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Happy Fathers Day Messages & Wishes

50+ fathers day messages and wishes for telling your Dad just how great you think he is and thanking him for all that he has done for you!

Our inspirational and funny fathers day messages celebrate dads and all aspects of their roles as fathers. From being role models and superheroes, to changing diapers and putting up with us through thick and thin.

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Updated: 24th May, 2019

Short Father’s Day Wishes and Messages

A collection of short and sweet messages for your dad to thank him for being an amazing person in your life. They work well as a card message or text message.

Happy Father’s day to the best Dad in the world!

To the world’s best Dad, happy Father’s day!

Thanks Dad for everything you do for us. Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day to the coolest Dad ever!

Happy Father’s day to my wonderful Daddy. I love you to the moon… and back!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful daddy. Thanks for always being there for us.

Out of all the dads in the world I think we got the best one! Happy Father’s day.

Thanks for all the fun times we’ve shared together, you’re such an amazing Daddy! Happy Father’s day!

Dad, you know that I like Batman, and Superman’s cool too, but I don’t really need them as long as I have you! Happy Father’s day to my super Dad!

I’m so grateful for all your guidance and wisdom, you really are the best! Happy Father’s day!

Sending you all my love and I wish I could be there to give you a big bear hug. Happy Father’s day!

I am so lucky to have you you as my dad. Thanks for being so wonderful!

Thanks for giving me so much love, attention, and care. You truly are the best Daddy! Happy Father’s day.

Thanks for being the coolest dad on the block! Happy Father’s day!

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Dad in the whole world!

Heartfelt and Inspirational Fathers Day Messages

Let your dad know just how much you love and appreciate him with one of these beautiful and heartfelt fathers day wishes.

With your elbow grease and worn out boots, you never failed to put us first. Happy fathers day to the best dad in the world! Step aside and let us do some of the work today!

Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for our family and all the joy and love you bring into our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better Dad! Happy Father’s day.

Thank you for working as hard as you do every day to provide for us. You always make time for me when you’re home from work and I love hanging out with you. I hope you have a fabulous Father’s day.

Dad, You mean the world to me. There’s no one else on earth like you. You care so completely, give so quietly, and love so deeply. As the years pass, I realize more and more just how lucky I am to have a Dad as wonderful as you. Happy father’s day!

To my dearest Dad: You are my compass. Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction. Happy father’s day, I love you.

Thank you for everything that you have given me. You’ve always been there for me as a dad and best friend as well. There is no other bond like ours. I love you dad!

When people say, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ I tell them that’s the best compliment I could ever get. Someday, I hope to grow as strong and wise as you. Have a great father’s day!

Whenever I would fail, you were there to pick me up and put me back on right path. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Happy father’s day Dad, thanks for everything.

Dad, your light guides this family and holds us together. As you get older I want you to know that I am there for you too, through thick and thin. On this special day, relax and forget your worries. Happy father’s day!

Fathers Day Messages From Daughter

The relationship between a father and his daughter is a precious and special one, and fathers day is a great time to thank your dad for all he does for you and let him know just how much you love and care about him.

Every girl dreams about living the life of a princess. I have never dreamed of that because I have always been treated like a princess by you. I love you Dad. Happy Fathers day.

Happy Father’s Day from your little princess. I love you Dad!

All my life, I’ve been lucky to have the best dad. Now, I count myself doubly lucky, since my child gets to have the best granddad. Happy fathers day dad, we love you!

To the best taxi driver, the most effective spider hunter, the cheapest handyman, and the most generous bank I know. Thank you for being the best Dad! Happy Father’s day!

Dad .
1. The one who is there for you no matter what and who wants his little girl to grow up happy.
2. The one who conspires with you to hide broken stuff from Mom.
3. The one who gives great advice.
4. He protects you, calls you ridiculous nicknames, and makes you laugh.
5. The most amazing person in the world.
See also: Superman, Best Friend

It doesn’t matter how many years go by. In my mind, you’ll always be that same amazing person who taught me how to ride a bike, helped me with my homework, and scared away the monsters in my room. Happy fathers day Dad, thanks for being awesome!

Fathers Day Messages From Son

Let your dad know just how great you think he is with one of these fathers day message ideas. From heartfelt to funny, they try to capture some of the magic of the relationship between a son and his dad.

Dad, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown. Thanks for being such a great mentor and buddy. Happy Father’s day!

Some people call their fathers superheroes. But superheroes tend to disappear, and you’ve always been there for me. If you ask me, my dad isn’t a superhero, he is a Super Dad! Have a great Father’s day!

You always told me that I can do the impossible, if only I tried hard enough. That’s why I can live the amazing life I do. You inspire me to be brave enough to achieve my goals. Happy fathers day dad, and thank you for everything you do!

Hey Dad, I got a present for you. I stole your To-Do list from Mom. All you need to do is rip it up. Just don’t tell mom, okay? Happy Father’s day!

Dad, you’re the first person I phone when I have a question about something or when I need some good advice. Thanks for always being there for me!

Now I’m a father myself, I admire you all the more! Thanks for being such a great dad and role model, and now a wonderful grandfather too! Have a great day!

Fathers Day Messages from Wife

A collection of happy fathers day messages to write to your husband or the father of your children on father’s day, thanking them for what they do for your family, how much you appreciate them, and what a great dad they are!

