy Xtreme Robot

Enhance your boy’s imagination with this DC Super Friends Batboy Xtreme Robot. Standing 2 feet tall, the toy comes with everything your boy could ever want, including a punching mechanism, wings, a motorcycle, projectile launchers, and a small Batman figure. The versatile toy can be a lot of fun for a 5 year old boy who’s into superheroes. And the voice changer mechanism will excite your boy thoroughly. It is easy to activate the battle mode on this toy with just a touch of the power pad located on the right shoulder, and the fugue can fit in an elevator taking Batman to the cockpit.


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Create excitement in your 5 year old boy with this VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX. This smartwatch is fun and interactive and is designed in a way that will be appreciated by your young one, especially if he adores photography, thanks to the camera feature embedded with after effects. With enough memory to store tons of pictures and videos, this gift will have your boy capturing after every second. The highly useful gift also comes with a calculator and calendar for his homework demands. With a variety of games available with this watch, the fun simply does not stop, so it can become the new best friend to your little boy.


Don’t Step In It Game

Intensify the feeling of awe in your little boy with the Don’t Step In It game. Designed by Hasbro Gaming, the game is for those who have accepted that boys simply love fart and poop jokes as it gives you peak toilet humor. It tasks your little boy with not stepping on the poo. The package comes complete with the fake poo compound used to make it exciting with the aim of the game being to step on the fewest piles to get a win.


K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow Build and Blast Set

Satisfy your little boy’s curiosity with the K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow Build and Blast Set. This toy allows your boy to have a shot at designing, building, and customizing his own line of dart blasters. The materials are eco-friendly as they are designed with zero-waste and non-toxic components with the versatile set featuring 165 components that consist of classic pieces of rods and connectors, which will enable your boys to create secure attachments. Your boy’s imagination will be further enhanced with the preload ring, two-dart holders, and quick-fit grip that allow him to create the design of his choice.


The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Plush Figure

Stir the passion of your little boy with this Jack-Jack plushie. Inspired by the biggest animated movie of 2018, as well as the star of the movie Jack-Jack, this figure is a unique one as the powers of Jack-Jack are quite amazing. Especially for boys who loved the movie. With the ability to giggle, laugh, and go through an entire power cycle, the toy will keep you boy entertained for days on end. Holding the belly lets the figure explode with colors, sounds, and lights like an activated power ball.


K’NEX 35 Model Building Set

Improve your boy’s sense of creativity with this K’NEX 35 Model Building Set. Following the K’NEX trademark, the toy is designed to enable your boy to learn through creating and building. With many movable parts embedded in the set, the toy will make for an interesting playdate as it allows the kids to develop some amazing items, like trucks, helicopters, and airplanes for extra fun. With secure storage that keeps the parts safe until the next playtime, the toy can serve your boy for a long time.

As he grows, so does his curiosity in the way things are created and the material used to make them. And this set will allow him to develop his creative skills as he can create different figures and models using environmentally friendly materials. With 480 classic pieces that include rods and connectors for secure attachment, the set allows him to create things like amusement parks and bridges and practically anything else he can think of.


Jurassic World Thrash n’ Throw T-Rex

Create the ultimate fun with a gift of this Jurassic World Thrash n’ Throw T-Rex. It makes for the perfect gift as boys never get tired of dinosaur toys as nothing beats the feeling of mauling their unsuspecting action figures or stuffed animals with this giant T-Rex. With a high level of detail, the toy not only looks good, but the 2-foot height is quite impressive. It also comes with stomping and chomping action that your boy will simply love. The result of all these details is a great dinosaur toy.


Black+Decker Junior Power Workbench Workshop

Are you tired of having to drive away your little boy from your toolbox and workbench? The solution to your problems comes in this Black+Decker Junior Power Workbench Workshop. With this toy, you set your little boy up with his own workshop so that you can have peace in your own. With tools that feel as real as the ones you are using in the garage, the set will have your boy obsessed for days on end. Featuring over 75 tools, the set is designed to enhance pretend-play and will also enhance your little guy’s motor skills.


