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Hair Up Or Hair Down?

Are you trying to decide whether to wear your hair up or down on your wedding day? Brides often face this dilemma, but fear not, today we give you some of the best advice from one of our dearest wedding experts: Rose Magnall.

If you want to cut to the chase, these are the questions you should be asking yourself in order to make a decision:

How do you usually wear your hair?

Are you more comfortable with it up or down?

What kind of dress are you wearing?

Keep reading to explore these questions in more detail with our wedding expert, and by the end of this article, you should be on a good path to making your decision!

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Rose Magnall is a freelance hair and make-up artist who also works closely with the Liz Earle Beauty brand, celebrities and international bridal clients. Rose is based in London, but travels far and wide and knows how to get you walking down the aisle looking like an absolute goddess:

Rose Magnall’s own wedding up-do

I find the decision between hair up or hair down is one of the most common difficulties many brides face in the run-up to their wedding. Hair, after all, is a woman’s crowning glory, and we as a gender can be pretty obsessed with our locks. This obsession tends to be magnified on our wedding day, as many things are!

There can be many pressures about how your hair ‘should’ look – from worries about the weather causing havoc if your hair is down, to agonizing over the many style options of an up-do, not to mention the endless ‘hairspiration’ photos to be found online and thinking, which of these is right for me?

My advice in helping any bride to make the decision would be to focus on two main questions: first, what suits the dress? And secondly, (and I think most importantly) what are you most comfortable with? Let’s focus for now on the latter.

Personally, for me, when it came to making the decision for my own wedding last year, I took a step back (many years back) and remembered how it felt to be a young girl, imagining myself as a grown-up woman getting married. Although I have long and generally well-behaved hair, I always imagined that I would wear my blonde hair up in a chignon – it was a clear vision that never wavered.

Perhaps the main reason I knew I wanted my hair up, is that I’ve always felt comfortable with it tied back, I’ve enjoyed wearing up-dos and having my hair styled off my face. I’ve also always found it easier – once it’s up, its up, and there’s no maintenance required.

However, for every girl who loves wearing their hair up, there’s another who prefers it down. And, in most cases, they always will have. I have worked with many brides with the most beautiful thick hair, who want nothing more than to show it off at its best on their wedding day.

And rightly so. Bridal hair down styles are exquisite, and girls who love to wear their hair down will feel nothing less than perfect if they decide to go down this route for their wedding. The thing is, brides who choose to wear their hair down tend to be girls who always wear their hair down – bottom line, they feel the most comfortable, beautiful and confident with their hair down. It’s the same reasoning for brides who choose to wear their hair up – it just feels ‘right’ for them.

Hair down on Helen Wild

So, amidst the stresses and endless to-do lists involved in planning your wedding, take a step back and think about what it is that you really want – not what fashion and trends and family members want, or think you should do.

Think back to memories or occasions (a good opportunity to look through old photos) in your life when you felt the most beautiful and confident – was your hair down? If so, then maybe down is the way to go for your wedding day.

There are always ‘half-up’ options too, which can be a lovely way to show off your hair while keeping it directly off your face. This is quite a popular route for brides who are torn between up or down. Some brides begin the day with their hair up, then have their hair stylist transform the style into hair down for the evening (if you have the time and the budget this can be really special and a lovely surprise for your groom).

Half-up do on Catherine Moyer

The dress also plays a part in deciding how your hair should be worn – if you want to show off back-detail or shoulders then that can help you to make a decision. Bridal boutiques can offer great advice during wedding dress fittings – and you’ll get a feel for what looks better with certain dresses as you try on various styles.

You want to look back on your wedding day as the most wonderful experience, knowing that everything was perfect for you. So, follow your heart and trust your own sense of style, and on the day you’ll feel the happiest you’ve ever felt.

Happy Planning!

Inspired by Rose’s amazing hairdos and gorgeous makeup? Be sure to check out her Bridebook profile and website to book her for your own wedding!

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20 Lovely Wedding Guest Hairstyles

While the bride and her attendants obviously put a lot of thought into how they are going to look on the big day, wedding guests have a special responsibility to show up looking beautiful, too. Especially if the ceremony and reception are semi-formal or held in the evening, you will want a lovely yet unique look to stun in the crowd of well-wishers. In this article we are going to show you 20 wedding guest hairstyles, which really deserve your attention.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles

A hairstyle that’s fancy, but not pretentious, and rather effortless than laborious is probably something any female wedding guest would want. The following updos, downdos and half up styles for shorter, medium and long hair are just the ticket.

#1: Curly Twisted Updo

If you can’t decide on a look, this is one out of many wedding guest hairstyles that sort of incorporates it all. A braid, side twist, pinned curls and tendrils – what more could you possibly want out of a hairstyle? This will work best on longer hair.

#2: Curved Twist

Sometimes simply pulling the hair straight back is too severe – instead, try a side twist that wraps around the head and rests at the nape of the neck. This works well on medium to thick hair that is at least shoulder length. You will need plenty of hair pins for this one!

