Backless stick on bra

Sticky bras are basically a necessary evil: painful to take off, not friendly to sensitive skin, and sometimes make your ’fit look worse than if you just went braless. That said, if you want to wear stuff with cool necklines but don’t want your nips to pop out or your chest to feel totally unsupported in thin or semi-sheer fabric, things your boobs have to get sticky. Wardrobe malfunctions are le worst, which means we’re forever in search of the perfect sticky bra.

With so many options out there—and such varied results depending on boob size—12 Cosmo staffers sacrificed their nips at the adhesive altar of the highest-rated stickies on Amazon and Nordstrom so you don’t have to. Scroll on to find out what they thought.

A note on our review process and parameters:

Cosmo employees self-identified their chest sizes (small = A and B cups; medium = B, C, and smaller D cups; and large = larger D cups and higher). Then they each tried on around four sticky bras, wearing them for a full night’s or day’s worth of activities unless they were too complicated to figure out, caused skin irritation, or fell off. If styles were re-wearable, they’d do a day-two retest on the power of the adhesive.

All the Sticky Bras

The Ultimate Nipple Covers

The Ultimate NippleCovers NIPPIES amazon.com $25.00

You’ve probably tried nipple covers before, but these ones are backed by more than 2,000 stellar reviews on Amazon and have a smooth, silicone feel. They come in three different matte skin tones in a finish that doesn’t reflect light (unlike the fabric petals you often see out there), so you don’t have to worry about the flash from that group dinner pic accidentally highlighting your choice of ~underthing~.

Because they’re basically pasties, you can pretty much wear them with any type of complicated outfit, from totally sheer styles to strapless, low-cut, and backless ones. See what our reviewers had to say below!


“These are my favorite little guys ever. I wore them under a bodysuit to get a haircut (where the AC was BROKEN!) and then to a friend’s place for drinks, and thennnnn to karaoke. These lasted the entire 80+-degree day, from 1 pm, to 1 am and they didn’t even need to be pressed back on. I basically forgot I was wearing them. I have A cups, so the smallest size almost covered my entire boob, which was actually really nice because it rounded them out. These are definitely my new go-tos for any dress or top with a deep V. I’ve worn them at least three times (without washing them because I’m a monster) and they still stick.” —Ashley, 32AA


“These were totally lovely nipple covers that feel like actual fabric. They come super highly-rated on Amazon (79 percent five-star reviews!). I wore them with a maxi dress that has built-in underwire and was super pumped about the look (support from boning + nipple covers = A+). I could barely feel ’em at the end of the night, and they came right off without leaving my chest red or irritated. If you’re not looking for support and you just want to cover your nipples, this is definitely the way to go.” —Jessica, 34D


“These were my favorite of all the sticky bras I tried. I really like that they came in two sizes in case you wanted more or less coverage on any given day. I like to wear these under tops I would normally not wear a bra with, to avoid a nip-slip. When I’ve tried other nip covers, they’ve folded or fallen off, but I didn’t have any problems with these. I’d definitely buy these again because they’re reliable and affordable (especially given how many wears you get per pair)! —Shannon, 36D

Bunny-Shaped Push-Up Pasties

Bunny-Shaped Push-Up Pasties MIMEIMIAI amazon.com

Awww, aren’t these sweet? Guessing these lil rabbit-shaped guys have blessed your Instagram feed with their adorable design and their promise of gravity-defying “ear” tabs. In case you’re like, Huh, but why? here’s the thought behind ’em: Stick the circle portion on your nipple and use the ears to lift your boob a little, then stick them flat, closer to your collarbone.

Because their lift process requires sticking so close to the clavicle, they’re not great for strapless pieces. Instead, use them with deep-V designs or something backless with plenty of coverage in the front. Bonus: If you don’t need the sag prevention, you could theoretically cut off the upper tabs and just wear them as nipple covers.


“These were confusing and I didn’t know at first if the ‘bunny ears’ were supposed to go to the side, or up. Eventually I figured out they were supposed to go upwards, to lift the chest a bit. I guess I like where the idea of these are going, but this particular version seems to have some design flaws. It is not sticky along the edge, so it shows the silhouette of the thing through your shirt, and it comes up along the seam throughout the day. I wore this out with a blazer and no shirt and I’d say that’s the only combo I’d ever try it with because you’d want a thicker material to hide the shape.” —Katie, 34B


“I did not like the texture on these. They didn’t stick well on my boobs and I didn’t trust them enough to actually leave the house with them on. I felt if I lifted my arms up over my head, they would fall off. Didn’t wear!” —Taylor, 36B


“I attempted to wear these to work, but they were like oversized pasties that did not form to boob shape. The edges all the way around did not lay flat. I only wore them for about two minutes. As soon as I started putting the second one on, the elongated strip up near my collarbone on the first one started peeling off. The stick didn’t have enough stick. Thumbs down for me.” —Kara, 34D

Invisible Breast-Lifting Silicone Pasties

Invisible Breast-Lifting Silicone Pasties MIILYE amazon.com $27.99 $14.88 (47% off)

Like the bunnies above, these also cover nips and lift the breasts—and they do it a bit better, according to Cosmo staffers. They reported that these teardrop-esque adhesives really helped give them a nice shape in plunging styles, like blazers worn without tops underneath.