Happy Father’s Day to my dear husband, the father of our beautiful children and the love of my life.

Thank you for everything you do each day for our family, we are so lucky to have you!

What a crazy ride, so glad that we’re in this together! Happy Father’s day!

We love you so much, you’re the best daddy and the best husband! Happy Father’s day.

You have given our children someone to look up to and admire. You are such a fantastic father and I love you so very much. Happy father’s day!

Our kids think you’re superman. And they’re absolutely right about that. Happy Father’s day!

May all the love you give to our family come back to you on this special day. Happy Father’s day!

It takes a man of gentleness, patience, strength, and compassion to set the fine example of fatherhood that you have. Happy father’s day to my handsome Husband and the sweet Father of my children.

Happy fathers day to the coolest dad, most loving husband, and most amazing person in the world! You never stop making us smile. Every day is a better with you in it. Thank you for all the fun!

Happy father’s day to my husband, the father of my children, and the provider of the family. Thanks for devoting your life to our happiness and wellbeing.

The only thing better than having you as my husband is our children having you as their dad. Happy fathers day Love!

Funny Fathers Day messages

Give your father a good laugh on father’s day with a funny card message! These wishes poke fun at the father-child relationship and celebrate the joys and trials of raising children.

I’m so lucky to have you as my father… I’m sure no one else would have put up with me this long. Happy Father’s Day!

To the world’s greatest Dad from the world’s greatest kids, hope you have an amazing Father’s day!

You may not know everything but you sure had me fooled for quite a few years! Happy Father’s day to the smartest Dad in town.

Dad, you’ve always been the coolest. Like all those times you said “yes” when mom said “no.” Happy Father’s day, Cool Dad!

Fact: Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Instead, just enjoy this card I made for you, and feel the joy of having me as your child. Happy Father’s day!

You know what they say: Real heroes don’t wear capes, they make bad puns. Thank you for being a real hero, Dad. Happy father’s day!

Happy Father’s day Dad! If you want, I’ll make a distraction so you can sneak off and get some gaming in. Cheers,

It takes an amazing dad to raise such a ridiculously great kid. Happy Father’s day Dad, I couldn’t have grown up to be so humble without you!

Thank you for all the piggy back rides, all the times you pretended to be a horse, and all the times you threw me into the air and caught me. Your body might be regretting it now, but it made for a wonderful childhood. Happy Father’s day Dad!

Happy fathers day to the raddest, most tubular, least square, ummm hippest… Hey Dad, Are any of these from your generation? Great fathers are timeless!

Wish I could be there to hang out with you on fathers day. But, on the bright side, you finally get some peace and quiet! Miss you and love you, Dad.

“Dad Likes” Poster

Father’s day messages and wishes are a brilliant way to express what your dad means to you, and so is a personalized gift made just for him.

Celebrate your dad and all that he does for you and the family with a personalized poster gift made just for him. It’s a poster that celebrates all the funny things about him and the things that he likes (including you!).

More Happy Fathers Day Ideas

I hope you enjoyed my favorite Happy Fathers Day messages and wishes, and that you found one that was just right for your dad! If you’re looking for other ways to show your dad how much you love him, here are some other pages I think you’ll enjoy:

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What to write in a Father’s Day card

  1. Happy Father’s Day to the man who’s the best dad 365 days a year!
  2. Happy Father’s Day! You may not know everything, but you sure had me fooled for quite a while. Love
  3. I guess we could’ve asked for a better father, but I’m not sure God has figured out how to make one yet. Happy Father’s Day – Love .
  4. To the world’s greatest dad from the world’s greatest kids. Have an amazing Father’s Day, Love .
  5. Happy Father’s Day! I may be taller than you now, but I still look up to you.
  6. Thank you for the comfort of knowing that whatever goes wrong, I have a dad who can fix it (unless it’s a leaky tap).
  7. We couldn’t have asked for a better father. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made and all the love you shared. Happy Father’s Day
  8. Happy Father’s Day papa bear!! Thanks for being a great dad. Love
  9. Dad. We just want to say that we love you and that you truly deserve to have the best Father’s Day ever. Your loving kids
  10. Happy Father’s Day! We’re so proud to have you as a father! Love
  11. Nobody compares to you Dad! You are the best father that a kid could ever ask for. I am thankful to God for providing me a Dad as wonderful as you. Love
  12. To the world’s best dad 🙂 HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!
  13. You’re the best dad that a could ever ask for. Thanks for always being there for me whenever I need you! Your loving .
  14. Happy Father’s Day to the man who showed me the power of love through the good times and through the bad times.
  15. I know We don’t say this often enough, but we want to thank you for everything that you do for us and most importantly that we love you. Happy Father’s Day.
  16. Thanks dad for all that you’ve done for us. Happy Father’s Day.
  17. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day and thanking you for being my dad.
  18. There is no other bond like the bond between a father and a . We feel so lucky to have a fantastic father like you!
  19. Against all philosophies, sciences, counsels, logic, reasoning and self-motivation books, is that one smile from you that fills me with such energy as to make me feel like I can do everything possible and impossible. Happy Father’s Day!
  20. Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful dad. Thanks for always being there for us. Love
  21. I am telling you a secret today but you have to promise you won’t tell mom about it. Promise? Okay! I love you more than mom. I always did.
  22. If there is one complaint I want to make with God is that He didn’t give me enough big words to talk about you and express my love for you 🙂 Happy Father’s Day!
  23. The best thing that God has ever blessed us with is a wonderful and caring dad like you. Happy Father’s Day
  24. Every time I reflect on one of my life’s accomplishments, I can’t help but realize that I achieved it because of something you taught me. Happy Father’s Day!
  25. I never understood why you did some of the things you did when I was younger. Now it all makes sense. Thanks Dad and I love you.
  26. Why did you make us go to school? We’ve learned more from you than all of my teachers combined. Happy Father’s Day love
  27. Everyone has a father, but I have the best. Happy Father’s Day!
  28. For all the help, love and support you gave us, We really appreciate it 🙂 Happy Father’s Day!
  29. Dad! You have always been there for me through thick and thin. There is no greater love than that. No matter wherever life takes me, I will always remember you with love.
  30. Happy Father’s Day dad – Whenever mom says NO, I used to ask you for a Big Yes. You were always there when I needed you the most. Your love was never ending and I love you so very much.
  31. Out of all of the fathers in the world, I think I got the pick of the bunch. Happy Father’s Day!
  32. Every day I see someone do something and think, “Didn’t his father teach him better than that?” Then I realize just how lucky I am. Thank you and Happy Father’s Day.

