Games for valentines day

This collection of the best Valentine’s Day games includes everything from Valentine’s Day classroom games to Valentine’s day party games for big groups! Free printable games, Valentine’s Day games for kids, Valentine’s Day games for couples, and pretty much everything you could think of!

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Active Valentine’s Day Games

These are my favorite kind of games – the Valentine’s Day games that get you up and moving around! Either you’re doing something active or interacting with other people, but no matter what – these games will be fun!

Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It Games

These 14 Valentine’s Day party games (minute to win it games) from Play Party Plan are pretty much the funniest games you’ll find, definitely my favorites!

Or if you’re playing with adults, these chick flick inspired minute to win it games from Play Party Plan would be an even better option!

Pin the Heart on the Fox

This cute pin the heart on the fox game seriously couldn’t be any cuter! Foxes, hearts, cuteness. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Cupid’s Arrow Q-Tip Shoot

This cupid arrow’s Q-tip shoot game is designed for kids but could totally be a game for a Galentine’s Day party too! Let kids pretend to be cupid, or was it Q-pid.

Valentine’s Day Family Feud

This Valentine’s Day family feud game would be so fun for either a family Valentine’s Day celebration or even a classroom one for older kids! Ten different Valentine’s Day themed questions like “words that rhyme with love.”

Cupid’s Arrow Toss

This cupid arrow’s toss game from Playground Park Bench is a great way to incorporate practicing numbers and hand eye coordination. Want to use it as a game for adults? Take a step back and blindfold them!

Heart Bean Bag Toss

Set up this Valentine’s Day heart bean bag toss for a simple game that become more challenging by where you toss the hearts from!

Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

Next up are Valentine’s Day games for kids because they’re the easiest and probably the type of games you need the most since Valentine’s Day classroom parties are huge!

These games would work both for Valentine’s Day classroom parties or even just at home with your own kids. They’re all simple enough that young kids could play them but fun enough that they’d work for older kids as well!

Valentine’s Day Memory Game

This Valentine’s Day memory game from Play Party Plan is a simple, fun, and educational game for kids!

Conversation Heart Pick Up

Have kids use chopsticks to try and pick up conversation hearts in this fun conversation heart pick up game from The Tiny Tiara. If you’re playing with younger kids, forget about having a winner and just let kids eat the conversation hearts they’re able to pick up in the time frame!

Musical Hearts

Get kids moving to music with this simple musical hearts game from Teach Mama.

Heart is Bursting Punch Board

This Heart is Bursting punch board from Balancing Home would be a fun way to give kids treats at a classroom party! I did something similar for Thanksgiving with The Gratitude Game and it was a huge hit!

Valentine’s Day Board Game

This cooperative Valentine’s Day board game from Houts Home has kids working together to deliver valentines! Co-op games are my favorite, in case you couldn’t tell from my list of the best board games ever!

Heart Hopscotch

This heart hopscotch game from Toddler Approved is another fun way to get kids moving in a creative Valentine’s Day themed way!

Valentine’s Day Bingo

Print out these unique Valentine bingo cards from Play Party Plan! Perfect for kids or adults!

Heart Race Game

This simple heart race game from Little Family Fun could be really funny and only needs a spoon, bowl, and some felt hearts!

Valentine’s Day Seek & Find

Kids will love these Valentine’s Day seek and find cards – I know my son did!

Be Mine Valentine

This Be Mine Valentine game from The Unlikely Homeschool uses a dice and conversation hearts for a fun time!

This Valentine’s Day cupid arrow toss game would be great for a classroom party!

Printable Valentine’s Day Games

These games are probably the easiest in the bunch; they’re the ones you can just print and go. Download the file, print the file, and pass it out to whoever is playing. I put together a list that includes printable games for kids but also printable Valentine’s Day games for adults because those tend to be the people I play with the most!

Want a bunch of printable Valentine’s Day games all in one place? Check out this Valentine’s Day game bundle that comes with FIVE different printable games including 40 unique bingo cards, a scavenger hunt, memory game, and more all in one printable bundle!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Kids will absolutely love this free printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt from Play Party Plan.

