Costumes made out of boxes

35 Creative Halloween Costumes from Cardboard Boxes

Open your own Pandora’s box this Halloween with a truly endless amount of box-inspired costume options! By thinking ‘outside of the box’, you can create a truly unique and impressive homemade costume. While some of you are likely moaning and groaning (no offense, zombies!) at the thought of sewing and elaborate crafting, there is no need – these creative costumes from cardboard boxes are devilishly deceptive in their hard-to-create appearances! That’s right – each and every Halloween lover can create their own impressive costume with a cardboard box and common materials, and we’re about to let the cat of the bag (or box!) on how to make your own!

Sent in by Kimberly to our 2013 costume contest.

Glub, glub! This frantically-fishy costume is truly entertaining and easy to make! A couple cardboard boxes covered with contact paper simulate wood beautifully. Saran wrap is the perfect makeshift glass, and most households have some old fish supplies lying around. A fun swim cap adds some personality to the ‘fish’ in the tank! This ‘deep’-ly inspired costume is sure to be talked about in fish bowls across the nation!

Human Stapler
Sent in by Tatum to our 2012 costume contest.

Putting a new spin on stapling TPS reports, this elaborate-looking costume is sure to be the staple that holds your Halloween night together! While it looks a lot more complex, this costume is simply two long cardboard boxes painted red and bolted together. This is a truly terror-rific use of boxes in a creative costume everyone is sure to love!

Vending Machine
Sent in by Lauren to our 2012 costume contest.

If you’re craving some brains snacks this Halloween, try this vending machine costume on for size! A small box inside a large box is all that is involved in making this deviously-delicious costume! Plexiglass, saran wrap, or other clear material can be used as the front panel to give the world a glimpse at your Halloween treats! Best of all, you can break yourself open and eat the snacks when the night is over!

Sent in by April to our 2012 costume contest.

Looking for a colorful experience this Halloween? This crayon costume is criminally colorful and unbelievably easy to craft! A cardboard box and some labels printed on a large printer create the outside in a few simple steps. Pool noodles are cheap and make the perfect crayons. We’re sure running for our coloring books after seeing this ingenious ensemble!

Chocolate Milk
Sent in by Tajanna to our 2012 costume contest.

Chocolate is a Halloween treat enjoyed by millions, but why just taste the chocolate when you can BE the chocolate!? That’s what this young girl was thinking when she decided to dress as delicious chocolate milk! This costume is nothing more than a large box covered with fabric and painted on words. This one will definitely leave your fellow trick-or-treaters drooling and wishing for a sip!

No need to box yourself in this Halloween – these costumes let you express yourself with little effort and money! Just look at all the ways our wonderful Halloween-loving visitors have used boxes to deliver Halloween fun for all who see them! Box yourself up as a doll, carry delicious treats or spooky mail, or recreate a boxy version of your favorite character! Just like when you were little and boxes could be whatever your imagination made them into, you can capture that magic again and become anything you want!

Creative DIY Costumes from Cardboard Boxes

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

The Vending Machine

Rubik’s Cube

Adventure Time BMO

Haunted House


AWESOM-O & Professor Chaos


Steve from Minecraft

Party Rock Anthem Shuffle Bot

Claw Machine

Choo Choo Train

Jack in the Box





Hickory Dickory Dock

Barbie in a Box

Gingerbread House

Bubblegum Machine

Pair of Dice

Fire Engine

The Blue Lego


Halloween Present

Doctor Who in the TARDIS

Piggly Wiggly Grocery Bag

Wishy Washers

Two Nerds

Red Box

* * *

This Halloween, add some of these gallery photos to your idea box and see what you can come up with. If nothing else, it’s a great way to recycle some of those old boxes we all have cluttering our garages!