#3: Classic Glamour

A sleek chignon is a timeless hairstyle that always wins in wedding season. Perhaps it’s the simplicity, or maybe its vintage vibe, but long-haired beauties will pull off this simple style beautifully.

#4: Braided Crown Bun

If you have hair that is at least medium length and yet also quite stubborn when it comes to styling, try this look when considering hairstyles for wedding guests. Crowing the head with a thick braid, all of the hair is then gathered into a messy low bun. This style doesn’t have to be perfect, which makes it even more inviting to girls with stubborn locks.

#5: Bright and Beautiful

This day glow hair will be the talk of the wedding guest hairstyles that are seen on the big day. The style itself is a simple updo, but the vibrant red hue is what makes it so memorable.

#6: French Braid Crown

Remember the French braids you rocked in childhood? Take inspiration from the past by creating this loosely French braided crown that ends with a knotted gathering in the back.

Instagram/ @chitabeseau

#7: A Little Bit Country

If you’re attending a casual wedding, especially one outdoors, it can be a great time to try out this low bun with curled side tendrils. Simple, romantic and reminiscent of a warm country night, you will love this look and how simple it is to pull off.

#8: Faux Hawk Glam

This edgy and gorgeous hairstyle combines small side braids with a faux hawk top that is fun to wear and still formal enough for a fancy occasion. When it comes to hairstyles for wedding guests, there really aren’t hard and fast rules to follow, anyhow.

Instagram/ @ramsaymarstonhair

#9: Twisted Braid Hold

Thinner tresses or those that are “growing out” can really rock this hairstyle with a braid wrapped around a curly ponytail. Simple, but cute and fun!

#10: Wavy Tendrils

Ringlets are timeless, and when it comes to hairstyles for wedding guest glamour, it doesn’t get much simpler and lovelier than this. Just tease the under layer of the crown section and pull back a few side locks into a twist around the bouffant. Secure with bobby pins and then curl the remaining locks with a medium barrel iron.

#11: Edgy and Free

Not all brides are gushy and girly, and, certainly, their guests aren’t always either. If you tend to fall more on the edgy side of fashion, try this hairstyle on for size when an occasion calls for some fancy rebellion.

#12: Thickly Curled Updo

Thick-haired girls rejoice! There’s a hairstyle for you that is both fancy and easy to achieve. Gathering chunky curls into a high updo, the front of the hair is slicked down to be super straight. If you don’t have long or thick hair, you can also get a hairpiece to achieve this look.

#13: Romantic Updo

When it comes to wedding guest hairstyles, this one is classically romantic. While it seems very fancy and intricate, it’s actually quite simple and still casual enough to wear to the after party.

#14: Mermaid Braid

This thick inverted braid is lovely for a special occasion – it’s also boosted big time with the fun hair color. Try a mahogany or magenta hue when you’re ready to try something different.

#15: Fancy Hair Embellishments

Creative hair embellishments are not reserved exclusively for brides. Pearls, flowers and rhinestones are all acceptable for wedding guest hair, and they will make you feel more confident and lovely, too.

#16: Pin Curled Style

Taking a cue from 1940s pin curled styles, this wedding guest loose updo is perfect for girls who have long hair, but not long enough for stunning romantic tresses. You will want to use a strong hold spray on this style to ensure it holds all day. Hairstyles for wedding guest gals don’t have to be modern all the time – this is a perfect example of an alternative.

#17: Creatively Placed Curls

Isn’t it great to know that you can get creative with hair of any length? This medium texture, shoulder length hair benefits from strategically placed curls for a fun and playful look appropriate for a wedding.

#18: Bubble Braid

A style that has been around for a while but hasn’t been used very often in terms of wedding guest hairstyles is the bubble ponytail. Involving a lot of hair elastics and pins, this style is stunning on very long locks.

#19: Twisted Layers

A new take on wedding guest hairstyles, this coif involves rows of twists cascading down into a low half pony.

#20: Ethnic Beauty

These gorgeous ethnic locks are professionally styled, which is perfectly appropriate for a wedding guest. Get fancied up at the salon and ask for solid pin curls to get this look.

Instagram/ @charishair

Wedding guest hairstyles don’t have to be simple or dowdy. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit fancy and enjoying the day, even if you’re there to celebrate someone else’s happiness.

Have a friend or family member’s wedding coming up this year? On the lookout for hair ideas? In our experience, the best wedding guest hairstyles are those that make an impact without stealing the bride’s thunder (it is her big day, after all).

So to help you avoid any bridezilla scenarios, we’ve put together an edit of gorgeous wedding guest hair ideas that we think will be just right for you. Ranging from formal, elegant updos to dreamy boho half-up styles, whether it’s a big white wedding or an outdoor beach venue, these looks will work for everything.

