Easy mother’s day gifts for preschoolers to make


27 Mother’s Day gift ideas kids can make

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and lots of toddlers and preschoolers are itching to DIY that perfect something special — something she will love, cherish and keep forever and that won’t make her ask, “What is it?” Whether its for you, their grandma, nanny, aunt and any other special women in their lives, here are a bunch of great homemade gift ideas kids can actually make.

Note to Nannies, Babysitters and Dads: these are great activities to do with kids leading up to Mother’s Day.

Click on any of the gift idea titles for step by step instructions.

1. Painted bead bracelets

Create these pretty bracelets with paint, ribbon and small wooden beads! Each bead represents a different child, so kids can personalize their bead and combine them for one great gift from everyone.

2. Heart on canvas with fingerprints

Using a small canvas from your local craft store, have each child place a fingerprint in a color paint and then to the canvas. Then, carefully turn each print into a heart. Make sure you date it, so years later she can remember how tiny those itty bitty fingers once were.

3. Paper flower bouquet

Surprise Mom with flowers that won’t die!

4. Citrus peel soap

Children will need a helping hand with this activity that’s akin to baking, as this project requires melting glycerin and adding special oils and perfumes.

5. Wooden stool makeover

Paint a wooden footstool a solid color and, when it dries, have your little ones step lightly in some washable paint. Then, put their footprints on the stool for a present that’s both fun and functional.

6. Fingerprint doves

We love that this spring bird comes to life with the addition of each child’s tiny fingerprints.

7. Spring flowers

We love how easy this craft is to make for kids of every age, and that it teaches them the importance of recycling. Mom will never guess these beautiful and bright flowers are made from toilet paper rolls!

8. Mini succulent gardens

Dig up some rocks around the yard, grab some soil, and pick out a few of Mom’s favorite succulent cuttings to make her very own mini garden.

9. Clay pots

These pots are a ton of fun to make and can be decorated with a number of materials. From gemstones to buttons, the personal touches on these pots make them all the more special. Mom can use it to hold anything from keys to pencils.

10. Mother and baby bird in nest

This adorable modeling clay project will result in sighs of “Aww!” from moms. It’s cute and easy to do with young kids.

11. Mother’s Day monster bookmarks

One of the most memorable parent-child bonding moments is over bedtime stories. And as kids start to move into chapter books, you always needed a placeholder. Cut the corner off of an envelope and decorate it as you wish.

12. Pallet plaques

Cut, sand, paint and glue wood together to make Mom a beautiful, simple pallet plaque.

13. Personalized candles

Candles with the names and artwork of her children make relaxing in the tub even better. All you need to do it carve a fun design in a candle with a toothpick, paint over it, wipe it off with a paper towel, and done!

14. Popsicle stick flowers and flower box

With a little paint, glue and sticks, you can make a cute flower decoration that requires no watering.

15. Love You to Pieces picture frame

Glue and paint puzzle pieces to a picture frame and write a love note to Mom. If you have any puzzles that have been lying around with long-missing pieces, this project is the perfect solution to that problem.

16. Lady bug garden rocks

Remember the “pet rock” craze? Here’s one that actually serves a purpose! All you need is red and black paint and a rock. Put the lady bug rock in Mom’s garden, or turn it into a great paperweight for her desk.

17. Bird house

Decorating a pre-made birdhouse is an easy and fun project for kids. Although it will take some supervision, the aftermath of this birdhouse will be something you’ll marvel at for years to come.

18. Personalized phone case

Decorate Mom’s cell phone with this easy tape craft. Pick out different patterns and colors, and then decorate to your heart’s content.


@trendytreehouse has created flowers that actually last! All you need is a large piece of construction paper and some washable finger paint. Have your kids place their hand prints on the page to create the “flowers.”

20. Mother’s Day pillow

This makeshift pillow is made of cushioned shelf liner, cotton balls and yarn.

21. Mother’s Day purse card

Pamper Mom this Mother’s Day with this pretty purse card. It may not hold much, but it’s sure to be packed with love!

22. Mason jar vase

This pretty vase craft is best-suited for older kids. If you have a range of ages, you can have the younger kids add the gemstones to the jar and paint a tag, while the older children tie the ribbon and make the wire handle.


Trace your hand on craft paper, then cut it out and stick it to a canvas. Frame it and hang it in the hallway for Mom to marvel at every time she walks by.

24. Painted paper bouquets

These are pretty hand-painted flowers that kids make from coffee filters. It’s something they can give to any woman in their life, and something they can make no matter their age.


This tote is the perfect gift for the mom who always has too much to carry. All it involves is a canvas tote bag, paints and a pair (or two!) of willing hands. Once it’s done, Mom’s got a fun, personalized tote bag!


All you’ll need is a plain-colored apron and some paint and your kids can start getting messy.

27. Mother’s Day matchbox rocket

What mom doesn’t love a little jewelry for Mother’s Day? The best part about this necklace though is that it will cost you virtually nothing.

Mother’s Day is coming up, which means that it is time to think about some DIY Mother’s Day gifts. I wanted to do something special for little ones…like really little ones.

Whether you’re a Mom looking for something that your wee little ones can make for their grandmothers or even a Dad who wants to do something special for Mom this Mother’s Day, these DIY gifts to make with kids are so simple that, well toddlers can make them!

Kids love doing special things for Mom and Dad and these projects are so easy that they can do most of them all by themselves. If your little ones love crafts, they are going to adore these super easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts.

Even older children can do these if they want and they make wonderful gifts for Moms and some of them even make great gifts for Dads. If you’re looking for an easy DIY Father’s Day gift, I have got a great list of 25 manly DIY Father’s Day gifts made from upcycled materials that will want to check out.

From jewelry to pictures and even some fun finger painted gifts, your toddlers and preschoolers are going to love these DIY Mother’s Day gifts. They will have so much fun making them and Mom is sure to treasure each and every one of them.

