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JennAir JDRP430WP vs GE Monogram ZDP304NPSS 30 Inch Pro Dual Fuel Ranges

Jenn-Air and Monogram are two well known brands of professional gas ranges. Jenn-Air is owned by Whirlpool Corporation and Monogram is owned by General Electric, both are recognized as the elite brand within each of their parent companies. Both are very different ranges.


Jenn-Air was an independent company primarily manufacturing downdrafts. They languished when purchased by Maytag in the late 1980s. New corporate parent, Whirlpool, invested 300 million dollars about 3 years ago in Jenn-Air specifically in cooking, more specifically in wall ovens and professional ranges. Their 30 inch pro is their best selling piece. This new range has high output burners with a max of 20,000 BTUs, a great clock/oven control as well as dual convection.

GE Monogram

Monogram is the highest end of the GE corporation and is primarily sold through their builder channel. Monogram has been around since the late 1980s. At first, the products were manufactured by DCS and Fisher Paykel. Their current products are manufactured in Louisville by GE. Their current specification has not really changed over the years.

Jenn-Air JDRP430WP vs Monogram ZDP304NPSS Comparison


Jenn-Air JDRP430WP – $4899.00
less $150 current mail-in rebate

  • Dual-Fan Convection: Two fans that distribute heat evenly throughout the oven.
  • High Output Burners: One 20K & two 15k btu burners, all of which are great for searing or boiling water fast.
  • Auto Convection Conversion: Converts your recipes cooking times & temperatures to convection settings, this will cook faster & more evenly.
  • 7 Inch Color LCD Display: Touch screen allows you to easily change oven temperatures & cooking times.
  • 4.1 Cubic Ft Oven Capacity: Large capacity allows you to cook several dishes at once.
  • Sealed Burners: Allows easy clean up of drips & spills.
  • Oven Probe: Takes the guesswork out of cooking foods to the exact temperature.
  • Free $1299 Dishwasher with purchase

GE Monogram ZDP304NPSS – $5900.00

  • Convection Oven: Single fan distributes heat throughout the oven.
  • High Output Burner: One 18k btu burner, great for searing or boiling water fast.
  • 5.30 Cubic Ft Oven Capacity: Large capacity allows you to cook several dishes at once.
  • Dual-Flame Stacked Burners: Sealed burner that gives you a range of high & low heat settings.
  • Oven Probe: Takes the guesswork out of cooking foods to the exact temperature.
  • Reversible Burner Grates: Flat on one side, contoured on the other to accommodate round bottom woks.


  • Oven: GE is larger, but it does protrude into the kitchen for the added size. Jenn-Air has twin convection for more even baking than Monograms single fan. Jenn-Airs Auto Convection is also a big advantage automatically converting a regular recipe to convection without guesswork
  • Burners: The newer Jenn-Air is hotter with one 20,000 BTU and two 15,000 BTU. Monogram has only one high powered burner rated at 18,000 BTU.
  • Price/Rebates: They both have rebate programs. Jenn-Air will offer a $1200 dishwasher free with the purchase of a range. Monogram offers a $1,000 discount with the purchase of two other appliances.

Whirlpool’s 300 million investment looks like it has paid off…at least in this comparison.

Additional Resources

For more information about pro ranges, read the Yale Pro Cooking Buyers Guide with features, specs and insider buying tips. Well over 20,000 people have read a Yale Guide.


  • Burners distributed heat very evenly
  • Baked cakes exceptionally well on convection mode
  • Baked cookies well, especially on convection mode
  • Controls are very easy to read and use
  • Door pull offers very good grasp
  • Grates fit in sink
  • Self-cleaning cycle performed exceptionally well
  • 3 pull out racks with 6 rack positions


  • Brought water to a boil slowly
  • Didn’t broil a steak well
  • Poor visibility into oven

4 5

The GE Monogram 36″ Professional Dual Fuel Range has a grill in addition to four burners, each of which can accommodate a wok. While its infrared broiler didn’t sear a steak as well as an outdoor grill, the convection oven excelled at baking both cakes and cookies. In fact, this GE was one of only two ovens we tested that could bake three sheets of cookies perfectly in the same amount of time. The large knobs are lighted, making it easy to see what setting you’re using. Unlike some pro models, it has grates that fit in the sink and a self-clean cycle that performed exceptionally well. If you have big bucks to shell out, this is definitely a model to consider.