Fingerlings Untamed Raptor

Evoke the play mode in your little boy with a gift of this Fingerlings Untamed Raptor. Having celebrated a stellar year, the Fingerling brand has come up with yet another perfect toy for boys who cannot simply get enough of dinosaur toys. The fun in this toy is that it reacts to motion, touch, and sound, which will let your boy have real fun with it. It produces roaring, sounds, comes with chomping jaws, and lets out some dino gas. Batteries are included to power this toy for a long time.


Mimtom Drawing Stencil Set

Your boy will derive many benefits from art and drawing, and this Mimtom Drawing Stencil Set offers him the chance to do exactly that. The toy will improve his dexterity and handwriting and can also improve his hand-eye coordination while giving him stronger finger muscles. The highly recommended stencil set to encourage learning in tour boy and support his imagination. Featuring 20 ultra-bright colored stencils, a sharpener, pencil, sketchbook, and a paper tube case, the toy will give your boy a range of activities to perform to enhance his creative side. With this set, he can create cool cards, fridge decorations, and posters.


Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit

Treat your little boy to one of the hottest new toys with this Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit. Through aiming and launching a car to an epic jump across the gap of the bridge, this set allows your boy to test his timing skills. With a ramp big enough to accommodate two cars at a time, the toy allows your boy to race his friend down the ramp for extra fun. Also, the bricks will fuel the imagination of your kid as they allow him to customize his builds.


Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Improve your little boy’s motor and balance skills with this Razor A2 Kick Scooter. Designed by Razor, who always strives to improve designs, the performance of this kick scooter is on the next level. Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, the scooter is durable and foldable for easy transport anywhere for never-ending fun for your child. The patented rear fender brake provides for quick stops to enhance your boy’s safety while he rides.


Matchbox Stinky Dump Truck

Satisfy the love for the weird and gross in your little boy with a gift of this Matchbox Stinky Dump Truck. The gross truck provides your boy with a lot of fun thanks to its ability to operate as a garbage truck. With over 90 different sounds and phrases, the versatile toy will be full of surprises for your little guy. It comes with motors that allow it to stand up and even exercise, making for an amazing and unforgettable experience. Included in the toy are lights to add extra juice to the already amazing performance.


Grumblies Hydro

If you are looking for a fun toy for your kid, look no further. This Grumblies Hydro is the epitome of water games as it generates massive tidal waves that can make a tsunami. Your little boy will be excited like never before as it produces 40 sounds and different responses with every tilt, poke, and roll. If you have two little boys, all the better for you because each grumbly has a different design and sounds for enhancing the personalized experience that is unique and satisfying.


Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes

Inspire adventure in your little boy with a gift of this Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes. Perfect for a learning resource, the set will give your little kid the joy derived from counting from scratch. Featuring stackable cubes, the set serves as a supplementary learning tool to improve your boy’s academic success. The cubes provide a perfect platform for your kid to master basic math skills at an early stage and can also be used to create multiple patterns to create great geometric shapes.


Play-Doh 36 Pack

Enhance your little boy’s creativity by inspiring them to mold and make new things every day. This large pack of Play-Doh also allows you to engage and participate in your boy’s games as it enhances competition on who can make what faster or prettier kind of games. The Play-Doh games provide the ultimate tool for bonding as you and your son engage in something that inspires imagination more than playing baseball or running.


Learning Resources Fishing Set

Surprise your little boy on his birthday with this Learning Resources Fishing Set. Designed to address various educational areas through active play, the gift will allow your kid to practice hand-eye coordination, role play, math, writing or pre-writing, active play, and other educational areas. With features such as a tackle box, fishing pole, net, fishing vest, worms, and fish, the fun never stops with this set. It comes with an activity guide that is easy to comprehend and follow.


