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19 Fun & Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

Not everyone’s nails grow strong enough to maintain long, shiny nails. Plus, long nails can easily get in the way of everyday life. No thank you. If you like low-maintenance beauty, check out these nail designs for short nails. You’ll finally want to flaunt your phalanges.

Evil-Eye Nail Art

The evil eye motif is all the rage these days. All you need is a thin brush and a dotting tool to create this design. Find the full tutorial here.

Watermelon Nail Art

Get fruity this summer with a simple watermelon design. Find other short nail designs by Paula here.

Colorful Polka-Dot Nails

Add a bit of color to your short nails with a simple dotting tool. Check out this design and other creative nail designs here.

Cat Nail Art

These short cat nails are all you need to show off your sassy side without really growing out your claws. For more adorable nail designs, go to Be Gorgeous.

Pastel Studded Nail Art

Liven up your nails with this triple-tone, studded nail design. Grab a nailbrush, and click here for the full tutorial.

Ombré Nail Art

Ombré is an easy, adorable way to add dimension to your nail look without needing a lot of space for your work. You’ll find all you need to master the technique here. Hint: The trick is a triangle makeup sponge.

Negative Space Floral Nail Art

Negative space nail art is one of the hottest new trends, and floral nail art is an old—and simple—classic. This look combines the two with totally adorable results. Find this step-by-step tutorial here.

Waterfall Nail Art

For this colorful waterfall design, you’ll need 4 to 6 nail colors and a nail art brush. But don’t worry—this nail art is easier to create than you think. Find the tutorial here.

Splatter Nail Art

Nail art doesn’t have to be all perfect circles and straight lines. Get creative and colorful with this splatter technique. Create this look here.

Wave Nail Art

With this beachy nail art, you don’t have to live on the coast to catch a wave. Plus, it’s perfect for shorter nails. Just make sure you use a very fine brush. Find more here!

Winking Nail Art

Let your nails do the flirting for you with this winking nail design by Honestly WTF. With only a few supplies, this design can be all yours. Find the tutorial here.

Simple Dot Nail Design

It’s amazing how much a few simple dots can dress up your nails. This look is elegant and so, so easy. Check out more nail designs by The Nail Trail here.

Gold Stripe Nail Art

If you’re nail art–challenged, try a simple piece of hologram tape for the perfect stripe. See how it works here!

Dotted Nail Design

Go crazy with your dotting tool to create this dotted rainbow design by Little Green Heart. Contrast your nails by using different designs on each finger.

Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Add a dose a glam to your short nails with a gradient glitter design. Check out this video tutorial and others here.

Plaid Nail Art

We’re always mad for plaid; and luckily you don’t need long nails to rock it on your fingertips. All you need is a steady hand, a thin brush, and a few classic plaid colors. Check out more nail designs here.

Nude & Gold Chevron Nail Art

Create a standard chevron print with three of your favorite colors. Don’t fret that paint process though—this design is nothing more than a simple vinyl sticker!

Purple-Tipped Nail Art

This totally chic nail look doesn’t care how long your nails are. A peak of purple on your fingertips is enough to spice up any ordinary mani without all the extra work. Find more nail here.

Graffiti Nail Art

Channel the inner street artist in you with this fun graffiti nail art design. This step-by-step tutorial makes it look so simple!

The cutest nail designs for short nails can be found here. Longer nails are always in style, but with more and more women in careers where long nails are not always practical or feasible, short nails are making a huge comeback.

Best Nail Designs Ideas for Short Nails

Following are some of our favorite DIY gel nail designs for short nails. If you don’t have the time, patience, or artistic ability to do these designs, you can simply show the pictures at your favorite nail salon and they can easily duplicate them.

However, if you are skilled and have a steady hand, you can easily do these designs on your own. And if you’re not that talented yet, you can always practice or ask your best friend for help. Nothing says girl’s night in like a movie night with wine and snacks, hair, makeup and nail art. We are sure that with some time and practice, you will soon be creating your own nail art!

Glittery Nail Art for Short Nails

This is a design that even an amateur can pull off easily. Glitter nail polish is always fun, especially for a party or fun night out on the town! There are many different options for glittery nails.