Love Song Guessing Game

This printable Love Song game from Play Party Plan has players trying to guess the name of popular romantic songs.

Love Story Guessing Game

This printable Love Story game has players from Play Party Plan trying to guess the name of a mixed up popular romance movie!

This Valentine bingo cards from Play Party Plan comes with 40 unique cards – perfect for classroom games, parties, or a fun night at home!

Conversation Heart Bingo

If regular bingo doesn’t work for you, then how about this cute Conversation Heart Bingo game from Create Craft Love?

This Valentine’s Day memory game from Play Party Plan is a simple, fun, and educational game for kids!

Roll & Cover

This Valentine’s Day roll and cover dice game from Happiness is Homemade is a fun one for kids or adults!

Word Scramble

Let kids or adults try to figure out the most words in this Valentine’s Day word scramble from Lilacs and Charcoal.


This printable Valentine’s Day MASH game from Emmy Does Design will take you back to middle school!

Matching Game

All you need for this fun Valentine’s Day Matching game from Creations by Kara are some chocolate kisses and the free printables.

Heart to Heart

This Heart to Heart printable game from Say Not Sweet Anne is another fun one that could be great for adults!

Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

Printable Valentine’s Day mad lib from Creative Living in the Burbs will have everyone laughing after you fill in the blanks!

What’s the Project? There are tons of great reasons to celebrate during the month of love, so whether it’s for a class party, at home with the kids or you’re having friends over, here are 50+ Valentine’s Day Party Ideas to get you started! Games, decorations, crafts, and food!

Valentine’s Day is next week. Are you ready for it? That sounds sort of dumb, but the truth is, holidays, even the smaller ones, can get very busy!

I’ve found myself in charge of a treat for one class, a craft for another and the whole party for a third. Not to mention getting Valentines ready for my boys to hand out and the toddler party I am hosting at my house earlier in the week. And then there’s thinking of something to do for my 5 little Valentines (love having 5 boys who call me the love of their life).

It’s time to get planning. So I thought while I was searching for easy and fun Valentine’s Day Party Ideas, I might as well pull them together and share them with you!

50 Valentine Party Ideas:

I’m going to break this down into categories to make it easier-crafts, games, favors, and treats so that you can find exactly what you need. Let’s start with Valentine Crafts:

Valentine Craft Ideas:

Need Valentine craft ideas for your party? Give these a try!

Valentine Robots:

Pom Pom Monsters:

Valentine Coloring Pages:

Love U Hand Prints:

Valentine Butterfly:

Pencil Topper:

Bee Mine Bumble Bee:

Love Bugs:

Fruit Loop Hearts:

Paper Airplane Valentines:

TP Roll Butterflies:

Valentine Game Ideas:

OK, how about if you need to plan some games? Here are a bunch of great Valentine’s games to play at your party!

Valentine’s Bingo Game:

Free Printable Valentine’s Game Pack:

Candy Corn Stick Up:

Conversation Heart Stacking:

Tic Tac Toe:

Conversation Heart Bingo:

Heart Relay Race:

Valentine’s Memory Game:

Musical Hearts:

Heart Hop Scotch:

Valentine’s Mad Libs:

Valentine Treat/Snack Ideas:

Drink Box Wrappers:

Tons of Treat Ideas:

Marshmallow Heart Pops:

Cheesecake Pops:

Dipped Vanilla Wafers:

Valentine Trains:

Valentine Lions:

White Chocolate Bark Bites:

Rock Candy:

Heart Pizzas:

Cookie Ornaments:

Love Butterfly:

Valentine Party Favors:

Free Printable Bookmarks:

Free Printable Treat Bags:

Crayon Boxes:

OK, if that’s not a lot of Valentine’s Day party ideas, I don’t know what is! Hopefully, that has helped you plan your Valentine party!

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Cute Valentine Ideas:

Valentine’s Candy Wreath:

Get kids up and moving with some activities to balance out the sugar high from too many Valentine treats.