1. Beachy waves

Beach waves are the perfect wedding guest hair look for all seasons. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Want to nail every wedding you attend this season? Whether you’ve got short or long hair, all you need to do is learn how to master beachy waves, and focus your efforts on finding the perfect outfit.

2. Tousled updo

Spring hairstyles for wedding guests? You will love this! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

One of your favourite wedding guest hairstyles? This romantic tousled updo. It’ll help you look the part for spring/summer weddings, and also work for winter months (just imagine how amazing this will look when teamed with a turtleneck dress!).

Editor’s tip: Want your tousled look to stay in place longer, without worrying about hairspray leaving your hair stiff and crunchy? Try the new VO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray!

This innovative hairspray do a great job of holding your tousled look and leave you with a finish so natural you can run your fingers through it.

3. Crown updo

Crown yourself the most stylish wedding guest with this classic braid. Credit: indigitalimages.com

You wouldn’t call this crown braid basic, would you? With all your hair out of the way, you’ll be able to avoid sweaty hair moments at any beach weddings, in the most stylish way possible.

4. Twisted crown

Here’s another twisted hairstyle you’ll want to try. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Can’t braid? Don’t fret: this elegant, twisted crown is super easy to DIY and just as impressive as its braided counterpart.

5. Low bun

You can’t go wrong with a polished bun. Credit: Rex by

When it comes to formal hairstyles for wedding guests, you can’t go wrong with anything sleek. And, this simple and sophisticated low bun won’t let you down!

6. Fishtail braid

Want a wedding guest hair look that’ll work for the after-party. Credit: Simon Bell

If there’s one wedding guest hair look that always gets people talking, it’s the fishtail braid. If you want to spruce up your long hair for the big day, we suggest you try weaving this pretty side fishtail plait.

Editor’s tip: Your braided wedding guest hairstyles will always look selfie-ready if you use the TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm to create them.

Suitable to use on both wet and dry strands, this balm gives flexible hold and provides your plait with added structure.

7. Messy updo with gold detailing

Themed weddings call for upscale hair accessories. Credit: Rex by

Grecian wedding theme? You can easily give your go-to messy bun a Grecian feel with a golden laurel wreath hair accessory. Did we forget to mention this is the perfect hairstyle to pair with an open back dress?

8. Floral wedding guest hair

Woodland wedding? Nail the vibes with a floral accessory. Credit: Rex by

Who knew straight hair could look this chic? And, if you’re looking for spring wedding guest hairstyles, you know what to do (copy this floral ‘do, stat!).

9. Headband hairstyle

Another day, another headband. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Not a fan of flowers? Grab a headband and gently smooth your hair backwards, making sure to keep volume at the crown intact.

10. Tousled quiff

Short hair? You can’t go wrong with this look. Credit: Rex by

From the white spaghetti strap dress to the tousled, swept-back quiff, this short hairstyle is major wedding guest style goals.

11. Wavy ponytail

When in doubt, reach for the hair ribbon. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Kick that wavy ponytail up a notch with some ribbon. This must-have hair accessory is great for giving a casual pony a wedding upgrade.

12. Beachy curls

Going with all your friends? You can all wear this look. Credit: Rex by

Excuse us while we swoon over these beachy, loose curls! We love the way the pinned tropical flowers complement these free-flowing curls.

13. Waterfall braid

Do go chasing waterfalls! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

When you can’t quite decide between leaving your hair down and having it braided, this chic waterfall hairstyle delivers the best of both worlds.

14. Glossy waves

The glossier the waves, the chicer your overall look. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Versatile enough for both the wedding day and night, this glossy take on beachy waves is one try when you want to feel extra sophisticated.

Editor’s tip: The secret to glossy locks? Serum, of course! And, the TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Serum is our latest obsession. It helps locks in moisture and amps up your mane’s natural shine with camellia oil, plus it’s also great for coloured tresses.

15. Sleek bob

The best way to wear your short hair? Just like this! Credit: indigitalimages.com

For a short wedding guest hair look worthy of the runway, look no further than this sultry, polished bob.

16. Milkmaid braids

Cheat your way to the updo of dreams with the surprisingly easy milkmaid braid. Credit: Rex by

Milkmaid braids are one of the easiest hairstyles for wedding guests, even though they may look hard to do. They’re actually just two simple pigtails secured together on top of the head to create an updo. Clever, huh?

Remember to leave a few tendrils of hair loose around the face (you can even curl them if you like), as this will give the look a softer, more effortless finish.

17. Messy bun

All you need are accessories to make a messy bun more formal. Credit: indigitalimages.com

It might not be the first hairstyle that comes to mind for a party but you should never underestimate the versatility of a good messy bun.

Styled right, they can look elegant and stylish while still retaining a healthy dose of laid-back charm. Plus, there’s nothing better for showing off any back detailing in your outfit!

18. Folded half updo

Like to wear your hair straight? Try this! Credit: Rex by

If you like to wear your hair straight, a folded half-updo like this will help make your mane look that bit more special. It’s still simple and understated, but the origami-style fold adds an extra detail and intricacy to the look.

