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BUNN Speed Brew vs. Velocity Brew: What’s The Difference?

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BUNN Speed Brew is a new addition to Bunn’s at home coffee makers that make exceptionally good coffee in a matter of minutes. Speed Brew is quite close to its previous model, the Velocity Brew, but is there a difference between them? That’s what we’re going to find out in this post.

Features of BUNN Speed Brew:

  • 10-cup capacity coffee maker (50 oz).
  • Brews a full pot in about 4 minutes.
  • Minimum brew capacity is 4 cups (20 oz).
  • Features BUNN’s Sprayhead technology that ensures evenly saturated and extracted coffee.
  • Internal water tank keeps the water hot at optimal temperature of 200F.
  • Pour-O-Matic glass carafe has been designed to eliminate spillage downside the carafe and on the warming plate.
  • Lime-tolerant Sprayhead discourages mineral build up

What Is The Difference Between Speed Brew and Velocity Brew?

The Speed Brew and Velocity Brew are quite similar in what they do. You might find the name ‘Speed Brew’ misleading as both models brew a full pot at the same time, in about 3 to 4 minutes. But here’s how these two differ from each other:

The Sprayhead:

  • Both Speed Brew and Velocity Brew use a sprayhead that showers the coffee ground to ensure even saturation of the coffee and a full extraction. The difference, however, is that the Speed Brew Sprayhead extends the contact time between water and the coffee ground, which results in better tasting coffee.

The Design:

  • Design wise, the Speed Brew has a curved design which has a better effect on how the coffee drips down to the pot.
  • Both machines have the same Pour-O-Matic glass carafe that eliminates spills.

Which One Should You Buy?

When it comes to the Speed Brew and Velocity Brew, the one thing that will make a difference is:

  • The extended coffee/water contact time that the Speed Brew offers.

So if that would make a difference to you (it really does affect the taste of coffee, and if you’re familiar with pour-over, you should know the difference), then certainly go for the Speed Brew. If you feel like it wouldn’t be of much difference to you, you can save yourself a few bucks by going for the Velocity Brew and still get great coffee.

All New BUNN Speed Brew Models and How They Compare:

Since the release of the Speed Brew model (pictured above), BUNN has worked on updating this popular coffee maker and has released three additional models under the Speed Brew name: Speed Brew Elite, Speed Brew Select and Speed Brew Platinum. Let’s have a look at what’s new and how they compare:

For the most part, the Speed Brew machines are still the same as the old one in terms of speed. It is still the fastest coffee maker (in comparison to similar coffee makers) that can brew a full pot in about 3 to 4 minutes. It still has the same sprayhead that ensures the best coffee ground saturation and it still comes with the same drip-free carafe that everyone prefers.

What’s changed, then?

The design has certainly changed. The look of the machine has been updated to a cleaner and more modern look. The machine is less plastic-y, it has some nice metallic accents that give it a sleek design.

All three models have the same capacity: 50 oz carafe (10-cups), and can brew a minimum of 20 oz, which is enough for a large travel mug.

What Is The Difference Between Speed Brew Elite vs. Speed Brew Select vs. Speed Brew Platinum?

All three models have the same capacity. Even the same capacity as the older model.

The difference between Speed Brew Elite vs. Speed Brew Select is aesthetic only: The Elite model is black with some metallic accents, the Select model is all black plastic.

The difference between Speed Brew Elite, Speed vs Platinum is the carafe. The Elite and Speed models have a glass carafe while the Platinum model has a double-walled vacuum sealed thermal carafe.

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  • Velocity Brew ST vs BT
  • BUNN Phase Brew HG vs HT.

The Best Bunn Coffee Maker (A Look At The Top 5)

Buying a coffee maker isn’t as simple as picking up any old appliance on your next Target run – at least not if you take your coffee seriously. And trust us, we do.

We know that bringing a new coffee maker into your home is akin to adopting a new family member, so what if that new member doesn’t jive with your family?

It’s serious business. Luckily BUNN takes their coffee seriously too. If you’re looking into buying a BUNN coffee maker (and we know you are, since you’re reading this post!), we’ve done your homework for you. While the brand is known for high-quality products by coffee lovers everywhere, there’s a vast range of features and prices that can make all the difference.

Don’t make a mistake when deciding what coffee maker is right for you – read on to learn which one will suit your needs and provide you with the best coffee every day. Here we’re giving you the top 5 best BUNN coffee makers.