They’re relatively see-through, but calling them ~invisible~ is a stretch for anyone with a darker skin tone, for whom these would absolutely show up as lighter than the rest of the chest. Last thing: These also only come in one size fits all, so if you have significant cups, these may not work as well.


“These are nice! I like that the upward tabs give me a little extra lift. The one downside is that it doesn’t really work with strapless necklines, because the top tabs would show, but it stayed in place for hours. I re-wore it a couple times and it was easy to wash and maintained its stickiness nicely.” —Katie, 34B


“This puppy is a one-size-fits-all situation, which isn’t necessarily amazing if you’ve got a full C or larger cups (ahem, hi). Sure, it was sorta comfy (as in, I wore it with a linen dress and after an hour, didn’t think much about it), but lift, it did not. If you’re naturally perky this would be an ideal option, but if you’re looking for a lot of lift, not sure about these guys.” —Jessica, 34D


“This was the first sticky bra I tested out and I am OBSESSED with it. I’ve never actually successfully worn a sticky bra before (I have tried plenty) and I wore this out to a party and it stayed on all night, even though it was a million degrees outside. It fit really well and comfortably, and didn’t make my boobs feel even heavier. It stayed VERY sticky. Like, to the point that I didn’t even know how to store it because it just sticks to everything immediately. Still stayed sticky after a wash, too! Gonna wear this forevs.” —Hannah, 32DDD

Adhesive Silicone Petal Breast Lifts

Adhesive Silicone Petal Breast Lifts MITALOO amazon.com $12.99

Why are so many sticky bras petal-shaped? Ain’t nothing natural about flower-outlined nipples, but I digress. This design has been reviewed by more than 300 Amazon users and has a solid 4-star rating. They have a definite pink color to them, so don’t expect that to blend in with the rest of the skin on your mammaries.

These work well with anything that isn’t sheer or strapless, due to that blush shade and tab situation. So, stick with backless pieces and low-cut necklines for this one unless you want to cut off the tabs.


“These were my favorite! I liked the clear top that could be cut off depending on your neckline. These had great coverage and stayed in place all day long. They were also easy to wash and rewear.” —Katie, 34B


“This one was good, gave a great shape to my boobs and I felt free, almost like I wasn’t wearing anything! After a couple of hours though, it did start to feel like it was peeling off on the bottom, which made me keep touching my boobs hoping they’d re-stick. I washed and tried again the next day and the glue seemed just as sticky, but I decided not to wear them because I didn’t want to be touching my boobs all day long. I’d say these are great for a special event where you’d only be wearing them for a few hours.” —Liesl, 32C


“I did not wear these out of the house. They’re pretty thick and just made it look like I had insane, floral nipples. Maybe if I wore them with a thicker top or something padded it would make more sense, but…I will never unsee how weird my nipples looked through the dress I tried to wear these with.” —Hannah, 32DDD

Silicone Breast-Lift Pasties With Clasp

Silicone Breast-Lift Pasties With Clasp Deceny CB amazon.com $15.99

Alrighty. You want cleave and lift? These triangular pasties with another clear tab claim they can do it for you. Stick the nip-cover part onto your areolae, then lift your breasts using the tabs, like the ones above. Once they’re symmetrical and in place, you’ll hook a secondary clasp thing to each separate adhesive cup in the center. Sound complicated? It kinda is! A few Cosmo editors had trouble sorting this one out.

Worn with the clasp and tabs, this is better for a plunging—but not too plunging—top or dress or something with a low back. The clasp part comes separately, so you don’t have to take your girls to Cleave Town if you don’t want to or if you were hoping to wear something more down-to-there. When we first picked this style to review, it had a solid 4 stars, but after our trial period, that number’s gone down to 3.3 out of 5 stars. That’s pretty much where our editors landed too.


“Immediately, this bra was a little confusing, as it came with some hooks that I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with. Instead, I just wore it nipple-pasty style under a fairly loose, but low-cut romper. the night in question was a show I was performing in, which meant a fifteen minute walk with heavy equipment and then a performance under hot lights. I began sweating and felt the bra coming loose. It did technically stay on all night, but I didn’t feel particularly supported or comfortable. After washing, the glue’s integrity was a little worn down, but I wouldn’t have worn it again anyway.” —Natasha, 34B