19. Braided half updo

This braided look is straight out of a fairytale. Credit: Rex by

If ever there’s an occasion to make an effort and try out braids, it’s a wedding. This braided half-up, half-down style is absolutely stunning and as you’ll be leaving half your hair down, you’ve got the freedom to choose whether to go straight or curly – whatever makes you most comfortable on the day!

Editor’s tip: Braids tend to work best on second-day hair but if you’d prefer to wash yours first, you can use sea salt spray (the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray is one of our go-tos), to give your locks more grit and texture.

20. Twisted bun

Spice up your go-to bun by twisting it. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

We’ve already covered the messy bun but buns are a wedding favourite, so you can never have too many! For more formal nuptials, this twisted bun is a sophisticated way to make a regular bun more standout.

If you’re a bride-to-be yourself, this would actually be a really pretty bridesmaid look to consider, too.

21. Side-swept curls

Hollywood will be calling. Credit: indigitalimages.com

With its deep side parting and big cascading waves, this Hollywood-inspired look would make the ideal hair for a wedding guest. Fit for both the red carpet and the church pews, you’ll be radiating old-school glamour vibes.

22. Reverse French braid

It’s a French braid but not as you may know it. Credit: Rex by

Reverse French braids (AKA Dutch braids) are simple yet elegant and oh-so-feminine – making them beautiful hairstyles for a wedding guest with long hair.

Ladies with medium-length or long hair who want a style that’ll hold all night can rest assured that this will keep their hair in check. Plus even if it does start to fall loose, it will only add to the romantic feel.

23. Twisted half-updo

This twisted half-up look s everything. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Easy enough to DIY yet still ultra-stylish, this twisted half-up style has a relaxed yet put-together feel about it, making it a great one for outdoor garden or beach weddings.

And what’s more, it will also allow you to keep a relaxed look if you don’t want all of your hair swept off your face. It ticks all the boxes.

24. Finger waves

When it comes retro hairstyles for a wedding guest, finger waves always impress. Credit: indigitalimages.com

When in doubt, just channel the roaring ’20s with finger waves. Topped off with golden bobby pins, this dazzling wedding guest hair ‘do might actually inspire your own wedding look.

25. Pearly ponytail

Pearls aren’t just for the bride. Credit: indigitalimages.com

The hair accessory Instagram and the runway can’t seem to get enough of? Pearls! Luckily, they can work well for weddings, too. Place a pearly headband atop loose waves or sleek ponytail, and you’ll have everyone at the reception asking you for style advice.

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Finding the perfect hairstyle to wear to a wedding (whether it’s your big day or you’re helping someone celebrate) can be tough—especially when most of what’s online caters to those with long locks. Well, medium-length ladies, we’ve gathered our favorite looks just for you. Read on to find the best wedding hairstyles for medium hair, and get ready to dance the night away.

Waterfall French-Braid Bun

To get this sweet waterfall French-braid bun from Emily of Once Wed, start by putting a deep side part in your hair. French-braid diagonally across the head and down to the opposite side of your part. Secure the braid with an elastic, and twist it into a bun. Secure it next to or above the ear with bobby pins, and spray all over with a medium-hold hairspray.

Knotted Updo

Tired of buns and chignons but not feeling a braid? Jenny from Confessions of a Hairstylist creates a simple updo using knots and a few bobby pins in this tutorial. Just take sections of hair, starting at the front of the head. The easy knots and off-the-neck style make this a favorite for dancing the night away. See the full tutorial in this video.

Two Twists into a Bun

You can put up to four twists into this simple bun from Melissa of Missy Sue. Start with curled hair for the easiest twisting (but straight hair works well, too). To make the first twist, take a small section from each side of the head, starting at the temple, and twist back. Join the two twists, and secure with a small elastic. Loop each subsequent twist through the original twist, and secure with a bobby pin. Create a bun with the rest of your hair by looping a ponytail up into a bun and pinning it into place. See the full tutorial video here.

Wrapped Bun

This look from Kate of The Small Things Blog is perfect for the bride, a bridesmaid, or an attendant of any wedding. Start with curled hair (Kate recommends using a 1¼-inch barrel). Start by pulling hair into a half-up pony, but don’t pull it all the way through. Separate the hair that’s been left down into two sections, and wrap each section around the bun; then pin into place. Loosen up the front a bit to soften things up, and finish with a little hairspray. Watch the full tutorial here.

French Twist with Clip

This super-glam ‘do from Kate of The Small Things Blog looks amazing with or without the decorative headpiece. Switch up the traditional French twist look by starting the twist from the top of the head instead of the bottom. To get the look, start with curled hair. Texturize with dry shampoo, and tease all over before pinning into a French twist. As you pin the twist into place, crisscross bobby pins for maximum holding power. Watch the full tutorial video here.

