Cuisinart model ice 21

Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, White

Easy-lock lid. Mixing paddle. Double-insulated freezer bowl. Heavy-duty motor. Frozen treats in 20 minutes or less.

Frozen Favorites in Minutes

The heavy-duty motor makes frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet – even frozen drinks – in 20 minutes or less.

Pure and Simple Indulgence

Add fresh ingredients to the mixing bowl, turn on the machine, and go. It\’s fully automatic. Plus, cleanup is a breeze.

Perfectly Delicious

The large capacity mixing bowl lets you make up to 1-1/2 quarts of your favorite smooth and creamy frozen treats.

Features and Benefits

  • Ingredient Spout Pour recipe ingredients through the spout. Also use to add ingredients, like chips or nuts, without interrupting the freezing cycle.
  • Easy-lock Lid Transparent to let you watch the freezing process as it progresses. Lid is designed to easily lock to base.
  • Mixing Paddle Mixes and aerates ingredients in freezer bowl to create frozen desserts or drinks.
  • Freezer Bowl Contains cooling liquid within a double insulated wall to create fast and even freezing. Double wall keeps the bowl cool and at an even temperature.
  • Base Contains heavy duty motor strong enough to handle ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet and frozen drinks.
  • Rubber Feet Nonslip feet keep base stationary during use.
  • Cord Storage Unused cord is easily pushed into the base to keep counter neat and safe.

Freezing Time and Bowl Preparation

The freezer bowl must be completely frozen before you begin your recipe. Before freezing, wash and dry the bowl. The length of time needed to reach the frozen state depends on how cold your freezer is. It is recommended that you place the freezer bowl in the back of your freezer where it is the coldest. Be sure to place the freezer bowl on a flat surface in its upright position for even freezing.

Generally, freezing time is between 16 hours and 24 hours. Shake the bowl to determine whether it is completely frozen. If you do not hear the liquid within the bowl moving, the cooling liquid is therefore frozen. For the most convenient frozen desserts and drinks, leave your freezer bowl in the freezer at all times. Use the bowl immediately after removing from the freezer. It will begin to quickly defrost once it has been removed for the freezer.

Reminder: Your freezer should be set to 0°F to ensure proper freezing of all foods.

Making Frozen Desserts or Drinks

  1. Use Cuisinart recipes included in the Instruction Booklet or use your own recipe, making sure it yields 1-1/2 quarts or less.
  2. Remove the freezer bowl from the freezer and place on the center of the base. The bowl will begin to defrost quickly once it has been removed from the freezer. Use it immediately after removing from freezer.
  3. Place mixing paddle in freezer bowl. It rests in the center of the bowl, with the circle side facing up.
  4. Place lid on the base and rotate clockwise until tabs on lid lock in place on base.
  5. Press On/Off switch to ON position. Freezer bowl will begin to turn.
  6. Immediately pour ingredients through ingredient spout. NOTE: Ingredients must be added to the freezer bowl after the unit is turned on.
  7. Frozen desserts or drinks will be done in less than 20 minutes. The time will depend on the recipe and volume of the dessert you are making. When the mixture has thickened to your liking, it is done. If you desire a firmer consistency, transfer the dessert to an airtight container and store in the freezer for two or more hours.

Adding Ingredients

Ingredients such as chips and nuts should be added about 5 minutes before the recipe is complete. Once the dessert has began to thicken, add the ingredients through the ingredient spout. Nuts and other ingredients should be no larger than a chocolate chip.

Making Ice Cream with the Cuisinart ICE-21

There are a few steps you’ll follow to make your ice cream. Whether you choose the Cusinart or some other brand, the steps are the same.

Keep in mind that before you start step 1, you’ll need to have frozen the bowl overnight. When you do this, I recommend you place the bowl in a freezer bag or cover in cling wrap first. This protects the bowl and stops ice crystals forming inside.

Place the bowl at the back of the freezer to make sure it gets nice and cold. Temperature fluctuates at the front of the freezer which isn’t ideal.

Step 1: Preparation

Creating the ice cream base is a really important step. You can have the best ice cream maker in the world but it’ll make no difference if you have the ingredient proportions wrong.

It’s not difficult though. Simply check out my ice cream recipes which have been tried and tested. Cuisinart also include a recipe booklet in the box so you’ll have plenty of flavours to make from the get-go.

The manual has a selection of recipes.

If you decide to make ice cream from other recipe books you’ll need to check the yield to ensure it won’t overfill your 1.5L bowl!

Step 2 Pasteurisation

For homemade ice cream this is an optional step depending on what recipe you use. There are many egg free ice cream recipes available that will mean you don’t need to heat your milk mixture. The heating process is primarily to kill off any harmful bacteria in the eggs.

Making a chocolate ice cream base with egg yolks is simple.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t use eggs, the heating process can have another purpose: flavour infusion. If you use ingredients like spices you’ll need to heat your ice cream base with the additional ingredients to allow the flavours to impart.

Step 3 Ageing

Ageing is all about letting your ice cream mixture chill for at least a few hours, but preferably overnight. It’s essential when you’ve cooked off an ice cream custard. It allows the flavours to further infuse and improves the final ice cream structure.

