Bosch one cup coffee maker

Coffee machines

There’s nothing quite like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and being able to make one at home is a real treat. Everyone has different tastes, using different beans and mixes of beans, grinding techniques and different ways to filter and pour that personalised cup. That’s why our coffee machines and bean preparation appliances come in a variety of flavours and styles for pods, filter coffee, espresso and bean to cup coffee. All our coffee machines are designed to make your perfect cup of coffee.

Freshly ground homemade coffee

Coffee grinders allow the ultimate bean connoisseur to grind their own coffee beans and even make their own blends to create the freshest cup of coffee. Our coffee grinders also come in a range of sizes allowing you to grind a single cup or a batch for a larger brew or a cafetière. Filter coffee machines can then be used to filter your fresh grinds. Keep your brew nice and hot with a hot plate and enjoy the sensational aroma of freshly ground coffee all day long.

The best espresso machines

For a mixed blend of several different types of coffee served in a smaller, thicker quantity, an espresso machine provides the base for creating different types of coffee drinks. Because the beans are ground to a much finer consistency, the near boiling water can be filtered under pressure (called expressing) so you end up with a much thicker consistency of coffee. Perfect on its own or a starter for an Americano or Latte.

The best bean to cup machines

Bean to cup coffee machines look great on your sideboard and give that barista feel to your coffee preparation. They come in compact modern designs as well as more traditional coffee shop style designs, allowing you to brew your coffee to your exact taste. De’Longhi coffee machines and Tassimo coffee machines cover a broad range of preparation styles and model designs, from traditional, contemporary, to filter, pod coffee machines, espresso and bean to cup. Our Nespresso machines provide a unique coffee experience. Their single-serve technology provides the original espresso whilst their Vertuo range offers the full range of coffee styles from espresso to large mugs.


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