“Oh, man. This bra…is not a bra. It is a puzzle. One I thought I solved, only to learn halfway through wearing it that I deeply, deeply did not. Let me explain: I brought this to the beach, where I intended to wear it with a backless cotton sundress, but when I pulled it out of the packaging and tried to put it on, I couldn’t. It comes with no instructions, a removable clasp that connects the cups, and two freaky flappy plastic tabs that can either go…up? Down? Out to the side? A mystery. It seemed like the flaps were intended to go up, but when I wore them that way you could visibly see thick random plastic that looked like huge clear band-aids. I adjusted the flaps to then stick around my sides, which was uncomfortable, but with the clasped cups, my cleavage was gorge. All was fine for about two hours, until midway through a rowdy dinner I heard a pop, looked down and saw the clasp had pulled apart, taking the adhesive hook from one cup with it. So..it broke. When I later looked at the listing online, I learned the flaps were indeed intended to go up, so you can really only wear with halter, or deep V situation. Hard pass for me.” —Jessica, 34D


“Okay, trying on this bra made me feel like there’s a conspiracy that sticky bras just aren’t for me. IDK what about my boobs makes them so not about adhesive designs. I was fully committed to wearing this bra out to dinner and a party one night because I was going to wear a strapless dress that had a deep V neckline, but the tabs you’re supposed to use on this bra were literally so freaking long, I didn’t see how you could wear it with anything but a crew-neck T-shirt. I’m not even exaggerating when I say the strips went up to my collarbone. Plus, while I was getting ready, I think the humidity or maybe my body temp or something caused it to peel off—I would have been pissed if that had happened when I was already outside the house.” —Shannon, 36D

Wing-Shaped Push-Up Strapless Self-Adhesive Plunge Bra

Wing-Shaped Push-Up Strapless Self-Adhesive Plunge Bra MITALOO amazon.com $16.99

Um, 752 customers on Amazon have reviewed this bra, and 78 percent of them gave it 5 stars. With ratings like that, it was easy to get excited about this wing-shaped adhesive bra. That goes on semi-vertical. And then clasps together to create cleavage.

With no crazy tabs sticking up toward the collarbone, this bra can easily be worn with most necklines, including sweethearts, strapless, backless, and some plunges (not too deep, though, or you’ll see the closure in the center).


“As a small-chested gal, I was immediately drawn to this bra because of its push-up claims—even if I was highly skeptical. The instructions were a touch unclear, as there was a ‘pull’ step that I’m not entirely sure I nailed. Basically, I just stuck on the cup to each boob and then clipped it together at the front. I was shocked by the results: Finally I had a perfect line of cleavage! I wore the bra under a summer dress for work, and if anything, felt my breasts might be a tad showy for the occasion. Admittedly, the bra isn’t the most comfortable, as it did feel a little like i was physically holding my boobs together. Still, it held up all day and I decided these breasts couldn’t possibly be contained to the night of Netflix I had in store, so I hit up a bar. I ended up re-wearing the bra on another occasion and found the quality to be same. This is definitely the best bra I’ve used for creating cleavage, non-stick or otherwise.” —Natasha, 34B


“This bra did a great job of creating cleavage and covering nipples, which is great, but I did feel as if the edges of it puckered a bit more than I wanted it to and if you wore it under a thinner fabric, that would show. It lasted the whole night, but did start coming up at the edge after a bit of sweating. I think other bras are better.” —Rachel, 36B


“I liked this one! For not having very long strips at the top, I really felt like these lifted me up and held me in place pretty well. They laid flat against my chest and had a nice cup shape to them. I only have one complaint: Because the nipple covering was already placed inside the cups, you didn’t have much choice of where you put them, which is both good and bad. I may have needed a larger size—I couldn’t get them to clasp together with that placement. I ended up just wearing them to dinner unclasped and still liked them! They lasted the whole dinner long. In the future, I’ll probably use my own nipple cover and move them over, or just cut off the clasp and wear as is.” —Kara, 34D

Seamless Circular NuBra With Center Clasp

Seamless Circular NuBra With Center Clasp NORDSTROM LINGERIE nordstrom.com $60.00

Similar in shape and vibe to the winged contraption above, this minimal sticky bra has a rounded shape and center closure that is supposed to create that cleave. Cosmo staffers enjoyed that this one didn’t have any gimmicks, like laces or tabs, to it—it was easy to slap it on and it stayed right where they put it all day long.

It works well for strapless, slight plunge, and backless designs, but I wouldn’t go full J.Lo’s green dress with this on. One reviewer noted she may have needed a larger-than-usual size, so keep that in mind.


“The Nubra is different from your standard nipple-cover adhesive in that it promises to boost your cleavage. You’re given two individual cups with clasps in the center and once you apply them to your breasts, you pull the two cups together towards each other and fasten the clasps to create ~boob shape~. This cleavage-enhancing bra was not as sticky as others, but this was fine by me (at first) since it took me a few tries to get the cups well-aligned. After they were set on my chest, the cups didn’t feel very secure even though they fit my breasts well. I was at work and didn’t want to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, so I checked on them periodically to make sure everything was kosher. About eight hours into wearing the bra, I entered a scenario I didn’t anticipate: my nips started to itch like hell during a meeting. Inconspicuously patting them or rubbing them with my forearm did NOT help. I was trapped and there was nothing to do but pray. When that subsided, the Nubra clung to the chest for the rest of the day and they weren’t too painful to remove. I wore them a second time after I gently washed and dried them and they grew on me. I experimented with a little more cleavage, and it totally worked. This bra was def my sleeper favorite.” —Mia, 34A