Golden Glitter

Paint all of your nails a dark matte color, like this sleek burgundy matte polish, and then paint your ring finger with a stunning gold glitter polish.

Glittery Short Nail Manicures

This gorgeous lilac French mani with glitter tips is simple, yet elegant!

Floral Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails

Flowers are pretty any time of year, but especially in the summer or spring. You can paint any flower design you wish from sunflowers to daisies to poinsettias for the holidays! If you want to accentuate your nails even more, you can even add some rhinestones or other jewels to your flowers to make them pop!


These pretty yellow sunflowers on a pastel base are fun and playful for the summer months.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

This design, with its beautiful pink and black cherry blooms on a neutral base, is simpler than it looks.

Mix and Match

This look is really cute with its fun floral design on two fingernails. Paint two nails dark-blue and three fingers white. Use blue and dark-blue to paint a pretty flower on your white nails.

Beachy Short Nail Designs

These simple nail designs for short nails are perfect for those summer days on the beach!

Anchors Away

These navy-blue nails with white strips are summer cute on their own, but if you leave one finger painted white and paint on a navy-blue anchor, you will be ready for the summer fun!

Sunny Starfish

This bright orange starfish design on sunny yellow nails screams fun in the sun!

Tropical Paradise

This pretty ombre of tropical pink and violet is quite stunning, but the black palm tree on two nails and a pretty lady’s face on the ring finger really make this look stand out!

Marble Nail Art for Short Nails

Marble nail art is especially stunning on shorter nails. It is quite easy to do on your own and the possibilities are endless.

Pretty Purples

This deep purple and soft lilac marble look is just gorgeous!

Red and White

This look is totally romantic and ideal for any occasion from Christmas to Valentine’s Day!

Striped Nail Art for Short Nails

Striped nail art is becoming quite trendy and is actually much easier to pull off than you would expect. Thanks to the plethora of nail tools from nail tape to toothpicks, you can create a variety of striped designs!

Stars and Stripes

Show off your patriotism with this red and white and blue striped look. Paint your ring finger glittery blue and adorn it with cute tiny silver stars.


You can pull off this chevron effect with nail tape. Go for bold colors like green and black.

Striped Mani

Another look you can easily pull off with nail tape. This gorgeous mani with lavender, silver, and baby blue stripes is absolutely stunning!

Grid Nails

This look is fun with its emerald green base and golden grid pattern.

Black and White Nail Colors

Black and white are the best nail colors for short nails. Is sophisticated and stylish, and there are so many fun or classic options.

Music Notes

These black notes on a white base are quite whimsical.

Polka Dots

This alternating pattern of black and white polka dots on opposite nails is really chic.

Skull and Crossbones

If you want to embrace your inner goth girl, this skull and crossbones will show off your emo side!

Tribal Art

If you want to embrace your inner goth girl, this skull and crossbones will show off your emo side!

As you can see, these are just a few easy nail designs for short nails ideas! You can play around with colors and nail art to make each look your own. And we bet in no time, you’ll be creating your own nail art and getting compliments from all your friends!

Fruit Nails

Fruit nail designs are very popular in the summer. You can either paint them or simply use stickers. It is trendy to have fruits on each fingernail, but you can just accentuate several nails with your favorite fruits.


These juicy raspberries on a white matte base look so yummy! Add raspberries as accents on two fingernails.


This bright manicure is just ideal for the summer! Paint your nails orange and yellow and adorn your ring finger with a piece of ripe lemon on a white base.


Paint all your fingernails white and add kiwifruit as accents on several nails. This manicure is cute and so summery!

Minimalistic Short Nail Ideas

When you don’t have enough time for a manicure, you might be interested in some minimalistic designs. They are not only easy to do but also pretty to show off on any occasion.

Marble Accent

Marble is all the rage now! To do this simple nail art, you need only one thin brush to paint lines on your nail. Feel free to opt for a different color combination to find your perfect style.

Sparkly Crystals

Any nude mani can become better if you add just a few rhinestones. Play with forms and designs to find your style. It can be a half-moon design or pretty summer gems in pineapple shapes.

