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When a Redditor named Bikinipiglet recently posted a rose-gold eye shadow look she created on the MakeupAddiction subreddit, more people were amazed by her brows than her seamlessly blended shimmery shadow. She later shared exactly how she transforms her thin, overplucked brows into full, sculpted arches in another post, and her before-and-after photos ended up going viral.

“I have had real problems with my eyebrows from overplucking at an early age, so I’m really surprised so many people picked up on them,” Bikinipiglet shared in the original makeup post. Many people even mistook her precise-looking brows for being freshly microbladed. Others thought they were progress shots of growing out her brows because they look incredibly natural. Some even asked how she keeps them so trimmed and combed.

No trimming or combing is to be had, though. Her brows aren’t naturally full so she can’t do so. Instead, Bikinipiglet fills in her brows by carefully drawing on all the tiny hair-like strokes by hand every day. All without a stencil, by the way. (You can find tips on how to shape your brows here or you can download this app.) Her weapons of choice are an angled brush, the M.A.C. 266 Small Angle Brush to be exact, and the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow, an intensely pigmented gel that comes in a squeezable tube. “It’s a thin, easy-to-work-with formula,” she explained.

You can see what her brows look like before she fills them in below.

Here’s what her overplucked brows look like with the help of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow and a steady hand.

My Eyebrow Tinting Before And After Photos, Plus 7 Pro Tips For Staying On Fleek In Between Sessions

2. Ask for five minute intervals.

Left: After five minutes. Right: After ten minutes.

Most brow techs know this, but just in case Jenny advises to wipe off the tint and check how dark your brows have gotten every five minutes. The color developers work more quickly on your, like, ten eyebrow hairs than they would on an entire head of hair, and you can always put it back on for a few more minutes if you want to go darker.

3. Avoid magnifying mirrors at all costs.

Since the tint doesn’t dye your skin, Jenny could go crazy with it to ensure she got every hair.

Magnifying mirrors, Jenny says, are a brow tech’s worst enemy, since people tend to over-pluck in attempts to get every single hair that seems even slightly out of place when they use them. Think about it: If you can’t see a hair in a regular mirror, anyone interacting with you on a daily basis won’t see it either.

Try: LeJu Makeup Vanity Mirror, $32, Amazon

4. Obey the “No Tweeze Zone.”

If you have to touch up between appointments, try to only pluck in the spot between your eyebrows. Messing too much with anything at the arch or further could lead to accidentally ruining your shape. Most importantly, don’t ever pluck the ends of your brows. Jenny tells me those hairs rub off in your sleep anyway, so you want to save as many as you can.

5. Mark your spots before you shape.

Really, you should leave major shaping to the experts, but this method works as a guide for filling in your brows as well. Instead of just measuring where you should tweeze/fill with a pencil, literally mark each spot with a brush and some brow powder, then wipe the excess off after you’re done.

Try: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo, $23, Amazon

6. Use a mix of pencil and powder.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, but Jenny recommends using a combination of brow pencil and brow powder to reach peak fleek status. Apply pencil with short strokes to fill in sparse spots, then use an angled brush to apply powder all over and make your brows look fuller. Add a touch of brow gel on top to keep them in place.

Try: Lorac Brow Pencil, $19, Amazon

7. Make multiple appointments.

Left to right: Just brow tint; after Jenny filled in my brows; after I added a touch of pencil and some lipstick

Especially if you’ve over-tweezed in the past, you likely won’t get your dream brows in just one session. I was pretty pleased with my results this time around… which means I’m officially addicted to having my eyebrows tinted and will most definitely be doing it again. A tint and shaping adds up to $75 at Spruce & Bond (tinting alone is $25), though they offer a discount if you book in bulk, so it’s worth it to schedule out the whole year if you love your new, darker brows. Jenny recommends coming in once a month, though a fellow Bustle editor told me once a quarter is perfect for her. It’s a gentle fade — you won’t get visible roots or obviously dye-free splotches — so how often you go is totally up to you.

Images: Rosanne Salvatore; Kara McGrath

How long does eyebrow tinting last? Plus, everything else you need to know about this magical treatment

Image zoom Allie Flinn, HelloGiggles

Brow tinting changed my life. I know this sounds dramatic, and yes, people would describe me as having hyperbolic tendencies, but in this case, it’s not an exaggeration. My brows and lashes are naturally so blonde, they appear transparent. Seriously, in all photos of me before eyebrow tinting, I look like I have no brows. The first time I had tinted eyebrows, it was like magic, and if you’re wondering how long eyebrow tinting lasts, it’s a good while.