Osmo Genius Kit for iPad

If you think that watching tablets and computer screens are always bad for your child, this Genius Kit will prove you wrong. The Osmo Genius Kit is not only for play as it provides five games that make it the ultimate learning tool. Watch your 5 year old son learn and grow smarter by day as the kit turns spelling and math into interesting and irresistible fun. You will notice the daily improvements of your boy’s visual thinking and problem-solving skills as the kit has Tangram, Newton, and Create masterpieces that are important in the intellectual and capacity growth of your child. The best thing about this iPad kit is that it provides age-appropriate content so that you can easily adjust the age and skill set to levels 5-12.


Learning Resources Puzzle Globe Toy

Make geography extra fun for your little boy with this Learning Resources Puzzle Globe Toy. Embedded with large pieces of puzzles that represent various contents, the toy will inspire the spirit for travel in your boy and equip him with knowledge of the word locations. Its stationary bottom piece features Antarctica and encourages your kid to understand world geography. It will allow your kid to learn about famous landmarks and the names of continents and oceans, providing for a terrific educational gift. With easy-to-spot pieces that fit easily on the globe, the toy will be an excellent companion for your little one.


Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Do you feel guilty that your son needs constant baseball practice, but you never have enough time to teach him and help him exercise his skills? Here is a solution for you. The electronic baseball pitching machine is perfect for your child’s training needs. They enhance your boy’s skills by enhancing his interest in sports as it has a 7-second pitching setting that helps him to practice his precision and accuracy in batting. The machine also has a height adjustment, making it the best toy for boys falling in the age bracket of 5-12 years old.


LeapFrog LeapPad3

Take your kid for an adventure with this LeapFrog LeapPad3. The innovative tablet is designed to enhance your kid’s sense of adventure from any part of the world at the comfort of your home. The high-performing tablet uses Wi-Fi and a powerful quad-core processor to enhance its performance and responsiveness so that it will work with the slightest of touches by your little boy. With this tablet, your kid can discover an endless variety of educational videos, games, and eBooks to enhance his knowledge and skills.


Magnetic Building Block Set

These magnetic building blocks are some of the most engaging toys for creative young minds of children between the ages of three and six years. These magformers are less expensive than the original magnetic building blocks, making them sell like hotcakes. Your child will enjoy high flexibility as the toy can make many patterns ranging from animals to buildings to vehicles. There is simply no end to the patterns that this building toy can be combined to make.


Shock-Proof Binoculars

Facilitate outdoor learning for your little boy with a gift these Shock-Proof Binoculars. Designed to make outdoor learning fun, the gift can help them engage in various outdoor activities, like bird watching, hiking, boat riding, or enjoying live shows at a theater. The binoculars are built with durable materials, so it can withstand the thrashing it is likely to be subjected to by your little boy full of energy. With an advanced design, they are easy to adjust to suit his eyes and can be used by both you and your boy.


Automoblox Min/S9/T9/C9 3 Pack

Stimulate your boy’s creativity through fun engagement like playing with the Automoblox pack. These wooden cars utilize a unique system of universal connectors that enables the child to quickly and easily dismantle the car and make a whole new model. This toy is made using durable wooden parts such that they can be used over the years. They enhance brain development and coordination. They also enhance the problem-solving skills of your child as he tries to make new car models out of the wooden pieces.


Step2 Game Climber and Slide

Engage your little boy with this Step2 Game Climber and Slide, which makes for one of the favorite toys for children. The sporty-themed climber comes complete with a built-in scorekeeper and climber that will have your kid playing the whole day. It is easy to build quickly and helps your child to develop tossing, kicking, and shooting skills, which makes it a perfect learning tool. The slide will help your kid to accelerate his motor skills with every climb and slide, and it comes with a multi-purpose sports ball for extra fun.


LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

The LEGO creative brick toys are the ultimate creativity development tool for your little boy. This toy comes in a mega size of over 790 pieces to provide the child with an infinite range of options on what to make. These pieces have varying colors, and they also come with special pieces, such as tires, windows, doors, and a baseplate so that your boy can make all forms of buildings, vehicles, or perhaps his favorite animal using his favorite color. This toy engages your boy in the pretend play that is full of possibilities as they create their own toys to match their interests.


Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Transition your kids into advanced biking with this Strider Balance Bike. Built by one of the top manufacturers for outstanding transition bikes, this model is custom-designed as a balance bike and is easy to move in four simple steps once it is set up. This bike will inspire your child to get into biking at an early age. The lean and durable design features an adjustable seat, mini grips, and handlebar heights that will completely take care of your child. And the puncture-proof tires of this bike make for extra safety.


Yeti Set Go

Create the thrill in your house using this play monster toy that will make your boy scream with excitement. This fun-skill-and-action game is like none other as it helps your little boy get in touch with emotions and control the game. It helps your boy understand the action-reaction concept by the reaction of the angry yeti.

In this game, players put meatballs on the plate and poke the yeti on the head. This makes the yeti angry as they kick the meatballs! It also inspires the spirit of healthy competition because the player who lands the meatball on all four ledges becomes the winner. The winner must aim their yeti well enough to hit the set target.


Wooden Abacus Classic Counting Tool

Enhance your little boy’s math skills with this Wooden Abacus Classic Counting Tool. The mental calculator will help your kid to explore essential counting skills and arithmetic concepts. It features various colors, patterns, and numbers. Your child’s problem-solving and motor skills will improve drastically with constant use of this toy while his imaginative play will go to the next level. It is easy to learn how to use, and it is made from natural material, making it a “green” toy that helps protect the environment.


Ideal’s My First Magic Set

Introduce your child to the word of magic with style through this Ideal My First Magic Set. Perfectly designed for boys who are enthusiastic about the art of magic, your little budding magician will completely enjoy this set. Featuring 31 props, the set will allow your little boy to perform more than 25 magic tricks that will leave you entertained. Watch as they delve into the world of illusion and observe their eyes staring in amazement at the tricks they can pull out of this set. With props such as a color cube box, magic wand, a magic paint car, and a crayon box, the set will be a cherished gift for your little boy.


Crazy Forts

Cultivate your little boy’s sense of imagination with this Crazy Forts toy. Perfect for increasing the creativity of your little one and his friends, the toy not only increases imagination but also promotes their ability to play collaboratively. It features 69 distinct pieces, which are usable by children of all ages. It also comes with 44 reinforced sticks that allow your children to create anything imaginable as they enter the domain of creativity. The pieces are durable, so they will sustain the impact they are subjected to and are quite portable, so you can take the fun wherever you go.


Giddy Buggy Camping Tent

Nurture your son’s sense of adventure with this Giddy Buggy Camping Tent. The bug-themed play tent looks friendly with its colorful stripes, making for a great playhouse piece of equipment that your little boy will grow to love. It is easy to assemble, making it suitable for your 5 year old boy, and it comes in size big enough to accommodate more than one child at the same time, creating a perfect toy for a playdate. Made of durable materials, the camping tent will outlast their childhood, and the polyester material is wipe-clean, making it easy to maintain.


Hape Quadrilla

Engage your little boy in fun activity with this Hape Quadrilla. Perfect for developing his learning abilities and for engaging the whole family in high-quality game time, this marble construction system enhances spatial thinking and problem-solving abilities, and you can have hours of fun non-stop. It is also made from environmentally friendly materials, making it a perfect gift for both your little boy and the environment.


RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike

Kickstart your boy’s biking experience with this RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike. Coming with training wheels, the bike is not only fun to use but also safe for your little one. It comes in different styles, so you can choose one according to your big boy’s preference.


Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

If your kid is a Batman fan, he is going to love this Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart. With a front cover panel coming in a hero design, the toy is fun to use and comfortable. It comes with a handbrake for rear wheels for enhanced safety. Other features include an adjustable bucket seat and quick steering.


Power Wheels Dune Racer

Treat your little boy to this Power Wheels Dune Racer. One of the best and popular riding toys on the market, it comes with a super cool look and works quite well, making for a perfect gift. One of its most amazing features is that it seats two, making it great idea for two friends or siblings.


Toy State Caterpillar

Have your kid jumping with joy with a gift one of this Toy State Caterpillar. A perfect addition to his sandbox, this toy is well-designed, and the material makes it easy to clean. A kid who loves the world of construction and operating heavy machinery will be completely absorbed with this truck, and he will fetch sand all day in his new piece of equipment.