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BUNN Speed Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

We think the BUNN Speed Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer is the best overall BUNN coffee maker. It’s a classic home brewing machine that can do its job – you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

How to Choose the BEST Bunn Coffee Maker

What do you look for in a good coffee maker? There are three main things to consider when buying a BUNN:

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Pouring hot coffee drink

Capacity – Large vs Small

Ask yourself, who will be using this? If you plan on sharing your coffee with others, you might need something with more capacity. Or if it’s only you, consider how much coffee you consume. One cup? Twelve cups?

We don’t judge. Just keep capacity in mind. We have a whole list of coffee maker reviews to help you choose if you find Bunn machines are not for you. Check it out here.

Cost (Features)

BUNN Coffee makers are an investment. It’s not like they are outrageously expensive or anything but we’re going to be totally honest, they aren’t cheap either. So consider what things you are or are not willing to pay extra for.

Because like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you just want a goddamn coffee machine, you can get away with the cheapest model.

If you want the bells and whistles and more of a ‘morning ritual’ coffee experience, go for something a little higher range with more features. The higher end of Bunn machines provide seriously good coffee technology. They make products for commercial and residential uses (1), so the synergies are real.

Your Lifestyle

Consider how you take your coffee in the morning. Are you pounding a pot every day? Leisurely drinking a cup or two during your morning routine? Or do you brew your coffee, then fill up your favorite to-go thermos and run out the door?

Knowing how you take your coffee in the morning is going to help you choose the best coffee maker. Quite frankly, BUNN brewers are all high-quality machines, but the differences come into play when considering your coffee lifestyle and that of the others in your home.

Because coffee is life. And now, let’s break down the differences between the BUNN Coffee Makers…

BUNN Coffee Maker Reviews

Ok, you should now have a fair idea of what you’re looking for in your Bunn.

Small or large, cheap or pricey (which relates to features), something that brews quick and brutal coffee or something slower and more artisan-esque… etc, etc.

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BUNN GRB Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer
  • The “Original Pour-O’-Matic” with classic features
  • Drip-free carafe
  • Can make up to 10 cups of coffee
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BUNN Speed Brew Coffee Brewer
  • Unique spray head is lime-tolerant
  • Consistent water temperature
  • Can make up to 10 cups of coffee
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BUNN BT Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer
  • Keeps coffee hot for approximately 2 hours
  • Less scorching effect due to the thermal carafe
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BUNN MCU Single Cup Coffee Brewer
  • A multifunctional machine – brews with cups, pods, ground coffee, etc.
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
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BUNN Pour-Over Commercial Brewer
  • Requires no plumbing connections
  • Can brew 3.8 gallons of coffee per hour

1. The BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Best suited for: Someone who wants a standard coffee maker for a reasonable price.

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Things we liked:

  • It is considered the “Original Pour-O-Matic”
  • Internal hot water tank for faster brew time (3 mins for 10-cups).
  • Drip-free glass carafe with a spill-proof spout
  • Multi-stream spray head more effectively extract flavor

Things we didn’t like:

  • In my opinion, it brews too fast to produce amazing coffee

There are several versions of the Velocity model: GRB, NHS, BXB, and BXW. There isn’t a major difference between Velocity models – here, it is purely cosmetic. (The exception: the BXD is designed for high altitude use because water boils at lower temperatures over 4000 feet above sea level. If you live on a mountaintop, take note.)

The Bunn NHS Velocity Brew is a little bit shorter and rounder, the BXB has a rounder silver tank, and the BXW is white.

So why did we decide to recommend the GRB specifically?

Price point. The GRB is more affordable than the NHS (it’s about half the price) and they both brew a great tasting cup of coffee. Both have a warming plate to keep your coffee warm in the drip-free glass carafe. Both have an internally heated water tank to keep your water at the proper brewing temperature (around 200 F) for proper flavor extraction. Both have a brewing time of roughly three minutes. It also made our best of best lists for being a mighty fast brewer.

The GRB can also brew less than a full pot: as little as 4 cups (20 oz.), up to the full 10 cups (50 oz.), based on the amount of water you pour in.

If you are interested in finding out more about the differences between the BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-Cup and GRB Velocity Brew 10-cup, leave a comment.

2. The BUNN Speed Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Best suited for: Someone who values speed and quality of flavor.

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Things we liked:

  • Turbulence-inducing spray head increases the contact time between the water and coffee grounds to make better tasting coffee.
  • The internal water tank keep swater temperature consistent.
  • Spray head is lime-tolerant (extends the lifetime of the machine)

Things we didn’t like:

  • Reportedly a bad electrical smell during the first few uses. (Harmless but annoying)

This BUNN brewer is advertised as “the fastest brewing machine” and this largely comes down to the fact that it keeps its water hot 24/7 so that it’s always ready to brew.