Conversational relay
Divide the group into two or three teams. Have all the teams, one child at a time, carry conversation hearts across the room from one bowl to another bowl using a pair of chopsticks (easy) or by sucking them up with a straw (harder). If a child drops his heart along the way, he has to go back to the beginning and start the race over.

Broken hearts
Make copies of our broken heart printables onto several sheets of card stock and cut out the designs. Then cut designs apart along the lines indicated. Break kids into teams of three or four and have them piece together the puzzle hearts. Whichever team puts their broken heart together fastest wins.

A perfect match
Cut out heart shapes from construction paper and write a famous word pair on each heart (such as “peanut butter / jelly” or “salt / pepper”), then cut apart the hearts into two pieces with one word on each piece. Mix up all the pieces, and then hand each child one piece. Then the children have to find their match.

Leaning towers
Have children build tall towers using conversation hearts. They can race against the clock, and the child with the highest tower (that hasn’t toppled over) when the time is up wins. Kids will want to play this again and again.

Torn hearts
Draw a heart onto a sheet of paper and make copies for every kid in the classroom. Now have all the kids hold the paper behind their backs and try to tear it out along the lines as best they can—but no peeking. Whoever has the paper that looks most like a heart wins.

Under sweet wraps
Bring several pairs of mittens and some wrapped candy for this dexterity race. Divide the kids into two or three teams and have each team sit in a row. Add wrapped candies to bowls, enough so each player on the team gets a candy. The first person on each team puts on a pair of mittens, and takes a piece of candy out of the bowl to unwrap. After he’s unwrapped the candy, he then hands the next kid in line the bowl and the mittens. The first team that unwraps the entire bowlful of candy wins. Here are some candy ideas: Hershey’s Kisses, peppermints or cinnamon disks, or fun-size candy bars.

Spell out some Valentine words or phrases on blank paper and cut them apart at the syllables or words. Mix them all up, and then give one syllable to each child, facedown, until all the syllables have been passed out. No peeking. Then have them find the rest of their mates to form their Valentine word or phrase. Here are some good phrases to use: con-ver-sa-tion hearts • va-len-tine’s day • doz-en ros-es • bow and ar-rows • A-phro-dit-e • hugs and kiss-es.

Heart target practice
Make origami paper airplanes (you can call them “love birds” if the kids will let you) and make a heart-shaped target from masking tape on the floor. Have kids aim at the target and let their birds fly to see which one can land closest to the center of the heart.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to start thinking about gifts, cards and chocolate (if you haven’t been already).

Want to avoid a handmade card fail? Dreading the thought of helping your child write the names of all twenty classmates on those tiny valentines? Looking for a way to get creative with your kid’s valentines without subjecting yourself to hot glue burns?

We’ve got you covered.

From fun cards with a sweet surprise to those must-have Paw Patrol valentines, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest love notes the internet has to offer. And, if you order them early enough, you’ll be binging rom-coms on Netflix the night before the class party instead of attempting DIY valentines for your little loves.

1. Peaceable Kingdom Valentine’s Super Pack

Available in packs of 28, these Valentines come in a variety of themes, from unicorns to paper airplanes. And, at $13 a pack, each kid can pick their favorite variety to hand out to classmates.

2. Playhouse Funny Joke Scratch Off Valentines

Bring some silliness to your child’s Valentine’s Day with these scratch-off joke cards available on Amazon.

3. Kiss Emoji Classroom Valentines

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These personalized classroom valentines from Minted can feature your child’s photo on the back, or a tic-tac-toe game.

4. Dino-mite Eraser Valentine Cards

Your kid’s classmates are bound to roar with delight over these dinosaur valentines, which come with erasers.

5. Fun Dip Candy and Card Valentines

With a pack of 24 valentines and Fun Dip packs, this kit is a pretty sweet deal.

6. American Greetings Sports Valentines

Your child can let their classmates know they’re MVPs with these personalized valentines from American Greetings.

7. Shiny Foil Tattoo Valentines

Instead of candy, the temporary tattoos in this pack make for a fun Valentine’s Day treat. Lightning bolts and hearts make the tattoos extra special.

8. Paw Patrol Valentines

If Ryder, Marshall and Chase are some of your kid’s favorite pups, they’re sure to love these Paw Patrol valentines.