Notable Features: Proofing; temperature probe; Sabbath mode; timer; oven racks stay in during self-clean cycle; broiler pan; roasting rack

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 years

Reviewed: November 2013

Price When Reviewed: $9.00

People who love to cook often dream about owning a professional-style dual fuel range. These large and impressive appliances can cook enough food at once that you could use them for a catering service or in a small restaurant. But the GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range is designed for use in the home instead of in a high-end restaurant’s kitchen.

GE is one of the largest companies in the world and they have earned a great reputation over the years for being a well-respected and trustworthy manufacturer of kitchen appliances. The GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range showcases all of the brand’s strengths while proving that this older company still has what it takes to compete with the best.

All You Need To Know About The GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range

The GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range includes a variety of features that make it a smart purchase. The burners can heat up to 18,000 BTUs and feature a low simmer at just 140 degrees. The burners operate using electric ignition that guarantees you will experience an ongoing flame. It also automatically reignites if it is accidentally extinguished.

The range features dual convection ovens, which is a great feature to have especially if you are cooking on more than one rack. Convection cooking uses a fan that is inside the oven to circulate the heat evenly so that you don’t have to be concerned about the food on the bottom rack cooking faster than the food on the top or middle racks.

The large oven can accommodate a hotel-size sheet tray that is typically 9” x 13”. Both ovens can self-clean and feature smooth glide racks that you can leave in the oven during the self-clean process. And because both ovens have a temperature thermometer, the GE Monogram range is the perfect range to use during the holiday season when you are cooking multiple items at once.

The range also has a temperature probe that you can use to monitor the internal temperature of any type of meat you are cooking. You will no longer have to worry if you are overcooking your turkey or whole chicken ever again.

Product Specifications


Color – Stainless Steel

Design – Professional

Installation – Flush Installation Capable

Control Knobs – Diecast Metallic or Diecast Black


Capacity in cubic feet – 5.75 Caterer Oven/2.5 Everyday Oven

Total Capacity – 8,25 cu ft.

Power Ratings

Electrical Requirements – 240VAC, 50A

Griddle BTU Rating LP Gas – 16.0

Griddle BTU Rating Natural Gas – 18.0

Grill BTU Rating LP Gas – 15.0

Grill BTU Rating Natural Gas – 18.0

Top Burner BTU Rating LP Gas – 18.0/140 degree simmer

Top Burner BTU Rating Natural Gas – 18,0/140 degree simmer

Weight and Dimensions

Approximate Shipping Weight – 672 lbs.

Net Weight – 570 lbs.

Overall Height – 35.25

Overall Width – 47.875

Cabinet Width – 48.0

Overall Depth – 28.25

Price Range

The GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range is available at most retailers for between $9k -$10k and up. Considering the cost of similar ranges from other brands being upwards of $13k, the GE Monogram is an exceptional buy. This product has many professional-grade features that make it a worthwhile investment for your home. Plus, you can depend on it to last for many years to come because it is made by a reliable and trustworthy brand.

The GE Monogram Line Of Products

There are several different GE range models to choose from when you are considering one from the Monogram line. Listed below are the current models offered by the brand and their prices.

How The GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range Compares To Others

We have discussed all the great features that are in store for you if you decide to purchase the GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range, but how does it compare to other products in the same category and price range? Take a look at some of the quick facts about the GE Monogram 48” and its competitors to learn more about each product.

Price – $9k – $10k

Ease of Use – 5 Stars. Very simple and easy to use like all the other GE Monogram ranges. It includes many of today’s exclusive modern features, yet they don’t take away from the fact that you can use the everyday oven to prepare meals the same way as you would using a standard oven or range.