Simple Flowers

This style is so feminine! Make some flowers or leaves to achieve this design, and don’t forget to add some crystals to your accent fingers.

Nail Designs for Short Nails 2020: Video Ideas

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50 Best Black and White Nail Designs

Black and white combination is timeless, elegant and there is no person who doesn’t love it. Because of its maximum contrast, this color match instantly draws the viewer’s attention. After that being said, the reason why we love black and white nails is obvious, right?

Classic black and white nail design doesn’t have to be boring. Although we are using only two colors, there are lots of options and variations. Check out our list of 50 best black and white nail designs and see it for yourself. You cannot go wrong with these two opposite colors.

1. Stiletto Gradient Nails


Gradient or ombre technique is one of the most popular nail designs this season. The secret weapon for this method is makeup sponge. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll be able to wear the gradient look on their own or combine it with other techniques like freehand nail design or stamping.

2. Cross Nail Design


Some women might be against putting religious symbols on their nails but either way, this nail design looks great and is easy to make.

3. Zebra Nail Design


Animal print is always trendy. Spice your zebra nail design with some black and silver studs on the accent nail.

4. Cute Nail Design


Although this cute nail design is in black and white, it will certainly brighten up your mood and day.

5. Black Tip Nails


The classic French manicure is a timeless look but over time it can become pretty boring and dull. To avoid the boredom of wearing the same look all over again, we recommend this improved French nail design with black tips. It’s still sophisticated but more modern.

6. Matte Chevron Pattern Nails


You can’t go wrong with a black and white chevron pattern. This look is the definition of smooth and stylish.

7. Dandelion Nail Design


Dandelion nail design is perfect choice if you want something sweet and soft on your nails. Start with a white polish as a base coat, and use a nail brush for drawing. Don’t forget to make a wish!

8. Cat Nail Design


Even if you aren’t a huge cat lover, you must admit that this nail design is super cute. Meow!

9. Googly Eyes Nail Design


Googly eyes aren’t only reserved for Halloween. This sweet mani can be rocked through the whole year. Apply your favorite black polish as a base coat and let it dry. Create white parts of the eyes with bigger end of a dotting tool and black parts with a smaller one. So simple and easy!

10. Splattered Nails with Studs


Want to have some fun while doing your nails? If yes, splattered nails are for you. This nail design is definitely easy but can get a bit messy, too.

11. Polka Dot & Bow Nail Design


Perfect nail design for staying on trend. You definitely have to try these nails!

12. Yin and Yang Nails


The most popular nail design in black and white is definitely Yin and Yang. Not only nails look gorgeous, but they also help harness your inner chi.

13. Houndstooth Nail Design


This nail design is attention grabber! You don’t have to be super artistic to be able to do houndstooth nails.

14. Diamond Nail Design


Diamonds are a girls best friend! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a diamond on their finger but… you can always draw one on your nail! Close enough, right?

15. Pattern Nails


To recreate this trendy, playful look, you need steady arm and some extra time. It’s worth it because the end result is amazing!

16. Splattered Nail Design


Another version of splattered nail design but less ‘messy’ one. Which one do you like better?

17. Puzzle Accent Nail Design


Using dotting tool for nail art makes this puzzle design easy. If you want to try out other color combination on your accent nail – go for it!

18. Floral Design


A floral nail design is the perfect boost to get you in the warm-weather spirit.

19. White Accent Nail with Stones


Without black stones on the white accent nail, this mani would be just the ordinary one. Small details can do wonders!

20. Music Nail Design


This lovely nail design will bring music to your ears. Perfect mani for all musicians out there.

21. Suit And Tie Nails


Suit and tie nail design is great, but it’s even more awesome in matte version. You can easily master this look with a little practice.

22. Interesting Floral Nails


There are so many different ways you can modify this interesting nail design – different shapes, different sizes, different colors, etc. Be creative!

23. Half-Moon Nails


Adding pearls, stones or rhinestones to a black and white nail design is an easy way to add some glam without being over the top.