9. Drama Llama Postcard Book

These postcard-sized llama Valentines will make your little drama llama the hit of the Valentine’s Day party.

10. Valentine’s Cards with Mailbox

Grab everything they need in one go with this set of valentines and a festive mailbox for exchanging cards at school. The set includes 32 cards and a separate card for the teacher.

11. Secret Admirer Classroom Valentines

These secret admirer valentines from Minted are an adorable way for your little one to reveal his admiration for his classmates.

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Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday with kids – what’s not to love about celebrating all things love and friendship? If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day printables and Valentine’s Day cards your kids can hand out to their friends, then check out these free downloadable ones! These fun Valentine’s Day cards and printables for kids are sure to be a hit, especially when they see their favorite characters!

Free Valentine’s Day Cards and Printables for Kids

  1. Pocoyo Valentine’s Day Cards
  2. Disney Valentine’s Day Cards
    • Disney Frozen
    • Disney Princesses
    • Toy Story
    • Phineas and Ferb
    • Tangled: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
    • Disney Fairies
    • Mickey and Minnie Cutie
    • Peter Pan
    • Cars 2
    • Lady and the Tramp
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington
    • Wreck-It Ralph and Friends
    • Henry Hugglemonster
  3. Pajanimals Valentine’s Day Cards
  4. Madagascar Valentine’s Day Cards
  5. Despicable Me Valentine’s Day Cards
  6. Winnie the Pooh Valentine’s Day Printable Activity
  7. More Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

1. Pocoyo Valentine’s Day Cards {Printable}

Simply click on each image to print out the card with instructions! (PDF files)

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2. Disney Valentine’s Day Cards {Printable}

Click on each image to print out your Disney character Valentine’s Day cards! (PDF file)

Disney Frozen Valentine’s Cards

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Disney Princesses Valentine’s Cards

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Toy Story Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

Phineas and Ferb Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

Tangled (Rapunzel and Flynn Rider) Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

Disney Fairies Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

Mickey and Minnie Cutie Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

Peter Pan Pop Up Valentine’s Card

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Cars 2 Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

Lady and the Tramp Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack Skellington) Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

Wreck-It Ralph and Friends Valentine’s Cards

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Henry Hugglemonster Valentine’s Cards

{back to top}

3. Pajanimals Valentine’s Day Cards {Printable}

Simply click on image to print out the cards! (PDF file)

{back to top}

4. Madagascar Valentine’s Day Cards

Click on each image to print out the cards or save them to your desktop to use as ecards!

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5. Despicable Me Valentine’s Day Cards {Printable}

Simply click on image to print out the cards! (PDF file)

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6. Winnie the Pooh Valentine’s Day Activity {Printable}

This is such a cute Winnie the Pooh Valentine’s Day activity page from DisneyFamily.com.

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7. More Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids!

  • Olivia Printable Valentine’s Cards
  • Disney Junior Valentine’s Day Card Maker
  • PBS Kids Valentine’s Day Printable Cards, Activities, E-Cards, and Games!

Continue the Valentine’s Day celebration with your kids! Check out these Valentine’s Day children’s books on Amazon.

12 Sweet Valentine’s Day Games for People of All Ages

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Valentine’s Day is a day for love and romance. But who says it can’t be spent playing games with friends, family, or your sweetheart?

From kids’ parties to adult get-togethers, check out these enjoyable Valentine’s Day games that can be played by people of all ages.

Party Games for Kids

Image Credit: Pixelery.com/

Many schools and daycare facilities like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a fun party for the kids. To keep them entertained and enjoying the festivities, these cool party games are ideal.

1. Valentine’s Minute to Win It

Image Credit: Bhofack2/

This cool Valentine’s Day game for kids lets you form a few teams with members working their way through each station. Kids have one minute to complete a different game in each area. Whoever wins the station scores a point for their team. After 15 minutes, tally up the points to see the winning team.

Here are just a few of the games for the stations:

Heart Stack

Get some of those colorful candy hearts and lay them out on a table. Each child must stack as many hearts into one single-file tower as they can within a minute. If a stack falls over, they must begin again. The one with the highest stack gets a point.

