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5 Reasons You Should Own This Calvin Klein Sports Bra

Most of the time, when you’re at the store sifting through what seems like an endless rack of sports bras, you end up caving and going with one that doesn’t meet all your requirements. That’s not the case with this Calvin Klein sports bra. Once you have it you’ll never look back—you might even end up getting one in every color.

1. Appearance

There are four color options (pink, blue, gray, and black) that make this staple easy to match with almost any outfit. Even with a low neckline, keyhole back, and racerback design this bralette is made up of seamless lines that won’t show through your shirt or rub on your skin. And we can’t forget to mention the iconic Calvin Klein logo along the bust band.

2. Comfort

You won’t have to worry about an uncomfortable underwire poking your side when you put on this Calvin Klein bra. Instead, you’ll feel the soft jersey knit and cotton fabrics. These materials allow the bralette to stretch, which makes slipping it on and off a cinch. Its flexibility also comes in handy during a workout—try it out at yoga class and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

3. Support

We all like a happy medium, right? You’ll want to choose this sports bra for your next power walk or elliptical training session as it’s specifically made for medium-impact activities. There’s a little extra support from the thick straps and lined, padded cups, which also adds a nice lift.

4. Budget-Friendly

If there’s a way to save money you might as well take advantage of it—so you can buy the matching underwear, of course. Most sports bras that offer great support, maximum comfort, and look amazing are going to cost you a pretty penny—but this Calvin Klein bralette is under $45. I repeat, it’s under $45!

5. Everyday Use

You’re sure to get good use out of the Calvin Klein bralette since it’s comfortable, stylish, and supportive enough to wear every day. Wear it to the gym with your favorite pair of high-waist yoga pants, or if you’re running errands throw on some joggers and a graphic tee for a comfortable yet stylish look. Yes, you can even rock a sports bra on date night. Keep it fun and casual by wearing the pink bra under your shirt and denim jumper, then finish it off with white sneakers. To dress it up, pair the gray or black bra with these wide-leg pants from Target and tuck in a tank top.

*According to some reviews, this sports bra runs small so we recommend ordering a size up.

The 10 Most Comfortable Bras You Can Actually Wear All Day

Every girl has things she loathes shopping for — whether it’s the perfect pair of jeans, the best bathing suit, or a bra that’s both comfortable and supportive. If you’ve been measured a handful of times only to find yourself with a bra that’s too snug, doesn’t adjust properly, or is just plain painful, you’ll want to snag one of these comfortable bras that you can wear all day as soon as possible.

Gone will be the days of running home to free yourself from the horrible torture that is your bra. You’ll finally make it through a full day feeling comfortable, sweat-free, and pretty much ready to fall asleep in your stretchy and soft intimates. You may even find yourself giving strapless bras a second chance after you experience the comfortable support that’s possible with a wireless supportive bandeau bra. If you’re tired of relying on heavy padding to get support, you’ll want to consider the microfiber demi bra that offers just the right amount of coverage to keep you feeling good all day.

Read on, and prepare yourself for a serious bra drawer overhaul — in a land where a supportive and comfortable bra doesn’t have to skimp on style. Ahead, 10 game-changing bras you’ll never want to take off.

1. A Lace Bralette Adds Detail Beneath Tops

My personal fave, the bralette, is the perfect way to add fun detail under a cut-out top and get the comfortable feel of an athletic bra with a few design upgrades. This machine-washable bralette features a lace halter that will look trendy under any top, and the comfy stretchy fabric will have you wanting to wear it to bed.

2. A Logo Band Looks Stylish Under A Tank

This stretchy and soft cotton bralette by Calvin Klein is a staple bra to have in your drawer for plenty of reasons. Its cotton and spandex fabric is soft, comfy, and won’t dig in, while its thick logo band offers just that more extra support to keep everything in place. The signature band is the eye-catching detail that adds a little edge under any casual outfit. One user, who rocks a 34DD, said she loves how this bralette fits.

3. Get Extra Support From A Sports Bra With Gel-Infused Straps

When you’re getting active and breaking a sweat, the last thing you want to worry about is your bra being unsupportive and causing you pain. This full-support sports bra has gel-infused straps that adjust to fit fuller chests as well as molded cups for extra shape and support. Even the back of the bra is super-comfortable, featuring a padded closure that makes it easy to fasten before and after workouts.