This machine is quite similar to the Velocity, however, a notable difference is the extension of contact time between the always-hot water and coffee, so you end up getting more bang for your buck in terms of flavor.

If you want to make between 4 and 10 cups at a time in under 4 minutes, this is the machine for you. Especially if you want your coffee fast. If thats you, here are the fastest coffee makers.

3. The BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

Best suited for: Someone who takes several hours to leisurely drink a pot of coffee, and who doesn’t want anything fancy or complicated out of their machine.

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Things we liked:

  • Keeps coffee hot, and maintains flavor and aroma, for longer.
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe provides less of the scorching effect than glass

Things we didn’t like:

  • Costs more than the standard Velocity machine

Since this is a Velocity Brew machine, the mechanics of this are unsurprisingly similar. You still get all the fancy benefits of your standard Velocity machine but the game-changing feature here is that BUNN Velocity Brew Thermal Carafe.

It can keep your coffee hot for up to 2 full freaking hours. Think of all the things you can get done in 2 hours without worrying about keeping your coffee hot! Pretty phenomenal.

The carafe can be removed from the heating pad and placed at your kitchen table or wherever in the house and will have hot coffee for hours. No need to reheat coffee in the microwave with this machine; your pot will still be hot. For the love of God, please don’t microwave your coffee. Have some standards.

4. The BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

Best suited for: Someone who only needs one quick cuppa in the morning to start their day. This is a great option as it also made our best single cup coffee maker list.

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Things we liked:

  • Multifunctional machine. Brews your standard coffee cups of all brands.
  • Pulse brew setting allows you to brew a bolder flavor if you choose.
  • Removable drip tray that fits most travel mugs.

Things we didn’t like:

  • No on/off switch.
  • Only a 2-year warranty (most BUNN machines come with a 3-year warranty).

People usually have one of two reactions to a single serve machine: hell yeah or no way. Why? Quantity. Some people need a full pot of coffee and others need just one solid cup.

This machine is compact, easy to use, and is versatile in terms of what drinks you can make, so if you aren’t the type to need a caffeine IV each day, this may be the product for you. You can brew from 4 to 14 ounces, simply by pouring the measured amount of water into the water reservoir. The key? The MCU comes with four drawers, each adapted to a different way of brewing. The cup drawer uses K-cups; the ground coffee drawer lets you make drip coffee – you get the idea.

And because it uses BUNN’s standard system of maintaining a preheated water reservoir, it’s fast – as little as a minute from pouring water to drinking great coffee.

One extra benefit to the MCU: it can be programmed for high-altitude operation. Since water boils at lower temperatures the farther you are above sea level (as low as 187 F at 9000 feet, below the optimum brewing temperature), the MCU has an adjustment to compensate for this and still reach the desired temperature for maximum flavor extraction.

5. The Bunn VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pour-Over Commercial Brewer

Best suited for: Someone who frequently entertains large numbers of people. Or conversely, a coffee addict.

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Things we liked:

  • Serious capacity for coffee output. Literally gallons of coffee (3.8 per hour)!
  • Requires no plumbing connections, which is unusual for a commercial machine. This means that it is portable.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Massive size – 16.2 X 8 X 20.7 inches. So please measure your available space before ordering.

I know, I know. Commercial grade coffee brewer? Isn’t that for businesses? Hear me out, because this might actually be the machine you never knew you needed in your home.

This thing can brew 3.8 gallons of coffee per hour. It has upper and lower warmers, two glass decanters, and is solidly built of stainless steel. It will brew consistent cups of kick-ass coffee all day, every day.

If your house is the center point of large family reunions, holiday parties, big gatherings, or meeting spaces for any reason, you may not realize that the BUNN 12 cup coffee maker is what you need.


So which of these top 5 BUNN Coffee Makers is the best? In our honest and humble opinion, the BUNN Speed Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer is the best overall BUNN home coffee maker.

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Why? It is functional, it has enough small improvements from previous models to make it operate noticeably better, and it’s a classic home brewing machine. While it’s a little pricey it is not outrageously so and quite frankly you get your money’s worth on this machine.