Every year you have to write something inside your Father’s Day card, right? Well, we’ve made it easy for you, you’ll find loads of great ideas from funny and rude to thoughtful and simple in our sections below. We’ve looked around the internet and rummaged through our own cards to come up with some of the greatest ideas. Simply pick out your favourite line and pass it off as your own – dad will never know.

Simple Father’s Day Card Messages

  1. Happy dad day! Thanks for being my dad!
  2. Dad, you’re the best! Thanks for everything.
  3. To the world’s greatest dad, from the world’s greatest child.
  4. Happy Father’s Day, thanks for being an awesome dad. Have a great day!
  5. Thanks for all you have done for me, dad.
  6. Wishing you a very happy Father’s Day and thanking you for being a great dad.
  7. Dad – thanks for all the help, love and support. Happy Father’s Day!
  8. You will never go out of style. Happy Father’s day to the coolest dad.

Funny Messages

  1. Happy Father’s Day to one of my favourite ever parents.
  2. Well done dad – I turned out awesome!
  3. I hope your Father’s Day is as fun as your life was before you had us kids.
  4. I love how we don’t even need to say out loud that I am your favourite child. It’s a really special bond we share.
  5. Happy Father’s Day dad, you’ve always been like a father to me.
  6. Dad – I wouldn’t trade you for anything. I mean, nobody’s offered me anything, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t!
  7. Even though you never bought me a pony, I still love you. Happy Father’s Day!
  8. I was going to give you the most amazing gift ever… then I remembered you already have me.
  9. All I can say is that mum had amazing taste to pick you to be our dad!
  10. Happy Father’s Day to someone who inexplicably loves signing his name in each of his text messages.
  11. Thanks for having me – even though it was so you’d have someone to take care of you when you’re old and lonely.
  12. As a reward for being such a good father, I promise I’ll let you pick your own nursing home…
  13. Thanks for not leaving me somewhere in a bucket.
  14. Well done – you rank in the top 10 of all the dads I’ve ever had.
  15. Thanks for not letting me screw up my life.
  16. You’ve always been my favourite ATM.
  17. Happy Father’s Day. I’m sorry I spent all of your money!
  18. Thanks for helping me out financially so I can be an independent person and not rely on others.
  19. I’m so grateful for all the things you’ve done for me over the years that I bought you this £3 card. Happy Father’s Day.
  20. Dad, I just wanted to say congratulations, I turned out perfectly.
  21. Have a great Father’s Day. Love from your favourite financial burden.
  22. Please accept this Father’s Day card as a token of my poverty.
  23. You’re by far the best dad I could have asked for…until you start dancing!

Rude/Offensive Ideas

  1. I just wanted to say happy Father’s Day to my hero and role model. Unfortunately I don’t have one so I’ll say it to you instead.
  2. I don’t usually thank people for knocking up my mum… you are the exception.
  3. I’m so happy it was you who knocked up mum!
  4. Happy Father’s Day from one of your most legitimate children.
  5. Thanks for fulfilling your role as my dad adequately.
  6. Thanks for putting up with all of my sh**.
  7. Happy Father’s Day. Thanks for occasionally wiping my bum and stuff.
  8. Ignore what mum says about you, I don’t think you’re that bad.
  9. Thanks for teaching me all those swear words you f***ing legend.

Thoughtful Things to Say

  1. I don’t say this often enough but I just want to thank you for everything you do for me, I really appreciate it!
  2. Any man can be a father but it takes a special someone to be a dad.
  3. You’re still the one I think of first when I have a question about something or when I just need some support and good advice. Thank you for always being there for me.
  4. You’re still my hero and my role model. Thanks for being here for me and being a great example through life so far.
  5. The older I get the more I realise how much you have done for me. You’ve provided stability, support and so much more! Thanks for everything, dad.
  6. Thanks for being there every day for me. Everything you’ve taught me has stuck with me and I’m lucky to have a dad like you!
  7. Dad, you are someone I will always look up to no matter how tall I grow.
  8. Dad, I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without you. Thanks so much for everything, you’re amazing.
  9. Thanks for being there all my life. I can’t imagine where I’d be without you.
  10. Thank you for always believing me and making my life feel important.
  11. I used to worry about turning into my parents, now I hope I do!