My face looked more symmetrical, and my eye makeup really popped underneath my new brows. I became a walking hair-flick emoji. That’s how confident the treatment made me feel. And brow tinting isn’t only transformative for people with blonde brows. “Brow tinting generally looks great on everyone,” brow guru Jimena Garcia tells HelloGiggles.

One of the main benefits of tinting eyebrows is that it generally allows you to forego brow makeup—you can just get up and go, Garcia says. “When you tint your brows, you can go as strong or subtle as you wish—you can also mix the brow tints/tones for a tailored tone, or whatever look you are going for.”

Wondering how long eyebrow tinting lasts? Curious whether it’s right for you? Garcia answers our biggest questions about brow tinting.

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Image zoom Allie Flinn / HelloGiggles

Side note: The top photo is me before I discovered that I could have brows. The bottom photo is me with freshly tinted brows (no brow makeup).

But first things first—what is eyebrow tinting? In a nutshell, it’s the process of dyeing your brow hairs. It doesn’t involve any hair removal, though it certainly can be combined with waxing, tweezing, and threading. Garcia tells HelloGiggles:

“Eyebrow dyeing is just like coloring your scalp hair. It requires maintenance to sustain the color. It’s similar to a glaze on your hair—it creates a nice shine and coats the hair evenly.”

When you go in for your appointment, the technician will apply a dye to your brows and let it sit for around 10 minutes if it’s a vegetable dye. Henna, on the other hand, can take up to four hours, she says. And what does an eyebrow tint do? “It gives the brow a pow, shine, and it evens out the color of the brow, which creates a smoother shape,” Garcia explains.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Last?

Image zoom Allie Flinn / HelloGiggles

Here’s a picture of me about four weeks post-brow tinting, and I don’t have brow makeup on.

Eyebrow tinting tends to last around three to five weeks, Garcia explains. “People who tend to have thinner hair or oily hair will hold the tint for a shorter period of time, whereas people with thicker, coarser hair will hold the tint for a longer time,” she says. However, there are ways to make your eyebrow tinting last as long as possible, which brings us to our next point.

How to Prolong Your Eyebrow Tint?

Image zoom Allie Flinn / HelloGiggles

Here I am minutes after having my eyebrows tinted and waxed.

Garcia has some guidelines for a long-lasting eyebrow tint. First of all, wait 24 hours after having your brows tinted before washing your face. Try to avoid using makeup remover on your brow area, but if you must, choose a makeup remover that’s gentle and alcohol-free. She also recommends conditioning your brows with castor or coconut oil. She tells HelloGiggles, “It coats the hair from all the outside stuff.”

You should also find a technician who uses vegetable dye. “Every type of hair reacts differently to natural dyes or regular dyes, but generally vegetable-based dyes tend to last a bit longer,” she says.

Products to Use to Enhance Your Brows:

“Tinting your brows does highlight patchiness, but you can always work around that with a product and have the best of both worlds,” Garcia says. “There are many good products out there that cater to different types of brows for different reasons.”

These are the best brow products, according to Jimena Garcia.

Image zoom Chanel $32 available at Nordstrom Opens a new window SHOP IT Opens a new window

Use the spoolie side of this brush to fluff up your brows. If you do want to apply brow makeup, use the angled brush.

2Kjaer Weis Glow

Image zoom Net-a-porter $56 available at Net-a-porter Opens a new window SHOP IT Opens a new window

Use this product to highlight your brow area with a subtle glow.

3Eco Brow

Image zoom Ecobrow $26 available at Amazon Opens a new window SHOP IT Opens a new window

This tinted brow wax can create both strong and subtle looks.

4Glossier Boy Brow

Image zoom Glossier $16 available at Glossier Opens a new window SHOP IT Opens a new window

This brow gel enhances the hair color of your brows. We love that the tiny applicator makes it quick and easy to apply.

5Chanel Long Wear Brow Pencil

Image zoom Chanel $33 available at Nordstrom Opens a new window SHOP IT Opens a new window

If you prefer a brow pencil, this one is especially great for patching up problem areas.

6Home Health Castor Oil (varies at your local drugstore)

Image zoom Amazon $13.82 available at Amazon Opens a new window SHOP IT Opens a new window

One of the best drugstore brow products is castor oil. Use it to condition your brows and promote brow growth. You can find it at most drugstores, natural food stores, or online.

