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15 Beautiful Easter Food Decoration Ideas, Edible Decorations for Holiday Tables

Beautiful Easter decoration ideas add fun and joy to festive activities and make wonderful spring holiday exciting and interesting. Edible decorations turn delicious and meaningful Easter food into colorful art masterpieces, adding gorgeous and surprising details to Easter table decor.

Food decoration is an important part of preparing for holiday parties and special events. Food decorations is a way to express your talents and delight your family or guests. It is a great tradition to present food in a nice and attractive way, decorating it with colors and creative designs.

Edible decorations help a great deal in enhancing meal presentations. Pleasant food design and decoration ideas transform simple and boring food into attractive and appetizing, especially for kids. Bright, well-decorated food not only looks more beautiful and appealing, but also tastes better, positively affecting kids mood and bringing more joy.

Edible decorations for Easter

Food decoration ideas for Easter, table centerpiece with Easter eggs

10 amazing food decoration ideas, inspired by Easter theme, are excellent for Easter brunch table for kids and adults. These food decoration ideas from professional stylists and amatuer cooks help create amazing meals of simple ingredients, garnish, and present food in a beautiful way, making Easter celebration even more special and delicious.

Easter food decoration ideas can be used for designing your own recipes with eggs, carrots, ham and herbs. Easter food decorating inspirations can be easy applied for garnishing your favorite meals, offering symbolic and colorful Easter ideas for spring holiday tables.

Nest-like table centerpiece, edible decorations for Easter

Egg-shaped, carrot-like food and edible decorations that look like nests with bird eggs or Easter Bunnies are unique and interesting ways of presenting Easter food that you with your family and friends will love to eat.

Food design and edible decorations, 20 sweet Easter ideas for table decoration

15 Easter ideas for simple table centerpieces and gifts, handmade nests with Easter eggs

Putting an accent on food decoration and meal presentation add more style and elegance to spring holiday tables. Use these food decoration inspirations and prepare tasty Easter food nice for eyes.

Easter Bunny sandwich, edible decorations for Easter table

Serving surprising and pleasant food at your Easter brunch, garnishing dishes for little kids or adults that are healthy and attractive are excellent Easter ideas that create festive spring holiday tables and add more fun and joy to Easter celebration.

Easter egg decorations and centerpieces, 15 creative Easter ideas

Shamrock Easter table centerpieces

Food design and decoration ideas for Easter table

by Ena Russ

Give your child a chance to play with his or her food by making these fun, edible crafts.

Engaging in simple crafting is a great way for your preschooler to learn to follow directions, practice fine motor skills and cultivate his or her imagination. These easy crafts range from open-ended activities that spur creativity to projects with step-by-step instructions that result in cute (and tasty!) creatures. Whether it’s a rainy day or your child is just feeling crafty, look for opportunities to create some of the edible art below.


Peanut butter–sandwich monkey

Make your own first or use the photo above as a model for your little one to create a cute monkey using the classic combination of bread, peanut butter, a banana and raisins.

  • For the face, top the bottom of one slice of bread with half of another slice of bread that you’ve cut in a curved line.
  • For the ears, take the remaining half of the second slice of bread, cut out two small circles and then cut the circles in half with a curved line. Then top each ear with half a slice of banana and place them next to the first slice of bread to create ears.
  • Add peanut butter as desired and use raisins to make the eyes, nose and mouth.


Edible necklace or bracelet

Use string plus any O-shaped candy, cereal, or other food items to make bracelets or necklaces. Bonus if it’s colorful!


Edible finger paint

Make your own finger paint at home using cornstarch, water and food dye. It doesn’t taste great, but it’s inexpensive, easy and fun.


Graham-cracker house

Use graham crackers and a binder (glue or something edible such as peanut butter or royal icing) to build a house. Take it a step further and create a small village using crumbled chocolate cookies for dirt, broccoli for trees and… well, use your imagination for the rest!