  1. BUNN – Bunn-O-Matic Corporation Retrieved from https://www.bunn.com/
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Bunn Speed Brew Owner’s Manual

  • Page 1 WELCOME Speed Brew Manual…
  • Page 3 WHY BUNN? Since 1957, restaurants and cafés have chosen BUNN as their trusted coffeemaker, realizing that a BUNN-brewed cup of coffee is a fine cup of coffee. For over 50 years, we’ve built our business with a very simple mission: to create the best coffee experience possible by building the best coffeemakers possible.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    WHAT’S INSIDE LET’S GET STARTED …………….5 MEET SPEED BREW …………….7 setup ………………..8 LET’S BE SAFE ………………10 LET’S BREW 101 …………….13 THE BASICS ………………15 LET’S KEEP IT CLEAN ……………17 BASIC CLEANING …………….18 CLEANING THE SPRAYHEAD TUBE …………18 DEEP CLEANING …………….19 DRAINING BREWER ……………..21 LET’S SOLVE ………………22…

  • Page 5: Let’s Get Started


  • Page 6: Questions

    The Model and date code are located on the bottom of your brewer. Speed Brew MODEL: _____________________________ DATE CODE: _________________________ Questions? Go to bunn.com or call USA 1-800-352-2866 Canada 1-800-263-2256 Please have your Model and Date Code ready when calling for service. 49740.0000B 2/15…

  • Page 7: Meet Speed Brew


  • Page 8: Setup

    SETUP DO NOT PLUG IN UNTIL STEP 4, OR YOU RISK PERMANENTLY DAMAGING THE MACHINE. AND WE DON’T WANT THAT ANY MORE THAN YOU DO. It takes 2 full Carafes of cold water to fill the Internal Hot Water Tank and prepare your machine for brewing.

  • Page 9 4. ALMOST READY 1. SLIDE EMPTY BREW FUNNEL INTO BREWER • Plug in the brewer. 2. FILL CARAFE WITH COLD WATER 5. TURN ON BREWER • Pour water into brewer. • Press Tank Switch on side • Position Carafe on to ON position.
  • Page 10: Let’s Be Safe


  • Page 11 SAFEGUARDING IMPORTANT. NO, REALLY, THIS IS IMPORTANT. • Use brewer indoors only. • Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter. • Do not place brewer in or near a hot gas or electric burner, Follow basic safety precautions when using electrical or in a heated oven.
  • Page 13: Let’s Brew 101

    LET’S BREW 101…

  • Page 14 LET’S BREW 101 We applaud your smart decision in purchasing this Bunn SPEED Brew. You’re about to enjoy years and TEMPERATURE years of better coffee. Internal Hot Water Tank heats water to the optimal temperature range. How, you ask? It’s called The BUNN Difference. A finely-tuned…
  • Page 15: The Basics

    THE BASICS Place BUNN coffee filter into Brew Funnel. ® Scoop fresh ground coffee into filter. Shake Brew Funnel gently to level grounds. Slide Brew Funnel into brewer. Fill Carafe with cold water. 20 oz. for 4 cups. 50 oz. for 10 cups.

  • Page 16 POUR A CUP OF COFFEE. ADD YOUR FIXINGS. For more tips, VISIT Bunn.com…
  • Page 17: Let’s Keep It Clean


  • Page 18: Basic Cleaning

    BASIC CLEANING CLEANING THE SPRAYHEAD TUBE Wash Brew Funnel and glass Carafe after each use. Cleaning the Sprayhead Tube removes deposits due to If you have a dishwasher, go that route. natural mineral content in your water. The more mineral content in your water, the more you should clean.

  • Page 19: Deep Cleaning

    Deep cleaning your brewer removes mineral deposits in your Internal Hot Water Tank and will prolong the life of Check Sprayhead holes and clear any deposits with your Speed Brew. a toothpick. You’ll need: 1 Quart (4 cups) of white vinegar, toothpick Clean Sprayhead with a cloth and dish soap.

  • Page 20 Close Lid. Empty Carafe when liquid stops flowing. Empty Carafe when water has stopped flowing. Flip the Tank Switch to the OFF position and unplug. Repeat the process of cycling fresh cold water 3 or Allow vinegar to sit in the brewer for at least 2 hours. more times or until you no longer smell vinegar.
  • Page 21: Draining Brewer

    DRAINING BREWER Water in brewer should bE DRAINED when brewer is: • Transported • Shipped • Stored in an unheated location with chance of freezing • Not to be used for an extended period of time To drain: Flip the Tank Switch to the OFF position, unplug brewer and allow to cool for at least 2 hours.