24. Polka Dot Nails with a Pop of Color


We love this simple polka dot nail design with a red bow on the accent nail. Easy and cute!

25. White Matte Love Nails


This is a simple nail design that we want to copy right away! Besides word ‘love’, you can write: fun, laugh, life, etc.

26. Checkered Nail Design


Checkered nail design can be easily achieved by using wraps. Your mani will still look natural and flawless.

27. Cute Panda Nails


Panda nails are one of those fun and adorable looks for your nails.

28. Interesting Design for Short Nails


Black and white nail polishes can create some pretty interesting designs. This is one of them.

29. Different Patterns Nail Design


When you cannot decide for only pattern, there’s no other way then using them all! Every nail will have it’s own design and personality. Lovely!

30. Cool Nail Design


Get the steps for this look here – Tutorial

31. Back-to-School Matte Nail Design


The best way to cheat on your test without getting caught? Wrote the formula on your nails!

32. Stamped Henna Nails


This nail design is inspired by henna, non-permanent tattoo that’s used as skin adornment in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

33. Stamped Sugar Skull Nail Design


Stamping your nails isn’t hard, it just takes a little practice. This stamped nail design is additionally decorated with Swarovski rhinestones.

34. Black and White Nails & Gold Studs


Use tape to get even and clean sides of black and white polish. Add nail studs in gold to make them pop even more.

35. Spiked Nail Design


This unique nail design was created with spike vinyls. Nail shields and vinyls can be used to create fun and easy designs.

36. Triangle Nail Design


This triangle manicure is the perfect way to rock trendy geometrical designs.

37. Swarovski Nail Design


Another version of geometrical design but this time with nail rhinestones for some glam and shine.

38. 3D Rose Coffin Nails


Pair a glossy black polish with a matte white for a trendy look.

39. Textured Winter Nails


Jazz up your winter outfit with these cute and easy textured nails.

40. White Tip Nails


This white tipped manicure is a subtle nail design for any occasion and everyday wear.

41. Elegant Nails


Negative space nails are the new nail trend. This lovely, elegant design blends a clear base with a swirl effect on the top.


42. X Nail Design


Apply a base coat in black (or white color) and let it dry. Start by drawing X in the middle of your nail. On each side of the X, draw two other parts. Done!

43. Stones and Roses Nail Design


Although short nails don’t offer much space for nail design, this mani is a proof that women with short nails can also rock some interesting and complex nail designs. Check out our other article with 80 nail designs for short nails – they’ll surely inspire you.

44. Floral Accent Nails


A floral design with gold studs is a cute accent for shorter styles. With a black base coat, possibilities are endless.

45. Cheetah Nails


Cheetah nails are always trendy, especially in black and white. This nail design has been around for some time and we really like it.

46. Suit and Tie Accent Nail


Another version of suit and tie nail design. This one doesn’t require a lot of time because you only need to do the accent nail.

47. Monochrome Stiletto Nails


When you’re in a hurry but you decided to rock black and white nails, we recommend this super easy and simple idea. It might look even better in matte version. Try it!

48. Striped Accent Nails


Keep it classy with striped accent nails and few shiny rhinestones.

49. White Accent Nails with Rhinestones


This nail design is a gorgeous and fashionable way to rock two of the 2015’s hottest trends: matte and monochrome.

50. Black & White Nails with Rhinestones


This nail design is suitable for beginners – simple, easy to make and gorgeous!

Related Items

1. Pastel Touch

Just as French style, French tip nails are also chic, sophisticated and gorgeous. Its classic feature is what has made it trendy since 2015 or even further than that. What everyone loves about it is that it can be done in both small and long nails at home. Yes, you can get yourself Parisian flair at home. It is that simple.

The history of french tip nails was made by French models to give a nice clean look. Back then, they did not use nail paints but rather used white pencils under the tip of their nails.

But now times have changed and so has french tip nail designs evolved. These days French tip nail designs provide an extensive variation. You can go for acrylic french tip nails designs or coffin ideas. Particularly in demand is french tip nail designs with glitters. You can choose from colors like black, blue, pink or stay with the classic french tip nails by painting them white. Whatever be, these beautiful french manicures are all worth it. We have a few ideas that will inspire you.