  • By Allie Flinn

“Brow tinting is addictive!” enthuses Benefit Cosmetics Australia national brow artist Hannah Mutze. “As they say, once you go black (or brown, or blonde or whatever colour you tint) you never go back!”

Considering a tint yourself? This is what you need to know.

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Eyebrow tinting benefits

If you’re looking to fake fullness, brow tinting is your best friend. “Your brows look instantly thicker as the tint darkens the finer, lighter hairs within and surrounding the brows,” explains Mutze. “Most often this added brow definition works to frame and lift the face and makes the eyes appear brighter and more open!” Since you’re tinting existing hairs (and initially, the skin beneath them too), there’s no risk of looking OTT – you’re simply enhancing what’s there already.


The process

Brow tinting is simply an add-on to your usual wax and shape – at a Benefit BrowBar, the whole process takes 15 minutes. It’s pain-free, and nowhere near as intensive as eyelash tinting. There are also eyebrow tinting kits on the market for a DIY approach, but we recommend sticking to the experts, as they can custom-match the colour to suit you.

Who suits eyebrow tinting?

In a word: everybody. “Once upon a time, brow tinting was one colour fits all and this did scare a lot of people away,” Mutze says. “But now, just like semi-permanent hair colour, brow tint colour is completely customisable to suit the individual.” Even those with dark brows can benefit from a tint to create definition and shape, while lighter brows “will love the deeper shade a tint brings,” according to Mutze.

When to avoid brow tinting

A word to the wise: don’t book your brows and your spray tan on the same day. “Those who have a fake-tanned face should avoid tinting their brows as the tint tends to stain the skin a lot more than normal,” cautions Mutze. “Try having your brows tinted at least 24-hours before tanning for best results.” That aside, eyebrow tinting is for everyone.

What else you can try

Tinting or not, every woman’s brow kit should contain a pencil matched to their brow colour, a clear gel to keep hairs in shape and a wax or pomade kit for added definition and colour. See three of our favourites above.

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  • Bella Hadid is now known for her feline-like eyes, but those arched sleeked brows weren’t always like that. Like most noughties teens, Bella also plucked out her brows to achieve that super thin look (why did we do this?!) We’re all for her new look though, her eyebrows are still thin and natural, and really suit her delicate traits.

  • OMG has Michelle Keegan changed! Her super thin eyebrows back in the day weren’t doing her any favours – but then again, everyone was digging the barely-there eyebrows in the noughties. With a little help from makeup Michelle’s brows are now arched perfection – jels much?

  • Back in the 90’s barely having eyebrows was apparently a thing. Thankfully that trend has vanished, and Angelina’s eyebrows look effortlessly natural, perfectly complimenting her gorgeous green eyes and her warm hair colour.

  • Nicole always liked arched eyebrows and she’s still rocking that look. Now more full and dark, her transformation is a perfect example for those struggling with thin brows, filling them up a little but staying true to the shape she likes. Plus, that deep colour looks gorgeous, so bold!

  • Wow! Look what a difference a little bit of eyebrow tint does. Lady Gaga’s eyebrows are gloriously thick these days, but in early 2016, you could barely see her brows after she bleached them. Which do you prefer – light or dark?

  • Back in 2000, Cameron’s eyebrows were practically invisible, matching her bleach blonde hair.
    Fast forward to 2014 and the shapes still the same but the actress has opted for a darker look which nicely frames her face. Much better.

  • Ah, probably the most famous set of brows in the world…
    From 2010 to 2015, Cara Delevingne hasn’t changed much except the colour. She knows she has a good shape but also knows a warm dye on your brows can really enhance your beauty look.

  • When it comes to beauty, Drew Barrymore almost always gets it right except when she over-plucked her eyebrows back in 2007.
    Over plucking can really age you so it’s best to let your brows grow in, keeping them neat but natural.

  • Now, this is a serious eyebrow transformation. Gwen Stefani nearly lost her brows back in 2000… Thank God she’s recovered them, eh!

  • Jada Pinkett-Smith’s 2015 brows are much more preened than her former 1991 pair. The shape lifts the eye helping them to appear bigger and the arch is right on point.

  • Jennifer Lawrence proves that you need a little colour in your brows to flatter. Her eye brows in 2014 where just a shade too pale (and too short). Today they’ve got their mojo back which a nice rich colour and great length.