Custom potato stamps

Cut a potato in half and push a cookie cutter in the shape of your choice all the way into the cut side. Use a paring knife to cut off the potato outside of the cookie cutter. Use the homemade stamp and paint to make pictures or patterns.


Pita-and-hummus duck

Like the peanut butter–sandwich monkey above, this craft offers a good opportunity to practice following directions. Also, the pita, hummus, carrots and olives make a great snack.

  • For the body, cut a pita in half.
  • For the head, cut a small circle out of the second half of the pita.
  • Cut another round and halve it for the wing.
  • Top with hummus, using a slice of olive for an eye and the tip of a carrot for a beak.


Edible flowers

Flowers come in simple shapes and every color, so they are perfect for creating out of whatever foods you have on hand. Make one or two to give your child the idea, then let him or her run with whatever ingredients can be found in the fridge or pantry.


Grape-and-toothpick structures

I’ve seen these made using marshmallows instead of grapes, but I love a healthy substitute! Assemble a structure for your little ones to re-create or have them make their own.

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Beat Summer Boredom with 11 Edible Crafts for Kids

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These fun edible crafts for kids are just the thing for fighting boredom—and hangry tantrums too—all summer long and on through the school year.

Does the whiny pitch of “I’m booooored,” fill you with dread? You could be like my dad and answer with “Well, I’ve got some chores for you to do. Are you still bored?” and that solved that. Or you can take on the responsibility of entertaining your child 24/7. There’s a middle ground, of course. And some of it lies in the kitchen, where you can use food crafts to occupy your children, rather than the TV or whatever digital technology you use.

Try some of these tips. This food might not be the healthiest, but it’s not healthy for them when you lose your temper, either. You know what else is healthy? Fun. Relaxing a little. And engaging in new activities that require thinking in different ways. You can achieve all these virtues in one edible craft idea. Go ahead, see what happens.

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1. Easy Edible Construction Trucks

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Meet The Merry Merry Haulers! 60 second recipe and super cutie! #christmas #hershey #rolo #yummy

A post shared by HANDMADE CHARLOTTE (@handmadecharlotte) on Dec 7, 2015 at 7:24pm PST

Use wafer cookies, pretzels, and Rolo candies to make these adorable trucks—and then devour them, if you can bear to. Get the Easy Edible Construction Trucks recipe.

2. Healthy Candy Necklace

Forgive us this one healthy idea. You can still use jelly beans or M&Ms if you insist, but this recipe suggests stringing dried fruit, yogurt-covered raisins, and Cheerios together for a more nutritious twist on the classic candy necklace. You can also go the full meal route as shown above, with fresh fruit, cheese, and meat sticks (all-natural, of course). You could end up with a 24-carrot design. Get the Healthy Candy Necklace recipe.

3. Homemade Edible Finger Paint

This is actually pretty healthy too. Use yogurt or sour cream as the base and spices or brightly colored juices for pigment. Your toddler can play with the paints by smearing them all over their highchair tray and face, and your older children can paint actual pictures, or modern abstract art if that’s their thing. Get the Edible Finger Paint recipe.

Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Raspberries, $5.29 on Amazon

You can also try blending dehydrated fruit into vibrant powders to color your paints.

Buy Now

4. Edible Play Dough

I (almost) want to make this for myself! So much better than the nontoxic store-bought play dough. Sure, your kid won’t be poisoned from it, but this stuff is actual food, although very sugary food. Get the Edible Frosting Play Dough recipe, or the Edible Marshmallow Play Dough recipe.

5. Edible Slime

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Tag a friend who loves slime! This edible slime tastes amazing, who wants some? 🌈😋 😍🌈 ———

A post shared by Honey Rose 💕 (@honeyroseloves) on Mar 20, 2019 at 8:30am PDT

If Play Dough seems rather quaint and just doesn’t cut it these days, try an edible slime recipe instead.

6. Rainbow Jar Science Experiment

Most of these activities have to do with art, but science is important too. A couple of this recipe’s items are not edible, but the others are. Your kid can learn about density, and how different liquids have different weights. Cool. (For a fully edible—well, drinkable—version, try this Fibonacci Lemonade recipe.) Get the Rainbow Jar recipe.