  • Page 22: Let’s Solve


  • Page 23 • If you brew decaf, fine grind or use soft water, • You may need to increase water if coffee request a special flow restrictor sprayhead by completing a Parts Form on BUNN.com or by grounds and filter absorbed some water. contacting us at 800-352-BUNN.
  • Page 24 • Remove top Lid to ensure rubber stopper is in place and area is clean. Deliming tool doesn’t go in ALL THE WAY • Follow Sprayhead Tube cleaning (see page 18). You may need to use a little muscle. Brewer leaks • Call 1-800-352-2866 or visit bunn.com.
  • Page 25 LEGAL Bunn-O-Matic warrants the BUNN Speed Brew Coffee Warranty does not cover claims resulting from misuse, Brewer, except glass carafe, to be free from defects in failure to follow instructions on installation and use, use materials and workmanship existing at the time of manufac-…
  • Page 26: Legal Mumbo Jumbo

    MORE LEGAL Mumbo jumbo The customer’s exclusive remedy for breach of this warranty or of any implied warranty or of any other obligation arising by operation of law or otherwise shall be limited as specified herein to repair or replacement, at our sole option. In any event, responsibility for special, incidental and consequential damages is expressly excluded.

  • Page 27 Great coffee is just moments away…
  • Page 28 ENJOY…

BUNN Speed Brew Classic Coffee Maker, Model BX Black

Stay on top of your schedule with the BUNN® Speed Brew Classic Coffee Maker, Model BX Black. Whether you’re running early or running late, with this machine, you can brew a cup of coffee almost instantly.

How fast is the BUNN Speed Brew Classic Coffee Maker, Model BX Black?

The BUNN Speed Brew Classic Coffee Maker, Model BX Black is lightning fast. You can brew a full pot of coffee containing 10 cups in just about four minutes. This commercial coffee maker is a must-have for every coffee lover. Although brewing at a super-high speed, it doesn’t sacrifice taste. It prepares your cup of coffee with water heated to an optimal temperature of 200° Fahrenheit ensuring each cup of joe tastes delicious.

How to Use BUNN Speed Brew Classic Coffee Maker, Model BX Black

Preparing a delicious cup of coffee with the BUNN Speed Brew Classic Coffee Maker is simple. Just fill the brew funnel up with your favorite coffee grounds and slide it back into the maker, flip the switch to turn on the machine, pour anywhere from 4–10 cups of water into the stainless-steel water tank and almost instantly, your coffee will be brewed. Just use the drip-free carafe to safely pour yourself a cup of coffee without spilling it anywhere.

Save Time and Money

If you’re in a rush to get out the door but can’t make your own cup of joe, you typically spend money at your local coffee shop to get one. With a BUNN coffee maker like this one though, you never have to do that again. You can brew yourself a cup of coffee quicker than if you were to go out and wait in line for one.

Who Makes this Coffee Maker?

This commercial coffee machine is made by the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. Founded in 1957, they’ve been manufacturing and selling various coffee and tea equipment for years. With a focus on the environment, this company is also constantly finding ways to help preserve the Earth.

Best Bunn Coffee Maker: A Responsibility to Reliability

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Sometimes life gets a little hectic, and for many of us, coffee is what keeps is chugging along. So needless to say, you need to be able to rely on your coffee maker to not leave you high and dry. There are some brands out there that get it and dedicate their innovative energies to producing long-lasting machines backed by excellent warranties and customer service. Once such brand is BUNN.

At A Glance: Our Top 4 Picks for Bunn Coffee Maker

Today, we’re going to be looking through the BUNN line to help you find the best BUNN coffee maker for you. Stay tuned for our inside takes and some tips on how to find the one you should be waking up to.

Quick Summary: The Best Bunn Coffee Makers

Just so you know, if you click on a product on RoastyCoffee.com and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

Our Top Pick BUNN GRB Velocity Brew
  • Fastest 10-cup home coffeemaker
  • Exclusive drip-free carafe
  • Multi-stream spray head
Check on Amazon →
BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10 Cups
  • Double wall
  • Vacuum insulated thermal carafe
  • Unique spray head
Check on Amazon →
BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10 Cups
  • Fastest 10-cup home coffeemaker
  • Exclusive drip-free carafe
  • Multi-stream spray head
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Velocity Family Flops: BX
  • 8.6 pounds
  • Single serve brewer
  • Convenient close-and-brew lid
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Got BUNN, Hon’?

Let’s begin this adventure with a little bit of history about the brand we will be reviewing. BUNN started over 170 years ago with a man named Jacob Bunn and his grocery store. That little store grew into the Bun Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company, and eventually George R. Bunn had a stoke of genius.

In the late 1950s, he founded the beverage equipment division that would ultimately become the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. Since then, BUNN has continued to be a reliable, family-owned manufacturer that is the go to for many homes and businesses.

Best Bunn Coffee Makers

Now that you’ve met the Bunns behind BUNN, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of things. We’ve gone ahead and divided this buying guide into three sections based off of model lines put out by BUNN. So we have the Velocity brewers, Speed brewers, and Other category.

For each section we’ll tell you all about the machines we like, and for the current line we’ll talk about the ones that didn’t make the cut.