Build Quality – 5 Stars. This product is made with some of the finest materials in the industry. It features a strong stainless steel exterior and porcelain cast iron grates that are easy to clean and care for. You can depend on this range to last you and your family for many years to come.

Warranty – 5 Stars. GE offers a 2-year limited warranty for parts and labor, a 5-year limited warranty for parts and burners, and a lifetime limited warranty for the oven racks.

The GE Monogram Dual Fuel 48 inch Range is one of the best products of its kind on the market. It includes several convenience features such as 6 halogen lamps on the inside of the Caterer Oven, LED bullnose task lighting, Sabbath Mode, Delay Clean Option on both ovens, and 3 Halogen Lamps inside the Everyday Oven.

Additional features for this GE professional range include 3oc reversible flat or Wok grates on the cooktop, continuous burner grate surface, stainless steel griddle cover, and 6K to 18K BUT burners with 140-degree simmer option.

The oven features include reverse air convection, 5-hour cleaning time, proof mode, convection roasting rack, Automatic Self-Clean Oven Door Lock, 2 self-cleaning racks with positions in the Everyday Oven, 3 self-cleaning racks with 5 positions in the Caterer Oven, 2 Broiler Pans, and an automatic oven meat probe thermometer for both ovens.

  • ease of use
  • build quality
  • warranty

The ThorKitchen Professional 48” Free-Standing Gas Range includes features that make cooking easier such as the electronic ignition with auto re-ignition, and manual convection cooking mode along with oven control.

This range oven has a classic stainless-steel body and contemporary black finish. It is advertised to perform just as good as it looks, and it is built to last for many years to come.

Full 2-year Warranty on all parts and labor.

The ThorKitchen Professional 48” Free-Standing Gas Range features three burners that heat up to 15,000 BTU and 3 burners that heat up to 12,000 BTU. It also has a griddle that can reach 18,000 BTU. This ThorKitchen range has an infrared broiler in the oven, and the convection oven is capable of heating up to 22,000 BTUs. This dual oven gas range allows you to prepare food like a professional. The two ovens have capacities of 4.2 and 2.5 cubic feet.

Even if you are preparing a large family dinner, you’ll still have all the space you will need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This range features a removable backsplash, which provides it with the flexibility to be used as a freestanding unit or a side-in range.

  • ease of use
  • build quality
  • warranty

The Five Star 48” Pro Style Dual Fuel Convection Range has plenty of features that make it easy for anyone to use on a regular basis. It has side-by-side gas and electric ovens so that you can choose your source of heat. The TurboFlow convection technology allows you to cook meals faster without overcooking them, and the continuous grates made by Lodge are designed to allow your pots and pans to slide across the burners with ease.

The Five Star 48” Dual Fuel Range is made from some of the finest materials in the industry. The grates are made from strong and durable cast iron that will help cook the food thoroughly. The cast iron material is also easy to clean and care for. The overall build of the range is made from reliable stainless-steel material that will add a professional look to any kitchen décor.

1-year warranty for parts and labor.

The Five Star 48” Pro Style Dual Fuel Convection Range is a good, affordable, professional-grade range that allows you to cook more food in less time. There are two ovens – one uses electricity for heat and other uses gas. If you use both forms of energy in your home, you can help to lower your electric bill by using the gas oven most of the time.

This range has many of the same features that other professional-grade ranges have, yet it is nearly half the price. The range includes many features that consumers are looking for in a professional-style range oven such as multiple oven racks, self-cleaning, convection technology, interior oven lights, broiler elements, and more. The main downside for this range oven is the very short warranty period.

  • ease of use
  • build quality
  • warranty

While the brand is still considered to a good manufacturer of kitchen appliances, the Thermador Pro Harmony Propane Dual Fuel Double Range 48” Freestanding Oven has received several negative reviews on Amazon. Many say that the fan continues to stay on after the oven shuts off and that the simmer feature doesn’t work as it should, along with other issues. The range is made from stainless steel material, but unfortunately, this model just isn’t their best product.

