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We all know Julianne Moore for her amazing acting abilities, striking red hair, and gorgeous smile, but here’s something you might not know about this star: she’s turning 55 this year. And to celebrate the famous redhead’s birthday, we’re taking a look back at her first big role — 30 years ago!

From 1985 to 1988, Moore starred on the long-running daytime soap opera As the World Turns as Frannie Hughes, daughter of Bob and Jennifer Hughes. Check out this seriously ’80s throwback photo of the actress during a party scene in 1985:

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We’re used to seeing Moore look a little less princess-y, so this picture is definitely a surprise. Bonus: Here’s another vintage pic of the actress with some epically feathered bangs:

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She eventually reprised her role in a brief cameo in 2010 during the show’s final season, giving fans another chance to see one of their favorite characters return for the last time.

Since her days on the small screen, Moore has moved on to films, including acclaimed dramas like The Hours and Far From Heaven. On top of these Academy Award-nominated dramatic roles, she’s also starred in comedy-dramas including Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Kids Are All Right, proving she can make us laugh and cry.

On top of being a wildly successful actress, Moore is also a red carpet favorite because she always looks incredibly put-together:

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Happy birthday, Julianne Moore! We’re looking forward to seeing you on the big screen and the red carpet for another 30 years.

Sam Escobar Contributor Sam’s enthusiasm for makeup is only rivaled by their love of all things relating to cats.

Video Of Julianne Moore On ‘As The World Turns’ Makes Her SAG Awards Acceptance Speech Even Sweeter — VIDEO

Hey, listen. Soap operas serve a purpose on American TV. In fact, they not only pass the time but tell enough of a compelling story that people still enjoy watching them even today — despite their poor reputation as a source of entertainment. (Just think how many times the revelation that someone watches soaps is treated as a punchline. Just think.) However, if you were expecting her soap opera beginnings to be a source of shame for Julianne Moore, think again. When Moore won the SAG Award for Best Actress in Film, she immediately gave a shoutout to As The World Turns that had fans going absolutely wild.

“When I was on As The World Turns,” she said, to great laughter and cheering from the audience. “Yeah! I was so excited when they wrote two parts for me. You know, the classic twin sister role, the good and the evil one, and I couldn’t wait to do it and I was so excited. And I realized it was super boring to act by myself. What I really loved, and what I really craved, and what was most exciting for me was being with another actor and feeling that intimacy and that excitement and that thrill of getting to know somebody in that way. And that’s what keeps me coming back to acting again and again and again.”

Moore was referring to, of course, her stint as Frannie and Sabrina Hughes on the soap opera, which was her big acting break and carried her career from when she joined in 1985 to 1988. Of course, the actress has spoken fondly of the show before — and even made another cameo appearance in 2010 — but for her to bring it up as part of her SAG Awards speech was noteworthy for more reasons than one. In the first place, it showed that she is completely unashamed of her beginnings even if it was on something most people consider “lame” or “overdramatic” or whatever criticisms are being cast against soap operas these days.

Second of all, it was a great way for Moore to show how far she’s come as an actress and how much she’s come to know herself and her craft in the years since her time on the show. Third of all, it was such a memorable line that even Birdman actor Zach Galifianakis had to riff on it by starting his own acceptance speech for the film with, “When I was on As The World Turns…”

Plus, it was an amazing throwback to fans who have followed her career all this time, as evidenced by the fact that Twitter absolutely exploded over it.

If you’re sad that you missed SAG Award winner Moore on the show, don’t worry. You can find plenty of clips of Frannie and Sabrina on YouTube to get your soap opera fix. Check out this trippy moment when Moore meets Moore in the most deliciously dramatic way possible.

CBS on YouTube

Julianne Moore young photos best and new movies

Early acting career First film Breakthrough

Julianne Moore was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, U.S., on December 3, 1960, is an American actress. Young Julianne Moore started performing during her years of college in school theatrical productions.

She began her professional acting career on stage in off-Broadway theatre (1985).

She made her television debut in soap opera The Edge of Night (1984) in role as Carmen Engler.

She got her big break on CBS soap opera As the World Turns (1985–1988, 2010), in role as half-sisters Frannie and Sabrina, for which she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series (1988).