“These were…interesting. Easy to put on, but the cup size didn’t seem to fit me correctly, and for this reason, I didn’t wear them for long. They went out to dinner and drinks with my girlfriends on a Saturday night and the adhesive stuck to my chest and stomach well. The bra kind of protruded outward, so it probably wouldn’t work for anything skin tight. When I washed and tested again, the adhesive lasted a long time.” —Taylor, 36B


“This bra combined everything I want in a sticky bra. No gimmicky ties and no crazy long tabs that make me want to cover up with a turtleneck. I like how this one had full coverage cups and managed to stay on throughout the day while I wore a regular tank. This is an old faithful.” —Shannon, 36D

Push-Up Combo Wing Bra With Underwire

Push-Up Combo Wing Bra With Underwire Maidenform amazon.com

Okay—this bra is really different from the other options in this list so far. The front of the bra has no adhesiveness, because the stick is all in the clear side tabs. You can also swap out these tabs for clear straps if you’d rather!

Because the tabs on the side can reach pretty far back to counterbalance the nonsticky action in the front, this bra isn’t great for backless styles but works well for strapless pieces, spaghetti straps, and slightly low-cut necklines.


“I liked this one, but it takes some getting used to after the other all-over-sticky bras that I tried, because it is only adhesive on the sides. For this reason, I kept feeling like it was falling off, but it actually wasn’t! I didn’t love that feeling, so I think I’ll stick with the other types of bras out there.” —Katie, 34B


“I went to work in this one wearing a backless summer dress that I’d typically wear without a bra so I could take it off in case it didn’t work. Glad I did this because it fell off on my walk to the job! Probably important to mention I have a 20 minute commute. When I got to the office, I took it off and didn’t know where to put it so I stuck it to the underside of my desk. It did stay there all day, but I probably would only wear this one with the clear straps it also comes with, not with the adhesive sides.” —Liesl, 32C


“Although the sticky sides of this held in place throughout an entire lunch out with friends, it didn’t do a whole lot of supporting. Part of it may have been me not putting the side straps up quite high enough? Regardless, though, the top part of this bra tips away from the body and therefore doesn’t do much in terms of support. This also makes the top edge poke in a line through my shirt. I initially liked that this bra didn’t have sticky cups, but it didn’t help in the end.”—Kara, 34D

Push-Up Strapless Sticky Plunge Bra

Push-Up Strapless Sticky Plunge Bra MITALOO amazon.com $20.99

This bra is similar in theory to the one above, but it is sticky All. Over. Including inside the cups and all along the sides. It’s padded, so it gives your chest some real oomph, and it has a dramatic plunge, so it works with more low-cut styles than other cleavage-boosting options do.

The side tabs mean it’s not great for anything low-backed or backless, but any other complicated neckline situation should work well! Just so you know: This worked well for medium- and small-chested reviewers, but D cups and above were like, “Nah.”


“I wore this to work under a silk V-neck cami and then to a post-work event—it lasted at least 10 hours, but I had to squish it back to my chest as it became loose all day long. I liked that this had round-shaped cups so that I didn’t look too flat-chested. The clear tabs on the sides reached around too far on my back for me to wear this with something backless. For the amount of work it took to keep on, I’d rather just wear nipple covers than this with a deep V top.” —Ashley, 32AA


“I biked to work in this bra on an 80-degree day. I had a lot of physical work to do that day, carrying things and moving a lot and this bra never moved or made me feel like it was going to fall. It has become my favorite sticky bra ever. I even rode my bike back home from work that day and when the moment came to take it off, I really had to pull! I washed it with a little soap and left it hanging, per it’s reuse instructions and wore it two days later. I had the same experience as the first time—it never moved or felt like it was unsticking. I thought it had a great shape, was comfortable, and was the perfect size.” —Liesl, 32C


“I fooled around with this bra for, like, 15 minutes before I decided to just change my outfit. I would literally rather try to figure out health insurance than learn how to stick this thing to my body in a way that makes sense for my boobs. Pass.” —Hannah, 32DDD

Fantasy Strapless, Backless Drawstring Push-Up

Fantasy Strapless, Backless Drawstring Push-Up Rose LeMarc amazon.com $24.99 $14.99 (40% off)

You’ve absolutely seen a version of this bra as an ad on social media. You know the one, where the girl has it on, then smoothly zips the lacing together to boost her cleavage, puts on her top, and goes out the door? Anyway, this particular design comes with silicone cups in three different skin tones and a drawstring lace-up center detail.

It works with most strapless and backless designs but isn’t great for anything super plunge-y. Quick bottom line: This guy isn’t as efficient and nice as it seems on the ’gram. The silicone in it is heavy and can weigh your boobs down and give them a shape you’re less than happy with.