4. A Seamless Sports Bra With Cooling Fabric Keeps You Dry

This racerback sports bra is made with cooling Dri fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you comfortable, whether you’re wearing it at the gym or while at the market on a hot day. This completely seamless style won’t chafe your skin or cause itching and irritation. It comes in 10 colors and a variety of sizes.

5. Eliminate Bra Lines With A Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bra

A perfect T-shirt bra should offer full coverage that keeps you comfortable even when you’re wearing the thinnest tees and plenty of support without adding bulk underneath shirts. This bra, which was actually voted “Best T-Shirt Bra” by New York Magazine, features memory foam that molds to your body and creates a customized lift wherever you need it most. It comes in 11 colors and cup sizes that range from 32A to 40D.

6. Avoid Itching With A Tag-Free T-Shirt Bra

This is the ultimate comfort bra. It provides a tag-free stretch band that won’t pinch or create funky lines under clothing, and its moisture-wicking lining keeps sweat out of the picture. Plus, its soft support system is made with foam, so you’ll forget you’re wearing an underwire. Bonus: This bra is machine-washable, and one user said it stayed comfortable even after a 12-hour work shift.

7. Go Wire Free With This Super Comfortable Bra

This Bali bra doesn’t have any wires, so you won’t get poked and prodded after wearing it all day, and it has foam-lined cups for extra comfort. The underband provides back and side support, and the straps will stay in place all day. You won’t get tired of wearing this one.

8. Go Backless With Stay-Put Adhesive Cups

For anyone who’s ever picked up a fun backless dress, only to put it down and think, “What would I even wear under this?”— then this is the bra for you. This stay-put backless bra with adhesive-lined foam cups gives you extra lift with its front closure, and it can easily be hand-washed between uses. You’ll feel free and flexible, and you won’t need to stress about your cups falling loose throughout the day or night.

9. Ditch Wires & Keep Support With Convertible Straps

This super-soft wireless bra has a low neckline, which means you’ve finally got the match for all your favorite V-necks and low-cut tank tops. A major plus of this bra is that it’s versatile — featuring convertible back straps that can easily be adjusted, unhooked, and switched to a criss-cross fit. One user compared this bra to a “soft cradle for boobs” (So, BRB while I order one ASAP.)

10. Demi-Cups Offer Alternate Support To Padding

Ever found yourself drowning in bras with too much padding? This microfiber underwire demi bra will not only feel super comfortable with its intimate fit, but it won’t fall short when creating a little oomph, either. Wearers looking to switch up their padded bras will appreciate how this demi-cup bra gives them natural-looking cleavage without the discomfort and extra weight of padding.

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My 5 Most Favorite Comfortable Bras

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

It’s officially sweatshirt season where I live, which means I care even less than usual about making sure I’m wearing the “right” bra and more than ever about wearing what’s comfortable. While I’ve shared a few of my fave choices for comfy underwear on TLA, I’ve never really shared my favorite bras.

Despite having an absolutely massive lingerie collection (which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this), like most people, there are a few brands and styles I return to again and again. Your favorite bra is like your favorite pair of sneakers or your favorite t-shirt. You just feel at home in it.

The bras listed here are all ones I can put on and completely forget about two minutes later. They tend to be core styles (which might mean they look a little boring), but the upside is they’re also continuity styles… which means you should be able to find them too.

Because it has to be said, these are my personal favorites (i.e. what I wear everyday), so there’s a possibility these bras won’t come in your size. I usually wear a 34C, which is right in the middle of what the industry calls “core sizing” (and what other lingerie bloggers call the “bra matrix”) so these bras may not come in full bust, small bust, or plus sizes. However, if you’re looking for our other bra reviews or recommendations, check out TLA’s bra category here.

Natori Feathers Plunge Bra in Black. Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.

Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Plunge Bra: $68-$70.

Until a couple of years ago, I’d honestly never paid much attention to Natori. I knew they were a popular brand, but they didn’t seem quite my style, so I never got around to trying them. Well, that all changed once the Natori rep for my area fitted me into the famous Natori Feathers. Ever since then, I’ve been devoted. I get at least one color per season (sometimes more), and I wear them to death. Feathers is ideal for shallow shapes, and it’s an excellent all-purpose bra that I find myself wearing with a variety of outfits (and especially with deep necklines). There’s also a racerback style and a bodysuit if you dig the Feathers lace, but are looking for something a bit different than a contour plunge.