Velocity Brew Family

So, beginning with the Velocity line, we’ll be looking at the BUNN GRB, BUNN BX, BUNN BT, and BUNN NHS models. This line is technically the “older” line and is no longer featured on the company’s website; however, they’re still sold new through Amazon and many people still buy them.

You’re about to see why that is:

Common Features

All 4 models plus their high-altitude variants (where applicable) have a 50 ounce brew capacity and are customizable between 8 and 10 cups. The brew itself happens in about 3 minutes, which is impressively fast for a drip brewer.

The internal water reservoir is stainless steel and heats to 200ºF. There is also no “on” button, the brew simply begins when you shut the lid after adding water. Lastly, all of these machines come with a 3 year warranty.

Because the brew is so fast, there is no auto-pause like many other drip brewers if you want a cup as it is brewing. There is also no auto-off feature, so you need to manually turn off the heat plate.

BUNN GRB Velocity Brew

The original Pour O’ Matic GRB base model measures 14.8″ Hx 7.1″Wx 13.8″D and weighs about 8 pounds. That makes it, like many of the other models you see here a little on the tall side.

The carafe is glass and the heat plate is porcelain coated. As for the lid, it is the standard flip up style that you find on most drip brewers.

BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10 Cups

The BT model is sold as the thermal carafe version of the BX/GRB. However, they don’t really look all that similar. Aside from being double walled and vacuum insulated, BT thermal carafe is more angular than its counterparts. This carafe keeps coffee warm for 2 hours and doesn’t require a hot plate.

Also, it can brew a minimum of 4 cups and a maximum of 10. It is dishwasher sage as well. Overall, if you prefer the Velocity line to the Speed line, this is a nice alternative to the Platinum Speed Brew, which we’ll cover later. The show head isn’t quite as good, but the coffee is acceptable and the price is better.

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10 Cups

Lastly, we have one of the most popular BUNN models of all time. And, for many people, this model still holds the top spot even after the introduction of the Speed Brew line. It’s dimensions differ a good bit from the other models, measuring 13.7″ H x 9.1″ W x 11.6″ D.

This machine has all the great features of the base models with a few welcome extras. It has a large, flat-bottom filter and funnel design that helps you get better extraction form your grounds. Additionally, it has a convenient swivel lid rather than the usual flip-up one.

There’s also a vacation switch that you can turn on/off if you won’t be using the machine for awhile to save. power. You’ll just have to wait a bit longer for the water to heat up when you next use it.

Because of the unique shape and the speed of the brew, you should definitely use BUNN filters rather than a third-party brand to get the best results.

Velocity Family Flops: BX

You’ll find similar specs with a nearly identical look with the BX model, which is essentially the second generation of the GRB. It looks and functions almost the exact same way. The dimensions didn’t change between Gens but the BX is a tad weightier at 8.6 pounds.

Due to it’s significantly higher price point with nothing much to show for it, we’d recommend opting for the GRB model or the Speed Brew Classic over this one.

Speed Brew Family

Meet the new line of BUNN coffee makers! Following the success of the Velocity machines, BUNN released a very similar “update” called the “Speed Brew” machines, which we’ll cover now.

In this line there are four different models, the Classic, Select, Elite, and Platinum. They are mostly the same save for a few minor differences that we’ll cover later.

The Speed Brew machines all have a 70 ounce, stainless steel water reservoir with a flip lid for refilling. This reservoir keeps the water hot for brewing to decrease brew time, so the only time you have to wait for heat-up is when you refill.

As for the carafes, they all have a 4 cup minimum and a 10 cup maximum, so you can brew anywhere from a travel mug to a full carafe. Also, the lids and spout design allows for an impressively clean, mess-free pour.

If you’re brewing at the 20 ounce minimum, the machine takes about 2 minutes. And it only takes 4 to brew the whole carafe, which is much faster than just about any other drip brewer on the market.

Lastly, all of these machines are backed by BUNN’s 3-year warranty and excellent customer service. Watch the base model in action below:


The base model of this line is the Classic, often just sold as the BUNN Speed Brew Coffee Maker. This machine falls in the middle of the line up as far as size, measuring 14.5? H× 7.1? W× 14.5? D. Also, the Classic is the only Speed Brew machine where the warmer’s on/off switch is located at the top and uses a red rather than blue indicator light.

Go for the Classic if you are on a tight budget but still want to take advantage the improved showerhead of the Speed Brew Line.


Lastly, but certainly not leastly, let’s look at the Platinum Speed Brew Coffee maker. This model is really the only one with obvious, important differences from the Classic model.