“I got major Renaissance torture-chamber vibes from the string down the center of this bra. It took me five days to get the courage to try it on. When I finally did, I realized it was a clunkier approach to the cleavage-enhancing front clasp adhesive styles. The cups are bigger and heavier than other sticky bras and you can see the center string under any tight or slightly sheer fabric. It did stay on during the particularly hot and sweaty weather, but the removal process was more painful than all the other bras I tried. It remained hella sticky during my second wear too, but given the choice between this and a regular strapless bra, I’d go with a strapless bra.” —Mia, 34A


“I used to have a bra like this and I loved it but it was lighter than this one. This one was heavy and made my boobs look like they were hanging when I wore them under a shirt. I decided not to wear it at all.”—Liesl, 32C


“I always see bras like this on Instagram and as someone with D cups but no cleavage, I have been curious if it actually works or not. Sadly it didn’t for me. No matter now many times I tried to reposition the cups and play around with different levels of tightness, nothing seemed to make my boobs look natural. The bra smashed my boobs down and pushed them unnaturally together. I tried to make it work so i could wear it out of the house, but I ended up wearing it around the house instead to test the stickiness and hold. It held up nicely for around four hours.” —Shannon, 36D

Honorable Mention Sticky Bras

The bras below didn’t make the final cut of our expansive photo shoot, but some reviewers really, really liked them—so we want you to know about them! Read all about our honorable mentions, below.


“This was my fave of everything I tried on. Instead of a cup, it’s just a big ole stretchy band-aid that you can cut and place however you like. These are better for backless or deep V styles, because they work best when they can go pretty high up on your collar to provide ample lift. I wore these for hours of sweaty dancing WITHOUT SLIPPAGE. I’m already planning on wearing them to a wedding I’m going to in the fall. Quick note: Boob Tape has the most painful removal of all the bras I tried, as well as a little leftover sticky residue, but it was worth it. My boobs have never felt both so supported and so free!” —Kara, 34D


“HELLO cleavage! I have to admit I was skeptical of this style, which, at first, seemed like a big-ass bandage. When wrapped around my chest it puckered along the top ridge, but I wore it with a sorta low-cut off-the-shoulder top and it was super comfy while giving me the most cleavage of any bra I’ve aver worn. Period. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing (see adhesive bandage across my chest). but after about 30 minutes, I almost forgot it was there. It did sorta hurt to take this one off and I would say to not wear this one under a tight outfit or thin fabric, as the puckering would show through!” —Jessica, 34D

Nipple Cover Petals

“These are the nipple covers you see everywhere and they definitely work well, stay on all day and do the job of keeping the nips flat. That being said, if you have sensitive skin, I’ve found that I have a red petal design that lasts days after I take them off sometimes. These get the job done, but I do think the silicone Nippies are the better option if you’re willing to spend a little more—plus, they’re reusable!” —Rachel, 36B

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But you can happily whip those backless tops and dresses out of the wardrobe because we’ve found the top reviewed sticky bras when it comes to both shape and support for all breast sizes, whether you’re an AA or DD.

Below, everything you need to know before you shop.

Sticky bras vs adhesive bras vs silicone bras

With so many different names, it’s easy to get confused about what you’re actually buying. But never fear: sticky, adhesive, silicone, they all mean the same thing. An adhesive bra is just the more formal term for a sticky bra and silicone is the material used. People tend to nickname sticky bras ‘chicken fillets’ because of how much they look like literal fillets of chicken… style, but make it edible.

How do they actually work?

Sticky bras consist of two bra cups that have a layer of adhesive (to stick to skin) and are applied directly onto the breasts.

What are they made from?

Sticky bras are usually made of silicone, polyurethane, or a similar material.

What different types can you get?

Sticky bras can come in various styles. The most common is two separate fillets with a clip in the middle or with a drawstring in the middle, which you can tighten depending on how much cleavage you want. They also come as one bra with underwire and sticky bits on the side and in a low cut design for V-neck fronts.

Do they work for all breast sizes?

Yes, however, it’s worth doing your research as some brands are better than others. If you’re needing more support and have a bigger bust size, it’s a bit harder, but definitely possible to find one that works for you. Take a look at the five we recommend below.

Can you reuse them?

Yes! By rinsing your sticky bra with water and leaving it to dry overnight, the stick should be as good as new. It’s recommended to wash after every use to get rid of residue.

How do you wash sticky bras?

Do not machine wash or soak your sticky bras in water, as this can permanently damage the adhesive – as can using a brush or fingernails to scratch the surface of the cups. Instead, run the sticky bra under running water and use the palm of your hand to clean them in a circular motion. It’s fine to use a few drops of hand soap, too. Shake off excess water and leave with the sticky side up to air dry.

What are the best sticky bras?

Below, we’ve rounded up the best adhesive bras, based on real people’s reviews.