Candy Corn Stick-Up

Grab some candy corn (Valentine’s-themed, of course) and a paper or plastic plate. Then, let the kids stand up as many pieces of candy corn on the plate as they can. The one with the most pieces left standing after a minute gets the point.

Candy Pick-Up

Put those candy corns and hearts onto a plate with an empty plate next to it. Then, hand the kids a set of chopsticks and see who can move the most candies from the full plate to the empty one. The point goes to the one with the most moved candies.

For more games that you can add to the Valentine’s Minute to Win It lineup, visit the Makoodle website.

2. Valentine’s Day Pictionary

Using a blackboard or whiteboard, start a game of Valentine’s Day Pictionary. This version is played exactly like the classic one. Divide the kids into two teams and put a list of Valentine’s Day words and phrases into a hat (or bowl).

One child will pull a word or phrase from the hat and draw it for their team to guess. Use a timer if you’d like to limit the time for each team to draw and guess. If they guess right, they get a point and then it’s the other team’s turn to do the same.

Rotate who draws each time until everyone has had a turn. At the end, the team with the most points wins.

3. Valentine’s Day Matchmaker

For a neat printable game, hand out some pencils and see how good the kids are at matching up the famous couples.

Who is the love of Shrek’s life? What character completes Miss Piggy? And who is Mickey Mouse’s significant other?

With characters from cartoons, fairy tales, movies, and television shows, kids just pop in the partner for each name. Purple Trail provides 20 characters on the list with an answer key just in case you aren’t sure yourself. Plus, you can add more couples for even more fun. Whoever guesses the most right wins.

Party Games for Adults

Image Credit: IgorVetushko/

Maybe you’re planning a group gathering of your own when cupid arrives this year. For some great games that adults can play, these options will keep the party going.

4. All Paired Up

This first game could be played at a party for kids as well. But it really fits in great as an adult party ice-breaker, especially for singles.

Cut hearts out of construction paper and then cut or tear each one in half. Try to make those cuts as different as you can. Put all the halves into a bowl and as each guest arrives, have them grab one. Then, throughout the party, the guests must find who has the matching half of their heart.

There isn’t any scoring or winning with this game. But for a large party, it can get conversations (and maybe even relationships) started.

5. Who’s Who?

Who’s Who? is a fun game for movie buffs. Get some sticky notes and something to write with. Then, put the title of a movie onto each one (any of these romantic comedies on Netflix The Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix This Valentine’s Day The Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix This Valentine’s Day Want to Netflix and chill? Here are the best romantic comedies to watch on Netflix, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. Read More would fit the bill perfectly).

As your guests arrive, stick the notes to their backs so they don’t know which movie they have. Throughout the party, guests will ask other guests questions about their movie to see if they can figure out what it is. You can give a prize to the one who guesses first for some extra incentive.

If you like how this game sounds, you could go beyond movies with a different theme too. Try it with romantic song titles or common Valentine’s Day gifts. And speaking of gifts and games, here are the best video game-themed Valentine’s Day gifts 12 Sweet Valentine’s Day Games for People of All Ages 12 Sweet Valentine’s Day Games for People of All Ages From kids’ parties to adult get-togethers, check out these enjoyable Valentine’s Day games for people of all ages. Read More to pick from.

6. Name That Love Song

Speaking of romantic songs, Name That Love Song is a nifty party game. Find the name of some mushy love songs The 50 Best Love Songs to Stream on Valentine’s Day The 50 Best Love Songs to Stream on Valentine’s Day Here are the best love songs to stream this Valentine’s Day, plus an explanation of how to create your own Valentine’s playlists. Read More and write down several lines from each song onto pieces of paper.

Then, when you and your guests are sitting around chatting, start the game. Either give each person a piece of the paper with the song lyrics, or have them pull one out of a hat. Next, have each person read the lyrics in an extremely dramatic way. See which guest can guess the name of the song first.

Have each person read their lyrics and of all the guests, the one with the most correct answers wins.