Gibson Tuck

The braided headband is back—and this time it’s got a little more to offer. Try this tucked braid bun from Melissa of Missy Sue. Part the hair far off to one side, and braid across the front of the head. Once you reach the ear on that side of the head, twist hair back across the back of the head and into a bun shape. Tuck in any loose hairs, and pin into place. Tug at the braid for added volume.

Easy Bun

For a simple, fuss-free look on your big day, look no further than this easy bun from Melissa of Missy Sue. Just gather hair into a ponytail in the center of the back of your head, and separate into three sections. Tuck each section back into the ponytail to create a bun shape. Either pin the bangs back for volume, or leave them loose for a more relaxed look.

Teasing Tips

If you don’t have much experience teasing your hair, it can seem a bit daunting at first. But don’t knock it until you try it—teasing adds so much to updos and curls in general. Check out this super-helpful tutorial video from Kate of The Small Things Blog.

Hollywood Roll

When you’re working with medium-length hair, anything that will beef up your updo is a major plus. Find a headband that has a little padding on the part that rests at the back of the head, and use it to create this old-Hollywood look from Jenny of Confessions of a Hairstylist. Start with slightly curled hair, and just roll hair around the padded section of the headband. Finish off with a medium-hold hairspray.

Easy Twisted Updo

This romantic look from Anne of The City Sage works on any hair type—but if you’ve got naturally straight, fine hair, put in a few curls first for a little help with texture. Separate hair into three or five sections, and put the middle (back) section in a ponytail and then in a bun. Twist the sections on each side over the bun to create a multidimensional look. Use a spin pin to secure, and leave a few pieces loose around the face.

Subtle Low Bun

Low buns are a great go-to for weddings, but they don’t have to be hard. To get this pretty look from Emma and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, start by teasing hair at the crown of the head. Pull hair into a low pony, and fluff up the part of your hair that’s been teased. Separate the ponytail into two sections, and tease the top half. Wrap the bottom half over the teased upper half, and secure with pins. Style the loose strands how you want—we love soft curls.

Half-Crown Braid

This sweet style from Hair Romance works beautifully for both straight and curly hair. Take substantial sections from both sides of the head, starting at the temples. Pull each braid across the back of the head to the opposite side, and pin into place. Tug at the braids to fluff them up. For added glamour, curl the rest of hair so it cascades down from the crown braid.

Rope-Braid Updo

This stunning look from Maritza of Beauty for Bloggers is perfect for those who are tired of braids—and it’s great for summer weddings as well. Rope strands together on both sides of the head, and knot the strands together at the back of the head. Pin any loose ends up into the ropes. Get the full tutorial here.

Undone French Twist

For a more whimsical look like this one from Kate of The Small Things Blog, try “undoing” the classic French twist. Start with lightly curled or wavy hair (but remember, this style works on any length and texture of hair), and pin back the left side of the hair. Do the same on the right side, but flip hair up to cover the pins. Continue this process until all hair from the sides is pinned back. Make sure the middle section of hair that’s left out below the pins looks more like a ponytail and less like you just forgot to pin it up. Watch the full tutorial here.

Short-Hair Chignon

The beauty of the classic chignon is that it works on nearly any length of hair (sorry, pixie cut gals). We love this tutorial from Annelise of Bye Bye Beehive—it works especially well on long bob or shoulder-length hair. Start with curled hair (or even second-day curls), and use an elastic-based headband. Wrap the hair around and into the back of the headband. There’s a great tutorial here.

Two-Bobby-Pin Updo

We honestly can’t believe that this look takes only two bobby pins. Like, are those bobby pins super-sized? But after trying it, we are convinced—two bobby pins can hold any amount of hair if you do it right, as Emily of Once Wed did in this tutorial. Twist all your hair, and spray generously with hairspray to help with holding later on. Tie hair in a knot; then take the tail, and wrap it around the knot you’ve just made. Bobby-pin the end of your hair to your head, and you’re done.

Twisted Half-Up Half-Down

If you’re looking for an airy, ethereal look on your big day, try this half-up look from Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant. Start with curled or wavy hair. Twist the section right above each ear back to the center of the head, and pin into place. Leave it like that, or use a gorgeous headpiece to add some sparkle.

Simple French Roll

This classic French roll from Lindsay of Treasures and Travels can be done in exactly 60 seconds—seriously! To get the look, comb hair to the left side and pin in place. Then pull hair from left to right and roll the ends around your hand. While holding the roll in place, push in pins to secure. Watch the video here.

Everybody loves a wedding. The joy of watching two people come together to profess their love and commit to one another for life is enough to make anyone smile.

Outdoor weddings are especially popular at the moment. According to wedding planning website The Knot, destination weddings comprise 24% of ceremonies annually, and couples are continually searching for venues that better reflect their own unique personalities. Outdoor weddings at romantic locations like rustic bars, the beach, or at plantations are on the rise.