TLA Tip: Go up a cup size in this bra. I wear a 34C in most styles but a 34D in this one, and the fit is perfect.

Available at: Nordstrom, Journelle, Zappos, Amazon, Natori

Yummie by Heather Thompson Mallory Racerback Bra in Mink. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Yummie by Heather Thompson Mallory Seamless Racerback Bra: $29-$34.00

The Yummie by Heather Thompson bra line is a new discovery for me. I decided to try one out on a lark, and promptly fell in love. While I think all of Yummie’s bralettes are incredibly comfortable, the Mallory style is my favorite. The knit fabric is lightweight and soft against the skin, and also has temperature-regulating properties. Because of the style, this is not a bra you should expect a lot of support from. However, it is ideal for people who prefer wirefree styles or are looking for a sleep or lounge bra that won’t be a chore to wear for hours. I take a Small/Medium in this style, but others have said it runs small so you may need to experiment.

TLA Tip: If you’re darker skinned, search for the Mink colorway. It’s currently on sale (unfortunate, because that means it’s being discontinued), but it’s a potential nude option for deeper skintones. MyHabit has a ton for 50% off.

Available at: Amazon, Nordstrom, Yummie by Heather Thompson, Bloomingdales, Dillards

Calvin Klein Modern Racerback Bralette. Image courtesy of Nordstrom.

Calvin Klein Modern Racerback Bralette: $28.00

If you’re on social media at all, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen this bra. I know I run across it at least once per day on Instagram and Tumblr, and it looks absolutely amazing on a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Editorial considerations aside, Calvin Klein’s retro racerback bralette is also absurdly comfortable. It’s a very simple style, almost akin to a sports bra, but the fabric is where it shines. The material is a cotton/modal blend, so it’s ultra breathable and feels light and cool against the skin. This is the sort of bra you throw on under your favorite sweatshirt with a pair of jeans. The matching knickers are also quite comfortable (and look phenomenal).

TLA Tip: This bra is machine washable/dryable (though I’d still recommend using cold water, the delicate setting, and air drying when possible).

Available at: True & Co., Calvin Klein, Nordstrom, ASOS, Shopbop

ThirdLove 24/7 Memory Foam T-shirt Bra: $64.00

While I reviewed ThirdLove’s bra fit app over a year ago, I didn’t get to try their bras until a few months later. I didn’t have many expectations one way or another, but let me tell you, I wear this bra so much, it’s worn out faster than anything else I own. The memory foam cups are like having the softest, cushioniest pillows for my boobs. This goes beyond just putting your bra on and forgetting about it; wearing this bra is actually a pleasurable experience. As it happens, all the ThirdLove bras I’ve tried fit well (their Lace Balconet and Pushup are also in my regular rotation), but the 24/7 Memory Foam T-shirt Bra is my favorite. Just one thing though, ThirdLove… could you not call your beige color “nude,” please? For a company that’s striving to be the next big thing, equating beige with nude is more than a little outdated.

TLA Tip: ThirdLove also offers half cup sizes (though I’ve not tried them).

Available at: ThirdLove, Bloomingdales

Vanity Fair Caress Full Coverage Underwire: $40.00

I know Vanity Fair probably seems like an odd choice for TLA, but hear me out. Last year, I did a pretty extensive campaign with them, and, as part of that, they sent me basically every bra they make to try. While reviewing VF bras on TLA was not part of the campaign (brands can’t pay for reviews on The Lingerie Addict), I was shocked at how comfortable the bras were, and found myself reaching for them all the time. This is one of my go-to bras, especially when I’m traveling, and it’s also quite inexpensive for an underwired bra (and even cheaper if you happen to buy from one of the retailers below during a sale).

TLA Tip: Vanity Fair has several brick and mortar outlet locations as well as an online outlet store.

Available at: Vanity Fair, Amazon, Kohl’s, JCPenney, K-Mart

What’s your go-to everyday bra? I’d love to hear your favorite suggestions in the comments!

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