Lavender is not only the favorite for hair but nails as well. Adding the perfect touch to this light shade is the classic and straightforward white french tip. You can add some embellishments to add some glamour and glitter to it.

2. Nude and Gold

For an everyday french tip nails designs, this here is perfect. This works on short nails as well as long nails. The nude nail polish is simple and chic. If you want to add some sparkle for the evening, pick a nail and add some golden embellishments.

3. Flower Power

Since spring is already here, why not let it fall over your nails? Give your nails some white and pink flower. The French manicure can be as innovative as you are. Add some leaves and create creative french tip nails.

4. Colorful French Tip Nail Designs

For short nails and for the lazy ones who don’t want to do a lot of work, we have an excellent example for you. The colors are the highlight of this beautiful french tip nail designs. Use any color on each nail and show them off.

5. Animal Print

Why limit yourself to the primary colors for an animal print nail designs? Think out of the box. Go for a pink and white combination. This bright color is one of the best pink nail polish for the french manicure.

6. Put A Bow On It

If you are bored with the classic french tip nail design, you can add a bow to it. Add a glittery bow, and you can have a subtle french tip nail with glitters.

7. Add Some Shine

This is another variation that you can give to your simple french manicure design. Add some silver sequence below your white tips to create a glow and shine.

8. Nude French Tip Nails Design

If you are up for coffin nail designs, you can always add french manicure to it. You can pick a pure nude color for your nails and still have a beautiful french manicure design.

9. Blue French Tip Nail Art

Another creative french tip nails design for short nails is getting yourself a cute blue color. You can add to its looks by making a bow in the ring fingers.

10. Silver Touch

If you want to know one of the best nail polish for french manicure base, then you can always go for a light pink shade. Add some white nail polish at the tips. Some silver strokes can bring the entire look together.

11. French Tip Designs for Short Nails

This is a natural French manicure that you can quickly do at home. Get some plastic tape, and you are good to go. Oh, and of course beautiful glittered nail polish is a must. You might be the one showing everyone how to do french tip nails designs with glitters for short nails.

12. Black On The Top

This french tip nails design works for both long and short nails. You don’t need to worry. This is a manicure design that uses silver glitter nail polish and black to give cool french tip nails. Get yourself these black french tip nails.

13. Beautiful French Manicure Nails

Here we have another fabulous example for you. This was a fashionable French tip nails design for short nails in 2017, and it still manages to capture all our hearts. One of the best french manicure base colors is nude; it pops out the color of the French tips. This combination of silver and nude is terrific.

14. Welcome The Winter

If you love the winter and miss them, add them to your nails. Go for blue french tip nails. You can go for a dark blue nails polish and use a toothpick to make some snowflakes from at the base of your French tip. The entire look is fresh and creative.

15. Strokes of Pink

This is another French tip nail art that is simple and classy. The French tips are white. If you are searching for a subtle french tip nails design with glitter, you can add some strokes with pink and silver glittered nail polish.

16. Lavender or Nude?

As I mentioned before not just lavender but basic nude is also one the best nail polish for french manicure base. You can see how both the colors can create beautiful and straightforward french tip nails. Add some glitter at your top and create a french tip nail designs with glitter.

17. Square Nails and A Bow

You can see the difference what a square shape nail and round shape nail can create your entire simple and classic french tip nails design. Scroll up for the rounded one. Pick anyone, whatever floats your boat. Or you know try both of them. Don’t forget to add a bow on it.

18. Black French Tip Nails Design

This is a beautiful black french tip nails design. The design can also be deemed as an easy DIY french tip nails design. There isn’t much going on, but the sparkle is added to the black tips with a silver criss-cross.

19. Coffin French Tip Nails

If you think simplicity is what is classy, you can go for a gel-based french tip nails design. I love this design. If you like coffin nails and what a light french manicure go for these. Again, nude here proves it is one of the best nail polish for french manicure base color.