7. Rainbow Bread Painting

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ART YOU CAN EAT is such fun! Check out our easy EDIBLE PAINT RECIPE and get the kids busy creating their own RAINBOW BREAD MASTERPIECES. https://kidscraftroom.com/edible-paint-recipe-rainbow-bread/

A post shared by Emma Smith (@kidscraftroom) on Jul 5, 2019 at 9:39pm PDT

A little gel food coloring, granulated white sugar, white bread, and paint brushes do can provide a novel way to have fun that regular painting can’t. Get the Rainbow Bread Painting recipe. (In the same realm of toast art, you can also let kids make cute animals on their toast with sliced fruit or veggies—sort of like edible Colorforms.)

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8. Tie-Dye Eggs

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A post shared by Mamaguru (@mamaguru) on Mar 23, 2017 at 11:30am PDT

They’ve gotta get some protein in, so make hard boiled eggs and combine the arts of Chinese tea eggs and Easter egg dyeing for these eye-catching snacks. Call them dragon eggs or dinosaur eggs if it’ll help entice the kiddos. Get the Tie-Dye Egg recipe.

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9. Edible Unicorn Horns

Rachel Johnson

Okay, so we’re back to basically pure sugar, but these are definitely a fun project that kids will enjoy making (from Jell-O, lemon-lime soda, and powdered sugar), playing with afterward, and then eventually eating. Get the Edible Unicorn Horn recipe. And if you have more advanced—and patient—children to entertain, make a whole unicorn cake!

10. Ice Cream In a Bag

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Genius ice-cream prep when you don’t have an ice-cream maker. Great idea for the hot weather. Me likey! #icecreaminabag #friday #weekendvibes Repost @cook.recipes

A post shared by Kitchen Anonymous (@kitchenanonymous) on Mar 29, 2019 at 4:29am PDT

Speaking of sugar, kids also love ice cream, but you’re not going to let them mess with your precious ice cream maker, nor would that probably be much fun for them. But let them make ice cream in a bag and they’ll get multiple benefits: a bit of a workout, a lesson in culinary science, and a frozen treat in the bargain.

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11. Edible Insect Snacks

Not that kind of edible insects—though if your kids like snacking on crickets, count your blessings (as long as they’re eating bugs intended to be consumed, that is). These adorable bug-shaped snacks are made from veggies, cream cheese, and all-natural deli meats and are a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen and excited about eating healthy food. Get the Veggie Bug Snacks recipe.

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10 delicious and totally easy holiday food crafts for kids.

At Cool Mom HQ, we’re suckers for easy crafts that keep the kids busy, especially during the holidays. But the Cool Mom Eats team? Well, we say if you take time to craft it, you should be able to eat it. These 10 easy, delicious holiday food crafts for kids are ridiculously cute and do not require an MFA. In fact, even preschoolers will be able to complete them with just a little help. Until the sugar kicks in, that is.

So, load up on candy and clear off the table. These edible crafts are going to be holiday-memory-making at its best.

Top: Marshmallow snowman | It’s Always Autumn

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The chocolate does all the work on these simple Rudolph Pretzels at Brite and Bubbly, so even your youngest kids can make their own with hardly any help.

These Marshmallow Snowflakes at Delineate Your Dwelling are so sophisticated. Perfect for your kids’ swanky holiday party, right? Younger kids can skewer marshmallows onto individual toothpicks while you put them all together, or bigger kids can make these completely on their own while you warm up the hot cocoa. So pretty!

These Candy Dreidels at Tori Avey are made with Nutella, so they’re surely as delicious as they are cute. For a holiday that already has some pretty awesome food, it just got even tastier.

Related: Stop everything and make these cool pop-culture gingerbread cookies right now.

Yay for the easiest, no-cook food craft ever! If you are in charge of activities for a preschool or young elementary classroom party, make these Ice-Cream Cone Christmas Trees at Craftaholics Anonymous. Or just make them at home. Because we can get into some icing and M&Ms too.