The same goes for the build quality for this range oven. One reviewer mentioned that the stainless steel plate underneath their grill burned just after one use. Yet at the same time, there are also 5-star reviews for the product from owners who couldn’t be happier with their new Thermador Range.

The Thermador 48” Freestanding Range Oven only has a 1-year warranty. And based on the high price of over $14k for this product, you would expect that it would have a much better warranty in place. If you do plan to purchase a Thermador range, you may want to look for one that is used or at least a different model so that you don’t end up paying too much for a range that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Comparison Table

Pros & Cons Of The GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range

Every type of appliance will have its benefits and disadvantages. Some consumers may be able to look over small inconveniences and focus on the larger picture, while others may feel that the downside of the product takes away from all the great features that it has. That is why it’s important for us to share the Pros and Cons of the GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range with you so that you may make a well-informed decision regarding purchasing a professional style range.


  • Impressive design
  • Low maintenance
  • Heats up fast
  • High-Power Burners
  • Large surface area


  • Unreliable performance at times

Is The GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range The Right Choice For You?

The GE Monogram Dual Fuel Range is a great oven for those who love to cook large family dinners. But it can also be used as a reliable everyday range that you can use to prepare your daily meals. It has plenty of excellent features that make it a great investment for anyone hoping to buy a new range. You can also accurately control the temperature of the burners to prevent overcooking.

The oven preheats quickly and includes three glide-easy racks so that you can prepare an abundance of food all at once. This is the perfect choice if you are hoping to invest in a professional-grade range. It is a durable and reliable product that you and your family are sure to enjoy for decades to come.

When you were a kid you probably never thought that in your wildest dreams, an appliance would ever take your breath away, and yet as an adult, it’s a fairly common phenomenon.

Your mouth waters over stainless steel fridges with the pull-out freezer door. Your pistachio-colored Kitchen aid stand mixer is your best friend, and you couldn’t imagine life without your handheld immersion blender.

So yeah, at this point you are pretty used to having very strong feelings about your appliances, and why not?

Your appliances make your life easier. They make your home more inviting, and they help you and your family live better lives with more time spent together. The right appliances work as hard as you do, which in turn gives you just a little time to relax.

This is especially true when it comes to your kitchen range. After all, your range is responsible for cooking the food that your family eats. It helps your family gather together, and by working efficiently, it can ensure you spend more time at the table and less time checking on the contents of your oven.

A Comprehensive Review of the GE Monogram 36-Inch Gas Range

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range will have you seeing stars and hearing the voices of angels.

It’s beautiful. It is quite possibly the most beautiful range ever created, and it can help you fall in love with your kitchen in addition to helping you prepare amazing meals.

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range is loaded with features, and it is the upgrade that your kitchen has been waiting for. So, take a minute to discover all the wonders that it has to offer, and start pinning it to the top of your vision board because this stove is nothing if not #goals.

It Features 6 Burners

Let that sink in for a minute. Think of all the things you can cook, all the meals you can prepare, and all the multitasking you can do with 6 burners instead of 4.

You can host Thanksgiving at your home every year and never even have to touch a microwave. Your mother-in-law will be so proud.

The grates on the burners are made from cast iron coated in porcelain, and they can offer a nice flat cooking surface that is easy to use. But remember, this range is all about multitasking, and the grates on the burners prove that. You can use them flat, or you can flip each grate over to create the perfect cradle for a wok.

It’s the perfect range if you have picky eaters because you can use all 6 burners to churn out different variations of the same thing. Or you can create meals with multiple courses to wow your dinner guests. You can go fancy or casual, and you can use your range to fit your household needs.

2 Burners in 1

As if 6 burners weren’t enough, you get burners that have 2 modes. The 6 burners are all sealed dual-flame burners with refined temperature adjustments from a low 140-degree simmer to a roaring 18,000 BTU. In effect, you get 2 burners in 1.

The top tier of the burner gives you the high-powered heat, and the lower tier helps you achieve those delicate simmers.