Most notably, it has a double wall, vacuum insulated thermal carafe, which is a huge plus for people who like to take their time sipping their coffee. It stays hot for 2+ hours, and the lack of a hot plate means it’ll still taste good if you wait that long.

This machine measures 14.9? H× 8.3? W× 13.7? D, making it slightly taller, a bit wider, and shallower than the Classic. The thermal carafe definitely justifies the extra cost, plus it comes in a high altitude version for those who are interested.

Family Flops: Select and Elite

The Select is about the same height as the Classic with a thicker width and thinner depth, measuring 14.8? H× 8.3? W× 12.6? D. So it shouldn’t make much of a difference in the counter space department.

Other differences include a grey or black back panel with vertical bar accents. Also, the water on/off switch is on the right side on the front of the warmer with a blue indicator light. However, in our opinion it’s not really worth the increased price when compared to the Classic as far as functionality.

The Elite measures 13.8? H× 7.7? W× 12.7? D, which is shorter and shallower than the Classic. Though it is slightly taller, it’ll still fit under most cabinets.

The differences here are, again, mostly aesthetic. There are chrome accents for the backsplash, carafe handle, and filter basket, and the horizontal stripe pattern is echoed across the machine. Overall, the price jump isn’t really justified by much more than looks.

However, this model does come in a high-altitude version, which is what we have linked above. This capability works well enough in those areas far from sea level to make this machine worth buying, though we’d still pick the High-Altitude Platinum over this one.

Other BUNN Brewers

BUNN MC MyCafe Single Cup Multi-Use

The MyCafe is arguably the most versatile machine that BUNN makes. It can brew using K-Cups, ground coffee, tea pods, loose tea, and more. To accomplish this, they have four interchangeable drawers one each for pods, grounds coffee, cup, and water.

There’s a pulse brew option for extracting bolder flavor from your brew, but the regular brewing begins as soon as you pour water in and plug in the machine. It keeps water hot for up to 6 hours before shutting off automatically. The heat up time for this machine is also much. faster than the other BUNN machines at 2 rather than 10-15 minutes.

Furthermore, it’s able to brew between 4 and 14 ounce servings, which is perfect if you are just brewing for one in a cup or travel mug.

This machine, unlike most of the other machines, comes with a 2-year rather than the usual 3-year warranty. However, it’s still considerably longer than many of the warranty options offered by competitors.

Click below to see this brewer in action:

Heat N’ Brew Coffee Maker

Moving on to our final, non-commercial brewer, the Heat N’ Brew. This machine is relatively new to the BUNN lineup and is pretty nice change of pace from their other offerings.

Firstly, the Heat N’ Brew is programmable, so you can set a brew time using the digital clock. Unlike the other machines, this one actually has a brew button, so it doesn’t automatically start. As a result, it’s a little slower, brewing 20 ounces (travel mug size) in 6 minutes or 10 cups (full carafe) in 10 minutes.

Nonetheless, it is still pretty fast and is great for bigger groups. The warmer plate shuts off after 2 hours, which is a nice automatic feature to have. Also, this machine has the trusty 3-year warranty.

This machine is basically the flip side of the need spectrum from the MyCafe. It’s best suited for larger spaces and company. It measures 16.3? H× 8.7? W× 9.7? D, so you’ll definitely need to check your under cabinet space before buying.

Check it out below:

Velocity Brew vs Speed Brew

The main differences between the previous Velocity machines and the newer Speed Brewers are the sprayhead and filter basket. The former has been modified to increase contact time between the water and grounds, and the latter has received a slight change in space to help the coffee pout more smoothly into the carafe.

Overall, these changes have resulted in a noticeably better tasting brew and a wonderfully mess-free experience. Additionally, these machines have a more rounded aesthetic overall that effectively gives them a smooth, sleek look while also improving the way coffee drips into the carafe.

However, these updates don’t mean you should completely skip over the Velocity brewers, which are still sold. And they are still rather popular thanks to their lower prices and high quality.

Things to Consider

Carafe Type

Most of BUNN’s coffee makers are glass carafes, with only one from each line featuring a thermal carafe.

Now, this isn’t a super big deal if you only brew as much as you play on drinking in the next 30 minutes or so. However, thermal carafes are better overall for larger carafe sizes because they keep coffee hot for longer (about 2 hours) without it getting burnt or spoiling. Hot plates add heat back into your brew, affecting the taste after a prolonged period of time.

This isn’t to say that you should completely dismiss the BUNN glass carafe models. In fact, the hot plates on these machines are porcelain coated, which helps prevent or at least delay some of the negative effects of other hot plates.