Whether you’re a bride to be planning her big day, in a wedding party this summer or will be attending a ceremony as a guest, these 30 elegant outdoor wedding hairstyles are sure to give you some inspiration for how to style your locks for the occasion.

Tousled Flower Crown

The first big decision you’ll want to make about your hairstyle is whether you want your hair up, down, or half and half. This tousled flower crown pulls your hair up off your neck and back off your face, but still looks romantic and whimsical. Ask your stylist to add a few sprigs of flowers from your bouquet to perfectly coordinate with your wedding ensemble and add a fragrant touch to your look.

Half Up Fishtail Braid

This elegant half-up style is an excellent choice to show off your locks while also pulling your hair back from your face. The fishtail braid is an intricate touch, and it has great staying power and will easily hold back layers or bangs if need be. You can secure your veil or a flower crown right above the braid for great versatility on the big day.

Low Loose Twist

This sexy twist on a classic up-do pairs a low twist with a few errant strands that perfectly frame your face, neck, and shoulders. This up-do will keep you cool at your outdoor ceremony and gives your hair great height and volume for perfect pictures of the best day of your life.

Vintage Knot

If you’re a bride or a bridesmaid who has a distinctly vintage style, this simple low knot could be the right choice for you. The pinned-back look combines classic glamor with the effortless look of a seaside wedding.

Flowing Locks

Some brides and guests simply want to wear their hair down for the occasion, and the results are spectacular. Here, the model opts for loose, natural looking waves with and earth-tone leafy crown to perfectly compliment her wedding in a botanical setting. This look is distinctly bohemian, but you could straighten out your locks, or glam them up with some ringlet curls to better suit your style or venue if needed.

Wrap Around Crown Braid

Braids are both beautiful and whimsical, and this style could look perfect for a farm or beach wedding. It combines a fishtail braid with a more classic design that wraps around and pins to your crown. Try adding flowers, greenery, or rhinestone bobby pins to take your look up a notch and coordinate with your wedding party.

Braided Bun

In this braided bun wedding hairstyle, the bride has one section of her hair held back with a braid that incorporates into a gently curled bun for ultimate sexiness. This is an excellent choice if you have shorter front layers that need to be held back securely, or if you’re getting married somewhere particularly warm and your style will need all-day staying power. If you don’t have hair that’s quite long enough to make this work, talk with your stylist about temporary clip-in extensions. They can match your hair color perfectly and give you extra volume or length to create the look of your dreams for just one night.

Loose Side Chignon

The low, loose side bun has a distinctly 1920’s feel complete with all the glamor of the era. This style looks beautiful with a side swept bang, and can easily incorporate some bling like a headband, tiara, or intricate veil.

Pinned Back

If you have shorter hair, then you can still achieve an up-do with a bohemian vibe. Ask your stylist for loose, wavy curls and then have her pin them back at the nape of your neck in a fun chignon or twist. This method will create a lot of volume up front and will show off your chic curls perfectly.

Bohemian Braided Up-do

Ladies with longer hair can try this loose, crisscrossing braid for a simple boho feel. Ask your stylist to leave some strands to curl and let them fall loosely around your face and neck to add a romantic touch to this secure style with serious staying power.

Curled Braided Crown

Add a little bombshell factor to your braided crown by using a medium-barrel curling iron to create big, bouncy curls that cascade down your back. Here, the model also incorporates a beautiful crystal accent into the braided style that perfectly compliments her gown. This is another method that might require clip-in hair extensions to get the length and volume just right, but the end result is so worth it.

Braided Low Side Bun

This simple up-do combines a traditional braid that wraps from the front of your head all the way around to knot at your nape on the opposite side. The bun has a ballerina vibe, and is the perfect touch for the bride who is both graceful and powerful, and wants to show off the back of her dress.

Messy Braid

You might think the words “messy” and “wedding” shouldn’t go together, but one look at this easy breezy braid for your ceremony might change your mind. A great solution if you have shorter hair or layers that don’t like to stay put, the messy braid isn’t meant to be perfect. In fact, it looks better if it’s not. Ask your stylist to curl your strands first, and then gently work them into a side braid. Incorporate a few flowers or baby’s breath if you like that vibe. If you choose this look, be sure that one of your bridesmaids has a few bobby pins on hand in case you need them for touch ups throughout the day.

Retro Waves

If you love the look of vintage glamor, try incorporating pin-up style waves into your do for the big day. You could wear the look down for a sultry style a la Jessica Rabbit, or use this model as an example and tie your glamorous curls back in a loose bun or knot.

Curled Side Ponytail

The simple ponytail is one of the easiest updos to do, and yet with a few unique romantic touches, it transforms into the perfect outdoor wedding hairstyle. This look is exquisite on brides with both short and long hair. Request that your stylist spends extra time giving your hair volume and texture before securing it in a low ponytail off to the side. Cover the elastic with strategically pinned pieces, and add a few sprigs from your bouquet for a sensational spring or summer look.