For more costume ideas, be sure to check out our Costume Photo Gallery

updated January 3, 2019

With Halloween just around the corner it’s time to start dreaming up some costume ideas. If your kids are like mine, they will likely change their minds about what they want about 23 times leading up to the day. So you should have a few different options up your sleeve! Since most of us have a couple of boxes lying around at all times, some ideas for cardboard box costumes are good to have on hand. Most of these you can whip up using only scissors, string and paint!

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I’m a big believer in the homemade Halloween costume. And not just because I’m an avid crafter and any excuse for a project will do!

Creating a costume can be a family exercise in creativity. Get everyone involved and the kiddos can have a little pride in a costume they helped make. Store bought costumes tend to be cheaply made and will fall apart half-way through the trick or treating anyway.

Yes, I understand that cardboard box costumes aren’t going to last more than one night either, but at least they required a little imagination and effort. You’ll be making memories to last a lifetime!

Because you’ll always remember the year that little Johnny dressed up as a washing machine!

Cardboard Box Costumes

Some of these just link to a set of photos, they don’t all have instructions. But in most cases the photos are enough. It’s a cardboard box after all, not a huge financial loss if you screw it up. lol!

  1. Robot Ballerina
  2. Garden Fairy
  3. Ice Cream Cone
  4. French Fries
  5. Llama
  6. Emojis

You could get creative with the Super Mario theme and do a family costume. Someone could be a question mark block or a mushroom. Sky’s the limit!

  1. Wall-e
  2. Tardis
  3. Thwomp
  4. Viking Ship
  5. Rocket Ship
  6. Barbie Box

If you’re reading this and Halloween is tomorrow and you’re panicking, check out this post of 34 Last Minute Costume Ideas!

  1. Buzz Lightyear
  2. Angel Wings
  3. Dinosaur
  4. Fidget Spinner
  5. Pac Man
  6. Rainbow Wings

I like that this batch doesn’t require a lot of box reconstruction. It’s basically just leaving the box as is with the head and arm holes cut out, then painting. Ok except for the mailbox, which is hilarious and reminds me of Gru. Haha

  1. Dice
  2. Rubik’s Cube
  3. Washing Machine
  4. X-Ray
  5. Mailbox
  6. Traffic Light

Well, if you’ll never be afford a real Birkin bag, at least you can enjoy dressing your kid up as one!

The row houses would be an AMAZING group costume! Can you imagine a whole row of them toddling down the streat?! 😀

  1. Birkin Bag
  2. Dinosaur
  3. Takeout Box
  4. Slice of Cake
  5. Carousel Horse
  6. Row House

DIY Cardboard Box Costumes for Kids

Last year, my boys insisted on being an ambulance and a police car. We all worked together to put these together, and they were very well received in our neighbourhood. I think people really appreciate the effort of a homemade costume! At any rate, my boys were super happy and super cute, and that’s what matters most!

What are your kiddos planning to be this Halloween? 🙂


DIY Halloween Costumes When All You Have Is A Cardboard Box

Have you ever ordered a Halloween costume online, but then decided you wanted to be a little more creative with your look? Sometimes, all you need for a better costume is the box it came in.

Check out these 15 awesome Halloween looks made mainly using a cardboard box!

15. Milk & Cookies

Image via hgtv.com

If you’re okay with being constantly hungry while you trick-or-treat this year, go as milk and cookies! For easy DIY instructions on how to turn cardboard into everybody’s favorite midnight snack, .

14. Box of Wine

Image via Instructables.com

If you go to a party dressed as a box of wine, you’ll get a few laughs. If you go to a party dressed as a box of wine AND fill it with actual wine, you’re sure to have everyone’s attention. to learn how to turn a cardboard box into a fountain of fun.

13. Leg Lamp & Fragile Box

Image via costume-works.com

You don’t have to be Italian to appreciate when something is fra-gee-lay. Celebrate Christmas in October when you relive everybody’s favorite mispronunciation with this awesome couples costume. to learn more about how it’s done.