Place the container at the back of your fridge.

Tip: Adjust the fridge temperature to maximum coolness as this will help your ice cream churn faster. I’ve also heard some food bloggers freeze their mixture for half an hour to get it really cold then give it a quick blitz to break up any ice crystals. Feel free to give it a try!

Step 4 Freezing

This is the part I enjoy the most (other than eating it). Now it’s time to make the ice cream!

Freeze the bowl in a bag to protect and avoid ice crystals. Turn freezer to coldest setting.

Get everything ready before you remove the bowl from the freezer. You don’t want any wasted time, allowing the freezer bowl to start warming. Consider the following:

  • Positioning your Cuisinart in the right spot and plugging it in.
  • Ensure you have the lid and paddle ready to go.
  • Have your ice cream mixture ready to pour. You may want to give it a quick strain to remove any lumps.
  • Have a spatula ready.
  • If you’re adding mix-ins, place them in the fridge to chill.

Now you can remove the bowl from the freezer and take it out of it’s freezer bag. Place it on the base, add the paddle and finally the lid. It will all click into place easily.

Connecting the pieces takes seconds. You can’t get it wrong.

Finally, start the ice cream maker. The Cuisinart ICE-21 panel is really simple – no complex setting of any kind. Simply flick on the start button and the bowl will start rotating. You can now pour the ice cream through the chute and begin the waiting process.

Simply switch on to start making your ice cream.

As the bowl isn’t big and the motor is powerful, you’ll discover that it only takes about 20 minutes to make delicious ice cream. This time varies depending on the volume of ice cream you’re churning, the recipe used, room temperature and freezer bowl temperature.

You’ll only get one shot at making the ice cream. If you’ve been waiting 45 minutes and it still isn’t hardening there’s something wrong. Unfortunately you’ll need to re-freeze the bowl overnight again which is something I’ve had to do on several occasions. Twice it was because I didn’t properly cool the ice cream mixture… rookie error 😉

Step 5 Adding Extras

Drop them in at the end of the churning process when the ice cream is pretty much ready to be removed. Don’t add them too early. Some add-ins like biscuit and brownie will turn into crumbs giving the ice cream an unpleasant texture. Also, it puts unnecessary strain on the motor to churn extra volume.

Adding mix-ins is the fun bit.

Chill your add-ins before tossing them in. If they’re at room temperature there will be a small amount of ice cream melt which should be avoided.

Step 6 Hardening

Finally, once the churning in complete your ice cream will look similar to soft serve. It won’t be that hard texture of ice cream bought from the supermarket. To get it this hard, it’ll need to be frozen for about 2 hours.

As the churning ends, turn off the machine and remove the lid. Once you’ve pulled out the paddle and scraped off the ice cream into a container, you can easily scoop out the rest of the ice cream from the bowl. Use a soft spatula that won’t damage the bowl.

Use a shallow container if possible.

To freeze the ice cream, use an airtight container that has plenty of surface area. The traditional ice cream containers that you get when you buy premium ice cream at the supermarket are not ideal. They are great in the freezer as they fit neatly into small areas, however they don’t allow your ice cream to freeze as quickly. A nice shallow, wide container is good. If it doesn’t have a lid you can cover with cling wrap.

I also recommend placing a layer of cling wrap on the ice cream (it needs to be touching it). This stops ice crystals forming.

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The Cuisinart ICE-21 is fully automatic, runs on electricity and doesn’t require rock salt or ice. We found in our testing that this machine is quite easy to use – the only control is a simple on/off switch. And even though the user manual recipes recommend pre-chilling the ingredients, the double-lined freezer bowl is the only item we had to prepare for the ice cream making process. Our test results showed this ice cream maker can produce a tasty treat in less than an hour – which is less time than the average grocery shopping trip.

We noticed the ICE-21 is a better mixer than other ice cream makers because it is designed better. This Cuisinart differs from most other ice cream machines because the churning motor sits in its base. The motor spins the freezer bowl and the dasher, which is the tool that mixes the ingredients. Conversely, traditional rock salt ice cream makers only spin the dasher because their motors are located at the top of the machine. However, this leaves bits of ingredients that don’t get churned stuck to the dasher or side of the bowl.

We found it was easy to add extra treats, such as chocolate chips and nuts, to the ice cream in the Cuisinart ICE-21 if we waited until it was about soft serve consistency. At that stage, the dasher easily folded and mixed the pieces into the ice cream and spread them evenly throughout the freezer bowl.

The 1.5-quart, double-lined freezer bowl contains nontoxic coolant, so it stays cold, even when it comes in contact with room temperature ingredients. Also, it weighs only 7 pounds and stands less than a foot high, so it fits in most cabinets or garage storage spaces. The Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence is a similar machine with a bit more ice cream capacity, and it’s a good option if you want to make more ice cream in one sitting.

There is one drawback to this otherwise excellent ice cream maker: It is extremely loud. The motor is powerful, which is great for churning, but it was so noisy when we operated it that we could hear it from another room.