What to Write for Grandad

  1. Happy grandad’s day! Remember, the very best dads are promoted to grandad!
  2. Grandad, you really are a perfectly aged, limited edition!
  3. Happy father’s day grandad. You’re one of my favourite grandparents!
  4. Thanks for being the world’s best grandad!
  5. Happy Father’s Day to a father who is really grand.

For more ideas, visit our Father’s Day cards or why not add a special something to your card with one of our Father’s Day gifts.

This is a mixture of things to write to your dad. Choose one that expresses what you want to say.

  1. When I think of the word dad, I think of many positive qualities. You’re the reason I have such a great image of a father in my mind.
  2. Everyone needs a father figure while they are growing up. I was lucky enough to have the real thing. Thanks for being a genuine, loving, and caring dad.
  3. Dad, Happy Father’s day! I don’t know where to begin thanking you for all that you have done for me. You brought me into the world, watched out for me, taught me, laughed with me, and spent a lot of time with me. Thanks for being the best dad I could ask for.
  4. To a dad who loved me enough to teach me some tough lessons so my life would be easier, later on. Happy Father’s Day!
  5. Dad, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without your presence. You have provided me a stability in my life that I can’t put a price on.
  6. Father’s Day is just one day of the year you get appreciated for being on call for me every day of the year. Thanks for being there and helping me when I need help.
  7. Dad, you have been one of my greatest influences in life. You have taught me many things, and the most important thing you have taught me is how to live a life with character.
  8. I went to the card store to buy you a funny Father’s Day card, but I couldn’t find one that made fun of a negative stereotype that you do. You must be a lot better than most dads. Thanks!
  9. I think God knew what he was doing when he chose you as my dad. He knew I would need someone patient, wise, and loving to raise me. Happy Father’s day!
  10. Daddy, thank you for doing fun things with me. I love you.
  11. Happy Father’s Day, to an awesome dad who should win a Nobel Peace Prize for putting up with me.
  12. Dad, you are my hero and my role model. Thanks for being here for me and being a great example.
  13. Dad, at some point you have become my friend and one of the smartest people I know. Maybe you were always my friend, but you had to wait until I was mature enough to appreciate you.
  14. Happy Father’s Day to a father who is really grand. You’re my grandfather.
  15. “A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be.” -Frank A. Clark
  16. ”One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” -George Herbert

If your dad wasn’t such a great father, then you can still write something on his card. If you’re worried about what to write, here are some general statements for your not-so-great dad.

  1. Some dads are so terrible that their kids would be better off never having them at all. I’m happy to say that you aren’t one of them. You weren’t perfect, but I appreciate you despite your faults.
  2. You were the dad I needed in order to have my character strengthened.
  3. I learned some lessons from you, and I’m a better person because of that.
  4. Your Father’s Day gift from me is my genuine forgiveness for any and all mistakes you made as a parent. I also want to say thanks for the many things you did right.
  5. I’m not perfect, and neither are you. I do think that you’re the perfect dad for me right now, though.

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Looking for the right message for your father? You’ve come to the right spot. We’ve put together this collection for you to pick and choose from.

Good Father’s Day Wishes for Your Dad

You’re the #1 Dad!

Dad, you work so hard, you need a vacation from all life’s stress, demands, and overbearing egos I’ll try to get out of the house for a while.

Dad, You’re my favorite parent. If you tell Mom, I’ll deny I ever said it and you know who she’ll believe.

Dad, You’ve always done what’s best for me even if I didn’t understand it at the time Which isn’t to say I understand it now, either, but I’ll take your word for it.

On a father scale of 1 to 10, I give you a million. Thanks a million Dad!

Hats off to the greatest father ever!

Thank you Dad for everything!

A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.

Funny Father’s Day Wishes

Look, no one said raising me was going to be easy. You just made it look that way!

Dad, who else would have taught me how to golf, eat pizza for breakfast and play poker?

Dad, you were the first one to make dark socks and sandals look cool. You fashion icon, you!

Thanks for pretending you liked the polka dot socks! Happy Father’s Day.

To the world’s greatest dad – ok, the sample size is limited, but I think you’re very deserving.

How is a baby bird like its dad? He’s a chirp off the old block!

Hopefully this Father’s Day will provide you as much fun as before you had kids.

Dad, thanks for showing me how to play baseball. Don’t read too much into the fact that the few times I got to play it was in right field.

I’d like to apologize for all of your gray hair. Genetics! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I take some comfort in knowing that in my younger years, I set a family record for time outs — signed, your #1 (son or daughter)!

I have to salute you Dad for my Hollywood good looks. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Dad, you’re the best banker I ever knew.

#1 Pops

I hope I’ve made you proud, Dad and if not, hey, maybe you ought to lower your expectations.

We share a love of sports that’s brought us closer, especially if we shove the recliners together.

