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Ducane: Great Customer Support, High Durability, Superior Value

Ducane’s motto of “Buy Your Last Grill First” says a lot about their commitment to quality and the principles behind which they design and manufacture their grills. After all, over 75 percent of Ducane owners say they will “definitely replace their current Ducane grill with another Ducane” when the time comes. Only a few gas grill manufacturers can live up to these claims, Ducane is one of them.

Ducane grills are among the best in their price range and offer a quality grill at a price which delivers value. The Ducane line of grills was introduced in 1975 and was purchased by Weber in 2004. Weber’s vision for a quality grill at a competitive price pushed manufacturing to China soon after the acquisition. Although these grills are made in China, Weber has strict quality controls over its production, and it shows.

Ducane grills are Weber’s least expensive full size models. What you get is good quality grills at prices competitive with lower end Char-Broil, Brinkmann, and Charmglow models. While these other brands offer good looks, Ducane grills offer durability paired with excellent customer support. Weber and Ducane are the last of only a few grill manufacturers that emphasize service as a part of your purchase.

To keep costs in line with other similar grills, Ducane has cut their production line to only a few models. They currently offer several attractive three to five burner grills with 12,000 BTU burners costing from 300 dollars to 1100 dollars. Ducane grills range in size from 36,000 to 82,000 BTU’s and from 550 to 832 square inches.

While Ducane provides much more quality than many other models in this price range, there are still a few drawbacks. Some lower quality 430 stainless is used in the body of the grill. Luckily, where used, the body is powder coated and should be very durable as long as it isn’t scratched. Also the availability of Ducane models have always been hard to come by. They can usually be found online or at your local Ace Hardware store.

Overall, if you’re a value minded shopper who desires quality, performance, and durability over curb appeal then one of the Ducane grills might be for you.



• Outstanding customer service

• Readily available parts

• Low price, high value

• Brand Loyal Ducane owners

• Even heating

• Efficient design

• Some lower quality 430 stainless

• Made in China

View the Ducane models below, or for similar options you can also take a look at , Char-Broil Grill Reviews, Weber Reviews and Minden Reviews as close competitors to Ducane.

Ducane Grill Models

Ducane Affinity

Ducane Meridian

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For around 350 $ depends on your shoping habits Ducane Affinity 3100 is a really great little beast. The assembly is a breeze cause the instructions are simple and the parts fits really good. We must add that the assembly will take you hour and a half tops. It spreads heat good and evenly with 36,000 BTU you will have no problem with grilling for your family on the weekends. If you have any problems like bent cover on arrival Weber customer support will solve it in no time. The cleaning after grilling is super easy so you don’t need to worry about that also. So if you are in a search for good grill with the lowest possible price on the market you know what to buy without reconsidering.

Description of Ducane Affinity 3100 Propane Gas Grill

Ducane Affinity 3100 is gas grill that is made by Weber. It has competitive price and very good price/quality ratio. It is offering you 418 square inch of cooking space that should be enough for about 20-30 burgers depending on the size, at once. There re 3 stainless steel burners and a warming rack for finishing.The grill has 36,000 BTU (British thermal unit) output from the main burners. Shroud and cast iron cooking grates are made from porcelain an it could be very easy to clean. Cast iron cooking grates retain heat evenly. Ducane Affinity 3100 has the electronic ignition that reliably ignites your new gas grill just with a push of a button. With stainless steel side tables and front control panels you are always sure that you have convenient and enough workspace for preparation of your meals. Propane tank and accessories are stored in enclosed cart. So we gave you the basic information you need to know let’s start grilling!

Review of Ducane Affinity 3100

Ducane Affinity 3100 is gas grill that is made by Weber. It has competitive price and very good price/quality ratio. It is offering you 418 square inch of cooking space that should be enough for about 20-30 burgers depending on the size, at once. There re 3 stainless steel burners and a warming rack for finishing.The grill has 36,000 BTU (British thermal unit) output from the main burners. Shroud and cast iron cooking grates are made for the star to clear some things. This is not classic Weber Gas Grill but it’s the line that is manufactured by Weber that has Weber quality with a really competitive price.

Build quality is really good and instructions are really easy to follow and all parts of the grill fits nicely where they should have. It is possible that you get covers for burners slightly bent when the grill come but don’t worry about that cause you have excellent Weber customer service on your side. The grill is really easy to assemble and it will took you about an hour if you know how to follow instructions closely. When we assembled the grill we light it up and notice that it is a little hotter towards the front but with the time the temperature stabilized and became even from all the sides. The ignition was easy with the electric igniter, we had no problems with firing up the grill. Ducane Affinity 3100 built the temperature really quick and the most important thing the flame was consistent except that minor thing that we wrote earlier. So then the time has come to meet and grill some burgers.