The high-powered heating capabilities of the GE Monogram 36-inch gas range are important, but you might actually find that the lower setting is more useful in your daily cooking. The more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that getting your stovetop burner low enough is usually kind of a struggle.

No matter how low you turn the knob, the flame is still just a little too hot.

That’s what makes the precision dual-flame burners so important. The kind of precision adjustments each burner is capable of are the stuff that cooking dreams are made of. How many times have you set something to simmer only to have it burn?

If you’ve ever tried to cook rice without a separate rice cooker, you probably know this battle pretty well. You set the burner to the lowest possible setting, you watch the flame dwindle as small as it will go without going out entirely, and yet somehow, at the end of your cook time, the rice is stuck to the pot. You lose half the rice that you cooked all because the burner temperature was too erratic.

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range solves that problem with ease. 140 degrees is the optimal simmering temperature. You can set your burner to the lowest temperature and feel safe leaving the pot to simmer while you tackle chopping onions and peeling potatoes.

You don’t have to stand over your simmering sauce and whisk it constantly to keep it from burning. Your GE burner has your back this time.

Professional Capacity and Look

You might not be running a restaurant, but you still want appliances that have a polished, professional look and that can deliver professional grade performance. The Monogram’s exterior is a polished stainless steel with elegant edges and large control knobs for a modern look.

LED task lights run under the bullnose of the range to make it look like the nicest thing in your entire house, and it pretty much will be. You get an illuminated instrument panel, and the soft, cool LED light will give your kitchen a perfect ethereal glow.

The porcelain-coated grates on the burners help turn your stovetop from an appliance into a statement piece. They look impressive, professional, and downright beautiful. The real challenge is to make sure you use your lovely range instead of trying to keep it in pristine condition. Remember, this is a strong tough range that can take anything you can throw at it, so admire it, but use it.

Each small detail on the Monogram’s appearance is a testament to the care that GE takes when designing an appliance. You don’t need modern control knobs or LED running lights or artistic grates, but they sure do make being in the kitchen a lot more interesting.

It Comes with Cool Upgrades

Remember those 6 burners? Well, they are pretty amazing, but maybe 6 seems too excessive to you. You can always order the optional grill top kit and swap out the 2 central burners for your very own indoor grill. Use it to cook burgers, roast veggies, or press out a Panini or two.

It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the large stovetop, and it solves the problem of getting nicely-grilled food on a cold day. Not every temperature was made for grilling, but you can still get that nice char you crave without having to sacrifice space for the remainder of your sides. When you have 6 burners, you have plenty of room to spare, and that means room to experiment.

Prefer to save your grilling for the outdoors no matter what the temperature? Opt for the griddle instead. You can serve up pancakes with ease at the same time you’re frying eggs.

These options work into your cooktop seamlessly and give you a kitchen command central like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Incredible Cooking Capacity

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range features a whopping 5.7-cubic feet oven space. That is a massive amount of room for a single oven, and it means that you can comfortably cook for an army of guests, an intimate dinner party, and everything in between.

If you’ve been on the fence about going with a double wall oven or sticking with a single, this GE model is a nice compromise. You can capitalize on lots of oven space, but save money on the upfront cost. You can still churn out food to feed that army of yours, but you don’t have to break the bank in order to get the oven in the first place.

In fact, this single oven gives you room for roasts of any kind, towering cakes, and side dish after side dish. You can bake breads that puff up to your heart’s content. Have a million bake sale cookies to make or cupcakes for an entire class? Load them in on all 3 racks and don’t waste precious time standing around the oven batch after batch.

​Take Advantage of Reverse Air Convection

If you just read that last part about putting 3 trays of cookies in the oven at one time and thought to yourself, “There’s no way they would all bake evenly,” then you need to learn about Monogram’s patented reverse air convection system.

The reverse-air system effectively wraps your food in hot air from all angles. The fan blades located at the back of the oven in conjunction with 6 heating elements ensure that no matter how many racks you use, each dish is enveloped in heat.

