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Pottery Barn Gets Flack for Selling ‘Girl’ and ‘Boy’ Backpacks

Here’s how this all came to light: 6-year-old Brady Murdough loves dragons … and the color purple. Only when he tried to order a Pottery Barn Kids backpack in purple with a dragon patch, he realized that wasn’t an option. All he could get on a purple backpack was a butterfly, fairy, rainbow, or owl. If he wanted a dragon, he’d have to go for “boy” colors of blue, green, or white.

So Brady’s mom, Sarah, took her son’s beef to Facebook.

“I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the gender stereotyping that is going on within your company,” she posted on their Facebook page. “Why are you limiting their decisions and forcing such basic and antiquated gender norms on them? Why can girls not get green and navy backpacks and boys can’t get turquoise or plum? Also, what does it say to girls that they can’t get dragon, football or spaceship patches?”

See her full post below in all its eloquence.

Pottery Barn Kids– I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the gender stereotyping that is going on within your…

Posted by Sarah Murdough on Friday, August 14, 2015

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After her post went up, plenty of other parents chimed in about their own kids’ eclectic tastes.

“My daughter loves horses, princesses, painting and the colors purple and pink. But she also loves superheroes, her Lego monster truck, the Green Bay Packers and Hot Wheels cars,” said one mom.

Meanwhile another said her “son’s favorite color is pink and he loves Darth Vader.”

Since then, Pottery Barn Kids has contacted Sarah and not only offered her son the backpack he wanted with the dragon and in purple, but has vowed to change the color/design selection to not limit what boys and girls might want.

I hafta say, it’s quite impressive to see how one mom’s complaint could spread far and wide and cause a huge corporation to jump these days! But hey, I get it — if my daughter wanted a skull-and-crossbones on her backpack, I’d be irate if a store only offered fairies and flowers, and it’s bad press for a company to look old-fashioned on this front.

Here’s to hoping we see lots of purple backpacks with boys this school season … and dragon backpacks for girls.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry Review

When we think Pottery Barn, we think custom and quality. While Pottery Barn Kids does not offer an all-encompassing registry, they make up for it with options the competitors just can’t match. For starters, Pottery Barn Kids offers more custom items than you could even think of to personalize with baby’s name or monogrammed initials, including bedding, diaper bags, and furniture to name a few. And when it comes to quality, Pottery Barn Kids has a superior reputation that is backed by a high standard of testing and certification. If you are looking for unique, well-made baby items, Pottery Barn Kids may be the registry for you!

Just so you know, What to Expect may earn commissions from the shopping links included on this page.


Discount programs: Did that must-have diaper bag not find its way into your gift pile? As your due date approaches, Pottery Barn Kids offers 20 percent off the remaining items on your registry to help you fulfill any remaining baby item needs.

Parents expecting twins will appreciate the cost savings of the Pottery Barn Kids Multiples Discount. Pottery Barn Kids offers a savings of 10% (or more!) when purchasing multiples of the same nursery furniture or bedding items.

High Standards: Pottery Barn Kids takes the gold when it comes to quality and safety. Pottery Barn Kids furniture is GREENGUARD gold certified, which means that the furniture you are buying at Pottery Barn Kids has met the highest standards for chemical emissions and safety. Pottery Barn Kids also offers a variety of organic products such as bedding, sleep sacks and swaddle sets.

Free Decorating: With so many options to create the ideal haven for sleep and play for your little one, designing that perfect combination of comfort, convenience and style can seem a bit overwhelming. Whether your vision includes lambs or lions, stripes or polka dots, Pottery Barn Kids can help bring your vision to life with their courtesy decorating service. The complimentary service includes nursery, child’s bedroom, shared bedroom, and ultimate play space. In addition to offering this service free of charge, Pottery Barn Kids makes house calls. With so much on your plate, that’s one less thing to worry about! (Did we mention this is free?)

Registry Must-Haves: There are some baby items that you just can’t live without. As a new parent, though, you may not know yet exactly which items those are. Fear not! Pottery Barn Kids provides a Registry Must-Haves list to help guide new parents on what items are essential. Pottery Barn Kids also offers quality guides and detailed tips and ideas for your registry. Supplement all that with the printable checklist, and you will not miss out on what may become an indispensable product!

Gift Tracker: Pottery Barn Kids offers a Gift & Thank You Note Manager that helps you keep track of everyone you need to show your appreciation to. Users can view who purchased each item on their registry and check off a box to confirm that a thank-you card has been sent. Let Pottery Barn Kids help save you the embarrassment of forgetting to thank Aunt Doris for that adorable monogrammed baby towel.

The Drawbacks

Using the app
The Pottery Barn Kids Registry app is designed specifically for managing your registry and is limited to scanning items to add to your list as you are walking through the store. You can also view your registry list from the app. To add items online, users need to access their registry from the Pottery Barn Kids website. This could be a missed opportunity to make online shopping easier for tech-savvy consumers.