Dad, I notice in your wallet you have photos where your money used to be.

If at first you don’t succeed, call Dad!

If you look up magnificent dad on Wikipedia, you’re photo and bio show up. Go figure!

I love that we have a silent agreement that I’m your favorite kid. Why spoil it for the others?

Father’s Day Wishes from Daughter

Dad, you’ve always given me everything I wanted. Either that or you’re very good at convincing me what I want.

You’ve always been a great father to this girl. Thanks Dad!

For the guy who does it all, and then some! Thanks Pops!

The greatest gift I ever received was having you as a father.

I’ll always be Daddy’s girl.

We have so much in common Like Mom, for instance.

You’ve always provided that needed shoulder to lean on. Happy Fathers Day!

The Checklist: Recliner – Check. Remote – Check. Chips – Check.

Hugs and love for the big guy from his loving daughter who owes him so much.

I am honored to be your daughter!

You’re appreciated and loved more than you know.

1. Me – 2. Your family – 3. Everyone who recognizes kindness, caring, and generosity of spirit. Just a short list of the people whose lives you’ve touched.

You’re a father and a friend. Happy Father’s Day Pops!

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Father’s Day Wishes from your Son

I am so fortunate to be your son!

You’ve always inspired me.

Congrats Dad – I turned out amazing!

Dad, you always led by example. I appreciate all you’ve done for me.

You da Man!

“Like father, like son” – so, do I get out of chores today too?

For all the great advice – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks Dad!

The best teacher I ever had always lived right in my own house. You’ve taught me so much. Thank you!

Feeling so blessed to be your son.

When I think back of the sacrifices you made, I realize how fortune I am. Thanks Dad!

I can always count on you for so many things – thanks Dad. I’m very grateful.

Short Father’s Day Greetings

To a special Dad who we love so much – The Fam!

Words of wisdom and loving encouragement are your calling cards. Thanks Dad!

You’ve always been encouraging, accepting and generous. You’re the best!

You’ve always there for me.

Father’s Day Messages for Facebook

A father is a special part of all that’s cherished in the heart.

Daddy, I maybe little But I love you real BIG!

Forever your daddy’s girl.

To the greatest Dad in the whole world!

It’s dads like you that make kids like me happy.

Happy Father’s Day Messages

May all the love you give to others come back to you!

My hero, my helper, my friend, my dad. Happy Father’s Day!

My strength and my friend, I am today what I have become because of you. Thanks, Dad.

No one ever thanks you for all of the little things that you do. The roof over our head, lights in the hallway, and boogey-man free closets. I love you.

Somehow, in my heart, I always knew that someone unkind and loving and wise as you would turn out to be not just a wonderful husband, but a great father as well. I was right.

Thank you for being a good father and a good friend.

There’s a million ways of writing Father’s Day wishes on your dad’s card, on Facebook posts, texts or letters. But, why then, can it be so difficult? Starting with a blank slate can be tough. Get some ideas, and then personalize it to make it your own.

Thank you for being someone that I can always count on and always turn to.

Thanks for being there when I need you the most and even when I didn’t.

I appreciate you’ve given me the best things in life: Your time, your care, and your love.

Thanks for giving me the finer things in life your time, your care, your love.

There aren’t enough words in any language to express how much I love you.

This is your day, but don’t let me disturb you. It’s best to let sleeping Dads lie.

Father’s Day Greetings

When I was little, Dad, I depended on you for my very existence. Then I figured out how to turn the TV on myself.

You’re so great I’m really glad you turned out to be MY dad!

You’re the best, Dad – No matter what all Mom’s relatives say.

–- Mike O’Halloran

In addition to being a curator of quotes, Mike is an author, inventor, and entrepreneur. He and his wife have four daughters.


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When you were young, your dad taught you how to ride a bicycle, picked you up when you scraped your knee and carried you on his shoulders so you could see the world from up high. As you got older, he became more of a friend—someone who was always there with a listening ear and good advice, or just to make you laugh when you needed to be cheered up. You know how much he means to you, but that doesn’t mean Father’s Day messages are easy to write.

If you’re stuck on what to write in a Father’s Day card that will accompany your gifts for him, you’re not alone. The best message is the one crafted just for him. Whether your dad is the active type who loves adventure or the entertainer always manning the grill, we can help you find the right words to say with these Father’s Day card messages.

What to write in a Father’s Day card

Just think of the grade school macaroni artwork that your dad gushed over, and you’ll remember that any words spoken from the heart will mean the world to him. If you’re having trouble getting started, follow our tips on how to craft a meaningful card.

  1. Express your gratitude. Here’s your opportunity to list the qualities that make your dad, father-in-law or husband special. You can compliment him on what a great dad he is, or name something specific that you are grateful for. Focus on the positive, and/or simply wish him a great day.
  2. Get personal. Think of your dad’s personality, and you’ll know what to write. If he loves goofball dad jokes, maybe you want to write a funny message. If he’s sentimental, you can share a memory that will make him smile.
  3. End with a warm closing. Sign off with “love”, “warmly”, “blessings” or whatever term best fits your relationship.

Messages from a daughter

From the little moments to the big events like your first ballet recital or walking you down the aisle, fathers and daughters share a special bond. If you’re a daddy’s girl, sing it loud and proud with a special Father’s Day message.