Little Tikes Super Slam ‘n Dunk

Add this Little Tikes Super Slam ‘n Dunk to his collection of toys to encourage active play and to develop his motor skills. The large and inflatable toy combines classic trampoline action with a basketball hoop, making the perfect gift for a sporty little boy. Your kid can practice his slam dunk and shooting hoops with this set that comes complete with stakes to anchor the bouncer and a blower to fill it.


Five-year-olds are becoming truly social and love group play and games, so the best gifts for 5-year-olds include classic board games.

“They’re starting to grow out of their egocentrism, so they’re able to understand another’s perspective. They’re more understanding of taking turns and not winning all the time,” said Marie Conti, the head of The Wetherill School in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, and a board member of the American Montessori Society.

Once they’ve left age 4 and enter age 5, they start school with new challenges, but also more focus, which helps them conquer fine motor tasks and complicated physical activities.

“They are testing out skills that have gotten stronger as they grow,” said Tovah Klein, director of the Barnard College Center for Toddler Development and author of “How Toddlers Thrive.”

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  • Best games and toys for 5-year-olds
  • Best books for 5-year-olds
  • Best arts and crafts gifts for 5-year-olds

When we release our 2019 gift guides, we make sure all prices are current. But prices change frequently, so there’s a chance the prices are now different than they were the day of publication.

Bestselling gifts for 5-year-olds

1. Hasbro Connect 4 Game

This classic game requires a bit of strategizing.

2. Haba Animal Upon Animal Stacking Game

More complicated puzzles and building with smaller toys are appealing now, according to Klein.

3. “Everything Awesome About Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Beasts,” by Mike Lowery

Five-year-olds should also read non-fiction, like this fact-packed book about dinosaurs.

4. Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft Kit

Art projects and craft kits promote fine motor skills and creativity.

5. “My Book with No Pictures,” by B.J. Novak

Kids familiar with the hilarious “The Book With No Pictures” can create their own version.

Best games and toys for 5-year-olds

1. Monopoly Junior Board Game

This Monopoly game is downsized from the old-fashioned favorite.

2. Lego City People Pack

Little builders may crave Lego kits with Batman, police helicopters or a treehouse. Conti said it’s important that kids have Legos outside of kits, too, for open-ended play.

3. American Girl Emerson Doll

Conti likes American Girl dolls. These smaller versions are good for 5-year-olds.

4. Reversible Cape

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Sometimes you feel like a knight; sometimes a dragon. This cape lets them have it both ways.

5. Lego Classic Red Creativity Box Building Kit

These classic Legos make great stocking stuffers in red and green.

6. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball Size 5

Klein and Conti both recommended sports equipment and other toys that promote physical activity, especially for boys, who Conti said “seem to have way more physical energy” at this stage.

7. Plus Plus Construction Building Set

For Lego lovers, this set takes building to a different dimension.

8. Disney Frozen Adventure Collection

Mini-figures and accessories encourage storytelling.

9. Schleich Riding Center with Accessories

These horses and figures foster creative play.

10. Brackitz Pulley Set

Conti loved construction sets for 5-year-olds. This one from Brackitz allows children to create zip-lines, cranes or elevators.

Best books for 5-year-olds

1. “The Scarecrow,” by Beth Ferry and the Fan Brothers

“Continuing with storybooks is important, because enjoying the story is a really big part of learning to read,” said Nina Lindsay, president of the Association for Library Service to Children. This rhyming story of a scarecrow with an unexpected attachment to a baby crow will resonate with children and their parents.

2. “Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao,” by Kat Zhang and Charlene Chua

Amy Wu is struggling to live up to expectations and make the perfect bao. She’ll find her own way to shine and might inspire your 5-year-old to cook.

3. “Hungry Jim,” by Laurel Snyder and Chuck Groenink

Jim wakes up to discover he has a tail and a sudden hunger for humans. This Maurice Sendak-esque tale will shock and delight your 5-year-old.

