Christmas tree rose gold

A burgundy and gold Christmas tree adds a bit of a formal look to our holiday decor. I enjoy having both a fun tree that I shared last week and this one that is done using lots of burgundy, gold, and some cream ornaments. It’s put together with lots of inexpensive ornaments.

Welcome to Day 10 of the Fourth Annual 12 Days of Christmas Series!

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It’s Day 10 and we are sharing our Christmas Tree!

Today, I’m sharing the second of our two large trees. We participated in a fun Christmas Tree Blog Hop last week and I shared our Christmas Tree Filled With Memories. That’s our family tree and the one that we gather around on Christmas morning.

Our parlor tree is a traditional tree in burgundy and gold. I like having a more formal tree that has a cohesive look to it. I also like finding ornaments to add to the tree for not very much money.

I use a variety of gold ornaments including balls, wreaths, icicles, and deer. This year I added a few rose gold floral picks to the tree.

I mix in burgundy ornaments and use white lights only on this tree. I save the colorful lights for the other tree.

The poinsettia blooms and the deer ornaments came from the Dollar Tree a couple of years ago.

The more formal look fits this room well. It’s not a room that we use often, but it is at the front of our home, just to the left of the entryway, so we see it everyday and our guests will see it just after they’ve come inside. You can see that the angel is facing the window in the photos. Oops! The tree spins and when I turned the spinner off to photograph, I completely missed that the angel was facing the wrong way.

My grandmother’s piano is against the wall opposite of the tree. I used greenery, rose gold accents, bells and baubles to dress it up for the holidays and to match the tree.

Having two large trees gives me the chance to decorate one with all of our favorite ornaments and to have one that has a more formal look to it. I enjoy them both! I know I’m not alone in having more than one tree! I love seeing and reading about your trees.

Use Burgundy & Gold for a for a traditionally styled Christmas tree. #formaltree #burgundyandgoldtree #12DaysofChristmasIdeas

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Burgundy and Gold Christmas Tree

Scroll down for many more Christmas Tree decor ideas you can use this holiday season!

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Nothing says Christmas more than glitter and gold. It creates a festive mood and announces the arrival of the holidays like no other thing. While gold looks great with almost every, we think it looks ethereal when combined with white. Today, we’ll share 40 elegant and dreamy white and gold Christmas decorating ideas for you.

  1. The Shimmering Stars:

Image Source

Here’s an easy way to give your house a rustic, yet modern look to your home. The blogger has hung white and gold stars from the ceiling and has strewn some gold ornaments on the table.

  1. A Vibrant Entrance:

Image Source

A mirrored tray is piled with golden ornaments and a stately deer. But the highlight is the white Christmas tree in the golden vase.

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  1. White And Gold Gifts:

Image Source

You need to place wrapped gifts beneath the trees as well. So wrap the gifts in the same and present to your children.

  1. Gold And White Ice Skates:

Image Source

Here’s an easy way to give a rustic décor to your house. Paint the skates in white and tie a broad ribbon

  1. White And Gold Christmas Tree:

Image Source

Go for an all-white Christmas tree and decorate with dull gold ornaments. If you are not ready for huge trees, purchase a mini, white tree instead and style it in a similar way.

  1. Gold, White And Silver Ornament Wreath:

Image Source

The blogger has placed a stunning, white and silver wreath on an antique mirror. It looks lovely.

  1. Ornament Chandelier:

Image Source

This is the most beautiful chandelier we have seen in a long time. It looks grand and majestic. We cannot wait to try this idea this Christmas.

  1. Hints Of Black:

Image Source

This lovely room is decorated with gold and white with hints of black. We loved the tiny, pearl-laden Christmas tree.

  1. Gold And White Cushions:

Image Source

This is the easiest way to dress up your house. Just lace some white and gold cushions on the sofa and you are good to go.

  1. Tiny Tree:

Image Source

Don’t have space for large trees? Then place a little white tree, sprinkled with gold.

  1. Gold And White Stockings:

Image Source

More than anything else, we loved the floral stocking holders. And the different types of stockings are looking great too!

  1. Tape The Refrigerator Gold:

Image Source

If you don’t mind experimenting, you can tape your white refrigerator gold. And do not forget to place a mini Christmas tree on top.

  1. Gold And White Mantelpiece:

Image Source

Add some gifts in the fireplace instead of the woods. It will look great fantastic. And you must dress up the mantle in gold.