She made her big screen debut in comedy horror anthology movie Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990) in role as Susan.

Her breakthrough performance came as Marian Wymanin in comedy drama movie Short Cuts (1993) directed by Robert Altman.

New Movies

Mothertrucker (2020) drama in role as Joy Mothertrucker

The Glorias (2020) biographical in role as Gloria Steinem, opposite Alicia Vikander and Bette Midler

The Woman in the Window (2020) mystery thriller drama in role as Jane Russell, opposite Amy Adams and Gary Oldman

After the Wedding (2019) drama in role as Theresa Young, with Michelle Williams and Billy Crudup

Best Movies

She won the Academy Award, a BAFTA Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role as Alice Daly-Howland in drama film Still Alice (2014).

She was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Actress for her roles in films:

Far from Heaven (2002) period melodrama in role as Cathy Whitaker

The End of the Affair (1999) drama romance in role as Sarah Miles.

She was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her performances in movies:

The Hours (2002) psychological drama in role as Laura Brown

Boogie Nights (1997) historical drama in role as Maggie (Amber Waves).

She played President Alma Coin in dystopian science fiction adventure movies: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014) and Part 2 (2015).

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) science fiction adventure directed by Steven Spielberg

The Big Lebowski (1998) crime comedy opposite Jeff Bridges

Laws of Attraction (2004) romantic comedy with Pierce Brosnan

Children of Men (2006) dystopian thriller opposite Clive Owen and Michael Caine

Next (2007) science fiction action thriller with Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel

A Single Man (2009) drama opposite Colin Firth and Nicholas Hoult

Blindness (2008) drama mystery with Mark Ruffalo

Chloe (2009) thriller opposite Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried

Don Jon (2013) romantic comedy drama opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson

Magnolia (1999) epic drama opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tom Cruise

Seventh Son (2014) fantasy opposite Jeff Bridges, Alicia Vikander and Kit Harington

The Fugitive (1993) thriller with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones

Hannibal (2001) psychological horror thriller with Anthony Hopkins and Gary Oldman

Vanya on 42nd Street (1994) drama romance with Wallace Shawn

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) action spy comedy opposite Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and Halle Berry

Wonderstruck (2017) mystery drama with Michelle Williams

Suburbicon (2017) black comedy opposite Matt Damon and Oscar Isaac

Gloria Bell (2018) drama romance opposite Michael Cera

TV Shows

She won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Outstanding Lead Actress for her role as Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska in HBO political drama movie Game Change (2012).

She played India West in television miniseries I’ll Take Manhattan (1987).

She had a recurring role as Nancy Donovan in satirical television sitcom 30 Rock (2009–2013).


Graduated from Frankfurt American High School in Frankfurt, Germany (1979).

She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Performing Arts, Boston University (1983).

Has Irish and English ancestry.

Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6250 Hollywood Boulevard in 2013.

She is the author of five books for children, published her first book “Freckleface Strawberry” in 2007.

Practicing yoga regularly.

Friends with actress Ellen Barkin and actor Colin Firth.

Big fan of Downton Abbey (2010).

She is an Artist Ambassador for Save the Children and active member of Planned Parenthood.

Lives in Greenwich Village, New York City.


She was married to John Gould Rubin (1986-1995).

She married film director Bart Freundlich in 2003, they have a son and a daughter.

The CBS soap opera made its debut in 1956, sponsored by Procter & Gamble, the famous maker of household products. It was once a major hit, but last year CBS announced that it would cancel “As the World Turns” on Sept. 17, 2010 because of low ratings. In its place, the network will start a new daytime, female-friendly talk show called “The Talk,” in the same vein of ABC’s “The View.”

In more than five decades on the air, “As the World Turns” launched a host of careers. It’s not the only soap with that distinction: “Guiding Light,” which ended its 72-year-long run on television last year, also gave a start to some of today’s top stars. So did other soaps like “The Young and the Restless” and “Knots Landing.”

Below, take a look at 12 actors who found serious stardom after a soap opera stint.

Julianne Moore

Before the big Hollywood roles rolled in, Julianne Moore was a New York City waitress, born in North Carolina, who got her start in the acting world on “As the World Turns.” In 1985, Moore was cast in the dual roles of half-sisters Frannie and Sabrina Hughes. She played the girls for three years and won a Daytime Emmy for her work in 1988.

