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I am writing this review the week of purchase. I cannot comment on its reliability or durability, as of yet, but I will re-post a review later on if I do find any major flaws. I recommend that you purchase the extended warranty for this, or any other major appliance, as build quality in these industries has suffered in the last 10 years. Keep in mind that when you purchase a Best Buy warranty, it will start on the day of purchase (not the day that the manufacturer’s warranty ends). It will run concurrent with the standard first-year warranty. Because of this, I recommend the 4 year plan. The two year plan will essentially only give you one additional year of coverage. The warranty is renewable upon Best Buy’s discretion. However, in my personal experience, they will not allow you to renew it. (The conditions noted are for Florida; they may be different in your particular state). It will reheat a large (24 oz.) mug of coffee to perfection in 55 seconds. There is no light when door is open, only when the unit is cooking. When cooking, it’s much louder than comparable units. It has a huge (13 1/2 inch) turntable that extends fully to all four corners of the interior walls. The stainless steel finish is a fingerprint magnet, but easily wipes clean with a hand towel. The buttons don’t have a quality feel. The “click pressure” is uneven between the various buttons. The matte silver plastic rotary knob feels cheap and doesn’t match the brushed steel look of the control panel. It rubs against the inside of the faceplate and makes a scratching noise when turned. The black mirror finish on the window glass is a nice touch. Aesthetically, this is my favorite feature and it complements the brushed steel beautifully. The unit is fairly lightweight, at just over 20 lbs., while remaining “solid.” It has a sticky footprint and doesn’t move around on the counter, despite its light weight. However, the unit I purchased has a foot which is out of alignment and, with moderate pressure, will wobble on one corner. The feet are not adjustable to compensate for the unevenness. It sits only 1/2 inch high on counter. Be wary of this if you plan to place the unit on a cart or counter with a raised lip, as it may hinder you opening the door. The door only opens 90 degrees. This makes placing heavier plates into the unit a bit awkward because you can’t spread you elbows to gain leverage. The blue LED display is easy to read from 10 or fewer feet away but becomes extremely blurred at farther distances, mainly because of the digit’s close spacing and the fact that blue-on-black color combinations are not very contrasting. It can be read from any angle (360 degrees vertical and horizontal), unlike its green-displayed predecessor. Maximum cook time is only 30 minutes, but the maximum timer setting is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The unit sounds-off five “end” beeps (two too many, in my opinion). Volume is acceptable. Outside dimensions are very compact for its power class. I previously owned a 1997 model year Emerson 1.1 cu. ft. 1000 watt unit which was at least 2 inches taller and deeper, but had less interior space compared to this model. I believe this is because the Panasonic utilizes a more refined and slim-lined internal power supply. The back of most microwave ovens have an extended panel that juts out 2 to 4 inches to accommodate the IPS, but this unit’s panel only extends 1 1/2 inches. The unit radiates a bit more external heat than I’m used to, especially on top. I would not recommend placing anything heat sensitive near the unit (like a stick of butter or a chocolate bar). The power cord is thick and quality made but it is fairly short (3 ft. 4 in.). The instruction manual is highly detailed and the sensor cook “cheat sheet” sticker at the bottom of the inside cavity is a nice reference tool when using this feature. When using sensor cook, it displays the setting number up to a certain point (in my experience with potatoes, about 2-3 minutes), then it will sound-off 2 beeps and start a countdown (usually 9 additional minutes). It justifies cook time/temperature based on the food’s steam output so it will take a couple of minutes for it to approximate the remaining time. This is a great feature because I can calculate the rest of the meal and not have to worry about cold items cooked by other means due to not having a time reference and them getting cold sitting on the counter waiting for the microwave to finish. The more/less button is also a well implemented feature allowing you to add or subtract about 10% of the time that the sensor’s auto cook pre-established. This frequently comes in handy when I cook potatoes, as the basic sensor setting for potatoes tends to overcook them. I like to use smaller potatoes rather than the 4-8 oz. potatoes that the sensor setting is designed to cook, so being able to adjust the time with the more/less button is a nice feature that allows for more accurate cooking. It has a “Quick Minute” button that automatically starts the unit and cooks for one minute (or adds additional minutes to current cook time with each press of the button), but a “Quick 30 Seconds” button would be much more useful as anything that would need to be cooked for one minute can easily be accomplished in 30 seconds with this more powerful 1200 watt oven. It has a handy “Recipe Store” button which allows you to store one commonly used cook setting (user programmable). For instance: I need to soften a stick of butter about 3 times per week (Power 3 for one minute), so having this program preset into the microwave saves a bit of time – not having to navigate the power levels and cook time for a setting which I use often. However, it would be more useful if it saved, in my case, at least three settings: One for the butter, one for reheating my coffee (Power 10 for 55 seconds), and one for softening a bowl of ice cream (Power 4 for 35 seconds).