4. “Why?” by Adam Rex and Claire Keane

Doctor X-Ray has come to inflict unmentionable harm in this funny picture book. His X-ray blaster is no match for a little girl with a simple question that sends him into a spiraling existential crisis.

5. “The Boy: His Stories and How They Came to Be,” by Oliver Jeffers

This new volume includes four beloved picture books about Oliver Jeffers’ boy (“How to Catch a Star,” “Lost and Found,” “The Way Back Home” and “Up and Down”), plus notes about his creative process. That peek behind the curtain may help a child starting to learn about narrative and creativity.

6. “The Good Egg,” by Jory John and Pete Oswald

The good egg tries to keep everyone in line, until he starts to crack under the pressure. This funny follow-up to “The Bad Seed” is an early lesson in self-care.

7. “The Great Indoors,” by Julie Falatko and Ruth Chan

When the humans leave home, the animals settle in for a vacation in the great indoors with all the comforts of refrigeration, electricity and a little too much coffee.

8. “Who Wet My Pants?” by Bob Shea and Zachariah OHora

Reuben the bear knows someone’s to blame for his wet pants. It’s a whodunit your potty-minded 5-year-old will love.

Best arts and crafts gifts for 5-year-olds

1. Janod Polka Dot Wood Guitar

“Around kindergarten age, if kids get interested in an instrument, it’s a nice time to try starting that,” Conti said.

2. My Cinema Lightbox

Promote literacy with favorite quotes or phrases that kids can arrange themselves.

3. Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library Set

Unlock your child’s creativity with all the arts and crafts tools they could ever need!

4. Magnetic Poetry Kids Story Maker

Emerging readers can create their own stories with these ready-made building blocks.

5. Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Five-year-olds are ready for more advanced art projects (and scissors).

6. Design Your Own Slime Kit

All the creativity and fun of slime, with less mess.

7. Elmer’s Confetti Slime Kit

Make slime as an easy rainy day activity with this simple kit from Elmer’s.

8. Coloring Without Borders book

This coloring book goes beyond color-by-numbers to involve more imaginative play. Proceeds go to Families Belong Together.

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Top Gifts For Kids Under 5

By: Ayesha Khan, ellaslist

Top Gifts For Kids Under 5

Christmas is (almost) around the corner! It’s the time the kids have been waiting for. Letters to Santa have been posted and the countdown to the gift unwrapping has begun. Now only if you knew exactly what to get for the little ones. Here’s a list to help you get going and make the gift hunting a little easier.

Age 0 – 1

1) Playgro Music and Lights Comfy Car

Beep, Beep! There’s a new rider in town…

Cruise around in the playgro music and lights comfy car. This adorable plush car is the perfect place for the bub to practice sitting up or for older babies to sit up and play in. Babies will love exploring the detachable driver toy which includes loads of fun music and lights features including horn beeping, indicator clicking and the rattling and spinning of balls. This adorable car also comes with baby’s very own side mirror to help them learn about reflections and encourage imaginative play. Cruise control on!

Suitable for babies 4 months and above.

The Playgro Music and Lights Comfy Car retails for $90 and is available from all major toy retailers.

2) Fisher Price Discover ‘n’ Grow Kick & Play Piano Baby Activity Gym

Babies will love this super interactive Piano Gym. Start off easy and have them lay down and kick to activate the piano and bat at the dangling toys. Once they master how to sit, they can sit on the mat and play the piano using their hands and play with the toys around them.

This baby gym is re-positionable in each of its three modes of play. Baby kicks. Music plays. Lights Sparkly. And that’s just the beginning. Movable toys on the overhead gym encourage baby to bat and grasp. Move the arch down for tummy time play or let baby sit and entertain you with a piano concert!

Suitable from birth onwards.

Fisher Price Discover ‘n’ Grow Kick & Play Piano Baby Activity Gym retails for $65 and is available through Crazysales

3) Vtech Sit To Stand Music Centre

Show your talent – let’s sing and dance together! This super cool sit to stand mic stand lets the baby play with the activity panel on the floor, then stand up and dance along as mum and dad sing along!