From there, it was on to the film world. Moore appeared in hits throughout the ’90s, including “The Fugitive,” “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” and “Jurassic Park.” She got her first Oscar nomination, for best supporting actress, playing a porn star in 1997’s “Boogie Knights.” Critical acclaim kept coming for her roles in “The End of the Affair,” “The Hours” and “Far from Heaven.”

Moore has cemented her status as an A-list star, most recently starring in the film “Chloe” alongside Liam Neeson and guesting on “30 Rock” with fellow soap opera alum Alec Baldwin. But she hasn’t forgotten her roots — after CBS announced that it would be canceling “As the World Turns,” Moore returned to reprise her role as Frannie Hughes for an April episode. Moore blew into Oakdale, the show’s fictional setting, to celebrate the wedding anniversary of her TV stepmom and dad, Bob and Kim, much to the delight of the soap’s fans.

Marisa Tomei

The big actress from Brooklyn got her start on the New York City set of “As the World Turns.” In 1983, while studying at New York University, Marisa Tomei landed the role of teenager Marcy Thompson Cushing on the soap opera. She dropped out of school to pursue her acting ambitions, staying on “As the World Turns” until 1985.

After that, Tomei went on to the sitcom “A Different World” before landing her breakthrough role in 1992’s “My Cousin Vinny.” Tomei won a best supporting actress Oscar for the film and went on to an enviable career. Most recently, she wowed audiences and critics in “The Wrestler” and “Cyrus.”

Jason Biggs

He might be best known for his “American Pie” antics, but before making love to a plate of pastry, Jason Biggs cut his teeth in the acting world on “As the World Turns.”

Biggs started his career early, at the age of 5. His first major turn on television came in 1994, when he was cast as the troubled teen Pete Wendall on the soap opera. Critics perked up: he earned a Daytime Emmy nomination for best young actor for the role.

After a brief stint at New York University, Biggs scored his breakthrough role in 1999 with “American Pie,” the teen flick that became an international, sequel-making sensation. Recently, Biggs, now 32, appeared in the comedies “My Best Friend’s Girl” and “Over Her Dead Body.”

Meg Ryan

Before she became America’s sweetheart in films like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail,” Meg Ryan played Betsy Stewart on “As the World Turns” from 1982 to 1984.

Her pairing with Frank Runyeon’s character Steve made them one of the most popular couples on television in the 80s. Their “wedding” on May 30, 1984, attracted 20 million viewers, making it the second highest-rated hour in American soap opera history.

Ryan left the show for smaller TV and film roles, including the wife of “Goose” in “Top Gun.” Her first real hit didn’t come until the end of the 80s when she starred opposite Billy Crystal in “When Harry Met Sally.” She earned a Golden Globe nomination for that role which included the memorable fake orgasm scene in a Manhattan deli.

James Earl Jones

It’s hard to believe that the actor known for his basso voice, most notably as Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” films, once stuttered so badly he refused to speak. But in high school, a teacher coaxed him to read poetry aloud and James Earl Jones’ interest in performing bloomed.

He took roles in television to augment his theater work and became the first black man to have a continuing role on a daytime serial when he portrayed Dr. Jerry Turner on “As the World Turns” in 1966 and later, as Dr. Jim Frazier on “The Guiding Light.”

Kevin Bacon

Before he got footloose, actor Kevin Bacon played the teenage alcoholic Tim “T.J.” Werner on “Guiding Light” from 1980 to 1981. Bacon also starred as Tom Adamson on the soap opera “Search for Tomorrow” in 1979. His first big screen break came as Timothy Fenwick Jr. in the 1982 film “Diner,” where he co-starred alongside Steve Guttenberg, Daniel Stern, Mickey Rourke, Tim Daly and Ellen Barkin. The buzz he stirred as Fenwick led to one of Bacon’s biggest roles to date, as the foot-frenzied Ren McCormack in the 1985 hit film “Footloose.”

Calista Flockhart

Before she made a name for herself as the quirky Ally McBeal in 1997, Calista Flockhart had a minor role in 1989 as the babysitter for one of “Guiding Light’s” most memorable characters, the diva Reva Shayne Lewis (Kim Zimmer). Flockhart went on to win a Golden Globe for her role on “Ally McBeal” in 1998.