  • Jennifer Lopez’s ’98 brows may be this generation’s idea of hell but you can’t blame her. Back in the Nineties, this was a flawless look.

  • Yes, Julia Roberts’ set may have been just a little overgrown in 1990 but we’re glad she hasn’t totally massacred today. We’d hate to have totally lost her gorgeous thick shape through tweezer abuse.

  • 1998, Kate Winslet is digging her arched mocha brow. Now? The actress opts for a heavy, coaled eyebrow with less of a severe shape.
    One thing she has kept is her excellently shaped arch. Arches, when plucked correctly, can really help you to appear more confident.

  • We think we prefer Kim Kardashian’s more natural brows that she rocked back in 2007. Thoughts?

  • Kylie Jenner’s brows are much thicker than they were in 2010. They’re also a different shade which suits her newly coloured hair.

  • We mean, Madonna was bound to change her eyebrow shape between 1987 and 2015, wasn’t she? Her latest look is a softer colour with a more defined arch and we like it.

  • Ah, the Spanish beauty queen, Penelope Cruz. Since 1999, the actress’ brows have got both thicker and darker – something we totally approve of.

  • Rihanna hasn’t changed her spot-on shape much since 2006, instead she’s used a pencil to add a darker colour and fill them out.
    It’s an easy beauty technique to do at home, with a powder or pencil, even if you’re after more of a statement look.

  • Back in ’99, Salma Hayek was a major fan of the over-plucked vibe that trended at the time. Luckily she’s got right on board with the more naturally shaped style of today – a wise beauty choice.

  • In 1986 it was all about letting her brows grow wild and free but nowadays Sarah Jessica Parker opts for a much more polished brow.
    Don’t get us wrong, she’s a style Cameleon but we’re kind of glad she left her old look in the ’80s…

  • Sienna Miller never gets it wrong, except when it came to eyebrows in 2003. Way, way to thin, Miller! Today she sports a beautiful set of deep brunette brows. Gorgeous!

  • Taylor Swift wears a slightly deeper shade of pencil on her brows than she did in 2007. This helps to make her look more sophisticated and goes with her honey-blonde locks much better…

  • Now this is an excellent brow transformation. At the height of her Spice Girl fame in 1997, Victoria Beckham felt less was more.
    Wrong, so wrong! Thank God they’ve grown back to frame her gorgeous eyes. It was a close shave…

  • In 1989, Winona Ryder was all about the natural look which she’s largely maintained to this day.
    Often, not having much of an arch in your brow isn’t very flattering but she pulls of the flatter style well. It just shows, use your natural shape as guidance. You’re born that way for a reason.

Are you on a quest for the perfect eyebrow? Even if you weren’t born with the full and shapely eyebrows that are popular today, there are ways to create better brows that look natural.

puhhha – stock.adobe.com

To fill in sparse areas or reshape brows into a more flattering arch, many turn to pencils and powders for a temporary solution.

However, using eyebrow makeup requires that you spend time each day to modify your eyebrows, and you risk the smudging that can happen with your other eye makeup. With eyebrow makeup, you’ll never have gorgeous eyebrows first thing in the morning or after a workout.

The problems with eyebrow makeup have many people turning to microblading as a way to get great looking brows without the daily hassle.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a popular way to get full, natural looking eyebrows. The semi-permanent treatment won’t wash off and won’t need daily maintenance.

Mimicking the look of natural eyebrow hairs, microblading can create the appearance of fuller eyebrows, change the shape of your eyebrows, or fill in sparse eyebrow areas.

The treatment adds pigment into the skin in hair-like strokes that are made with a specialized needle-tipped tool. After making fine incisions into the skin, pigment that has been dyed to match your hair color is applied and absorbed into the incisions.

The resulting brow combines the faux microbladed hairs with your natural hairs to create a better-looking eyebrow.

What to Expect from the Microblading Process

A microblading appointment typically lasts 1-2 hours. To begin, you’ll talk to the esthetician about what eyebrow shape and style you want to achieve.

lester120 – stock.adobe.com

After marking out your eyebrow, the microblading professional will apply a topical numbing agent such as lidocaine. After the numbing agent takes effect, the technician will then complete the microblading treatment by creating the small incisions and adding pigment.

For the first week after your treatment, the healing process could include some redness, slight scabbing, and itching. After four weeks have passed, some people opt to get a touch-up to refine brow strokes or darken the pigmentation.