That means your items bake thoroughly and evenly. You don’t have to switch your bottom baking sheet with your top baking sheet halfway through. You don’t have to rotate your pans to keep one side from cooking more than the other.

What you get are reliable results every single time and 3 cooking racks that can actually be used to their full potential. As it stands now, you might not even know how many racks your oven has because you only ever dare to use the one.

​Racks on Racks on Racks

To help you maximize all that oven space, you get 3 extendable oven racks and 5 rack positions. The racks are designed to stay in the oven during the self-cleaning mode, which means that you don’t have to spend time scouring and scraping to get them clean.

When food or grease gets baked on, you don’t have to spend time soaking and scrubbing to get your racks back in shape. You just select the self-cleaning mode and let your oven do the work for you.

Of course, with the gliding oven racks, you are less likely to spill food in the first place. They make it so easy to get pans in and out of the oven because each rack glides effortlessly out of the oven on stainless steel ball bearings. By extending beyond the oven, these heavy-duty racks mean you can set pans and dishes full of food on them and then glide the rack back in. No spilling of food and no burning of forearms.

The 3-rack capacity is also really important to take note of. Most ovens have 2 racks and rather limited rack positions. They make it nearly impossible to find settings that can work for multiple trays of food at a time.

It can be so frustrating to get the first casserole dish in only to find there is no way you can fit a second one in without having next to zero clearance. With a large oven capacity to begin with and racks that slide out, making the most of your oven is easier than ever.

So go ahead and fill your oven with those trays of cookies. Pack your casserole dishes in side by side. Fill every inch of that astounding cubic space, and revel in all the delicious food you can make.

Everything You Need from a Range

The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range is everything you need from a kitchen appliance and everything you would expect from GE. It combines a large capacity oven with an impressive 6 stovetop burners. You get precision heating inside and out.

Wolf vs GE Monogram Dual Fuel Pro Ranges (Reviews / Ratings)

Professional ranges have changed over the years even since I wrote this original article four years ago.You can choose ranges from Wolf, GE Monogram, the ever beguiling Viking company, Dacor, Capital, DCS, Jenn-Air and a few others.

The different options include more powerful burners, twin convection, Wi-Fi enabled technology, steam and automatic cooking are now all available. It can be daunting for you or (even for me) as the technology has changed so remarkably.

Today, we will look to clarify 48″ models from two very different yet popular manufacturers in the dual fuel range industry, Wolf and GE. To be totally transparent, we stopped selling GE Monogram a couple of years ago.

Nationally, Monogram sells well through their builder division where builders will buy large quanities for a building or project. Wolf is sold more through stores with their other powerful label, Sub-Zero.

First, we will look at how dual fuel works. Then we’ll compare the GE against the Wolf.

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Dual Fuel

Dual fuel is the best of all cooking worlds in professional ranges. It has gas burners and an electric oven.

You will benefit from the power of gas on the cooktop and the evenness of electric convection in the oven. Dual fuel ranges will typically cost $1,500-$3,000 more depending on the brand.


Wolf was originally a manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment, supplying restaurants and hotels. In 2000 Wolf was acquired by refrigeration pioneer Sub-Zero.

They offer 5 different 48 inch dual fuel models, all with the same ovens. The main oven is 4.5 cubic feet, the secondary is 2.5. Both ovens offer self-cleaning convection. The main oven has twin convection for more even distribution of heat.

Other features include electronic controls for accuracy, a temperature probe, and cobalt blue interior. There are 10 pre-programmed cooking modes, including proof, dehydrate, and a bake stone for pizza.

(Read more about Wolf in our free Pro Cooking Buying Guide)

The cooktops offer multiple configurations, with 4 or 6 burners. These burners are a dual stacked design, and are now 20,000 BTU’s for high heat cooking and a very low simmer. They increased the power of their burners in November, 2015.

Wolf French Top range with four burners

In addition to the burners, you have a choice of a grill, griddle, grill and griddle, double griddle, Wolf also offers a French top where heat is hotter in the middle with less heat on the outside, so you can cook multiple items at different temperatures.