We noticed that the 36,000 BTU is really enough if you have quality grill with good performance. The meat was beautifully, juicy and grilled from all sides evenly. After we were done the cleaning process started and we must say that for this price Ducan Affinity 3100 surprised us once again. Some of you like to clean after the party and some of us don’t so when you have cooking grates and shroud made from quality porcelain it is really easy to clean after. For the closure we must add that is hard to get quality built grill in this price range with excellent customer support that Weber has.

I finally got a chance to use my Ducane 4100 (NG model) I picked up last fall on a price error… I know the grill is discontinued so this review won’t really help those shopping around but what the hell. maybe if you see if in stock somewhere… The 4100 is a 4 burner model with a larger cooking surface. the 3100 is the 3 burner model with a smaller cooking surface. everything else is the same AFAIK. You can find options like side burners or rotisserie attachments online.
Ducane was also bought by Weber so i bought the ducane knowing it had a great warrenty (10 years for the important stuff like burners) and i’d be able to take advantage of the legendary weber customer service if anything ever goes wrong. The burner design is also based off of weber BBQs.
here are my impressions (i’ll skip all the regular stuff you’ll find on other websites):
Build/Construction: The BBQ was very well packed and was surprisingly easy to put together once you lay everything out took me about 2-3 hours though a lot of time was wasted trying to figure out whether I had all the right screws (I thought i was missing some. Most screws came in a bag, but some “missing” screws were taped to a particular piece). Having a helper/buddy speeds things along.
+ two locking 360 degree castor wheels makes moving the BBQ around the deck an ease
+ paint quality and finish is really good
+ uses weber designed burners and flavour vaporizers
Cooking: Starting the grill is super easy though you have to spark start each of the 4 burners individually. I suppose you could wait for the gas to accumulate and get lit by an adjacent burner but I wouldn’t recommend it (another way would be to turn up all burners on high then press the spark starter once, but again, i wouldn’t recommend it). You won’t be able to spark start a hot burner though. You have to turn everything off and wait 5 minutes before you can spark start the burners. or use the match stick rod which is included on the inside panel of the compartment door.
the stainless steel grates are easy to clean though I’m sure some would prefer porcelain enamel grates. I liked stainless steel since there’s no coating that will come off over time or scratch and it won’t rust. The warming tray above is not anchored down to anything so it can potentially get knocked down (which i did once while cleaning the grill, lesson learnt).
The burners don’t seem to have any hot spots but the edges of the grill area don’t char as quickly as the middle. it’s still managable and doesn’t cause too much cooking differential. I’d say if something is 100% cooked in the middle, the edges are 80-90% cooked.
The side panel trays do conduct some heat so it’ll be warm to the touch side closest to the burners during regular grilling. not a huge deal but if you leave all burners on high and close the lid for a while (like 15+ minutes), the side panels will get hot to the touch. The lid handle is well insulated.
+ As limited as the push starter is, it’s still pretty awesome. Runs on a AA battery that’s sealed in a rubber compartment
+ includes cooking tool hooks that are surprisingly handy
+ lower compartment doors are magnetized and are actually made from two sheet metal layers
+ The match holder rod is kinda silly but it’s really nice it’s included and is chained to the door so you’ll never lose it.
+ The burner dials are silky smooth and have subtle lock positions at high.
Cleaning : cleaning the grill is pretty easy. The grates remove easily, the vaporizers lift off easily to uncover the bottom of the grill. the burners don’t block much so you have good access to get all the crap that might have fallen through the grates. there’s a weber branded oil pan that I’ve just covered with aluminium foil for reuse.
Cost: Retail cost: I think it was $550/600 for the LP/NG
What I paid: $350+tax at HD on nov 2010 for the NG which was mispriced as a LP version (it should’ve been $400). I’ve since seen people pick it up on clearance for ~$300 and less with other promotions. There’s usually a $50 differential between the LP and NG versions.
Bottom line: It’s not a the prettiest BBQ (not stainless steel), and its not the most feature packed BBQ, but from what I can tell and gleam from other reviews, the core design is good, the warranty and support is great, and the cost is more than reasonable for something expected to last 10 years.
Also, after cooking with the larger cooking area of the 4-burner model, I can’t imagine using anything smaller. One advantage is being able to have a usable space on the grill for indirect heating. something you that’s harder to do with anything smaller or with 3 burners.
Hope you enjoyed the review!


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