Suitable from 6 months onwards

Vtech Sit To Stand Music Centre retails for $35 and is available from all major retailers.

Age 1-2

1) Speedster Fire Engine

Ahoy Fire Chief! Your little hero will be saving the day in no time with this classic metal ride on fire engine. The Speedster features a sleek, retro design complete with bell and pretend ladders! Easy to manoeuvre and fantastic for indoor play.

Suitable for ages 1 and above.

The Speedster Fire Engine retails for $200 and is available from Kidstuff.

2) VTech Smart Shots Sports Centre

Something special just for our tiniest sports fanatics. The little ones can engage in fun sports right at home using the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Centre, which features a soccer net and a basketball hoop. The little athletes can toss the basketball through the hoop as the LED screen counts the number of baskets while displaying exciting animations. A variety of colorful buttons help teach shapes and numbers while playing fun sounds that are sure to keep playtime going for hours.

Suitable for 18 months onwards

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Centre retails for $70 and is available from all major toy retailers.

3) Vtech Doc’s Talk & Trace Clipboard

The Doc is in! Little girls will enjoy learning with the Doc Mcstuffins’Talk & Trace Clipboard. This electronic clipboard has 4 learning activities and 15 playful melodies. Three detachable stencils paired with letter recognition technology teach letters, numbers, early writing skills and health topics. Plus, Doc McStuffins joins the learning fun by providing encouraging messages! Character sounds and music respond to drawing action to keep your child engaged. Plays 30+ melodies and engaging sounds to enhance drawing and learning fun

Suitable for 18 months onwards.

Vtech Doc’s Talk & Trace Clipboard retails for $73 and is available from eBay.

Age 3-5

1) My Little Pony – Twisty Twirly Hairstyles – Rarity

Inspired by the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic television series, Rarity is going to the Grand Galloping Gala and wants her hair to look perfect. Little girls can help style Rarity pony’s hair for the best night ever! Curl and twist the hair. There are so many possibilities.

Suitable for 3 Years Plus

Retails for $20 and is available from Onlinetoys

2) Hopper Ball – Marvel Avengers

Get active and enjoy bouncing around the home – Marvel Avengers-style – with this awesome hopper ball featuring your favourite Marvel Avengers! The Marvel Avengers Hopper Ball also features a Grab ‘n Grip handle and can be easily deflated for easy storage.

Suitable for 4 Years Plus

Retails for $18 and is available from Online Toys

3) BRIO Rail & Road Quarry Set

Lift and load! Calling all tiny train lovers…The BRIO Rail & Road Quarry Set is packed with lots of play, including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads on and off the track. Take the rock loads off the train and load them onto the trucks for a safe road transportation to the end destination.

Suitable for 3 Years Plus

BRIO Rail & Road Quarry Set retails for $90 and is available from Toys r us.

Looking for the best toys for 5 year olds (and even older)? Here’s the list for you.

Inside: See the best toys for 5 year olds (and beyond) – open-ended toys to grow with kids.

We cannot afford to undervalue toys – especially as our kids age.

There’s this belief that as kids age, toys should be more technology focused (not true) – it’s kind of like the same rumor that hands-on activities are for little kids and worksheets are for big kids (again, not true).

Our big kids need play – hands-on, imaginary, they’re doing the work play. They need to still be in the driver’s seat of their play learning – please don’t set them in the back with video games just yet. They still need real play.

Big kids need open-ended toys and here’s why.

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What toys do 5 year olds need?

In my humblest opinion, there are two toy categories: “One and Done Toys” and open-ended toys. We want to fill our homes with the good, open ended toys.

“One and Done Toys” usually have batteries, they might light up, or make noise – but the big red flag: these toys do the play work for the kids.

Why focus on open-ended toys?

By giving our kids open-ended toys, we are giving them the chance to learn by doing. And that’s the most powerful learning we can give them.

At this age – our five, six, seven year olds can do some pretty amazing things with open-ended toys and you can see the learning right away. It’s not hidden.