If your kids want to do their own gifts for Mom this year, there is definitely something in this list that you will want to try. And, be sure to also take a look at these 50 Mother’s Day gifts that you can make for under $50. There are things in here for adults to enjoy!

Table of Contents

1. Easy DIY Bracelet

This adorable little bracelet is made with pipe cleaners and Cheerios and it is perfect for little hands to DIY. Not only do they get the satisfaction of making Mom’s Mother’s Day gift on their own, this one is great for helping to develop hand eye coordination.

It’s a simple project for toddlers or preschoolers and it makes an adorable little bracelet for Mom to wear on her special day.

Tutorial: lessonslearntjournal

2. DIY Butterfly Footprint Art

Mom will adore having these little footprints to hang on her wall and of course, kids love playing in paint, right? These butterfly footprint art pieces are so easy to make and your little ones can virtually do them all on their own.

This is also a great little project for infants although you will need to help them with the paint. Just let them step into paint and then step on a canvas and then add embellishments to your butterflies.

Tutorial: plainvanillamom

3. Easy DIY Abstract Art Coasters

These little coasters couldn’t be easier to make, even for toddlers. You just need some wooden coasters and some paints – and of course, a toddler or two. They can create their own designs and all kids love to paint, right?

Let them be as creative as they want to be and make Mom something really special just from them for Mother’s Day.

Tutorial: we-are-scout

4. DIY Clay Necklaces

The great part about these DIY clay necklaces is that they air dry. You don’t have to worry about baking the clay in order to finish the jewelry, so this one is perfect for two and three-year-old toddlers.

You may have to help them with rolling out the clay but they can use cookie cutters and other similar items to cut out their clay beads and then string them all up. They can even paint and otherwise decorate their necklaces to make them unique. Moms love DIY jewelry that helps them dress up their wardrobes!

Tutorial: teaching2and3yearolds

5. Cute Block Print Tulip Napkin

If you make the blocks for them, your toddlers can make their own block print napkins to give Mom on her special day. These are really simple for toddlers to make and if you have more than one little one, they can each do a napkin or let them create an entire set of four.

You just need to create the block stamps and have a few cloth napkins on hand.

Tutorial: thehousethatlarsbuilt

6. Easy DIY Bookmarks

Creating these easy to DIY bookmarks not only gives your toddlers something for Mom on her special day, they will inspire them to read! These are so simple to make and little ones can help to choose the pictures that they want to include and glue those images on the bookmark.

They could even color their own pictures if they want – these DIY bookmarks are very versatile.

Tutorial: makeandtakes

7. Ladybug And Butterfly Window Clings

Window clings are a great gift for Mom on Mother’s Day and toddlers will find these DIY versions very easy to do. You need a few supplies for these, like colored paper, googly eyes, cellophane, and basic craft supplies.

Help your little ones with the cutting and they can do the decorating and gluing all on their own.

Tutorial: childhood101

8. Colorful DIY Button Pendants

A few different sizes, shapes and colors of buttons and a metal lid are all your toddler needs to make these adorably colorful DIY button pendants for Mom.

You just gather a collection of buttons – your local thrift store has these for literally pennies – and then let your little one choose their own design, gluing them in as they go. Baby food jar lids work really well for this one, or you can use any screw off lid that you may have on hand.

Tutorial: notimeforflashcards

9. DIY Artwork Candles

Moms love candles and toddlers love coloring, which makes these DIY artwork candles the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. These are simple to make and all you need is a tall white pillar candle and a few basic craft supplies.

Your toddlers and preschoolers can color or draw on the candles with any number of tools and create their own little designs. You help their design to stay intact with a heat gun or blow dryer. DIY candles are always a good gift idea for Moms.

Tutorial: cometogetherkids

10. Cute DIY Washi Tape Clips

These cute little wooden clothespins double as clips for recipes, important mail or anything else when your toddlers and preschoolers decorate them with washi tape.

Washi tape comes in so many different colors and designs and it’s easy for little ones to apply the tape to give old wooden clothespins a brand new look.

Tutorial: Etsy.com

11. Simple DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

Not only are these little DIY coffee filter flowers easy for your toddler to make, they’re also really cheap. Coffee filters are very inexpensive and you get several in a pack, so you can do an entire bouquet with your little one.

You will need a collection of markers, about four coffee filters per flower and a few other supplies to create your blooms. This is one of the easiest DIY Mother’s Day gifts for kids to make.

Tutorial: kindercraze

12. Easy Peasy DIY Crayon Candles

Kids love crayons almost as much as they love Mom, which makes these DIY crayon candles the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your toddler to make.

While you will need to help your little one with the melting of the crayons, they can choose the color scheme and even help you to break up the crayons to get them ready for melting. These make lovely layered candles that Mom is going to love.

Tutorial: thepinningmama

13. DIY Flower Pot Treat For Mom

Mom will likely want to share this delicious DIY Mother’s Day gift with her favorite little ones. The gist of this project is to take a regular terra cotta flower pot and create a little snack for Mom from Oreo cookies and ice cream.

Then, you add fresh flowers – or you could add DIY flowers that your little ones make themselves.

Tutorial: petitepartystudio

14. Decorative DIY Egg Carton Flower Pins

Mom deserves a beautiful corsage on Mother’s Day and your toddler can make her one from a cardboard egg carton. These DIY egg carton flower pins are gorgeous and your little ones get to choose the colors and designs that they have.

Just help them with the cutting and let them do their own thing to decorate their flower however they want with paints, crayons or markers.

Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks

15. Repurposed Tin Can Pencil Holder

Your little ones can turn an empty tin can into a gorgeous little pencil holder for Mom’s desk. This would also work as a vase. You just need a picture of your toddler or preschooler and some paint or crayons and of course, an empty can.

I love projects that let you upcycle tin cans into beautiful and useful décor!

Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

16. Decorative DIY Egg Carton Jewelry Box

Here is another wonderful gift that your toddlers can make for Mom on her special day. This one is made from a cardboard jewelry box and they can create their own designs with paints, markers and other embellishments.