Features of  Panasonic NN-SD681S

Today, we are presenting Panasonic NN-SD681S review!

Cooking has become a little piece of matter after the invention of Microwave. And if your kitchen lacks it, you should definitely present one to your kitchen. You will find a variety of models out there in the market. But if you want a recommendation, I might suggest one model from the brand Panasonic: its NN-SD681S. So, you can definitely guess why you are reading the article. Yes, Panasonic NN-SD681S has grabbed a number of positive remarks for its functions and features. Thus, I will be highlighting them in this Panasonic NN-SD681S review so that you know more about this great guy.

From detailed inspections of the Panasonic NN-SD681S‘s features to advantages and disadvantages, and furthermore your most FAQs about this product, we have everything you need in our Panasonic NN-SD681S review to help you see the better picture. Let’s start!

Impressive Inverter

Not many microwaves will give you a satisfying result just like you wish for. They rather tend to warm the outer surface of the food more than the inner area. As a result, you either have to eat the half-warm, half-cold cooked food or have to keep reheating the food. But with Panasonic, it promises to not annoy you with this hassle. It’s because it comes with an impressive Inverter Technology that takes care of every issue elegantly.

So, you don’t have to keep circling and heating your frozen pasta 3 to 4 times just to make sure that the outer side does not wrinkle up while the inner side stays frozen. So, this technology ensures to heat up the food evenly and quickly so that you can enjoy every bite of the food.

Housing Highlights

The most alluring factor about this guy is its size. You will find it pleasantly compact leaving much room for placing other stuff on your countertop. Worrying about its inner space? Well, you should not. Because this NN-SD681S can house your family sized 12-inch pizza without any issue. So, you can undoubtedly have a great family get together with a great meal using the oven.

Power Package

You definitely need to know why I am writing this Panasonic NN-SD681S review, it’s for the 1200 watts of sheer power. I can bet that you will barely find any piece in the market that delivers the topmost range of wattage that this model does. Hence, you will have freshly cooked food in just few fractions of time once you place it in the machine. Thus, put a big bag of popcorn, and wait for them to be fully popped in just 2 minutes so you can have it in your movie time.

Cooking control

Cooking the food via using controls works just with your fingertips. There is a knob that you can turn for setting a cooking time either for heating or thawing. Talking about thawing, you should also use the Defrost function as well based on the continuous power of Inverter. However, it thaws the food not only evenly but also quickly.

To add more, this microwave carries a Keep Warm feature as well so that you can keep your veggies, sauces, hors-d’oeuvres, gravies, deserts or any kind of food warm inside the oven unless they are ready to serve. Not only that, you can also take the benefit of using more features such as its quick minute timer that allows you for setting cook and reheats times in single minute intervals. Besides, there is also a delay start feature that adds more convenience to the machine.

Knock the Lock

Well, if you have kids at home, there will be times that they would try to play with this machine. it will certainly cause harmful jeopardy. So for this, Panasonic has invested a child-lock feature that prevents the electronic operation to work. All you have to do is, poke the Start button 3 times and voila! The machine will get locked. For unlock, you have to hit the Stop or Reset button 3 times again to use the microwave back again. Hence, These are some things that definitely are needed to be highlighted in Panasonic NN-SD681S review.

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  • You can cook a variety of food with this microwave.
  • The microwave cooks the food with pure silence.
  • It comes with generous capacity so you can place a 12-inch sized pizza easily.
  • It provides 1200 watts of power to heat the food quickly.
  • It has fast cooking, reheating and defrosting functions.
  • It is easy to clean the machine.


  • No light when the door is opened. The interior light turns on only when it is cooking the food.
  • It cannot boil water using heat sensor.
  • The cord that comes with the microwave is a bit short.
  • There is no convection function in this machine.
  • Stainless front prone to display every fingerprint.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Does it have a light when the door opens?

Answer: No, it does not light up when you open the door. The interior light only illuminates when it is cooking your food.

  • Can I see through the door?

Answer: Yes, you can see through the door as it has an interior light that turns off while it is in operation.

  • Does it feature a 30-second button?

Answer: No, the microwave does not have a 30-second button.

  • What’s the diameter of the turntable?

Answer: The diameter of the turntable is 13.375 inches.

How Much Does This Oven Cost on Amazon

There you go. How was the Panasonic NN-SD681S review? The NN-SD681S has some really groovy features that have impressed us greatly. Despite having some of its downsides, it still manages to perform really well. Especially its Inverter technology, that does most of the job to give you a satisfying result with its perfectly cooked food.

Not only that, its 1200 watt range of pure power would be another reason to love the machine. So, if you think you want one for your kitchen, you can have this model from the brand. Trust me, it will not let you down. So, hope this Panasonic NN-SD681S review has helped you know about the existence of this great model.

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