  1. Thanks for acting like a kid when I was a kid, acting like a friend when I needed a friend and acting like a parent when I needed one. You are the best man I know. Happy Father’s Day!
  2. Thank you for showing me what a man should be like. Thank you for teaching me how a man should treat a woman. It is because of your example that I know how a man should treat me and I make sure that I get treated with respect. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  3. Happy Fathers Day, Dad! Thank you for always being there for me when I really needed it. I am so grateful that I can always count on you. There has never been a luckier daughter.
  4. Thank you for being there every day with just the love and guidance I’ve needed. Everything you’ve taught me has stuck with me and I’m lucky to have a dad like you.
  5. Dad, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Thanks for always making me your special little girl. Happy Fathers Day, Dad!
  6. Even though Father’s Day only comes once a year, I hope you know that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me each and every day. Thanks for all you’ve sacrificed so that I could become the person that I am now.
  7. Dad, you have given me the best things in life: your time, your care and your love. I am truly grateful to have you in my life. Happy Father’s Day!
  8. Happy Father’s Day to the man who put the fear into all my homecoming and prom dates…and who still treats me like a princess!

Messages from a son

The relationship between a father and son is undoubtedly a special one. A father serves as a positive role model and passes on his wisdom through shared moments. When a father believes in a son, he can do anything.

  1. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to have a dad like you. You have provided stability in my life and the love and acceptance I needed. Happy Father’s Day!
  2. Dad, I am so proud to be your son. If I can become half the man you are, I will consider myself successful.
  3. Happy Father’s Day to my hero and role model. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. We love you with all our hearts.
  4. I love you because you’re patient, funny, smart and—best of all—forgiving (p.s. I am the one who dented the car in the summer of 2010). Happy Father’s Day!
  5. You will never go out of style. Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad ever.
  6. Happy Father’s Day to the man who taught me how to step and throw, how to field a grounder, how to follow through and pretty much every other important thing I know about baseball and living!
  7. Happy Father’s Day to the dad who has always been there for me, who taught me all the right lessons, showed me what it means to love a child unconditionally and raised me with all of his heart.
  8. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love how we don’t even need to say out loud that I am your favorite child. Don’t worry, I won’t tell! But feel free to keep up the preferential treatment.

Messages from a wife

Father’s Day messages for a husband can be romantic, humorous or inspiring. He’s your teammate and the one other person who loves your kids as much as you do.

  1. Life has given us a wonderful family, a happy home and love for each other. Most importantly, it has given us each other. I am so grateful to have you as my husband. Happy Father’s Day!
  2. Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond every day for our family. The kids and I are so lucky to have you.
  3. Our kids think of you as a hero, and they’re absolutely right about that!
  4. One day is not enough to honor how special of a father you truly are because you are amazing every day of the year. Thank you for all that you do. I love you!
  5. Thank you for raising our kids to be kind, hard-working and capable of making their own pancakes by age 8.
  6. I can’t imagine anyone who’s a better father or more loving husband than you.
  7. You are so full of compassion, love and strength. When we need a strong hand of support in our family, you are always there. I love you for being who you are and for all that you do. Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful husband!
  8. Turns out, it is possible for a man to look hot carrying a diaper bag. I know because I’m married to you.
  9. I am so proud to be the woman who calls you my husband. And I know our kids are proud that you are their father. We are a great team.

Messages for a father-in-law

The time, effort and love your father-in-law invested in your spouse has paid off for your family. And as a grandfather, he continues to be an important influence on your sons and daughters. For all the ways your father-in-law has contributed, send him a special thank you on Father’s Day.

  1. Thank you for supporting us, loving us, and explaining to us how adjustable-rate mortgages work. Happy Father’s Day!
  2. Happy Father’s Day to the amazing man who raised my amazing husband.
  3. You are a great guy—and you raised one, too. Thanks for that. Happy Father’s Day!
  4. Thank you for loving me as if I were your own daughter. (And you’re welcome for not having to deal with me as a teenager). Happy Father’s Day!
  5. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day. Thanks for showing the rest of us how to be a Dad!
  6. You are a natural father and deserve to be honored today. You give all of yourself to your family 365 days a year, so I hope today will be full of love and joy for you.
  7. I look at you to see what my husband will become, and I’m pleased to see what’s on the horizon.

Messages for a new dad

Being a new dad is exciting, but there’s a big learning curve that comes with fathering a little one. Share in the excitement and offer your encouragement—everyone loves to hear what a great job they are doing (even if all they’ve had a chance to do so far is build a crib)!

  1. Your baby will be here before you know it! Hope this Father’s Day will be the first of many happy ones for you.
  2. You have someone that will look up to you for a lifetime and someone that will make you as proud as ever. Happy First Father’s Day!
  3. You’ve got sticky little kisses and crayon-drawn Father’s Day cards in your future. Lucky you!
  4. I like being able to refer to you as someone’s dad. It just fits you! Happy Father’s Day to the new dad!
  5. You’re doing a great job, new daddy. I can tell from your happy baby.
  6. You are off to a great start as a dad. Happy 1st Father’s Day!
  7. May your first Father’s Day be one to drool over!