Help your little ones with the cutting on this one and then let them create their own artwork on Mom’s special gift.

Tutorial: thecrafttrain

17. DIY Fingerprint Heart Keepsake

Give Mom a gift that she will treasure forever with these little hearts that your toddlers make with their fingerprints. These are super easy and you could even make your own playdough to use to mold them.

Once they have created their fingerprint hearts, your toddlers can paint these hearts however they want and you can glue on magnets so Mom can keep them on the fridge or they make wonderful mini paperweights for her office.

Tutorial: fun-a-day

18. Homemade Floral Herb Perfume

This homemade floral herb perfume is really simple for kids to make and Mom will love it. You need to gather some assorted flowers and herbs, and the kids can help you with this one.

You also need a spray bottle and some essential oils in whatever scent that your little ones want to use.

Tutorial: hellowonderful

19. DIY Paper Flower Bowl

This DIY paper flower bowl is really easy to make and there is very little work involved for your toddler. You can print off the colorful flowers and then let your little one help you to mold them into a bowl shape.

Mom can use the bowl for jewelry or any number of other things. You will need the flowers, as well as a bowl for the mold, Mod Podge, plastic wrap and a few basic craft supplies to make this one.

Tutorial: b-inspiredmama

20. Rustic DIY Branch Vase

Kids can not only make this DIY branch vase, they can have a blast helping to find the branches and twigs that they will use to make it.

Let them gather a handful of twigs and small branches and then help them to assemble those gatherings around a glass or vase to mold the vase and hold it in shape while you glue everything together. I love DIY garden projects using sticks and twigs!

Tutorial: gardenmama

21. Footprint Butterfly Planter

Their little footprints are precious and perfect for a DIY Mother’s Day gift. You just paint their little feet and then help them to stamp those footprints on a terra cotta pot.

Then, you create a butterfly from their footprints and it makes the perfect gift for Mom on her special day. Older children could do this one completely on their own and toddlers and preschoolers will only need a tiny bit of assistance.

Tutorial: mamapapabubba

22. Hand Painted Votive Holders

These little hand painted votive holders are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day to make with toddlers. You just need a few glass candle holders, and you can get these at the Dollar Store for around a dollar each, and some paint.

You need glass paint to make these and a few brushes, depending on how many colors your little ones want to use.

Tutorial: rhythmsofplay

23. DIY Stamped Handprint Apron

A plain white apron, which you can pick up at any craft store, a few paints and the hand and footprint of your toddler are all you need to make this special gift for Mom on Mother’s Day.

The hand and footprint of your little one help to create butterflies and flowers for Mom on her apron. This one is really easy to toddlers and preschoolers.

Tutorial: littlepageturners

24. DIY Canvas Hand Painted Pillows

Allow your little ones to express their creativity and create a gift for Mom on Mother’s Day at the same time. Some canvas and a few finger paints let them make the perfect pillow for Mom’s special day.

You could also do these with plain white canvas pillows that are already sewn together, to make it even easier to create these DIY hand painted pillows. These DIY accent pillows are sure to make Mom feel special.

Tutorial: mericherry

25. DIY Lavender Eye Pillows

These lavender eye pillows are the perfect gift for Mom on her special day. Toddlers can help by designing and coloring the fabric and filling them with the DIY lavender mixture.

You just have to cut the fabric into shape and then sew it together, which is an easy enough step. These are perfect for helping Mom to get a good night’s sleep. Lavender is such a relaxing herb and who doesn’t just love a good eye pillow?

Tutorial: artfulparent

26. DIY Playdough Handprints

These little DIY playdough handprints are such a traditional gift for Mother’s Day. I remember my little ones making them in preschool. They’re pretty easy and you can make your own playdough for them.

Once they’re done and set, just let your toddlers choose how they want to decorate them and make them special. They can use paint, glitter and any number of other items to make them unique.

Tutorial: teachingmama

27. Colored Pasta Necklace

Kids adore making these little macaroni necklaces and they can color these to make a beautiful necklace for Mom on Mother’s Day. You can do these macaroni necklaces with any pasta that has a hole in the middle, like elbow macaroni, penne pasta or rigatoni.

Kids color the pasta with food coloring and once it’s dry, they just add it to string for make the necklace.

Tutorial: kidspot

28. DIY Queen For A Day Crown

Your little ones can make Mom her own crown for Mother’s Day with some pipe cleaners and pom poms. Toddlers are going to love making this crown as much as Mom will love wearing it, and while we know that Mom is Queen for more than just the one day, the project will thrill your little ones to make her feel extra special. This is such an easy project for kids to do!

Tutorial: designimprovised

29. DIY Marbled Clay Handprint Jewelry Dish

Little handprints mean so much to mothers and this little marbled clay jewelry dish is in the shape of your little one’s hand. Mom is going to adore this one and it is really easy to make. You will need some modeling clay and a few paint colors to design it.

The gist of the project is really simple and your toddlers are going to adore shaping their own handprint dish for Mom.

Tutorial: rhythmsofplay

30. Simple DIY Origami Letter Card

This origami card is really easy, even for toddlers to make. You will need to help them to create the letters but they can decorate them all by themselves and then turn those letters into the perfect card for Mother’s Day. Let them make this card and then give it alongside a DIY gift that they have made, too.

Tutorial: zakkalife

31. Toddler Handprint Book Bag

A plain white canvas book bag that you can get at any craft or hobby store and some paint give your little ones all that they need to create a special gift for Mom on Mother’s Day.

This handprint book bag is perfect for helping Mom to organize and carry her favorite books or magazines and toddlers are going to love making it with their painted handprints.

Tutorial: thechirpingmoms

32. Simple Painted Rock Paper Weight

Get a few rocks out of your yard and let your toddlers and preschoolers turn them into gorgeous little paperweights. These rock paperweights are super easy to make and they let your little ones express their own creativity by designing what they want to put on them.

Just give them some paint and let them get to work creating a lovely gift for Mom on Mother’s Day.