5. Invisibra Sofia Plunge Bra

The one for low cut necklines

All of Invisibras creations have star reviews (none more so than the Ava push up), but if you’re after a bra that allows for both a strapless back and a V-neck front, this is your new best friend.

Sizes: A-D
Price: $61, Invisibra.com

4. AVIGOR Womens Adhesive Silicone Strapless Bra

The one with nothing but 5-star reviews

We stumbled across this sticky bra on Amazon, after noticing 100+ 5-star reviews and low price point. It promises to be soft and fit to the body. An Amazon reviewer wrote: “This is great. Much more comfy than a strapless bra. Stays in place even on sweaty days. I have d cup breasts and I can wear the largest size fine.”

Sizes: A-D cup (some reviewers say to go up a size)
Price: Approx $25 AUD, Amazon.com

3. Nudwear Silicone Backless Push Up Bra

The ones that also look good

This sticky bra doesn’t just work well, it looks great too. There are rave reviews on the Nudwear website and according to an editor at The Cut, who tried 15 different sticky and strapless bras, it was the best of the bunch. “The further apart I applied the cups, the more cleavage and lift I saw. It’s all the functionality of a push-up bra, without the straps. I loved the way they felt – soft and natural – and the adhesive was so strong.”

Sizes: A-D
Price: $52 from Shopbop.com

2. Nippies Skin ORIGINAL Hypoallergenic Nipple Covers Pasties

The one the fashion girls love

Sold everywhere from Reformation to Revolve, Nippies Skin adhesive pasties are super sticky and virtually invisible. They work for bigger busts and you can adjust them for extra lift.

Sizes: Size 1 (A-D cup) or size 2 (DD+ cup)
Price: Approx $35 AUD, Shopbop.com

1. Sneaky Vaunt Vaunt It Push Up

The one that went viral

393 likes – View Post on Instagram Let’s be real, you won’t catch us without max-cleavage on a Friday…

The gamechanger of all sticky bras, Sneaky Vaunt has it all: non-sticky patches to save your nipples, invisibility and a drawstring to create incredible cleavage. The amount of rave reviews, plus the celebrity fans, may or may not have just convinced us to buy two (ps. they’re currently on sale.)

Sizes: A-DD
Price: Approx $68 AUD (plus $15 shipping), Sneakyvaunt.com

Having worked as a bra fitter for two years, I’ve seen and dealt with just about every bra issue in the book. From cups that gape, to straps that slip off, to bras that just don’t fit — I’ve found a solution for all the problems women came to me with.

Now I’m answering your questions about everything bra-related, so let’s take it away:

Dear 9Honey Style,

My problem is sticky bras. They just. Don’t. Work!

I bought one a few years ago to wear under a backless dress, but I spent the whole night feeling like my boobs were just these flat pancakes on my chest and not being held up at all. My dress was pretty tight, so it wasn’t too bad, but there’s no way I was going to wear them again.

Recently I had a change of heart and I went to get a new pair, I figured they would be made better and work better these days. Nope.

I’m a D cup but the girl said I should go for a C cup, because the smaller size would pull my boobs in closer and give more of a lifted up feeling. But I literally feel like they make no difference to the old ones, the only difference is I have more boob hanging out the side now.

Do these things actually work or am I just doing it wrong?


Sticky bras, also known as adhesive or stick-on cups, can be pretty tricky.

The main purpose of a sticky bra is to give you coverage and security in outfits where traditional bras would show. They do a great job of preventing awkward nip slips and can be awesome for under backless outfits, especially if you need some added padding to fill it out. But because they don’t have straps or a band they can’t lift or support you in the same way a regular bra does. But there are a few tips and tricks to getting a better fit.

As for the advice to size down – totally wrong. Though the woman helping you may have had your best interests, the common myth that sizing down (in bras or sticky cups) will make your bust look bigger or more lifted isn’t true at all. In a bra it will make you spill over the top and push the wires into your body uncomfortably, while in a sticky bra it reduces the amount of support you’re getting. It’s just a bad choice all round.

Generally women with more petite busts – think the A-C range – feel pretty comfortable in standard stick-on cups, but many ladies over a D cup say they feel a tad unsupported in them. If that’s the case for you I’d suggest opting for uplift stickers to help you feel more lifted, as they tend to be more supportive and don’t have the added weight that silicone cups usually have. You can try Brassy Bra for some uplift stickers, or go the DIY route and use something like Boobie Tape to fashion your own backless solution.

BoobyTape is a great option for DIY uplift. (Supplied)

If you want to try some sticky bras that might feel a bit more supportive, I’d suggest giving either uplift cups or a corset sticky bra a go. They’re slightly different to the classic design, so you may find them a little more comfortable. Bras N Things carry both styles in store and online in a D Cup.

Bras N Things sells plenty of different adhesive solutions. (Supplied)

When you actually wear any adhesive solutions make sure you always put them onto clean, dry skin – I always suggest 10 minutes after you hop out of the shower and dry yourself. Another great tip is to spray a little bit of deodorant on your bust before sticking any cups on, as it will prevent you from sweating and the cups from slipping.