Messages for a father figure

Father’s Day isn’t just for your biological dad. It can be the perfect moment to express your gratitude for any father figure in your life. If he’s the “dad” you rely on for advice and comfort, don’t hesitate to send him a warm message on Father’s Day.

  1. You are so full of compassion, love and strength. When we need a strong hand of support in our family, you are always there. I love you for being who you are and for all that you do.
  2. A father is someone who cares and helps and guides you (shared DNA not required).
  3. Having you in my life has made all the difference in the world to me. You’ve influenced me so much throughout the years.
  4. You’ve always gone above and beyond to support me and celebrate important times in my life. That’s why I’m thinking of you with special gratitude on Father’s Day.
  5. I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m thinking of you today. After all, you’ve cared about me like a father.
  6. Happy Father’s Day to the great man who has nurtured my dreams all these years!
  7. You’re the kind of man everyone needs in their lives.

You probably know a few dads that deserve a mention on Father’s Day. Husbands, sons, grandfathers and honorary fathers alike will appreciate the time you took to acknowledge the many ways they show their love. Dads give the greatest gift anyone can give—their unconditional support, love and belief in their children. They give all through the year, so dedicating one day a year in their honor is a wonderful way to express how much they mean to us.

Pairing your Father’s Day message with a personalized gift will ensure that he knows how special he is and make this Father’s Day one he won’t soon forget. With a little thought about his interests and hobbies, you can easily find a gift that will make him smile. Looking for more ideas? Check out some other Father’s Day gifts that will make him smile!

The first influential man in your life was your father. Let him experience how much you appreciate all he’s done for you with a fabulous Father’s Day card!

There are few things that make a father happier than knowing he’s done an excellent job and has his daughter’s love. Being a dad can be difficult, it’s a full-time responsibility and requires plenty of patience. But you know your father did his best, nay, is the best, and you wish to shout it loud enough the whole world hears.

Your father gave you hugs and kisses, stories and love. He’s been your friend, protector, advisor, and co-conspirator. Your dad the finest man you know, and you couldn’t be prouder to have him as your father. Tell your dad how amazing he is and how spectacular his parenting skills are by sending him one of these incredible Happy Father’s Day cards.

1. You’ve been there through my highs and lows, but always made me feel like I could soar! Happy Father’s Day!

Send this Highs and Lows – Happy Father’s Day Card from Daughter

2. No matter how many years go by, Dad, I’ll always be that same little girl who loves you with all her heart. Happy Father’s Day!

Send this That Same Little Girl – Happy Father’s Day Card from Daughter

3. For all the things you do and say, you’ve touched my heart in every way. Happy Father’s Day from Your Daughter!

Send this I Love Dad! – Happy Father’s Day Card from Daughter

4. You always know how to lift me up and make me feel like a star! Happy Father’s Day!

Send this You Always Know – Happy Father’s Day Card from Daughter

5. Silly, sweet, always there to make me smile. That’s why you’ll always be my Prince Charming, Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Send this Silly & Sweet – Happy Father’s Day Card from Daughter

6. Father’s Day hug is coming for you! Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever!

Send this A Big Hug is Coming! Happy Father’s Day Card

7. Happy Father’s Day to My Awesome Dad! Your voice in my head has always guided me. I love you, Dad. Thanks for never steering me wrong.

Send this Your Voice Has Guided Me- Happy Father’s Day Card

8. Roses Are Blue Fathers Are Cool Thanks To You, I Know How To Rule. Happy FATHER’S DAY

Send this Shape the Future Together – Happy Father’s Day Card

9. Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for always making me smile, Dad! You’re incredible.

Send this To my Incredible Dad – Happy Father’s Day Card

10. As much as I have grown, I know I’ll always be your little princess and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s to you, Dad. Happy FATHER’S DAY

Send this Have a Spectacular Day! Happy Father’s Day Card

11. Happy Father’s Day. You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone to build up mine. You’ve fostered my creativity. You’ve helped me learn. There is no one else who can come close to your superior fathering skills. Love ya, Dad!

Send this To the Best Team – Happy Father’s Day Card

12. Best Dad. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. I’d be lost without you in my life, Dad. Thanks for showing me the world and giving me the tools I need to navigate it. Love you tons!

Send this I’d Be Lost Without You – Happy Father’s Day Card

13. Happy Father’s Day to My Sweet Dad! You might grill a mean burger, but you’re the nicest father I know. Let’s celebrate you today!

Send this Share Your Love! Happy Father’s Day Card

14. Happy Father’s Day. To the best father in the world, I hope you have a day of laughter and love!

Send this To the Best Father in the World – Happy Father’s Day Card

15. Happy Father’s Day. My taste in music, my sense of adventure, my desire to explore. They all make up a part of me and they’ve all come from you. Thank you for being the best part of me, Dad.

Send this Thank You for Being the Best – Happy Father’s Day Card

You are honored to be your father’s daughter. You love him with your entire heart, and you need to make sure he knows that. So this June, send your dad one of our best Father’s Day cards. It’s the perfect way to tell him is the best father in the world and that you are a lucky person to have been born his daughter.

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These Quotes for Father’s Day might have you thinking about dear old Dad!

The world wouldn’t be the same place without fathers. It is the sacrifices and hard work by fathers that have made the world a safer place to live. Father’s Day is dedicated to that man in your life who is constantly striving to make this world a better place for his family.