Tutorial: happyhooligans

33. Cute DIY Heart Shaped Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeders are always a good idea for Mom, and this one couldn’t be easier to make. Just get your little ones some Cheerios and pipe cleaners and let them string up their own bird feeder for mom.

You could also cover the Cheerios in peanut butter and birdseed but they work just as well on their own. And, this is a really simple project for toddlers to do on their own.

Tutorial: mycrazyblessedlife

34. Kid Designed DIY Treasure Box

An empty wooden box, which you can pick up at any craft or hobby store, some masking tape and a few paints give your toddler all they need to create this gorgeous DIY wooden treasure box.

They just mark off where they want their paints to be with the masking tape and then paint the uncovered sections. Mom could use this as a jewelry box, a recipe box or a keepsake box for special gifts.

Tutorial: hellowonderful

35. Adorably Easy Yogurt Cup Vases

Turn empty yogurt cups into gorgeous little vases for Mom and fill them with kid made tissue paper flowers. This is a wonderful little gift that your toddlers can do, mostly on their own. You just need empty yogurt cups and some craft paper and stamps or stickers.

They can create their own designs and these are so easy that they could do a couple of them and fill them with their homemade flowers.

Tutorial: pbs

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to show some extra love for your mom. Here are a few Mother’s Day gifts from kids!

Mother’s Day Gifts Preschoolers Can Make

  • Give this lovely sugar scrub gift that will leave Mom feeling relaxed and fresh after use! Also it comes with free printable label too!
  • Make some paper mache bowls– these are great to make for holding all sorts of things.
  • Every mom has to have a hot beverage, whether she is a tea drinker or a coffee lover. Kids will love making these simple Popsicle stick coasters. Add an extra personal touch with hearts or flower paintings.
  • These fingerprint candles make the perfect display item. Use them when the power is out or when you get to take that rare bubble bath!
  • Moms need to plant their flowers somewhere! Make this footprint butterfly flower pot as a personal touch.
  • Let’s face it, every mom loves to display their child’s artwork. This You Are My Sunshine handprint keepsake is perfect!

More Mother’s Day Gifts From Kids

  • Sure, Mom gets flowers for special occasions, but why not make these vibrantly colored coffee filter flowers for the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Speaking of flowers, save those special occasion flowers in this potpourri box made with Popsicle Sticks.
  • Most mothers love to tinker in the garden. Make these garden markers by painting stones to liven up the garden or walkway.
  • You can also make personalized gift paper by printing some butterflies and ladybugs.
  • Want to make a super cute keepsake gift for Mom that she will cherish for a lifetime? Try this “You are My Sunshine” photo op from Kathy Griffin’s Teaching Strategies and Mom will fall in love all over again!
  • You can make lots of things with clear sticky (Contact) paper! These sticky paper bookmarks and sun catchers are perfect for both younger and older children, and of course, Mom will love them!
  • What mom wouldn’t love to receive a homemade necklace from their little one? These easy and adorable lavender heart necklaces from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds will be treasured forever by mom!

Need an idea fast? Write or draw a heartfelt message on a small bit of paper and pair it with a Hershey’s kiss. I hope you found one of these Mother’s Day gifts kids can make inspiring! Happy Mothers Day!

Another Mother’s Day Idea
Mother’s Day Sugar Scrub Gift Kids Can Make
Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make with Sticky Paper

Follow my Mother’s Day board on Pinterest for more great ideas!

Moms and grandmas will love the kids’ handprint and footprint crafts for Mother’s Day! We all love handprints and footprints from infants. But did you know that all of those dirty marks on your walls from grubby little hand and footprints could be beautiful? Yup. It’s all a matter of perspective; if you use those same little digits to leave their mark on a canvas or some other medium, you create artwork.

Be inspired by these terrific keepsakes that all begin with small handprints and footprints: cards, garland; flowers, flower pots, flower mugs, and flower magnet clips; heart art (more than one version); charms; an apron, dish towels; a license plate tag; and stepping stones.

These Mother’s Day Gifts are sure to inspire you to create a DIY gift that any mother or grandmother will cherish forever.

1. Flowers Handprint

From We Have it All

Moms and grandmas will love receiving and displaying this precious flowers inspired handprint artwork in their homes. Children can add their own handprint flowers using acrylic paint to the brown cardstock or construction paper pot.

Top it off with a printed sentiment: “I’ve made these flowers with my fingers and my thumb, so you will have these memories for all the years to come.”

2. Framed Handprints

From Back 40 Life

Every mom needs the sweet reminder that this framed handprints craft provides: “For this child, I prayed.” The set of handprints combined with scripture and frame, makes this a cherished keepsake for years to come.

3. Hands and Heart

From Fun Handprint Art

Mothers will attest to the fact that little hands and people become big hands and people all too quickly. What a sweet way to freeze these tiny precious hands in time. Created using pink and red paint, hands are coated in paint and pressed down one at a time to overlap, forming a heart. A heart shape is cut out framing the handprint heart. The following sentiment can be added to wrap around the heart, “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a little while, but their hearts forever.”

4. Handprint License Plate Tag

From Momma’s Fun World

Handmade gifts are meaningful to give and to receive. Help children create this handprint license plate tag using a license tag and cover purchased at your local automotive store. Use acrylic paint for adding handprints to the license plate. Finish off the design by adding a personalized message using a permanent ink marker.

5. Hand/Footprint Apron

From Little Page Turners

Your child does not need to be an artist to create one of these hand and footprint garden aprons, perfect for Mother’s Day gifting. A blank apron provides the canvas, and only acrylic paint and a black paint pen are needed to create adorable handprint and footprint flowers, butterflies, bumblebees and ladybugs.

6. Footprint Heart Art

From Stamped Silly

“Little feet leave big imprints on our hearts.” That saying goes perfectly with framed footprint heart art from a special child. This easy footprint craft involves slightly overlapping footprints to create a heart on cardstock. The heart shape is then cut out, embellished with a hand-sewn twine border and mounted on to coordinating scrapbook paper prior to framing. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

7. Handprint Charms

From Plucking Daisies

Kids will love lending their hands to help make this awesome handprint charm craft to gift for Mother’s Day. Bonus? It can be completed in 20 minutes or less using supplies found at your local craft store.