Mobile Games for Couples

Whether you and your significant other like to work together or prefer playing games to boost your relationship, we have a few mobile games for you. These are specifically for two players, enjoyable, and easy to pick up and play.

7. Dual

Dual is a local two-player game, so you just need your mobile devices and either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can choose from three modes: Duel, Deflect, or Defend. The goal for the Duel mode is to tilt your device to avoid bullets while shooting them at your partner at the same time. See who is the last one standing in this classic mode.

If you would rather work together, the Defend mode lets you team up to take on your attackers. Deflect mode lets you score by curving a ball onto your partner’s screen. Note that Deflect and Defend only come with the full version of the game. But only one person needs that version for both people to play.

Download: Dual for Android | iOS (Free)

8. Red Hands

Red Hands is like the good old game of chicken. This one tests your speed and reflexes using just one device. With one player on each side of the screen, the attacker taps to slap the hand of the defender. The defender must tap to move their hand out of the way at the right time.

The attacker scores for each successful slap of the defender’s hand. The first player to score 10 points is declared the winner.

Download: Red Hands for Android | iOS (Free)

9. Bounden

Bounden is an interesting game where your only choice is to work together. Using one device, you take hold of one end. Then, tilt it as you twirl, spin, and move your body in a dance of love. Your goal is to move the device so that it follows a path of rings.

The game offers tutorial videos starring the Dutch National Ballet, eight different dances, and classical music by Bart Delissen. It’s a great Valentine’s Day game for creating something together. So let the dance begin!

Download: Bounden for Android ($1.99) | iOS ($2.99)

Texting Games for Faraway Friends

Image Credit: Leolintang/

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone and have friends who live far away, these texting games to play with friends 10 Fun Phone Games to Play Over Text With Your Friends 10 Fun Phone Games to Play Over Text With Your Friends Here are some of the best games to play over text right now without needing to download or install anything on your phone. Read More can bring a smile to everyone’s face. These games are simple and fun, and don’t even require an internet connection.

10. Story Time

Story Time is an entertaining texting game to play with a friend or family member. Plus, you can play with more than two people.

One person begins by texting the other a word or sentence. The other person replies with a word or sentence building off of that word. The point is to create a story together.

You can use a theme if you like. Maybe you would both love a mystery story, heroic adventure, or simple comedy. Or just make it a surprise based on each other’s contributions. No matter what, the story is sure to become an entertaining one.

11. Take a Trip

Take a Trip is a word game. One person starts by texting “I am going to X and am taking X.” Both words that replace the X must start with the letter A.

The next person takes their turn doing the same thing by filling in the blanks, but must use the letter B. The game continues until you make your way through the whole alphabet. Just think about the hilarious combinations you can each come up with for this texting game. Good luck when you hit those tough letters!

12. Stack Words

Stack Words is another awesome texting game to play on Valentine’s Day. The first person starts by texting a word within a category that both choose together, like food, cars, or cities.

Your pal takes their turn to text a word in that category, but it must start with the last letter of your word. For example, if the category is cities, you might text Chicago. Your friend’s response must start with the letter O, so they may reply with Orlando.

The game can continue on as long as no one gets stuck. So, it could take days or even longer. But you can chat along the way and have fun at the same time.

Play Some Games This Valentine’s Day

No matter what your plans are this Valentine’s Day, you can have a blast by playing these games. Whether with friends, family, your significant other, or a potential love match.

And if you’re looking for more ways to get into the Valentine’s Day mood, take a look at these sites for free electronic Valentine’s cards The 6 Best Sites for Free Electronic Valentine Cards The 6 Best Sites for Free Electronic Valentine Cards When you forget to get the love of your life a thoughtful card, don’t panic. Send a free electronic card from these websites. Read More .

Image Credit: avemario/

Pangolins are the world’s only scaly mammal. The eight species of pangolin that roam the wilds of Asia and Africa are strong swimmers who rely on their long tongues and heightened sense of smell to find nourishment.

Sadly however, pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world, and all 8 species face a significant threat from poachers and smugglers. Check out the World Wildlife Fund to learn more about the the pangolin’s plight and to support WWF’s efforts to save the pangolin and other endangered species.​

Today’s featured species: Giant pangolin

Native to: Africa

Day 1: Ghana

On a sunny morning in Ghana, the ingredients for pangolin love are falling into place.