20. Colors and Shine

Even though this french manicure design is shown for long nails, this can easily be worn on short nails. There is a lot of play of colors, and silver strokes look beautiful. Paint one of your nails with silver to get yourself a french tip nails design with glitters.

21. Feather On The Nails

Feather look as great on nails as they do on hats. You can spice up your classic french tip nails design by adding a black feather. Black french tip nails design can always be altered with white feathers as well. To make your feather look unusual to add a silver stroke in the middle.

22. Polka Dots

If you feel like being a five-year-old cutie again, you can go for this polka dots design. This is another easy DIY french tip nails art that you can do at home. With the addition of the black bow, the entire nailed design is creative and perfect for short and long nails.

23. Rose for You

To describe this nail design, well I can only use one word, beautiful. The nail design is simple yet exquisite. The real work is just done on one nail. So, that is why the other nails are kept simple and classic French nail art.

24. Turquoise Pink

Create a combination of turquoise and pink colors on your nails. You can go for two pinks or two blues. You can even go for the alternate. Do whatever you like. Add some embellishments to add some sparkle to your nails. The square tips look fantastic.

25. Bloomie Nails

Classic french tip nails design can be altered and made even more lovely by adding design only to one nail. You can get as creative as you want. The curved french tips and beautiful flower is what makes this entire look gorgeous.

26. French Tip Nails With Glitters

Go and do this easy DIY french tip nails design at home right now. Look at it. There isn’t much done, but it can be the highlight of this entire look. Add a glittered coat on top of your simple french manicure. This is also a design that works both on long and short nails.

27. Highlighted French Tip Nails Design

If you don’t love glitters for your french tip nail designs, you can always use neon to highlight your manicure. You can go for them in coffin nails or square shaped nails. Go for this black french tip nails design and add a coat of neon to make it look extra.

28. Creative and Pretty

By now, I think you can see adding a silver stroke underneath your white nail tips can give it that extra pop. So, you should do it. But, if you want to have more fun with creative french nails, you can add some flowers to one nail. You can get french tip nails with glitters as well.

29. Zebra Touch

If you love animal print, you can print them on your nails as well. If you want such a nail design, you need to keep it light to keep it classy. So, you can only use the animal print only on one nail. For the classic french tip nails design, add a silver stroke under the white tips.

30. Blue French Tip Nail Art

You can opt for blue french manicure designs. This is an alteration to the classic french tip nail designs. This works for short nails as well. The blue nail polish is used to add color and beauty to the simple design. Don’t forget the top coat.

31. Glittered

French tip nails design doesn’t need to be complicated. You can go for simple designs and still keep it creative and beautiful. Use some tape to create a french tip nail designs with white nail polish. You can use toothpicks or pins to add some curled strokes in one finger. Add a glittery coat.

32. French Tip Nails for Long Nails

Here we have a great example of french tip nail art for long nails. The french tip is kept square and the color used is white. Don’t forget to add a top coat to create the shiny effect.

33. Art Work

This gel-based french tip nails design is a lot of work. It is artistic in every which way. You can use different colors for your french tip nail designs. Make use of red and black to create patterns and waves. This makes a beautiful french manicure.

34. Classy Green

For acrylic french manicure designs, you can always go for this. You can use green to create a tip and add black strokes to finish it. Make two black circles on the side. This is a unique french tip nail design. Go for it. Everyone will ask you how to do it.

35. Purple and Glitters

The combination of purple and glitters can give you a combination that everyone will envy. This is another easy DIY french manicure that you can do at home. All you need is some tape and a great mix of glittered nail polish.

36. Blue Flowers

If you are a fan of the floral prints, get them for your nails not just for your dresses. Look how amazing they look. Get some rhinestones to put in the middle of your flowers. The white tips act as a great base to make the blue flowers pop. You can blend in two shades of the color to create fabulous blue french nail tips.

37. Best Pink French Tip Nails Design

Nude colors are not only great for creating a base color for your French manicure, but they are also great colors for your french tip nail art. Look how sophisticated. It isn’t much work but gives you surprising results. Nude pink is a great color for your rounded nail tips.