8. Handprint Card and Garland

From Little Family Fun

If you’d like to send a fun and unique twist to the traditional Mother’s Day card, try helping children make these handprint cards strung together as a garland. You just need some basic supplies like paint, cardstock, scrapbook paper, a hole punch, ribbon, scissors and glue! Once you’ve captured their painted hand on paper, you can mount it on decorative scrapbook paper, hole punch the top and string the cute handprints onto ribbon!

9. Hanging Handprint Flowers

From Little Family Fun

Mothers love receiving flowers of all kinds on Mother’s Day. Create hanging handprint flowers for her to smile about for a long time. Simply cut out flower shapes using a variety of patterns and colors of scrapbook paper. Add painted/stamped handprints to the centers of the flowers for a memorable gift. Glue flowers on a strip of paper for easy displaying.

10. Handprint Flower Bags

From The Ruffled Daisy Via We Made That

Transform a plain canvas tote bag into a stylish handprint flower bag! This project is easy enough for most children 8 and older to do on their own with paint! Kids begin by creating the stem and flower center. They add colorful flower petals by adding paint on to their hands and carefully stamping their handprint around the flower center.

11. Handprint Flower Pot Craft

From In the Playroom

Children will love tracing and cutting out their handprint to create a special handprint flower pot craft for their mom and/or grandma. Paper daisies and tulips can be added to each green finger “stem”. A darling printed sentiment on a paper pot ties the look together.

12. Handprint Flower Magnet Clips

From Cheap Crafty Mama

DIY handprint flower magnet clips for Mother’s Day this year. This is a perfect preschool craft with a little adult help. Create flowers by helping children press their painted hand on colored craft paper. Help them cut around the flower, add a green paper stem and glue on a magnet and clothes pin for hanging photos and art work on the refrigerator.

13. Sunshine Art Handprints

From Twin Dragonfly Designs

Faces will light up when these lovely sunshine art handprints gifts are given on Mother’s Day. Start by painting a canvas blue. Next, add yellow paint to the top 2/3 of your child’s hand and orange paint to the bottom 1/3. Alternate hands to create the sun’s rays. Add the words “You are my sunshine” to the canvas with a black paint pen, being sure to also add the name of your child(ren) and their age(s).

14. Handprint Mugs

From One Sassy Housewife

These handprint mugs will bring a smile to a special mom or grandma’s face every time they sip their favorite drink. You’ll need white ceramic mugs, enamel paint and paintbrush and a vinyl stencil (unless you’re a really good freehand painter). You’ll also need time to let your enamel cure.

15. Butterfly Handprint Mom’s Day Card

From Our Daily Obsessions

The wings of this adorable butterfly handprint Mother’s Day card are created by tracing a child’s hand and cutting them out. Cute paper embellishments can be added to the butterfly. Attaching the butterfly to cardstock or a printed poem, such as the one shown, followed by adding a magnet results in a card that can be hung from the refrigerator.

16. Gifting Hands

From Krokotak

Create a pair of paper gifting hands to attach to a Mother’s Day gift. Using a paper folding technique and tracing a child’s right hand near the fold line will produce a pair of hands with a fun surprise heart in the middle.

17. Framed handprint poem

From Montessori Now

Celebrate a mother’s first Mother’s Day with this special handprint keepsake. This beautiful gift is an easy DIY and includes a free printable poem and a place to feature her baby’s handprints.

18. Handprint Stepping Stones

From Life in the Oak Tree

Is there a special mother or grandmother who loves gardening? If you answered yes, this handprint stepping stone craft project is the perfect DIY gift for Mother’s Day! This project uses quick drying concrete, clear flower pot dishes and letter stamps.

19. Handprint Dish Towels

From Ally’s Helpful Hints

Stock up on inexpensive dish towels in the dollar section for this awesome handprint craft! A quick coat of paint on a child’s hand can transform a plain dish towel into a display worthy kitchen accent. Add the child’s name and date with a permanent marker or fabric paint. This makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift year after year. It’s fun to line up the dish towels from over the years and compare the handprint sizes.

20. Hand/Footprint Love Art

From 517 Creations

Love can be portrayed in a lot of ways, but this hand and footprint love art is definitely one-of-a-kind. Spell out the word “love” on a wood board, substituting a handprint for the “o” and two little feet with heels close together and feet flaring out to form a “v”. This sign would make a terrific gift for a special mom on Mother’s Day.

Kids will love creating a homemade Mother’s Day gift with these:

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  • Craft Giant Art Jar
  • Washable Glitter Pens
  • Bright Buttons
  • Foam Stickers
  • Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint
  • Crayola Washable Watercolors
  • Plastic Pony Bead Mega Critters Bucket
  • Peel and Stick by Numbers
  • Fused Bead Kit

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  • 12 Mother’s Day Traditions
  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer


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Do your children love to make and give homemade presents? If so, you’re going to love this! I’ve rounded up a collection of 40+ fabulous gifts kids can make that grown ups will really use, love and appreciate.

I LOVE giving and receiving handmade gifts. You might have guessed as much if you saw the post that I wrote the other day In it, I shared over 70 homemade toys to make for kids.

I’m turning the tables today, and sharing suggestions for gifts that the kids can make for grown-ups. I’m not talking about pasta necklaces and paper neckties here. As lovely as those are, they tend to get tucked away in a drawer or a jewellery box not long after they’ve been given.

No, I’m talking about really useful, awesome, kid-made gifts that look GREAT. Gifts that are perfect for kids of all ages to make for a parent, grandparent, family-friend or neighbour. Gifts that serve a useful purpose, or can be worn or proudly displayed in a home or office. Your child could even make one of thesefor a favourite teacher!

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your child to make for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, you’re sure to find some great ideas here. Enjoy!