Also make sure you avoid buying any stick-on cups or tape from dodgy online retailers. They may be cheaper, but generally knock-off products are made with much weaker adhesive and will slip right off.

Good luck and happy bra shopping!

Looking for more bra advice? We’ve got you covered with plenty more answers to your bra concerns right here – enjoy!

If you’re having bra troubles or there’s a question you’d like answered email Maddison at [email protected]

11 Ways To Wear A Backless Dress With Big Boobs, Because Your Breasts Deserve The Best

Having big boobs is both a blessing and a curse: Others sometimes wish they had them, your back definitely wishes you didn’t, and your clothing just wants to make things difficult for you. The worst offender? Wearing a backless dress with big boobs, no doubt. Do you bra or do you not bra? Do you Kim Kardashian tape your boobies under your chin or just let them swing free? Or do you solemnly accept that backless dresses weren’t made with your G cups in mind and choose something else — something super supportive — to wear to that party?

Not to worry, though. I’ve got your back (literally). Wearing any item of clothing can be a struggle when you have big breasts, IMO. No longer are we in an era of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson-esque booby trends, when every other shirt and dress out there seemed to cater to a fuller bust. But until big boobs come back into fashion, there are ways to navigate through a sartorial period that’s seemingly leaving those of us with bigger breasts at the wayside.

The main way to rock the backless look is to stop caring about what others might think. It’s hard, I know, but it’ll definitely make wearing whatever the heck you want much easier. Until you reach this level of self love enlightenment, consider some of these tips and tricks for wearing beautiful backless dresses, regardless of your cup size.

1. Embrace Those Breasts


Just to reiterate, the easiest way to look good in something backless when you have big boobs is to stop thinking about what society and mainstream media might perceive as “looking good.” Whatever your boob shape, and no matter which direction your nipples may be pointing in, the only person truly stressing over the bit of sag on your breasts is usually you.

2. Rock The Bra Strap

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know what? Showing off a bit of bra can be totally sexy. I definitely wear a bra with some of my backless dresses if I’m not comfortable without the support. Nobody’s likely to call you out, and if they do, just call it a “look” and sneer like they don’t understand fashion.

3. Opt For Sew-In Cups

Braza Sew In Cups, $10, Amazon

This is bit old school, but if you’re really dedicated to wearing a particular backless dress, then consider purchasing some sew-in cups and place your own support into said dress.

4. Pull A Kim Kardashian

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even my mom was impressed by Kim Kardashian’s boob tape trick, where you place duct tape on your shoulders and down to your under-boob so that nothing moves or slides beneath your clothing. But be sure to follow my mother’s advice: Cover your nipples with adhesive pads first, so they don’t get ripped off when you remove that tape.

5. Get A Matching Bra

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your bra is fancy AF, then it’ll amp up the sexiness of your outfit when you reveal it! Plus, if you spent $50 on something, why would you want to hide it away?

6. Nipple Tape

Glitter Pink Seashell Pasties , $10, A mazon

I know that a big concern people have with going braless is those pesky nipples. So consider covering them up, and nobody will be any wiser as to where your nips may or may not be located. You can even liven things up with some super cute pasties, so you don’t feel like a nipple-less ghoul when it comes to getting undressed.

Want more fashion and beauty? Check out the playlist below and be sure to subscribe to Bustle’s YouTube page for more hacks and tricks!

7. Go For A Halter Dress

Halter Chiffon Maxi Dress, $73, asos.com

My favorite thing about wearing a halter is not having to wear a bra. If you’re going to get a backless dress, consider investing in such a style. It’ll offer you support and all the backless beautifulness you ever wanted.

8. Invisible Back Bra

Women’s Strapless Clear Back Bra, $10, Amazon

The see-through plastic back of one of these bras will be a good enough illusion of braless-ness from a distance.

9. Go For Built-In Cups

Dress With Harness Detail, $78, asos.com

Similar to opting for sewing in some bra cups, you can buy a backless dress with built-in cups or a really tight front that will give you all the support your ta-tas need.

10. Adhesive Bras

Boost Adhesive Body Bra, $15, Amazon

I’m skeptical about these bras for bigger cup sizes, but I have friends who swear by them. These sticky wonders should support your breasts without the burden of having straps anywhere.

11. Multiway Bras

Racerback Lightly Lined Bra, $35, ae.com

Although a traditional bra will make it obvious that you just wanted to wear something with your backless outfit, bra straps moved into a halter shape or meeting in the middle should make it look like the bra is an integral part of your look in and of itself. And you’ll still be supported!

There are a whole host of ways to rock the backless look when you have big breasts — from channeling self love, to converting your clothing, to finding the right bra. So get ready to have all your backless dreams come true.