  1. Gold And White Tableware:

Image Source

This Christmas table has been done elaborately in white and gold tableware. The pine leaves wrapped with the table napkin is adding a nice touch to the décor.

  1. Christmas Sign:

Image Source

Here’s a gorgeous way to dress the top of the mantelpiece. You can even print it out and frame for a quick décor.

  1. Golden Cake Topper:

Image Source

When you are following a white and gold theme, you have to take care of the food as well. So for your white cake, we’ve got you a DIY for golden cake toppers.

  1. Golden Candle Holders:

Image Source

This is the easiest way of decorating your house. Place some white pillar candles in golden candle holders and you are good to go.

  1. Gold Flecked Feather Ornament:

Image Source

This lovely feather would look amazing on your white Christmas tree.

  1. Beautifully Golden:

Image Source

This home is done beautifully with gold and white Christmas tree. It is glowing in all its glory. And the wreath is looking great.

  1. The Bright And Beautiful Shelf:

Image Source

We love how this bookshelf is decorated with white and gold decorative items. The ornament wreath is adding charm to the décor.

  1. Sylvan Bell Ornament:

Image Source

Here’s another example of decoration you can use for your gold and white ornament. The stag one is really amazing.

  1. Sparkling Tree:

Image Source

If you are not too fond of bright gold decoration, you can try something in dull gold, just as you see in the picture. The blogger has placed a combination of white and gold Christmas trees on the mantelpiece.

  1. A Bunch Of Ornaments:

Image Source

Here’s a bunch of ornaments that you use for your white and gold décor. It will look great on both white and green trees.

  1. Stack The Cookies:

Image Source

For your dinner table, we’d suggest you stack the white frosted cookies in the shape of a Christmas tree. And do no forget to top with gold, edible star topper.

  1. White And Gold Blinds:

Image Source

This is such a lovely way to dress up your house in white and gold. Just get some white and gold blinds and use it in place of your curtains.

  1. Golden Candles:

Image Source

If you are in the crafting mood, decorate the simple white pillar candles with glitters and tape. It will go perfectly with your décor.

  1. Beautifully Decorated Tree:

Image Source

This Christmas tree is decorated very nicely with wired ornaments.

  1. Ornament Garland:

Image Source

Here’s a lovely ornament garland for you to try out. It’s looking great against the pistachio green background.

  1. A Stunning Branch Tree:

Image Source

This is class apart. This white branch tree is decorated entirely with golden stars and ornaments.

  1. Bottlebrush Tree:

Image Source

The white bottlebrush tree and gold mason jar are looking great on the white mantle. Very snowy and shimmery it’s looking.

  1. French Cottage:

Image Source

This fireplace is draped in fresh greens, with frosted pinecones and gold ornaments. The white tree is giving it a French cottage look.

  1. Gold Star Ornament:

Image Source

I’m head over heels in love with this table setting. And the handsome stag is a great addition too.

  1. White And Gold Stairs:

Image Source

This decoration is transforming the look of the house. Truly magical.

  1. Glitter Sign:

Image Source

Here’s another lovely idea for you to incorporate.

  1. A White And Gold Décor:

Image Source

The entire setting is done in white and gold, and it’s looking very tasteful.

  1. Gold And White Mesh Wreath:

Image Source

This elegant gold and white mesh wreath would look stunning on your door.

  1. Simple, Yet Sophisticated:

Image Source

To achieve this look, take an old frame, spray paint it gold, and hang some ornaments using fishing line.

  1. The Elegant Look:

Image Source

Even the signs look amazing here.

  1. In A Bowl:

Image Source

Take a shallow bowl and fill with something white. Put two large ornaments on it and light it up with LED lights.

  1. Dress The Wall:

Image Source

You can even put some gold accents on the wall using stencils. And do not forget to dress the banister.

Beautiful silver and gold christmas tree inspiration, perfect for neutral Christmas decor.

I love to alternate my Christmas decorations each year between traditional reds and greens and soft neutrals. Last year I embraced red plaid, and this year I’m embracing silver and gold! I adore both looks and think it’s fun to mix it up each year. Today, I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to decorate a dreamy silver and gold Christmas tree.

Tree Decorating Tip 1: Use polyester stuffing to create a flocked look on your tree.