You can fix most ice cream maker problems with freezing. Pre-chilling ingredients certainly speeds the process and can yield ice cream within the 20-minute mark the ICE-21’s user manual lists. However, by storing the bowl in the freezer, you can make ice cream on the fly in about 40 minutes without refrigerating items first. If you want store-bought quality, we recommend storing your ice cream in an air tight container in the freezer for half an hour. Once chilled, return it to the bowl for a second round of churning. The more milk fat in the ice cream, the creamier it will be.

Cleaning the ICE-21 is a snap and takes only about five minutes. This ice cream machine churns slowly, so the mixture doesn’t splash on the lid or base. Of the four parts that make up this machine, only two of them ever touch ice cream. You can wash out the dasher and freezer bowl with warm soapy water. The entire machine is made of smooth plastic and metal, so it’s easy to wipe down with a wet cloth.

Cuisinart covers its ice cream makers with a three-year warranty, which is the longest of the machines we reviewed. In addition, you get 28 recipes for ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet.

7 Best Ice Cream Makers Reviewed For 2019

Ice cream makers are an often-overlooked kitchen appliance. You might use your mixer, oven, microwave and toaster every day to make breakfast, lunch and dinner, but what about dessert? An ice cream maker can transform a few simple ingredients into a delicious sweet treat. Prepare some homemade soft serve or prepare frozen yogurt as a healthier alternative. You can even use an ice cream maker to mix up frozen cocktails. The best ice cream makers have large capacities and can create frozen desserts in less than 30 minutes. Check out the top-rated ice cream makers of 2019below.

1. Conair Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Maker, White: $44.99, Amazon

The Cuisinart makes soft, smooth ice cream that’s even more delicious than what you can find at a store. The ingredient spout lets you pour in everything you’re adding to your ice cream without making a mess, and the clear lid allows you to keep track of the process so you can stop the machine as soon as your ice cream is frozen and ready. Its quiet operation means you can watch television in the next room as the Cuisinart is whipping up your after-dinner indulgence.

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2. Aroma 4-Quart Traditional Ice Cream Maker: $57, Amazon

The Aroma ice cream maker has modern function with vintage appeal. The outer container is constructed from traditional solid fir wood, making this ice cream maker as attractive sitting on your counter as it is functional. Make ice cream just like in the old days with the hand-crank feature, or use the powerful motor to make it easy on yourself. The aluminum canister helps the ice cream freeze rapidly, and because it can hold four quarts, you can make up one big batch to feed everyone.

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3. Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker: $72.95, Amazon

This frozen dessert maker automates the process of making larger batches of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet. The stainless-steel exterior is stylish and elegant, and the 2-quart freezing bucket allows you to make plenty of dessert at once. It’s just as easy to clean as it is to make the ice cream. The rubber feet grip your counter so the appliance stays in place as it creates your dessert, and the incorporated cord storage keeps everything streamlined.

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4. Cuisinart ICE-21R Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, Red: $53.98, Amazon

Add a nostalgic soda-shop look to your kitchen with this frozen treat maker. The appliance is completely automatic, making ice cream, sorbet, sherbet or frozen yogurt in fewer than 20 minutes while you tend to other activities. Just add the ingredients, set it and forget about it until you’re ready to enjoy your concoction. The heavy-duty motor ensures that you’ll be able to make high-quality ice cream over and over again.

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5. VonShef Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet Maker Machine 1.5-QT: $39.99, Amazon

VonShef Ice Cream Maker

Rated one of the best ice cream makers by Great British Food Magazine, the VonShef can turn your liquid ingredients into ice cream, gelato, sherbet, sorbet or frozen yogurt. The quick-freeze internal bowl chills rapidly, so you can throw in some ingredients when you’re in the mood and enjoy your treat just a few minutes later. A thermostat is built into the unit so you can check its freezing power when creating your dessert.

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6. Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Maker, Brushed Chrome: $136.99, Amazon

This ice cream maker produces more ice cream in less time with its redesigned paddle and 2-quart capacity. The LCD panel simplifies the controls, and the countdown timer allows you to see how much time is left before you get to dig in. With the auto shutoff feature, you won’t have to be looking at the clock while your dessert is being made. Three motor speeds take the guesswork out of making different types of frozen desserts.

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7. Cuisinart ICE-60W Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker, White: $119, Amazon

Measure your ingredients conveniently with the integrated measuring cup. You can make any frozen dessert in any flavor with simple one-button operation. Just press the power button to turn it on, and the ice cream maker will shut off automatically, so you’ll hear when dessert is ready. The housing is streamlined and simple, so it will look great in your kitchen and you don’t have to conceal it between uses.

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You don’t have to wait all day for homemade ice cream when you can combine custom ingredients, press a button and enjoy a variety of flavors within about 20 minutes. If you’re looking for an ice cream maker that fits in with your kitchen’s design scheme, you can choose one of the Cuisinart’s contemporary models. If you prefer an old-fashioned look, the Aroma ice cream maker is ideal. The best ice cream makers of 2016 are affordable, stylish and, most importantly, make great frozen treats.


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