Don’t let its hard outer scales fool you: inside, our friend Pangolin is a big softie, pining over a long-distance romance. Now, the letter this pangolin’s been waiting for has arrived! Pangolin’s sweetheart wants to meet for real, and it’s ready to roll across the globe to make it happen.

But wait! Pangolin can’t arrive empty-clawed. What’s the ideal gift for a mate? What makes for the perfect date? Pangolin decides to ask its friends around the globe for advice.

“If you want to make a sweet impression, the recipe is simple,” says the giant pangolin. Collect cocoa beans for a delectable dessert!

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games 


No matter your age, parties and fun are always appealing. So why not make this Valentine’s Day one for the books. Take all the pressure of planning an ultra-romantic night or scrambling to find a date, off of your shoulders and just have fun. Call up some friends, put out some finger foods, maybe some drinks and let the fun begin. To make things even easier and more entertaining I have gathered up some great games to get everyone smiling and laughing.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
Who’s Who?

You will need sticker paper and a marker for this game. Write down the name of at least twenty romance films, Titanic, Love Actually, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Notebook, etc., on the stickers. As your guests arrive put one on their back. Throughout the party they can ask questions about their movie but no one can reveal the answer. Once they have guessed correctly you can award them a small prize.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
Lover’s Line-Up

This game is about seeing how well your partner knows you. For this, you will need to prepare a list of random questions for each guest to answer on a separate piece of paper. For example, what is your favorite thing to do when alone? Or, if you want to make the game a little more interesting you can ask saucier questions like, what is your favorite part of your partner’s body?

The guests will write down their answers and put their name on the paper. No one is to discuss their answers. The host will then have a couple sit in a chair back to back. Keep each couples answers together. Now, take turns asking them the questions and seeing if they can guess correctly what it was their partner said. The couple with the most correct answers wins.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games

As your guests arrive, have pens and paper set out. Have each couple write down some funny or interesting facts about their relationship. For example, we met at the grocery store or we only dated for a month before we were married, any little facts will work. Have them fold them up and put them in a bowl. Once everyone has arrived, hand each couple a paper and pen and read off the facts on the papers, one by one. The guests are to then write down which couple they believe it pertains to. It makes for great conversation pieces throughout the party.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
Cupid’s Challenge

You will need stickers, any type will do, for this game. The purpose of this game is to watch what you say. Pick key words that your guests are forbidden from saying. Anything to do with Valentine’s Day will work, like; love, heart, dating, single….etc. Each time someone says one of the words, they get a sticker on them. The guest with the most stickers at the end of the party loses and is crowned cupid.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
Name that Love Song

Pick out several lines from love songs and write them down on sheets of paper. You can use old songs like “I Will Survive”, “Baby I Love Your Way” or more current songs like “Your Body Is a Wonderland” and “Love You like a Love Song.” Give each guest a song and they are to do a dramatic reading of the song. Have the other players try to guess the name of the song. The one with the most correct guesses wins.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
Poet Showdown

Write 20-30 romantic or enticing words on cards, words like hugging, lips, passion, etc. Now write 20-30 realistic relationship words, words like bad morning breath, snoring, passing gas, etc. Have each player pick one of each card without peaking at them. Now they have ten minutes to come up with a love poem using those words. Once completed, they are to read it aloud and trust me this makes for great entertainment.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
Blind Date

Have the women go into a separate room from the men and blindfold both the men and women. Guide the women back into the room with the men. Now the couples have to try to find one another. There is no talking or anything to hint at who is who. The first couple to find each other wins.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
Be My Valentine

Pick one person to be blindfolded and have everyone else gather around them in a circle. Hand a box of chocolates to one of the guests in the circle and have them begin passing it around. The blindfolded will count to twenty and say “Be My Valentine.” Whoever is holding the box of chocolates has to kiss the blindfolded one, (on the cheek or the hand, whatever they prefer). Now they remove the blindfold to see who their valentine is and the valentine is blindfolded and the game continues.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
Tiny Dancer

Have the guests pair up and give each pair a piece of poster board or butchers paper. Now turn on some good dancing music and tell them to start dancing but not to step outside of the paper. You will occasionally stop the music and they will fold their paper in half. The purpose is to see how long they can dance without stepping outside. The couple that lasts the longest wins the game.