Images: Courtesy Brands

Everything You Need To Know About The Sticky Bras With String Trend

Dying to bust out your new backless LBD for date night? All systems are go, until you remember one crucial detail—your underwear situation. Wearing a normal bra would show the back strap, and you obviously don’t want that deter from the sexiness of your dress. But going bra-less runs the risk of a having signifiant nip slip in public, and you’re too classy for that. The only remaining solution? Backless sticky bras (boo). I think we would all rather have a wedgie than spend a night out wearing and constantly adjusting an uncomfy sticky bra. If you loathe sticky bras as much as the rest of us, there’s a new variation that to support your bust that actually gives “the girls” a little boost—sticky bras with string.

As weird as it sounds, this up and coming lingerie trend has been endorsed by the likes of Amber Rose and various fashion bloggers, and you’ve probably scrolled past a million ads for them on your Instagram feed. Known as the Perfect Sculpt Bra or the Lift Magic Bra, this style is essentially two adhesive pieces that cover your boobs with an adjustable string interlaced between them. Pull the string, and you instantly get a breast lift.

So, are sticky bras with a string attached actually worth the hype? Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. They work like a push-up bra. The drawstring connecting the two adhesive pieces is designed to squeeze your boobs together and lift them up, so you get a sticky and a push-up bra all in one. However, Buzzfeed editors tested this product and discovered that you actually have to mess around with your boobs a little and position them a certain way for the bra to work effectively.
  2. You can easily find them online. Several websites are specifically dedicated to selling variations of this popular bra, so you can get them from Perfect Sculpt Bras, The Perfect Sculpt, Hello Molly, and even Walmart. Finding one in your size definitely won’t be an issue.
  3. They’re pretty affordable. Regular push-up bras at Victoria’s Secret can run upwards of $50. Sticky bras with string usually cost about half as much, averaging around $20 or less. At that price, you might as well stock up in both black and nude!
  4. Your bust size matters. Just because Amber Rose flaunted one of these doesn’t mean they’re perfect for all bust sizes. The Buzzfeed testers found that this bra works best on medium-sized boobs, and actually didn’t have much of an effect on women with A-cups. For women with smaller busts, you might want to sit this trend out. If you have a D-cup, though, it can lift your boobs slightly, but doesn’t offer much support. However, Amazon reviewers of all bust sizes raved about the effectiveness of this product, and one woman even wore the sticky bra on her wedding day.
  5. They seem just as risky as regular sticky bras. A regular sticky bra falls flat (literally—they’re prone to falling off) after long, sweaty nights of dancing with your friends. And, based on Buzzfeed reviews, the sticky boob with string seems to have the same issue. One big-busted tester reported that the adhesive felt super sticky, which is promising, but she says it still seemed like it could fall off at any moment.

Backless Bra collection

Backless Bra Options to Play up Your Heaving Bosom

Is your outfit an absolute touch-and-go with an unbelievably low or almost-not-there back? A backless bra is the perfect companion to your exquisite apparel which provides the much-needed support without getting in the way.

What typically is a backless bra?

It is an ingenious creation. A backless bra is hard to detect, it is comfortable on the breasts, it creates a natural shape and design, and is perfect for bigger busts. They carry no straps. They are bereft of any back, or they may have a low back that is just about invisible. A backless padded bra works for everyone, given that you opt for the correct size and the right occasion.

Here we talk about three distinct, amazing backless bra varieties intended for subdued, ceremonials events such as weddings, balls, graduation parties or perhaps day-to-day life when you make up your mind to slip on an open back halter dress.

Molded Adhesive Bra

Sticking a backless bra to your companions can be pretty risky. What if the stick doesn’t work? Nonetheless, most well-known brands use medical grade adhesive. So, you can be reasonably confident that your bra won’t fall off. Make sure you keep your skin free from oils and lotions. The seamless cups hoist and hold up your assets perfectly.

They come in basic colors, from A to E cup sizes, and last for nearly five years. In addition, you get a backless padded bra in push up styles, silicone cuts, and many more designs. The inside part of the molded cup is fully adhesive. A clasp in the middle helps provide shape and cleavage enhancement.

U-Plunge Backless Bra

Is your dress plucky? Does it have a huge plunging neckline besides the usual backless style? It’s time to give prominence to your cleavage with a u-plunge backless bra. The type makes sure to hide and buoy up your breasts even as it leaves little to the imagination both in the front and back.

It lifts up your bust well. In addition, it creates a natural, suggestive V-shape and endows you with a stunning breast curve. When you buy a U-Plunge Backless Bra online, ensure that the sideway transparent bra adhesive wings stick conveniently and firmly.

Backless Bra Converters

Would you like to transform your most favorite bra into a backless bra? If you’re running short of time to shop or simply don’t want to buy a backless bra online without trying it on, then a backless bra converter is something that you’ll hold dear. Its long, flexible straps look great on plus sizes as well. You just need to fasten the converter to your bra and bind it around your waist, close to your panty line. In a few seconds, you’ll have your bra band pulled down by 5 inches.

With the wide variety of dresses and options available for different occasions, you need the right fit for each in each situation. Backless bras help provide the much-needed support, confidence, and security for all occasions, no matter what look you pull off.


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