Simple Chignon with Flower Crown

If you’re a bride that likes to keep it simple, a traditional low bun might be just the way to go. This beautiful look can easily incorporate a flower crown, which is a favorite accessory of brides having outdoor weddings in gardens, farmhouses, and on the beach. Try leaving a few pieces of hair down in front around your face, and ask your stylist to give them a little curl or wave for added body and beauty.

Triple Flower Braids

If using real flowers or foliage in your hair isn’t your cup of tea, but you would still like to incorporate a floral element, these whimsical flower crown braids are an elegant solution. This half-up style is an excellent way to show off your locks, and while they look complicated, your stylist will have them pinned up perfectly in no time. This wedding hairstyle is also a wonderful choice if you opted for a dress with a simple design or an open design on the back as they will create visual interest without taking away from your beautiful ensemble.

Twisted and Pinned

Another look that’s perfect for short to medium length hair is the simple twisted and pinned design. Here your stylist will take pieces of your hair, twist them back away from your face, and pin them behind your head in various locations. You can spice this up by adding flowers like the model did in the photograph, or you could use bobby pins with fun details like rhinestones, crystals, or in butterfly or flower shapes to compliment your theme and venue.

Messy French Twist

The sleek and chic French twist has long been a favorite wedding hairstyle, but this boho take on the up-do is the perfect solution for a laid-back outdoor wedding. Don’t let the slightly messy style fool you; a French twist is designed to stay tight and secure all day long. If you’re looking for an option that will transition easily from day to night and let you shake it on the dance floor while it stays firmly in place, this is a great choice for you.

One Side Pinned Back

If you love the idea of wearing your hair down for your wedding, but want to do something to open up your face, try pinning just one side of your hair back with a decorative pin or clip. To do it, part your hair to one side and secure the side with less hair by sweeping your hair up and back away from your temple. You could also change this up by pinning back the opposite side for a more dramatic look. This is an excellent way to show off beautiful earrings, or just let a little air get to the nape of your neck to keep you cool outdoors.

Waterfall French Braid

The waterfall French braid technique is a lovely way to pull your hair back from your face and provide a place to secure your veil while still letting your locks flow. Ask your stylist to do your hair first in whatever way you like it best. Here, the model used a medium-barrel curling iron and curl-enhancing products to give her tresses their shiny finish with lots of hold. Then, work the waterfall French braid through your hair. You can secure it with an elastic, or use bobby pins to keep your hair in place.

Large Smooth Topknot

Sometimes, simple is better. If you have an intricate dress or want to show off some antique jewelry on your ears or neck, a large, smooth bun on your crown is the way to go. This wedding hairstyle adds volume and gives you that understated classic beauty every bride is searching for.

Flower Girl Sweet

Making sure the little angel in your wedding looks the part is important on the big day. This sweet style for your flower girl combines ringlet curls with an easy up-do that looks both darling and ethereal.

Gibson Rolls

Also known simply as the Gibson, or the Gibson tuck, modern Gibson rolls are an update on the classic 1940’s pin-up style. You can follow the example in this photo to create a mostly smooth look up front with some wispy strands to frame your face, or you could ask your stylist for more volume and curls depending on what fits best with your dress and your theme. Your veil will secure perfectly into the style, making it a great choice for your outdoor ceremony.

Loose Side Braid with Baby’s Breath

The loose side braid is a lovely choice for an outdoor wedding. Equal parts romantic and whimsical, the style will secure your strands to keep them from getting tangled or frizzy while making you look like a Disney princess. Add in some delicate sprigs of baby’s breath for a truly ethereal look.

Loose and Sideswept

Wearing your locks loosely pinned in a side-swept style is a popular choice when you’re getting married at on outdoor locale. The key to this style is to pin your hair so that it won’t get in your face and do something annoying like get stuck in your lipstick during the ceremony.

Beachy Waves

Some brides opt to wear their hair down, and they look fabulous on their big day. If you have a dress with a simple neckline or are going sleeveless or backless, this can be an elegant choice. Try styling your hair in gentle waves or curls using a large-barrel curling iron or large hot rollers. Be sure to use a shine serum and a heat protector for the best results. After you finger-comb out your waves, use hairspray to set them for all-day holding power.

Loose Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is very similar to a French braid with one small difference. Instead of pulling hair under as you braid, with the Dutch technique you pull hair over the top. You could achieve this loosely braided style with either technique, and it’s perfect for a ceremony that’s outdoors. Ask your stylist to use a little extra product and carry a few pins with you through the event to be sure you can secure any stray strands and keep your hair looking perfect.

Whimsical Knot

Variations of the top knot and bun are beautiful traditional go-to’s for wedding stylists everywhere. In this whimsical knot, the bride has a smooth up-do that comes back to an intricate design with lovely pearls worked into it. The result is an elegant style that would be perfect on the beach front or in a rustic barn.