One of the biggest drawbacks of some otherwise great drip brewers is that they take forever to brew. Now, some machines have an auto brew pause function that allows you to drink some coffee while you wait. However, this creates uneven flavor as the first few cups are much stronger than the later ones.

With BUNN Coffee makers, you don’t have to worry about this. Most of the machines can brew a full carafe in under 5 minutes (usually around 3) but even the slowest one only takes 10. So if you’re concerned about you coffee maker not being able to keep up with your morning routine, you can trust BUNN to have your back.

Brew Capacity

As you’re purchasing a new drip brewer you need to take into account how many coffee drinkers you may need to supply at any given time.The average serving of coffee is about 8 ounces, so keep in mind that “cups” the measurement doesn’t necessarily mean actual serving cups.

As far as your options in the BUNN lineup, there aren’t many.

The vast majority of BUNN’s brewers have a 10 cup maximum (50 ounces), which is roughly enough to fill about 6 regular mugs. That is plenty for most people’s serving needs. And if your 4-5 guests want multiple cups, just make sure you put water in the machine as soon as you’re done serving the first round so it has time to heat up.

As far as what your other options are in this category, the biggest most hot brewers will go is about 12 cups, though you can find the occasional oddball that brews more. These sizes aren’t really necessary unless you frequently host a lot of people or are brewing for a family of multi-cup coffee drinkers.

On the other end of things, the minimum for BUNN machines (except the MyCafe) is 4 cups or 20 ounces. That is enough to fill your average Travel Mug, which is a pretty suitable size for most people.

If you’re interested in a machine that can go smaller with ease, then check out the MyCafe. If you need a machine with a bit more range, consider getting a dual brewer.

Brew Range

Moving on to what these machines can actually brew. Now, BUNN machines don’t really have many bells and whistles in this category. But for most coffee drinkers that won’t be an issue considering the quality of the brew,

Nonetheless, there are some basic capabilities across the board. These machines can all give you hot water just as fast as they give you coffee, which is handy for tea, instant soups, and the like.

As for as actual coffee, all of the machines except the MyCafe only brew with loose grounds. However, you do have a good bit of range for size as we discussed above.

If you do want a few more options and are only brewing for you, looking into the MyCafe could be beneficial. It can brew loose tea for you (rather than just giving you hot water) and is compatible with both K-cups and soft coffee pods.

Still, if you’re looking to make cold brew or specialty drinks, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

What’s the Best BUNN for…


Technically, you can brew for one with just about all of these machines by simply reducing the amount of water you feed into them. While the “optimal” minimum might be listed as 20 ounces or so (about the size of a travel mug), these machines will still work with less grounds and water.

But the true powerhouse in this lineup if you are only brewing for one person is the MC MyCafe. It’s the only machine in the lineup that includes a 4 ounce serving within its parameters, and it maxes out at 14 ounces.

The incredible amount of customizability is just icing on top of an already great cake. The main drawback is that there are extra drawers to store and keep track of. But if you’re mainly working with one, that isn’t too much of an issue.

Lastly, the price is actually comparable to other single-serve pod and podless machines, but we find that the brew quality is significantly better, especially with fresh grounds.

A Tight Budget?

If you are on a tight budget, the best machine for you is probably the Speed Brew Classic. This basic model gets the job done and the updated showerhead makes for a better brew than the similarly priced GRB and BT Velocity Brew Models.

However, the BT Velocity Brew model is definitely a close second, and if you are a slow, multi-cup drinker it is probably the better choice for you. The brew is still good and the thermal carafe will allow you to take your sweet time.

High Altitudes?

Just because you’re chilling on cloud nine 4000+ feet above sea level, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have great coffee. But if you want to go with BUNN, which model should you choose?

Well it comes down to two options really. If you prefer a thermal carafe and improved showerhead and have a little extra room in your budget, the High Altitude Platinum Speed Brew Machine is a good choice. On the other hand, if you’re fine with a glass carafe and are trying to spend a little less, the High Altitude Elite Velocity Brew is also a nice option.

They both have a 50 ounce carafe capacity and heated stainless steel water reservoirs for fast coffee on demand. Also, both models come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

The Verdict

Overall, we were pretty impressed with the BUNN Coffee maker lineup. While there isn’t a ton of range here, this brand takes what they do best and really goes the extra mile for quality. So if you are looking for an extremely reliable machine that both the company and you have complete faith in, a BUNN brewer makes a great choice.

They keep the bells and whistles to a minimum so that they can ensure your brew isn’t something mediocre or glorified dirty water. Plus, it says something about the quality of their machines that their previous line of products are still popular buys for consumers.

Happy Caffeinating!

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