Whether it is your own father or a loved one or a friend who has been a great father, this is the time to let them know how much they matter – to their family, to the people around them and to this whole world. Below are some lovely Father’s Day quotes and sayings for your father and other dads.

Father’s Day Quotes and Sayings

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.
Ruth E. Renkel

A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he meant to be.
Carol Coats

To her, the name of father was another name for love.
Fanny Fern

Funny Father’s Day Quotes

We wondered why when a child laughed, he belonged to Daddy, and when he had a sagging diaper that smelled like a landfill, ‘He wants his mother.’
Erma Bombeck

I’ve been to war. I’ve raised twins. If I had a choice, I’d rather go to war.
George W. Bush

I have always had the feeling I could do anything and my dad told me I could. I was in college before I found out he might be wrong.
Ann Richards

Remember: What dad really wants is a nap. Really.
Dave Barry

It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn’t.
Barbara Kingsolver

Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.
Jack Handy


The thing to remember about fathers is… they’re men. A girl has to keep it in mind: They are dragon-seekers, bent on improbable rescues. Scratch any father, you find someone chock-full of qualms and romantic terrors, believing change is a threat, like your first shoes with heels on, like your first bicycle…
Phyllis McGinley

The place of the father in the modern suburban family is a very small one, particularly if he plays golf.
Bertrand Russell

Father Days quotes for Husband

Happy First Father’s Day — Being a father is the most important job a man will ever have.

Even though this is only the beginning, it’s easy to see our baby loves you just as much as I do. Happy Father’s Day

For My Husband I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have you for my husband. When you came into my life I knew you were God’s choice for me.

I love being with you and cherish you spending time with our children. Wishing happy Father’s Day to a caring husband and dad!

On this Father’s Day I want you to know that I love raising our family with you! I cannot imagine of anyone else in your place.

Real heroes in this world are men like you who would do anything to make a difference in their child’s life.

The only thing better than having you as a husband is for our children to have you as a dad.

Quotes for Father’s Day

The greatest thing a father can do for his children, is to love their mother.
Anjaneth Garcia Untalan

I’ve had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started.
Bartrand Hubbard

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.
Billy Graham

My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.
Clarence Budington Kelland

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.
Johann Schiller

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.
Jewish Proverb

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.
Pam Brown

Step Dad Quotes

No matter mother or father or either or neither; in the end, we all grow up. Yet because of you, my stepfather, I grew up to become a man.
Gerardo Campbell

To me you are a
Priceless commodity.
A wealth of wisdom
You’ve been to me.

You may not be my biological father, but you’re the one that I’m proud to call my dad. Thank you for being the best dad in the world.

I never got to choose you. You just became my ‘dad.’ So I’m grateful to my mother. For the great taste that she had.

You always have
An open mind
A better stepdad
I could never find.

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.

It takes a strong man to accept somebody else’s children and step up to the plate another man left on the table….
Ray Johnson

Step parents are not around to replace a biological parent, rather to augment a child’s life experience.
Azriel Johnson

Happy Father’s Day Video

A man’s children and his garden both reflect the amount of weeding done during the growing season.

Not only are your kids lucky to have you for a dad. I was lucky to have you for a brother first!

It is much easier to become a father than to be one.
Kent Nerburn

I always knew that you’d make a fantastic dad. So glad to say, “I told you so!”

There are so many things that I thought you would become none of which was one of the world’s greatest dads.

Happy Father’s Day to a great brother and dad! Warm thoughts of you are filling my mind and my heart.

It’s still hard for me to believe that somebody actually calls you ‘Dad’. I always preferred “knuckle-head.”

You’re a great guy. You make our family happy, and you are an awesome dad.

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Quotes for Father’s Day image

From Daughter

Fathers, be good to your daughters. You are the god and the weight of her world.
Robert Orben

To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m waiting until tomorrow to ask you to babysit.

There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s words when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself.
John Gregory Brown

Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.

Someday I will find my prince but my Dad will always be my King.

A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.
Enid Bagnold

It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.
Anne Sexton

Daddy’s Girl

Fathers, be your daughter’s first love and she’ll never settle for anything less.

A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.

They say that from the instant he lays eyes on her, a father adores his daughter. Whoever she grows up to be, she is always to him that little girl in pigtails. She makes him feel like Christmas.

A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be.

Dear Daddy, no matter where I go in life, you’ll always be my number one man.

People see Archie Bunker everywhere. Particularly girls; poor girls, rich girls, all kinds of girls are always coming up to me and telling me that Archie is just like their dad.
Carroll O’Connor

Tip: These Father’s Day quotes make great inserts into notes and cards.

#1 Dad

Guns don’t kill people; dads with pretty daughters do.

Some people don’t believe in heroes but they haven’t met my dad!

It no longer bothers me that I may be constantly searching for father figures; by this time, I have found several and dearly enjoyed knowing them all.
Alice Walker

There will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside of us. One of those men is my father.

It was my father who taught me to value myself. He told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life.
Dawn French

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!

Dad = A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.

– Mike O’Halloran

In addition to being a curator of quotes, Mike is an author, inventor, and entrepreneur. He and his wife have four daughters. He has received an estimated 100 Father’s Day cards through the years.

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