38. Glitters for French Manicure

If you don’t like purple and silver for a combination, you can go for a combination of baby blue and pink. The square tips need some maintenance. Go for darker combinations or lighter combinations. Have fun and get some easy French manicures.

39. Top View

Don’t worry; the classic french tip nail arts look fabulous from each angle. Be it the top, side or anywhere. They make your hands look clean and go with any outfit that you wear. You can you gel-based colors as well.

40. Curved French Tips

For rounded tips, you can go with the classic french tip nail art spiced up with a few sparkles. Pick any finger. The ring finger could be a great option. Add a beautiful top coat on the top. The entire look is great for that white evening gown you just bought. You haven’t? Your wardrobe needs one.

41. Simple

For short nails, you can see how the white french tip nails work. You don’t need to have a lot of designs in your short nail. Let your white tips make your nails look clean and healthy. There is nothing sexier than healthy and clean nails.

42. Print It

Again, french tip nail designs for short nails is classic and straightforward. If you want some more addition to your relaxed look, you can create a sort of print on your fingers. You can print your particular date on your ring finger just to surprise him. Add a heart to it.

43. Black Beauty

Black is sexy! Noone can replace black. What makes black hotter is the acrylic french nail art. For your square-shaped nails, you can go for curved black tips. For some glitters, paint your ring finger with silver nail polish. Wear this acrylic art for your little black dress.

44. Purple. White and Silver

For acrylic french manicure designs, you can use a combination of three colors. If you want to go for significant combinations, you can use the color wheel for your guidance. If you like the shown colors, well get some tools. Create hearts and silver lines.

45. French Tip Nails Art With Glitters

If you love glitters, well create a silver glitter french tip nail art all over your nails. Paint one finger full silver and for the other just the tips. A square -shaped nails work as beautiful as the round shaped ones.

46. Beads

Nail polish is not the only way to create everyone’s favorite french tip nails designs. You can use beads and different accessories as well. I agree this might take a lot of time and a lot of work. Don’t forget to get yourself the top coat and the base coat to protect your nails.

47. Black and White French Manicure

This is one of the easy DIY French tip nails design you can do at home. Even I have done it. It is not much work. Keep your nails white for the tips, and then you need some toothpicks. You can go for silver or yellow. Play with the colors or stick with the plain old black and white.

48. Design It

The combination of nude and white is marvelous. This acrylic french tip nails design is such a treat to the eyes. You got it, make your base a nice nude color. This design works best on the square shaped nails. For the tips rather than round, they are all pointed to one trip. Creativity at its best.

49. Blue

For the blue french manicure nails, you can pick a fairy blue color. This works for those who have been searching for blue french tip nails art. Again, this is a simple design where the tips are first kept blue, and then a silver stroke of nail polish is given below it to make it pop.

50. Fairy White

You know it by now that such french manicure designs work both on short and long nails. This again makes use of fairy white nail polish to give a glittered and glamour effect. If you look at it carefully, there is a thin golden layer below the white tips.

51. Flowers For Your Nails

For the short nails again, you can go for this simple look. Add to its feminity with some flowers. The flowers can be made from nail polish as well, or you can use rhinestones or embellishments. Add the top coat layer to protect your nails and your beautiful nail art.

52.Sort of Ombre

Ombre effect is not only loved for the hair but can be used beautifully on nails as well. Look at this. The result is not done in the entire nails but just at the tips. The tips are played with dark and light colors to create a sort of ombre effect.

53. Black French Tips

Black and pink can create a sexy and charming look. You can go for the matte look like this one if you are not a fan of the glossy nail effects. You can add a pink stroke below to make the entire look unique. This is one of my personal favorites.

54. Purple Strokes

Another way to create a significant effect on your white french nail tips is to add purple strokes from the corner and a rhinestone for a hint of sparkle. This is an easy DIY french nail art. Girls, get all the stuff ready.

51 Cool French Tip Nail Designs

Every girl likes beautiful nails and nails are the first thing we notice about one another. Hence, the reason we need to look after them. We always remember the person who had the incredible nails and on the contrary, the worst nails we’ve ever seen. So make sure you’re nails are pampered and looking as fabulous as they can be.