12. Chef with Oven

Image via inhabitots.com/

With a great costume comes great responsibility. Don’t dress like a chef unless you’re prepared to have your Halloween party’s resident savages begging for you to cook up some brains. to learn more about the transformation from box to stove top.

11. Birkin Bag

Image via craftandcouture.com

Are you looking for the perfect accessory for your latest outfit? How about the most adorable little Birkin Bag? If you’re a mom who prides yourself on style, to learn how to give your toddler a costume that benefits both of you!

10. Minecraft Character

Image via costume-works.com

There are few video games that have been more popular in recent years than Minecraft. While this specific example shows you how to turn your son into Steve, these simple instructions can be helpful when considering any character. for more.

9. iPod

Image via Pop Sugar

It may be filled with Disney tunes and songs from Sesame Street, but there’s no denying that this might be the most exclusive iPod out there. Make technology your thing this Halloween by turning any ordinary cardboard box into this popular Apple product. For easy instructions, .

8. Juice Box

Image via coolest-homemade-costumes.com

You are what you eat, right? to see how different moms turned their children into variations of their favorite fun drinks.

7. Thomas the Tank Engine

Image via artfulidentity.com

This one isn’t as easy as some others on the list, but with these instructions, a little artistry and a really, really big box, you can turn anyone into everyone’s favorite locomotive. to learn how to change a cardboard box into Thomas.

6. Measuring Tape

Image via thriftyfun.com

if you’re looking for one of the riskiest men’s costumes around this Halloween. Thrifyfun.com has more information on how to turn a cardboard box into measuring tape. Just make sure the length of the tape is believable.

5. Airplane

Image via Pop Sugar

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… A cardboard box! You’ll have one of the most creative costumes around this Halloween when you and learn how to turn your box into an airplane. Just remember to put your wings down when walking in crowded rooms.

4. Wall-E

Image via familycrafts.about.com

Turn your cardboard box into the most lovable Disney robot around. for easy instructions on how to make the ordinary extraordinary, and give your child the perfect Wall-E costume this Halloween.

3. Hot Air Balloon

Image via Country Living

It’s up, up and away this Halloween when you turn your cardboard box into a hot air balloon. for step-by-step instructions, and make sure you don’t float away.

2. Cabbage Patch Kid

Image via coolest-homemad-costumes.com

Everybody had a Cabbage Patch Kid in their youth. If you have an infant or toddler, have them help you relive your youth by decorating any ordinary box in Cabbage Patch fashion. to learn how, and, for adults, you could take this same concept with a Barbie twist!

1. Mailbox

Image via costume-fun.com

Special delivery! Confuse your mailman when you turn yourself into a postal box this Halloween. Just make sure you enforce a weight limit on any boxes that might get dropped into the chute. to see more fun images of this creative costume.

If you aren’t looking to put that much effort into your Halloween costume this year just hop on over to Wholesale Halloween Costumes. We’ve got a wide variety of popular costumes to make you the talk of the holiday.


This Halloween, people aren’t exactly thinking outside the box. Rather, they’re using Amazon Prime boxes to craft impressive costumes — call ’em “boxtumes,” if you will. Below, check out how a few bloggers who really delivered on pure genius:

Fortune Teller Booth

DIY Inspired

The future is looking bright for this young girl, whose mom used one large box to create a magical booth. You can see the full tutorial on DIY Inspired.


Gold Tassle Trim amazon.com Red Spray Paint amazon.com $7.24 Gold Ribbon amazon.com $7.88 Boho Oversized Scarf amazon.com $15.99

Paper Doll

Love and Marriage

Your kid can become an adorable paper doll with a little help from Love and Marriage.


Foam Board amazon.com $9.99 Purple Paint amazon.com $5.99 Pink Glitter Ribbon amazon.com $10.99 Plastic Headband amazon.com $6.99


Tatertots & Jello

It’s no myth that this was, in fact, made from two medium-size Amazon boxes. See how you can make it happen with Tatertots & Jello.