40+ Gifts Kids can Make for Grown-Ups:

Moms, Aunties and Grandmas will adore this hand and footprint apron from Little Page Turners.

I love this modern, graphic Black and White Handprint Apron by Simply Kierste.

Make a gorgeous bookmark with this cool Sharpie and rubbing alcohol technique. – Happy Hooligans

Use a hula hoop (yes! a hula hoop) to make a colourful rug, trivet or wall-hanging. – Flax and Twine

Transform a bunch of plastic perler beads into a vibrant decorative bowl – Meaningful Mama

These homemade wine charms are super-easy, and make a gorgeous gift for kids to make for parents, grandparents and teachers – Happy Hooligans

Kids can spell out a message with these nifty wooden block Key Chains by Hello Bee.

This Beaded Key Chain is a gift that even the youngest toddlers can make. – Make it Handmade

Fingerprint Key Chains are a wonderful way to preserve an imprint of your child’s tiny fingers. – My Life of Travels and Adventures

A framed word cloud is really fun and easy to make, and it’s a great gift for kids to give to teachers, parents, grandparents or friends. Get my step-by-step for making a word cloud here.

Have the kids make a family portrait for parents, grandparents, cousins or uncles. The scratching technique is a lot of fun, and it’s a lovely keepsake that you’ll have for years.

This is my latest favourite gift for a child to make for a parent. It’s a decorated wine bottle that they can use to water indoor plants. No drips or spills because the neck of the bottle gets right down into the plant. Bonus: it can be displayed proudly in between waterings!

Here’s another great wine bottle craft that’s great for all ages. You can turn an empty wine bottle into a beautiful candle holder with this fun and easy tissue paper decoupage process.

For kids who have mastered a needle and thread, these Button Napkin Rings are the perfect gift to make. – DanielleTodd.com

Younger tots will be able to manage the threading skills required for these Beaded Napkin Rings by Buggy and Buddy.

This Hand-shaped ring dish is just so precious and very easy to make! – Mama Papa Bubba

Personalized coffee mugs make a great gift for a relative, teacher, family friend or neighbour. – Two Shades of Pink

Toddlers can put their finger-painting skills to good use making a set of tile coasters. Merriment Designs

One of my all-time favourite hooligan-made crafts: our Paper Mache Bowls are perfect for stashing your keys or pocket change in.

Let your child express his artistic side, designing and decorating a hand-decorated, modern art plate. – Craftjr.com

Toddlers and preschoolers will love making these simple Popsicle stick coasters – No Time for Flashcards

Kids can give homemade flowers for all occasions – Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Teacher Appreciation, etc. The nice thing is, these paper towel roses and tissue paper roses will keep forever and never need watering.

These fridge magnets are gorgeous. We made them using a crayon-resist process that’s simple, fascinating and fun. – Happy Hooligans.

Meri Cherry shows you how to make these beautiful fabric resist pillows. It’s a super-easy technique requiring only gel glue and fabric paint!

There are few things cuter than a child’s first hand-written words. Preserve them forever on an “I love you pillow”. – Mama Papa Bubba

These Flower Drop Ornaments are wonderful gifts for kids to make and give.You can hang them from the Christmas tree, or in a sunny window, or display them on a patio or deck.

These romantic winter luminaries would be easy for kids to make and give as gifts. They’re gorgeous, and they’d look lovely living a mantle or windsill, or displayed on a family dinner table. – Crafts By Amanda

Kids can turn ordinary beach rocks into dazzling crystalized stones with a simple borax and watercolour experiment! They make excellent paperweights, but they’d also look lovely grouped together on a table or dresser.

You won’t believe how easy it is for to make these tinted mason jars. They’d look gorgeous lining a window sill. – Hands On: As We Grow.

“Play Eat Grow” will show you how to make these beautiful luminaries using Epsom salts that you colour yourself.

Check out these easy, beaded mason jar luminaries! I love the design that the light casts onto the tabletop. – Mom Spark

And speaking of light, “Come Together Kids” shares a nifty technique for transferring a piece of art onto a dollar store candle.

Easier still, are these adorable hand-decorated candles by Red Ted Art.

Is there a nature lover on your gift-list? Our Summer Stars add a beautiful touch to a window, patio or deck.

This simple twig pen or pencil holder by RHS would be perfect for a nature-buff’s work-station.

Miss Mustard Seed shows you how to make a rustic twig picture frame. Check out her tutorial on HGTV.com

A homemade sugar scrub is a lovely, natural way to exfoliate and invigorate your skin in the shower. – Kids Activities Blog

Bath Bombs always make a lovely gift, and they’re so easy to make using a few simple kitchen ingredients. – Red Ted Art

A Pumpkin and a Princess has a ton of soap and scrub recipes on her site. I love the look of this homemade lavender soap.

Kids of all ages will love mixing up a batch of scented bath salts. They look gorgeous, and they smell divine. Bitz and Giggles

I love the soft, delicate look of these tissue paper mache bowls over at “Lessons Learned Journals”.

Who knew you could make your own decorative glass bead magnets using your kids’ artwork? “Hand Made Kids Art” shows you how.

Kids big and small will love the technique used to make a set of tape-resist coaster or trivets. – Woods of Bell Trees

Round up a bunch of old, unused keys! The kids can turn them into a colourful recycled wind chime. – Inner Child Giving

We collected sticks while out on a nature walk, and transformed them into a natural wind chime for our backyard.

Gather up a handful of washers from the work bench and make a vibrant, upcycled wind chime like this one from One Time Through.

We need to make some of these rainbow seed bombs! What an awesome gift for the kids to make for an avid gardener! Twig and Toadstool

Photo gifts are always popular to make and give! You will never believe what these gorgeous, mosaic picture frames are made from! SO simple! – Pink Stripey Socks

Have the kids get messy with their toys to create custom art for a loved one! “Play Trains” used (you guessed it) toy trains to create this masterpiece.