Have your kids make these Powdered Donut Snowmen at Worth Pinning, and serve them for breakfast on Christmas morning with some milk and coffee. If you can wait that long to eat them, that is.

Oh, the slime obsession is strong in my house. So an edible slime recipe using Christmas colors or this edible candy cane play dough at 123 Homeschool 4 Me (pictured) would really help pass the time while my kids are “patiently” waiting for Christmas to come.

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Bake up a batch of these round sugar cookies (or buy some at the market) and let your kids get creative decorating them like these Sugar Cookie Ornaments at Your Cup of Cake. For another variation: Cut out brownies with a Christmas tree cookie cutter and decorate. Yum!

I cannot even handle how cute these Marshmallow Snowman are at It’s Always Autumn. While the hot chocolate is warming up, let your kids make their own snow men to chill in the chocolate goodness. These have “Instagrammable” written all over them.

These marshmallow candles at Hungry Happenings were originally intended for a birthday cake, but I say go ahead and make eight of them inspired by menorah candles. Eight crazy — and tasty — nights! (Nine, actually, if you count the shamash!)

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If baking fresh gingerbread and painstakingly cutting it into pieces that will form a structurally sound building doesn’t sound like a fun craft to you, try this edible log house at SheKnows instead. It’s a bit time consuming, but pretty darn easy and a fun twist on the classic that kids can actually manage. I’ve also seen a gingerbread house alternative made with sugar cubes, which gives a magical, snowy effect — though no, kids, you cannot eat it.

Tags: christmas, cooking with kids, dessert, entertaining, hanukkah, holidays, kids crafts, no-cook, party ideas, winter

Tags: christmas, cooking with kids, dessert, entertaining, hanukkah, holidays, kids crafts, no-cook, party ideas, winter

17 Eggstrordinary Easter Food Ideas

Easter Food,Easter Food Ideas,Easter Party

How do you celebrate Easter in your family? Do you have an Easter party or special meal? Here is a round up of Easter themed food ideas, some of which are quite eggstrordinary! 😉

1. Bunny Rolls

Your kids will love these cute bunny rolls!

2. Killer Bunny

These cookies are hilarious – they made me laugh! I love the expressions on the carrots.

3. Cake Pops

These gorgeous cake pops would make such a beautiful centrepiece for your Easter celebration.

4. Little Chick Cookies

Make a batch of these lemon Easter chick cookies and watch them disappear!

5. Rabbit Fairy Bread

Using a rabbit shaped cookie cutter, try this simple and effective idea of cutting out a window in this fairy bread sandwich.

6. Hatching Eggs

How adorable are these hatching eggs!

7. Cheese and Cracker Chicks

A cute idea for those who love food art! These cheese and cracker chicks will be a hit with the kids.

8. Easter Oreo Pops

Oreo pops are so easy to make – dip Oreos into chocolate and decorate them with bunny and chick faces.

9. Pretzel Chicks and Bunnies

Easy to make, these pretzel chicks and bunnies might not last long.

10. White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes

These Easter egg cupcakes are too perfect to eat!

11. Carrot Cake

How clever is this carrot cake! Puts another meaning on asking for some carrot cake!

12. Bunny Bait

Do you leave any goodies for the Easter Rabbit? Your little ones will love helping you put together some bunny bait.

13. Little Chick Cupcakes

I love how these Easter chick cupcakes are slightly different and take on a different personality!

14. Bunny Pancakes

Some bunny will love you very much for serving bunny pancakes for Easter breakfast.

15. Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs

Growing up in the 80’s, one of my fondest memories is deviled eggs! These little chick deviled eggs look delicious!

16. Easter Bark

If you are a chocolate lover, you will love this Easter bark with white chocolate, milk chocolate and chocolate biscuit!

17. Easter Nest

Make this (slightly!) healthier version of an Easter nest using rolled oats and top with some candy coated Easter eggs.

We hope you will enjoy this Easter using some of these ideas for your celebration. Happy Easter!


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