Adult Valentine’s Day Party Games
I Never

This is a fun drinking game for Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great opportunity for your guests to find out interesting things about each other. Guests are to sit in a circle with a drink. The first person begins with “I never…” and follows up with something like “I never had a one night stand” and those that this is the truth do not have to drink. Those that are guilty of this must drink. Continue on around the circle until everyone has had their fill for the night.


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*I have a brand new post featuring 8 new Valentine games! Find it HERE or click the image above!*

Are you in charge of your child’s class Valentine Party?

I am.

So I have been busy collecting some fun game ideas to make it a blast for everyone!

1. Heart Treasure Hunt – Pick up a package of heart-shaped erasers (I saw a pack of 50 Valentine-themed erasers in the dollar bins at Target). Hide the erasers around your house or classroom.

Then send your kids out for an un-BEAT-able treasure hunt!

2. Licorice Race – Have each family member (or player) put the end of a long piece of red string licorice in his/her mouth. Then everyone must put their hands behind their back. The first person to eat the whole piece of licorice – without using their hands – WINS!

*This is quite hilarious. You better video it. 🙂

3. Spin the Bottle – Not what you think! 🙂 Wayyyy better than that version you played in middle school!

Play the game as a family, but change the rules… Whenever the bottle points to someone, the spinner must say something nice about that person. Then they can give that person a Hershey’s Kiss. So sweet. 🙂

Click Image for Photo Credit

4. Paint Yourselves Red – Give a prize to the family member who can wear the most red and/or pink to a special Valentine’s Day dinner.

Click Image for Idea

5. Heart-a-Stack – Making a tower of hearts isn’t as easy as you think!

Buy a few bags of small conversation hearts. The object of the game is to build the tallest tower in an allotted amount of time (like 30 seconds). When the time is up, the players counts their hearts to see who is the winner. This is so much fun!

6. Matchmaker – This fun word game tests your knowledge of famous pairs. Divide players into 2 teams and form two rows facing each other. The first player on one side begins by asking the first player on the other team to complete this famous couple:

“Romeo and …..” the opposing player says “Juliet”.

Continue down the row of players and then the other team starts…. “peanut butter and …..” – jelly.

“Cookies and…….” – milk.

“Eggs and……” – bacon.

“Cinderella and …..” – Prince Charming.

“Samson and …..” – Delilah.

And so on.

I played this game at my birthday party last year and we had so much fun.

Here’s a video to understand how it could work. We divided into two teams and whichever team finished going through the list of pairs provided was the winner.

Here are the printable sheets of pairs we used in case you want to play this with your Happy Home. 🙂

Click Image for Photo Credit

7. Valentine Present Pass – Here is a fun poem to read while passing special Valentine presents.

Every time the word ‘pink’ is read, a present gets passed around a circle of players. The person holding the present at the end of the poem gets to keep it!

Pink, pink!

Our favorite color

Is pink, pink, pink!

And we always write letters

with pink, pink ink!

We like our lemonade

to drink, drink, drink,

but especially when

it’s a pink, pink drink!

We always use dishes

that are pink, pink, pink!

And wash them all clean

in a pink, pink sink.

If we had some pink paint

we think, think, think

we would paint the whole world

in pink, pink, pink!

Click Image for Idea

8. Love Pox – This last game is my FAVORITE.

Sassy Sites has all the instructions (and some adorable pictures of her Happy Buddies all covered in Love Pox), but the idea is to stick Love Pox (red and pink circle stickers) on another person and at the same time tell them something you love about them.

This would even be a fun game to play in the bedroom with your Happy Hubby…

Wink, wink! 🙂

Now I hope you’ve got all the fun you can handle!

Happy Valentine’s Day Game-ing! 🙂


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