A custom piece of art framed in an embroidery hoop would be ideal for someone who loves needlepoint or cross-stitch. – Mama Papa Bubba

I love the pastel and watercolour handprint canvases that the kids made over at “Mom in Madison”.
A simple but beautiful glass bead sun catcher will certainly brighten someone’s day. – Kids Activiites Blog

“Sunnyside Art House” has shared a variety of sun catchers on her site. I’m especially crazy about this framed mosaic glass version.

Make a melted bead sun catcher. Kids will love coming up with their designs. As The Artful Parent advises, it’s best to melt make them on the BBQ or to take the toaster-oven outside to avoid fumes indoors.

Who wouldn’t love a painted stone paper-weight sitting on their desk-top? Even the youngest hooligans enjoyed making these to give to their Dads for Father’s Day!

Got a golfer on your gift-list? Have the kids make and give a custom set of hand-decorated golf balls. – Laughing Kids Learn

Personalized tote bags or cloth shopping bags are just adorable when they’re stamped with the handprints of a child. Great gift for a child to give to a parent or grandparent- Nifty Mom

Fill a jar with the dry ingredients for a favourite recipe like this one, for Chocolate Cherry Drop Cookies from Mama Miss. Top with a bow and the instructions for baking, and you’re good to go.

Salt dough magnets are easy and inexpensive to make. Everyone loves a fridge magnet, right? Aren’t they sweet?

These mason jar lanterns are easy to make, and look lovely on a patio in summer or on a windowsill indoors all year long.

And lastly, a homemade picture frame that toddlers and preschoolers can make and give. We made ours for Christmas but you can switch up the colours and make them for any occasion.

And there you have it, 40 plus gorgeous gifts for your kids to make for the special grown-ups in their lives. Hope you’re inspired and ready to get crafting with your kids!

Make some homemade gift-wrap too!

And now, to make those homemade gifts even more special, have the kids our some homemade wrapping paper to wrap them in! You can find two great methods here and here.

If you’re looking specifically for a gift your child can make for a teacher, check out this collection by Skip To My Lou!

And don’t miss our collection of 70+ homemade gifts that you can make for the kids in your life!

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20+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Make

Looking for some Mother’s Day homemade gift ideas for the kids to make mom this year? Here’s over 20 creative and gorgeous DIY gifts children can make for Mother’s Day. They make wonderful keepsakes and will be treasured for years to come!

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The most treasured gifts I’ve received from my kids over the years are always the handmade items. I love seeing the handprint ornaments on the tree and the popsicle stick framed photos of my kids around the house.

So I decided to put together a collection of adorable handmade gifts kids can make mom to give you some ideas for this year! You’ll find Mother’s Day gift ideas that can be made in minutes and others that kids can really focus on over a few days. You’ll also discover DIY projects appropriate for a wide variety of ages- from toddlers and preschoolers all the way up through tweens and teens!

Handprint Corkboard from Buggy and Buddy

Pressed Flower Bookmarks from Buggy and Buddy

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish from Rhythms of Play

Yarn Wrapped Photo Mobile from Hello Wonderful

Mother’s Day Portrait from Non-Toy Gifts

Flower Bowl from B-Inspired Mama

Mosaic Art from Buggy and Buddy

Egg Carton Jewelry Box from The Craft Train

Hand Painted Votives from Rhythms of Play

Floral Herb Perfume from Hello Wonderful

Egg Carton Flower Pins from Pink Stripey Socks

Finger Painted Flower Pots from Kids Stuff World

Kid Made Painted Pillows from Meri Cherry

Painted Rock Paper Weights from Happy Hooligans

Lavender Eye Pillows from The Artful Parent

Button Pendents from No Time for Flashcards

Macaroni Necklace from Mer Mag

Tin Can Flower Vase from Buggy and Buddy

Picture Frame Vase from I Heart Arts n Crafts

Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot from Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Fingerprint Hearts from Fun-A-Day!

Tissue Paper Flower Bracelets from Buggy and Buddy

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Mother’s Day gifts so easy your kids can make them!

I love sweet sentimental Mother’s Day gifts. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas, but my personal favorite are the Mother’s Day gifts that are simple enough for the kids to roll up their sleeves and make them with little help. Children love making crafts and special things for their parents and this holiday is no exception. I am so excited to share all of these great ideas with you today!

Also – if you are looking for great gifts for Grandparents – check these out from my friend’s at How Does She!

Let’s see those great gift ideas…

Cupcake Liner Flower Mother’s Day Cards by I Heart Crafty Things

Handprint Tote Bags by Nifty Mom

Spoon Flowers for Mother’s Day by Crafty Morning

Handprint Flower Pot by We Made That

Easy Kids Egg Carton Art by Mod Podge Rocks

DIY Colorful Hand Dotted Tumblers via Pop Sugar

DIY Canvas Art by Hi Sugarplum

Fingerprint Hearts Canvas by The Craft Nest

Tape Resist Mother’s Day Art by The Educator’s Spin On It

Mother’s Day Vases by Lemon Tree Dwelling

Glitter Clothespin Flower Pot by This Heart of Mine

Easy Yarn Flowers by BrenDid

Photo Flower Pot from Mandy Douglass

Had to throw a Father’s Day gift in here too because it was sooooo cute! (From The Little Backyard Farm)

Here are even more great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…

Under $50 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

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If you make a Princess Pinky Girl creation make sure you take a picture and share it on Instagram with @princesspinkygirl ! I love seeing your masterpieces!

These Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids make fantastic homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas! Kid-made DIY Mother’s Day gifts are the best! Make these cute Mother’s Day kids crafts to celebrate your favorite Mom!

There’s nothing like a homemade Mother’s Day gift to show Mom just how much you love her, and these Mother’s Day crafts for kids make fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas! Whether you’re looking for a Mother’s Day craft for preschoolers or a Mother’s Day gift idea for older kids to make, there’s something for everyone on this list! Every Mother’s Day kids craft on this list is easy to make and requires only basic supplies and materials that you likely already have on-hand – easy peasy!