Elegant Side Ponytail

For another look with a boho vibe, try this exciting twist on the side ponytail. Start by giving your hair gentle waves and then sweep it over to one shoulder. Add a twist or two and then secure your tresses with pins instead of elastic for and updated version of the classic ponytail.

No matter how to you choose to wear your hair for an outdoor ceremony, one of the most important considerations will be your styling products. Take into account the weather, heat, humidity, and wind conditions to be sure that you use enough primer, gloss, and spray to give your locks the staying power they need to look picture perfect all day long.

The Best Wedding Hairstyles That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

When it comes to weddings, it’s only natural to want every detail to be perfect. After so many years of picturing what your wedding might look like, how could expectations be anything but high? From the location and the cake to the dress and the shoes, every element is a hard decision that will shape this magical occasion. Let us take some of the stress away with this guide on the best wedding hairstyles that will leave a lasting impression.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you’re lucky enough to have long, luscious locks, you should show them off on your special day. While leaving your hair down may seem more casual at first, with a bit of effort a loose ‘do can look just as polished as any up-do. Try thick curls and loose braids to add the type of feminine appeal that a soft up-do naturally offers. If you still want to tie your hair back, try a half-up-half-down style. As long hair is often thicker and heavier than shorter hair, it can be too much for a single bun. A half bun or pony will relieve this weight while still keeping your hair off your face.

Thick Curls

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion for a classically beautiful and feminine hairstyle, meaning that curls are an ideal look. While beach waves can be perfectly lovely, nothing beats the polished look of large, bouncy curls. Perfect for thick hair, these full curls look divine on long lengths. Simply add a beautiful clip or pin to keep the look from overpowering your face.

Loose Braid

Long, loose braids aren’t just for models and celebrities heading to Coachella, the gorgeous and modern style can also be perfect for your wedding. Curled, and almost falling apart, the style, although not polished, is entirely elegant in its own right. Ideal for those with thinner, long hair, this hairstyle adds extra texture and creates volume from teasing.


A half-up-half-down hairstyle is a perfect option for when you can’t decide between leaving your hair loose and styling it in an up-do. This look gives you the best of both worlds. It incorporates the length which breathes femininity while keeping hair off your face in a way that adds polished elegance.

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium hair is the most versatile length when it comes to trying different wedding looks. It’s long enough to appear lovely when left out while still being easy and light-weight enough to pin up. Choose the style for you that best suits your personality and the theme of your wedding. A low bun is perfect for a classic bride, while a wavy, half-up style is ideal for the relaxed, modern bride, and a braided bun suits a non-traditional, out-of-the-box bride.

Low Bun

For women with medium-length hair who fancy themselves a classically beautiful bride, a low bun is an excellent choice. The look is elegant and polished and works for both curly and straight hair. It’s also a fantastic option to better show off your wedding dress and any special jewellery.

Relaxed Half-Up

If you have medium-length hair and wish to wear it loose for your wedding day, consider a relaxed, half-up style. While medium hair can look perfectly beautiful left out, it doesn’t have the same impact as longer or shorter hair does. Add interest to your style, while keeping it understated, by adding loose waves and wearing it half-up with braids or a small bun.

If you’re looking for an extra special hairstyle for your special day, why not try a braided bun? This unique twist on a classic style turns traditional into non-traditional. Whether you choose a crown braid, a braid that wraps around a top knot, or one that wraps around the side of your head and turns into a bun, this modern style will undoubtedly draw compliments.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

While it’s true that short hair can be more limited when it comes to style options, the length can still be transformed in several ways to create a beautiful ‘do. The trick is to add a polished elegance that goes beyond your typical day-to-day look. Short hair is super popular at the moment with most women choosing to wear their’s in a long bob (lob) with loose beach waves. If this sounds like you, mix things up for your special day by adding wrap-around braids, pinning back one side, or even wearing it in an up-do (just make sure, your hairdresser secures it firmly!).

Chic Up-Do

Just because you have trouble tying your short hair into a ponytail, it doesn’t mean that your hairdresser can’t create a beautiful up-do with your hair. Hidden pins, decorative clips and the use of the right hair products, can create the hairstyle of your dreams. Ideal for those with grown-out bobs and lobs, a chic up-do can be the best choice for making you feel like a perfect, blushing bride.

Who said that your wedding hairstyle needed to be intricate? Sometimes, the simpler, the better. Add a touch of old Hollywood glamour to your special day by adding silky-smooth curls to your short hair and clipping or pinning back one side. This easy hairstyle is all about the shine and the bling, so make sure your locks are on-point and your clip is completely chic.

Wrap-Around Braid

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Combat wind by choosing a simple hairstyle that stays out of your face. A wraparound braid for short and loose hair is the perfect option for this. The style also adds a gorgeous, bohemian touch that works perfectly in a natural setting. Ideal for thinner hair, a thick braid paired with lightly tousled waves is an easily-achievable and beautiful style.


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