The Wolf classic control panel and red knobs

These options make the Wolf a very versatile piece. You can choose from black, stainless, or the signature Wolf red knobs.

GE Monogram

GE Monogram Stacked Burners

GE is a huge international company, with 300,000 + employees worldwide. Businesses under the GE flag include aviation, finance, energy, health care, transportation, and yes, appliances. They offer 4 distinct lines, with Monogram being the best. GE is in process of being acquired by Electrolux in Sweden. It has been a long process as the government is heavily involved.

Monogram is the GE professional series offering refrigeration, ventilation, dishwashers, compactors, and cooking products. Their 48 inch dual fuel is available in 3 configurations, all with the same ovens. The main oven is 5.75 cubic feet, the smaller is 2.5. Both are self-cleaning with convection, and a temperature probe in the larger oven. The main oven is designed to accommodate full size sheet trays.

Present options include a proof function. The cooktop options are 4 burners with a grill and griddle, or 6 burners with either option. They also offer dual stacked burners for high heat and a low simmer. A unique feature of the Monogram is the reversible grates. These can be flipped form a flat surface to a wok grate on all burners.

Wolf vs. GE Monogram Pro Ranges

Both ranges from these well known manufacturers are great products. The Monogram price ranges from $10,000 to $10,300 and the Wolf ranges from $12,600 to $13,999. The price range is dependent on the cooktop configuration, but Monogram should be about $2,000 less than the Wolf.

Wolf recently upgraded their BTU power to 20,000 versus 18,000 for the Monogram. They also both manufacture a gas grill (14,000 BTU) and gas griddle (16,000 vs.15,000) for the Wolf. Gas is faster than electric, so both companies share the same advantage.

What separates the Wolf is dual convection in the larger oven to spread heat more evenly. The dual convection in a larger 36″ space is truly better than just a single fan.

Wolf also features a temperature probe in both ovens for a more accurate roast along with more pre-programmed cooking modes.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, as evidenced by watching clients choose between the two, Wolf may be the better choice.

Although Monogram is a decent product, consumers seem hesitant about the label. It is mostly builder driven. There seems to be more of a comfort level with the Sub-Zero/Wolf brands on the very high end of the appliance industry.

Additional Resources

Read the Yale Professional Range Buying Guide with terms features and benefits to every major brand of professional range. Over 120,000 people have saved time by reading a Yale Guide.

General Electric Recalls Gas Ranges Due to Fire Hazard

June 6, 2007
Alert #07-555

The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Name of Product: GE Monogram® Professional Gas Ranges

Units: About 2,600

Manufacturer: GE Consumer & Industrial, of Louisville, Ky.

Hazard: These ranges have a design flaw that can cause an electrical arc between the wiring and griddle gas supply tube, posing a fire hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: GE has received reports of six incidents of gas leaking from the griddle gas supply tube, resulting in five fires under the range top. One consumer has reported burns to her hands and two consumers have reported smoke damage.

Description: This recall includes 36-inch and 48-inch stainless steel Monogram Pro ranges with griddles. They are fueled either by LP or natural gas and manufactured from October 2005 through May 16, 2006. The recall includes the following ranges: Models ZDP48N6DHSS, ZDP48L6DHSS, ZDP36N4DHSS and ZDP36L4DHSS. The recalled range models have a serial letter plus serial number combination as shown below.

Serial Letter + Serial Number
TH + 212588 through 213353
VH + 123456 through 712240
ZH + 210545 through 800064
AL + 200002 through 207337
DL + 200215 through 980416
FL + 202073 through 500677
GL + 000468 through 900468
HL + 202850 through 203252

To find the manufacture date, and model and serial numbers, look underneath the top ledge (the “bull nose”) above the range controls.

Sold at: Home builders and appliance stores nationwide from October 2005 through February 2007 for between $4,000 and $6,000.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Customers with a recalled range should stop using it immediately and contact GE for further instructions and to schedule a free, in-home repair.

Firm’s Media Contact: Kim Freeman at (502) 452-7819 or [email protected]


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