Multicolored Yarn amazon.com $6.59 Acrylic Paint Set amazon.com $24.49 Assorted Sharpie Pens amazon.com $11.75 Multicolored Ribbon amazon.com $8.99

Race Car

Spaceships and Laser Beams

Vroom, vroom! Make this costume fast (without getting furious) thanks to some help from Spaceships and Laser Beams.


White Spray Paint amazon.com $11.29 Masking Tape amazon.com $3.99 Blue Spray Paint amazon.com $7.12 Painter’s Tape amazon.com $5.64

The Claw Machine

Your Modern Family

Your kid is probably going to win most creative costume with this DIY from Your Modern Family.


Vinyl Capital Letters amazon.com $15.22 Aluminum Foil amazon.com $9.49 Rope amazon.com Reflective Tape amazon.com $9.99


A Beautiful Mess

Succulents are everywhere, so why not make them the inspiration for your costume this year? A Beautiful Mess used three boxes, a laundry basket, and a few other items to grow this innovative ensemble.


Laundry Basket amazon.com $25.26 Terra Cotta Acrylic Paint amazon.com $6.39 Green Shirt amazon.com $8.14 Green Crepe Paper amazon.com $5.28


Crafty Chica

Save the drama and dress up like a llama with this fun idea from Crafty Chica!


Pom Poms amazon.com $4.99 Felt Fabric amazon.com $5.18 Paint Brushes amazon.com $10.50 Multicolored Tassel and Bead Garland amazon.com $9.50

Washer + Dryer

Mom On The Side

Two kids means extra laundry. This too-cute-for-words costume from Mom On the Side makes it all worth it.


Red Spray Paint amazon.com $14.08 Disposable Cake Domes amazon.com $24.60 Plastic Lids amazon.com $13.15 Doll Clothes amazon.com


Your Modern Family

Who knew a prehistoric concept could involve so much ingenuity? Your Modern Family gives you all the details on how to make this dinosaur costume for your pet.


Green Spray Paint amazon.com $9.67 Velcro amazon.com $2.78 Scissors amazon.com $5.99 Hot Glue Gun amazon.com $11.99

Amazon boxes + Transformers = Amazon Prime Halloween costume

Autobots, deliver!

Jason Hackett/Fusion Marketing

Earth is threatened by a malevolent species of sentient robots. You also need a refill of toilet paper and some cucumber-mint-scented hand sanitizer, and you need them fast. Who are you going to call? Amazon Prime, defender of both our planet and two-day shipping.

Caron Arnold, creative director of Fusion Marketing in St. Louis, conquered the office Halloween costume contest with a clever and beautifully built costume that combines Optimus Prime from “Transformers” with Amazon Prime’s fast shipping service.

Arnold says it took her about 10 hours over the course of several days to compile a collection of cardboard boxes, complete with Amazon tape advertising the Echo voice assistant, into a wearable costume that looks like Optimus Prime in bipedal form (his other incarnation is as a semi truck).

A lot of hot glue went into the construction. Arnold took some inspiration for the build from a more traditional-looking Transformers Instructables project.

Arnold doesn’t work for Amazon and the online retailing behemoth isn’t one of her firm’s clients. She does, however, make extensive use of Prime. She collected her Prime boxes, and co-workers contributed their own containers to the cause.

The clothing under the costume is a perfect match for the color scheme. Arnold, a Star Wars fan, says the leggings have a C-3PO design, while the turtleneck and gloves came from Amazon. The crowning glory of the outfit is the tape gun that replaces Optimus Prime’s usual weapon, an ion blaster.

Arnold prefers the old-school “Transformers” animated television series to the new blockbuster movies. Her general fondness for robots (Data from Star Trek and R2-D2 from Star Wars are favorites) made the costume a perfect fit for her. And, yes, she took first place in the contest.


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