  • The blocks they build with are engineering
  • The LEGOs are created with great imagination.
  • The art they make is full of emotional expression.

How do we help our 5 year olds have the best toys?

We need to remember that even with 5 year olds, we are still gatekeepers to the toys in our homes and we decide which toys get to stay (and which get the boot).

The toys on this best toys for 5 year olds list are awesome examples of helping our children grow through play.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: Look back at my OTHER LIST (toys for toddlers and toys for preschoolers). Items on those lists are for 5 year olds too – so if you see an awesome toy on those list, don’t for a minute think the toy is too young.

If your 5 year old doesn’t have (for example) a wooden block set – check out the one on my toddler list!

Trust me, I taught first grade and the toys on my toddler list are toys my six year olds played with each day because these are toys with longevity.

Remember, toys don’t have a gender

This list is GENDER NEUTRAL (as all toys are). Everything on this list is fantastic for both BOYS and GIRLS, and equally loved and used by all – don’t miss a chance for amazing learning just because of your preconceived notions.

Our girls deserve the chance to engineer just as much as our boys need the chance to create.

Here are the best toys for 5 year olds:

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Stomp Rocket

There’s no more beloved toy in my backyard than this stomp rocket – from ages 2 to age 11 – shooting a rocket into air is fun for everyone.

Perler Beads

I know you made these as a kid and what fun they were. Guess what? They still are (and the only thing I use my iron for).


  1. This game is fun.
  2. The little beaded pieces are imaginary play heaven – this was the most played with game by my kindergarten and first graders


Did you have a spirograph? This is math and art and creating at its finest – I’m so glad they never stopped making these.


Every kindergartner should be playing UNO. I know that’s a bold statement but this game does a lot of good.

The Ultimate Fort Builder Kit

Have a kiddo who loves building forts? This is the kit and way better than any other kits like it. Trust me, I’ve tried others and this one is “The Ultimate” for a reason.

Way to Play Roadway

Talk about taking kids on an imagination highway, and the best part: these can be used indoors and out.

Walkie Talkies

These become REALLY fun for kids around age 5 years old – they suddenly get the “power” in them.


A good pair of binoculars is everything for jungle hunts and spy missions.

Bop It!

The skills needed to play Bop It! and the thrill of it all makes this such an addicting game – trust me, I’m as hooked as the kids are.

LEGO Bricks

By age 5 years old, all kids should have a box of LEGO bricks for building and creating. Nothing invites invention and engineering quite like a LEGO.

Snap Circuits

Let your child build circuits and systems with this amazing hands-on learning toy. Easy to follow directions let your child learn so much about electricity.

Wooden Pattern Blocks

If your five year old is in school, they’ve played with pattern blocks before. We can bring that fun home and let them create with math.

Sewing Kit

Sewing is such a lost art but it doesn’t have to be. ALL kids can benefit from learning this very real life skill.

Unifix Cubes

Another “school toy” that we can bring home (and bonus: these come in handy math homework in the future).

Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles are amazing for older children to build with – we have this Picasso brand (considerably cheaper and we haven’t noticed a difference).

Marble Run

This is the marble run we have – we love it. Marble runs are complicated to set up, but 5-7 year olds rock it.

Real Tools

Yes, these are real tools specially sized for kids. Yes, that’s a real saw. You can decide if your child is ready for this. There’s no substitute for learning to working with real tools.

Caution Tape

This is a funny gift to give a 5 year old, but I give it out a lot. There’s a lot of imagination that takes over with caution tape – you’d be surprised the possibilities kids see with this “non” toy.

100 Piece Puzzles

Sometimes we forget that puzzles are LIFE for kids and that they need harder puzzles. Nothing is better than this 100 piece rain forest puzzle. The.Best.

Magnetic Mosaic Design Board

This magnetic design board is currently my go-to gift for five year olds – math & art. Gotta love it for the big kids.

The Best Toys for 5 Year Olds –

Helping our kids grow into thinkers and doers starts with having great toys.

These hands-on, kid led toys are exactly what our kindergartners and big kids need.


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