Below is a picture of my in it’s “before” state. My tree is lightly flocked, but I prefer a more heavily flocked look so I cover it in stuffing. Using polyester stuffing such as Polyfil on Amazon, you can easily achieve a snowy look! Simply place the filling on the tips of your branches to create as much snow as desired.

Tree Decorating Tip 2: Start decorating the tree with your largest “hero ornaments” first.

It’s a good idea to begin decorating your tree with the largest ornaments first. I have a beautiful collection of large mercury glass ornaments that I like to use each year. I place my ornaments in a zigzag pattern working up the tree.

I also like to add a few oversized signs or ornaments to the tree. These cute Merry Christmas signs are a fun touch. And do you see my reflection in the gold ornament?

Here you go! Now you can see a little bit of the behind the scenes that I share frequently on my Instagram stories!

Tree Decorating Tip 3: Use strips of ribbon and garland to add “wow factor” to the tree.

My favorite Christmas trees almost always include ribbon! To make it easier to work with, cut your ribbon into three foot lengths and tuck it into the tree as desired. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see that I used a few strands of white ribbon as well as my waxed paper capiz shell garland on this tree. Instead of neatly running the ribbon or garland around the tree, consider weaving it in and out to create a unique look. I love how the waxed paper garland magnifies the Christmas lights and adds an additional layer of beauty to the tree!

Tree Decorating Tip 4: Decorate underneath the tree.

Decorating at the base of your tree really completes your look! If you already finished your Christmas shopping, feel free to wrap a few gifts and stick them under the tree.

If not, consider using lanterns, baskets filled with throw blankets, toss pillows, and nostalgic toys (think rocking horse or vintage truck) to fill out the base of your tree. In addition to some wrapped presents, I used a few of my galvanized houses at the base of my tree.

Enjoy the cozy warmth of your beautifully decorated tree! Thanks so much for stopping by today. For more beautiful Christmas tree inspiration, please check out the posts by my blog friends below!

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Year after year, you aspire to create a unique and interesting look for your home around the holidays. It’s the season for party guests and family dinners. It’s the season to pull out all the stops, to make your home welcoming and warm, and to create a comforting ambiance. While the traditional colors of green and red are frequently used in decorating, maybe you are looking for something different this year.

17 Visionary Gold Christmas Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Shine

Gold decor can be a fun idea to get your home ready for the holidays. Many of us overlook this color, dismissing it as perhaps feeling outdated. However, if done correctly, gold decor can provide a classy look to your home that naturally creates a feeling of comfort that other color schemes don’t accomplish so readily. The utility of this color theme is that it’s perfect for all of your holiday needs and goes with almost anything. The gold decor makes a bold statement, and maybe the perfect change that you’re looking for in your decorations this year. This guide takes you through 18 beautiful gold Christmas decor ideas to create the perfect look for your home.

1. Gold and Silver Mantle Design for Elegance

Source: centsationalstyle.com

This beautiful setup can bring your decorations to life using a modern spin on traditional decorations. The setup creates symmetry in the design, giving it a complete feeling that is sure to foster family harmony. The bulb wreath is a cute touch that ties the colors of the vase and the deer together nicely.

2. Breathtaking Dual Christmas Tree and Pillows Design

Source: mrsrollmanblog.com

What an amazing setup for a sun porch or small lounge area. This design allows its viewers to experience the beauty of the tasteful Christmas tree twice by having a second, smaller tree. The rustic bucket is a nice touch, and a brilliant way to tie the bottom of the tree into the design. Holiday pillows offer an additional accent that brings in a feeling of comfort.

3. Deer and Acorn Ornaments for Rustic Ambiance

Source: lollyjane.com

These delicate gold ornaments provide a unique and personal touch to your decorations. The reflective hue of the deer contrasts nicely to the textured roughness of the acorn ornaments. In this way, each item is showcased by the other one, creating an interesting look with multiple interpretations of gold decor.

4. Gift Wrap with Feathers and Polka-dots

Source: landeeseelandeedo.com

This decor idea adds to the theme through gift wrap ideas. The tasteful polka-dot gift wrap is tied together by twine. Holding together the look is a patterned gold and white feather. This is a genius touch on an already tasteful design that is sure to receive compliments by family and friends.

5. Beautiful Joy Mantle Decor with Bulbs

Source: designdazzle.com

The lettering in this mantle design makes a bold statement and command attention. This is a great idea for a simple design that speaks volumes about the values in your house around the holidays. The dotted accenting on the lettering tie the lettering into the gold bulbs that add a fun take on decorating with bulbs.