The longevity of your microblading treatment is determined by a number of factors, including your age and skin type, with treatments fading quicker on oily skin. Typically, microblading lasts between one and three years, and many clients find that at 18 months they’re ready for a new treatment.

Long-term Microbladed Eyebrow Care

To treat your microbladed eyebrows, use sunscreen daily to help prevent pigmentation from fading. While regular moisturizing is fine, avoid applying anti-aging creams to your brows because the additives could affect the microblading pigments.

Keep in mind that microblading doesn’t stop the growth of your natural eyebrow hairs. Therefore, even after getting a microblading treatment, keep up with your usual schedule of eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tinting.

A smart way to continue your eyebrow maintenance at a much lower cost is to choose beauty treatments at student-run salons such as a Texas-based Ogle School salon. Get professional treatments at a reduced cost, with a full set of skin and hair services available from supervised students.

Stay in the loop about beauty trends at the Ogle School blog.

About the Author

Jeff Chiarelli

Jeff Chiarelli is the Executive Director of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include managing Ogle School’s online, print, TV and outdoor advertising and branding and spreading the Ogle gospel.

How Eyebrows Can Change your Look?

Like a perfect and stylish haircuts, shapes of eyebrows are not one-size-fits-all. Your good looking brows depend on your face dimensions, and by going for the perfect arches, you can get years off, highlight your most excellent features and wear somewhat less make-up elsewhere.

When, most of the women will take their mascara as their product for desert island beauty, but as the bold and beautiful brow confirms its beauty skill, some of us are dipping lacquered lashes in swap for definite and muscular eyebrows.

By selecting the right shape brow, the complete area close to your eye can be opened up and work to get better symmetry of your face. The best and good looking eyebrows can make you look healthy, rested and fresh.

Looking good to you? Yes!! Then read more.

For novices, your exclusive face shape performs an important role in shaping which specific brow shapes will work well for you. We have broken down each and every face shape and how you can get your own fair-haired arches.

There are many people that do not pay a lot care to the definition and shape of their eyebrows. Though, what you couldn’t realize is that having sharp brows can have a great impact on the complete look of your face. In case you wish to look your greatest, going for microblading or eyebrow threading or otherwise having your brows completed by an expert can make a great dissimilarity.

Get Pleasure from a Neater Look

In case you are same as other people, you could find that your eyebrows grow randomly and sporadically. It can lead to having unsystematic hairs close to your hairline, well on top of your brows or even amid your eye brows. It can make for a quite messy look that is possibly something that you wish to ignore. By regularly having your eyebrows done, you can throw away these unattractive “natural” hairs thus you can have a cleaner, neater look.

Equalize Your Other Important Features

One more good and favorable thing regarding having your eyebrows efficiently done is the truth that it can work really very well for really balancing out your other important features. Like, in case you have chubbier cheeks, you could search that having your eyebrows arched and defined is a wonderful way to make your face appear slimmer. In case you experience that your eyes are somewhat small, having your eyebrows done appropriately can be a wonderful way to pay special care to them and to create them look big in size.

Though you could see guides which inform you how to do your eyebrows, the reality is that brows and face of everyone are different. By utilizing a professional and best service, you can start work with a beautician to have your eye brows done in a perfect manner.

Call Concentration to Your Beautiful Eyes

If you are conscious about your look and fashion, then you must think about your brows as these are right on top of your eyes, it just makes some sense that they will have a drastic impact on how your eyes will look. Though, you do your eye makeup beautifully and meticulously, probably it is not going to look its greatest in case you do not have good looking brows. Alternatively, attractive and well-defined eyebrows can really make your eyes look their greatest at any time, also when you are not wearing too much of makeup. With the assistance of professional’s service, you can call concentration to your beautiful eyes thus they look wonderful all the time, doesn’t matter you are rocking a misty eye look, in case you are wearing your preferred look of natural eye makeup or though you are not wearing any type of makeup at all.

As you can distinguish, taking some of your time to meet with a professional to get precise brows can actually make a drastic difference in your look. There are many professionals available in the market, you just need to do a careful research online and you will understand all the things. If you have a good looking and perfect eyebrows then you will look more stylish and beautiful.

Guest Author:

Peaches is a Multidisciplinary Designer and a makeup artist at New York’s best microblading studio SIX+AIT. She has done her graduation from the Parsons School of Art & Design and started her career in advertising. Later on, she started her own semi-permanent make up studio with Masu.


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