It’s almost summer now and we can’t hide our nails inside our lovely cosy knitted gloves, so now is the time to show off your nails girls. Many people aren’t aware that in the “nail world” certain colours are trending more than others. It’s like fashion for nails. Having lovely manicured nails always looks good, as well as making you feel incredible. Neat and looked after nails, give people the extra boost and confidence they need on a daily basis. Bare nails can take a way to adjust too especially if you’re always having painted nails or false nails.

There are so many different ways of painting your nails. From nail art to false nails, there are nails for everyone. If you have lots of different shades and colours in your nail box, then great, you can grab your favourite colour of the month tonight and paint your nails. The best tips we can offer are before you apply your nails or nail polish, you should give your hands a quick massage to help with your blood circulation. Having good circulation will help with your nail development. When applying nail polish, it’s always best to apply thin coats, rather than a few thick coats. This way, it will dry quicker and it will last longer. Thick nail polish tends to chip faster and sometimes develops air bubbles.

We have come up with 51 cool French tip nails designs for you to try out. I can guarantee you’ll find a few in here that you’ll always go back to.

1. Rose Gold French Tip

The rose gold colour has been trending for a few seasons now and you can see why. From homeware, fashion clothing to nails. These gorgeous rose gold French tips look divine! The contrast between the colours and the tips is incredible. We’re definitely going to be trying this! Rose gold tips with pastel shade colours are perfectly suited. Also, don’t worry about clashing your jewellery with these nails, rose gold looks so good with gold and silver jewellery.

Source: @thenailtrail

2. Nude & Navy Blue Design

Nude colours are always so classy and chic. Paint your nails with a nude beige shade and team with a navy tip. This look is great for working, school, going to a party, or just relaxing at home.

Source: @workplaypolish

3. Classic White French Tip

With all the new nail arts and trends out now, people tend to forget about the classic white French tip. The classic French manicure has been in nail fashion industry for a many years. Many women have become accustomed with the nail style. Majority of women tend to choose this style due to its simplicity and versatility. The French manicure will go with anything you wear and you don’t have to change the colour of your nails every day. It looks elegant and effortless, but if you’re bored of this simple and classic design, why not add nail art to your ring finger and a spot of silver to make it stand out. You will still have the elegance and chic style but with a touch of glamour. This is ideal for sprucing up your outfit, for any occasion.

Source: @loveslacquer

4. Red Glittery Tips

Red on nails always looks sexy and feminine. Many girls stay away from the bright red fingernails, due to it staining your nails afterwards, but we have a solution! Apply to the tips only. Look how gorgeous these red glittery nails look. You can always add some nail art for extra effect.

Source: @apolishaddict

5. Thin Silver Tips

Instead of sticking to the white French tips, add silver tips to show off your creative side. Silver tips, look amazing with a nude / pink base like the photo above. It adds something special and keeps the stylish look.

Source: @nailsbyarelisp

6. Sparkly Glitter Tips

Glittery tips are heavenly. If we happen to notice someone else with glittery nails, of course we check them out, it’s in our nature. This is where many ideas come from. If you opt for these gorgeous nails, next time you’re in a store having the cashier your money, I’m sure they’ll be checking your sexy nails out!

Source: @apolishaddict

7. Nude Base + Burgundy Tips

Nude colour nails creates a fresh and chic style. Adding burgundy tips sets your nails on fire and shows off your sassy side.

Source: @nikki_makeup

8. Glittery Tips

Having a nude colour base with glittery tips will create more attention. You have taken all the focus away from your nails and eyes are instantly drawn to the tips.

Source: @badgirlnails

9. Nude & Light Blue Design

Who would have thought that light blue and nude went together so well! These colours look incredible. The blue sets off the nude and gives it a very different vibe.

Source: @vicky19_92

10. French Tip for Short Nails

Having short nails can sometimes be a pain, especially when you want your nails to grow. They seem to take a long time even get passed your finger pads. The classic French manicure whit white tips looks great on all length of nails. The white tips can give the illusion that your nails are longer than they actually are.

Source: @vicky19_92


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