20+ Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Felt Flower Bookmarks – all you need is felt, buttons, popsicle sticks, and glue to create these cute flower bookmarks for Mom! Make things even easier by purchasing pre-cut felt flowers – simply layer and glue!

These Thumbprint Heart Pendant Necklaces from That’s What Che Said are the sweetest!

Plastic Spoon Flowers look just like pretty crocus flowers and are great for younger children to make for Mom!

Older children can make Mom a bouquet of these gorgeous Tissue Paper Sunflowers from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff – SO pretty!

Give Mom a luxury spa experience at home with these super easy DIY Citrus Fizz Bath Bombs!

Mom will love this Mason Jar Votive by I Heart Arts N Crafts!

Home Stories A to Z created this adorable version that combines a mason jar with a sweet photo – such a special homemade Mother’s Day gift idea!

You’ll never have to worry about your Homemade Felt Flowers wilting or withering away – Mom can keep these beauties forever!

Older children can quickly and easily whip up a batch of these melt-and-pour Gemstone Jewel Soaps for Mom!

This cute Earring Holder by Modes & Travaux is a great way to help Mom organize her jewelry collection! (Pssst…if you want, you could even add a pair of these adorable DIY Shrink Plastic Earrings!)

Mom is sure to love these colorful Washi Tape Popsicle Stick Bracelets from Mama Miss!

Color a sweet card for Mom with this printable from A Girl and a Glue Gun!

Recycled Can Windsocks make a colorful addition to the garden and a whimsical Mother’s Day gift idea!

These Mother’s Day Artwork Candles from Come Together Kids are a TON of fun! My boys made their own version of this craft for their grandmothers for Mother’s Day several years ago, and it was a HUGE hit!

This homemade Piña Colada Sugar Scrub smells amazing, and it only requires three ingredients!

This Cupcake Liner Picture Flower from Made with Happy is another really great Mother’s Day craft for kids! Every Mom would love getting one of these on Mother’s Day!

While you have the cupcake liners out, make these sweet Cupcake Liner Mother’s Day Cards from I Heart Crafty Things!

My son actually made me one of these sweet Love Hand & Footprints Signs from Fabulessly Frugal a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite homemade Mother’s Day gifts that I’ve ever received. SO sweet!

These Kids Thumbprint Art Painted Flower Pots from Mom Always Finds Out are super easy to make, and they’re seriously adorable!

Mess-Free Heart Art Painting is a great way to show Mom how much you love her!

Making Shrinky Dink Butterfly Footprint Keychains really IS one of The Best Ideas for Kids!

Mod Podge Vase Candle Holders by Crafty Morning can be made in any color palette and theme to match Mom’s decor!

From preschoolers to teens, this collection of Mother’s Day crafts for kids are all TONS of creative fun, and they make great DIY Mother’s Day gifts for Mom! There’s no better occasion to show your mom your love with a handmade gift!

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20 Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and today we’re sharing these 20 Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers. Some of these ideas may require help from mom (or someone else who is helping your preschooler make it for mom!).

See more of our favorite Mother’s Day Craft videos here:

Looking for a craft that mom will love year after year? This Salt Dough Handprint Ornament by The Best Ideas for Kids will delight mom and be an adorable keepsake.

Celery stamping is a favorite for preschoolers! You can stamp these onto a card or make this pretty flower bouquet.

Handprint Butterflies make the cutest card idea for Mom! She’ll love that these are made from handprints. Preschoolers can decorate with pom poms, stickers or paint. It also comes with a sweet poem to add inside.

This flower template craft is perfect for Preschoolers to make! They can add special messages under the petals.

We love recycled crafts – and this egg carton flower bouquet is perfect to make for Mom. Preschoolers will love making each flower!

Save some paper rolls and make these cute butterflies and flowers! These are fun for preschoolers to paint.

This handprint flower pot card is too cute! We love that kids can trace their hand and then decorate flowers with fingerprints.

Buttons are great for fine motor practice! Have your preschooler make button flower cards for Mom.

Mom will love to receive these handprint flowers. Place them in a mason jar or tin can for display.

Make these cute handprint suncatchers. These are perfect to hang on the windows in Spring and mom will love seeing them there!

Looking for an easy card preschoolers can glue together? This cupcake liner card is perfect! Have the coffee cups pre-cut and they can glue on the cupcake liners, popsicle sticks and coffee cups. Free printable template included.

Here’s another cute salt dough project – make these flower salt dough magnets. Make the dough in advance and bake them and have kids paint and decorate for Mom!

These pom pom flowers can also be turned into magnets! This is great fine motor practice for preschoolers too!

Kids can make this simple handprint card and write little messages inside for Mom.

And if you have a Trolls fan, they will love making these Trolls’ handprint cards! Sign them, “Love your little Troll” to mom.

Save your bottle caps to make this very inexpensive and colorful bottle cap flower for mom! Check out Crafty Morning where you can find the directions to make this cute Mother’s Day gift.

Here’s another cute Mother’s Day craft that uses egg cartons. See more at Mod Podge Rocks.

These flower footprints are so cute! By Crafty Morning.

This Wooden Spoon Garden Craft by Kids Activities Blog is so cute and you can add a pretty plant to go with it.

Don’t forget about Grandma! These Grandchildren Flowers by Sugar Bee Crafts are such a nice gift idea.

We hope you enjoyed all these great Mother’s Day crafts for preschoolers. Which one will you make?

Mother’s Day Gifts Preschoolers Can Help Make

If you’re looking for some gifts that preschoolers can help make. Here are a few of our favorites.

Fingerprint butterflies making the cutest decoration on these fingerprint butterfly mugs! Mom or Grandma will love using this mug every day.

If you like footprint butterflies, you’ll have to make these adorable butterfly footprint keychains!

Other gift ideas preschoolers can help make:

– Handprint Sun Wooden Keepsake

– Handprint Clay Ornament

– Yarn Wrapped Bookmarks

More Craft Ideas for Kids

See over 100+ craft ideas for kids. Categorized by holiday, this is page to bookmark for your next craft idea!


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