She currently stars as communications director Kitty Walker on the ABC show “Brothers and Sisters,” and is married to actor Harrison Ford.

Alec Baldwin

He currently plays the slick-mouthed Jack Donaghy on the TV show “30 Rock,” but Alec Baldwin’s acting career had more humble beginnings. His first role was as Billy Allison Aldrich on the soap opera “The Doctors” from 1980-1982. The Emmy-winning show took place in the fictional Hope Memorial Hospital, and focused on a hospital team and the medical emergencies they faced.

Baldwin got his big break on the nighttime soap opera “Knots Landing,” as the lunatic preacher Joshua Rush from 1984-1985. The show focused on five married couples living in the fictional town of Knots Landing. Rush returned to his mother Lilimae, played by Julie Harris, who abandoned him as a baby. He attempted to kill his wife Cathy, played by Lisa Hartman, but in the process ended up killing himself.

Baldwin’s film career began in the 1980s, with roles in movies such as “Working Girl” and “Beetlejuice.” His role as Jack Ryan in the 1990 film “The Hunt for Red October” gave his acting career a huge boost. Baldwin’s satirical comedic approach earned him a role as the host of “Saturday Night Live” 14 times and landed him on “30 Rock” in 2006. He has won two Emmys and three Golden Globes for his role on “30 Rock,” which he also co-produces.

Anne Heche

Anne Heche became well-known because of her highly publicized relationship with television host Ellen DeGeneres, but it was her role as the good and evil twins Marley and Vicky from 1987-1991 on “Another World” that many soap fans remember her for.

“Another World” took place in the Midwestern town of Bay City, and focused on its residents. The show debuted in 1964 and was created by William J. Bell and Irna Phillips, who was also the mastermind behind “Guiding Light.” Other celebrities, such as Morgan Freeman, Lindsay Lohan, Kelsey Grammer and Kyra Sedgwick also had roles on the show.

Heche won a daytime Emmy for her role as Vicky in 1991. On the big screen, Heche has starred in “Donnie Brasco” and opposite Harrison Ford in “Six Days, Seven Nights.” She had a reccurring role in the shows “Ally McBeal” and “Men In Trees.” She currently stars as a slightly neoritic housewife on the HBO show “Hung.”

Brad Pitt

Long before he was nominated for two Oscars, became the father of six and the headline of magazine articles, Brad Pitt played a recurring role on the CBS soap opera “Dallas” in 1987.

“Dallas” told the tangled tale of the wealthy Ewing family. Pitt played Randy, the boyfriend of Charlie Wade, played by Shalane McCall.

But it was Pitt’s role as the hunky drifter J.D. in the 1991 film “Thelma and Louise” that put him in the public eye. Since then, Pitt has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, starring in such films as “Fight Club,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Inglourious Basterds.”

Nicollette Sheridan

Before she graced Wisteria Lane as Edie on “Desperate Housewives,” Nicollette Sheridan played the manipulative Paige Matheson on “Knots Landing” from 1986-1993.

During her time on the show, Sheridan’s character managed to fake her own death, accidentally kill her boyfriend, and get shot and kidnapped. She won the Soap Opera Digest award for Outstanding Lead Actress: Primetime in 1990.

Sheridan became the adulterous housewife Edie Britt on “Desperate Housewives” in 2004. Edie died in a car accident in a 2009 episode. Sheridan is set to star as the voice of Zenna in “Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning.”

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff began his acting career at age 22, as Dr. William “Snapper” Foster Jr. on “The Young and the Restless” from 1975-1982. “Young and the Restless” centers on the competition between two wealthy families, the Abbots and Newmans.

Hasselhoff’s character was put through college by his mother and manicurist sister, played by Jill Abbot, who is still on the show.

”I was so green on the audition,” Hasselhoff told Entertainment Weekly.com. “They told me the director was in the booth, and I said, ‘What’s a booth?”’ Hasselhoff went on to star in two other major television shows: “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch.” In the late 1980s, Hasselhoff reinvented himself as a pop singer, becoming a hit in Europe. Next up for Hasselhoff: seeing how far his feet can take him on the upcoming season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”


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