6. Decorate the Tree with Glittered Lettering

Source: yourhomebasedmom.com

This gold Christmas decor idea offers a fun and playful addition to the tree. The dynamic of each letter as its own ornament makes for an interesting aesthetic quality. Here we are reminded that while each glittering element is beautiful in itself when put together these individuals mean so much more. What a great reminder of the holidays.

7. Geometric Traditional Gold Christmas Ornament

Source: thehappyscraps.com

The simple design of this ornament provides a pretty addition to the tree. Its geometric design portrays a winding strand in the shape of a tree. This accent reminds observers about the essence of the tree. It ties us to traditional heritage, bringing elements of the past into the present to meet in a delicate dance.

8. Modern Star Showcase with Quote

Source: thedecorfix.com

This awesome layout showcases a holiday-themed quote to set the tone for your room. The hanging stars are a spectacular addition and one that you won’t find in other homes. Their unique qualities make them great gold Christmas decor ideas. This display creates a depth that will draw guests towards it, pulling their eyes from the top of the display to the bottom.

9. Mantle Display with Integrated Patterns

Source: monicawantsit.com

This design emphasizes pattern and chic at every angle. Starting at the top with contrasting stripes and polka-dot designs, this pattern is a great addition to a home. The melding of multiple patterns and textures provides a welcoming touch to the decor. The candle design in the fireplace further emphasizes this welcoming ambiance.

10. Gold Christmas Decor Ideas for Bulbs

Source: hisugarplum.com

These bulbs are perfectly balanced to bring harmony to your home during the holidays. The geometric patterns featured on each bulb tie together the gold pallet while providing unique and interesting designs. These are the perfect addition for someone looking to add personality to their design with something modern and chic.

11. Mini Tree and Mantle Light Display

Source: thehousemadehome.blogspot.com

This layout creates a perfect feeling for a warm and welcoming Christmas. The gold coloring of the lights shines gracefully through the tree garland, and this look is carried through into the accenting mini trees. The addition of candlesticks and gold and white figurines adds a focus point to the display.

12. Classy Gold Lantern and Snow Globe Display

Source: curlsandcashmere.com

This elegant display is an easy addition to any gold decor scheme. The tasteful gold lantern is perfect for a mantle, bookshelf, or even your countertop. The addition of bulbs on the inside of the lantern add a holiday flair. This is complemented beautifully by the snow globe with majestic deer. Two simple items that add a lot of character to your decorations.

13. Holiday Cubby and Wall Gold Garland Idea

Source: boxwoodclippings.com

If you are living in a space with limited space, decorating the small surfaces that you have already can be a great solution. This gold Christmas decor idea utilizes props already in the room. The addition of the figurines in the cubby and gold garland on the cubby-top and curtain gives the appearance of openness to the room while looking warm.

14. Fireplace Mantle Design with Stockings

Source: amidstthechaos.ca

The addition of gold and white decorations in this piece bring the fireplace to life. They are tied in nicely to the green garland draped over the fireplace, strengthening both the woodsy and the holiday feel. The fuzzy stockings add a fun texture that creates more character for this fireplace, making it sure to be a gathering point for guests around the holidays.

15. Gold Paper Chain Links for the Tree

Source: bestfriendsforfrosting.com

For many of us, paper chain links were our primary way of decorating when we were young. The addition of gold palette chain links on a white tree provides a sophisticated twist on this old-school tradition. The color variation in the chain creates a palette instead of a single color, and guests are sure to be impressed by the creativity here.

16. Chic Gold Place Settings for the Holiday

Source: thepaperchronicles.com

Family dinners often characterize our holiday gatherings, so why not include your place settings in your decoration plans? This chic place setting is one of the lovely gold Christmas decor ideas. allows you to carry your color scheme into the kitchen as well. The gold-yellow trimmings for this table are nicely set off by white and striped patterns, to give extra sass to this design.

17. Gorgeous Metallic Bulb Wreath for the Home

This wreath is an adorable addition to your door or even a wall that needs sprucing up for the holidays. The beautiful bulbs in this wreath are made of different sizes and hues, giving it a unique look while tying it all together. The addition of various shapes in the bulbs, as well as intricate patterns, gives the observer the impression that this is a delicate and intricate piece.


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