Pottery Barn Kids offers refunds or exchanges for registry items within 90 days from the date of your event or 90 days from when the item was purchased, whichever date is later. While this is a step up from the store’s standard return policy of 30 days, it isn’t quite on par with some of the competition, some of which accept returns up to a year out.

Also be warned that if you are shipping items back to the store, you may be responsible for return shipping costs depending on the reason for the return. Since Pottery Barn Kids only offers 90 locations (in the U.S. and abroad), this may make returns inconvenient and pricey.

Oh, and those adorable custom items with baby’s name or monogrammed initials? You guessed it – they are ineligible for returns.

How to Create Your Registry

Click the link to the Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry page to get started.

If you do not already have a Pottery Barn Kids account, quickly set one up by adding your name, email address, and a password. If you have an account, simply log in to get started.

During the setup process for your registry, you provide a registry name, event type, event date and a welcome message for your guests. Then add your registrant information, and the details for your co-registrant if applicable.

Next, set up your shipping information for both prior to and after the event, opt in or out of receiving Pottery Barn Kids gift cards, and set your registry privacy settings.

You can share your registry directly from the main page on the website. Copy and paste a link to the registry or add email addresses and have Pottery Barn Kids send the email for you.

Shipping costs

Free shipping is not a given for Pottery Barn Kids; however, promotion codes are frequently offered and advertised in a banner at the top of the site (beware exclusions listed in fine print). Delivery fee details can be found on the Pottery Barn Kids Shipping Info page.

The Verdict

The truth is that you are not going to get everything you need with the Pottery Barn Kids registry because it isn’t a baby-exclusive retailer. However, we think the high-quality furniture and the gratis nursery design consultation service sets Pottery Barn Kids apart from the competition. We recommend pairing the Pottery Barn Kids registry with Target or Amazon to ensure you don’t miss out on something that you need.

Pottery Barn Kids also offers a great completion discount (note that certain discounted items and brands are excluded). Babies are expensive, and we appreciate the additional cost savings offers.

• Furniture with proven quality
• Decorator option cuts out a lot of work for the parents-to-be
• Completion discount is top-notch

• Pottery Barn Kids is not going to have everything you need
• App is limited in functionality

Meet the Competition

To find out what the competitors of Pottery Barn Kids have in store, check out these reviews.


Amazon Baby Registry Review

Amazon’s Baby Registry is really hard to beat. As advertised, it has one of the largest selection of products on Earth. Then, there are the perks. Prime members get free shipping and a 15% completion bonus. Non-Prime members get a 10% completion bonus and free shipping on orders over $25. Everyone receives free 90-day returns. Find out more at Amazon.com.


Target Baby Registry Review

It seems like everyone loves Target — and for a good reason. The brand has a great product selection and offers and entire year for returns. Moms also get a 15% completion discount eight weeks before their due dates and free shipping on orders over $25. Plus, we love how easy it is to use Target’s registry site, compared to some of the other popular options. Find out more at Target.com.

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Head Back to School in Style with Pottery Barn Kids

It’s almost that time! It definitely feels like we just wrapped up the school year but school supplies are filling the shelves, uniform styles are stocked and teacher assignments are just a few weeks away. Back to School is happening!

After a summer of fun, it can be challenging to get the kids excited for alarm clocks, uniforms and homework. I’m excited to share some of my favorite ways to get kids prepped and eager for the new year ahead.

Choosing the perfect backpack

Picking out backpacks and lunch boxes can be a tough decision! The options are endless and it can feel like a huge commitment for kids. I know my son takes forever to make a decision!

*Turn the process into a game. Remember those old paper folding games you’d create and then play using your thumbs? Grab some scissors, paper and crayons and teach the kids to make them!

Fill out the insides with their favorite colors, animals, activities and toys. Play with a friend and make selecting a backpack a breeze!

My favorite place to find great backpacks is Pottery Barn Kids. Their gear is made top quality and the designs are always fun. It’s a safe place to let your kids pick out “whatever they want” and know they won’t come back with something you dislike.

*Be sure to select the correct size backpack based on their stage and age. From a pre-k size to hold snacks, a change of clothes and a favorite toy to a rolling backpack to carry several books, lunch and a water bottle, there’s a fit for everyone!

*Give new gear a test run. Have the kids pre-pack their school bags and take a spin around the block. Make sure they fit comfortably and can easily put on/remove the gear without issues.

Packing a great lunch

*Get kids in the mood for lunch! Pottery Barn Kids has a gigantic selection of stylish, reusable lunch bags designed to insulate to keep food fresh. Let kids choose a style to coordinate their backpack or a different design for a mix-and-match look.

*Make lunch packing fun! Use sandwich cutters to create shapes for a lunch box filled with unique fruit and sandwiches shapes! Kids will love their sandwiches shaped into hearts, footballs, trains or kitty cats. If you’re lucky, the kids may even want to help!

*Use bento boxes to pack delicious food and reduce waste. Made of stainless steel, the durable containers are a hold-everything box. Get creative with fruits, veggies and cheeses. Kids love to eat colorful foods with different textures.

*Think outside the box when it comes to the main course. My mind typically falls for a sandwich, though the lunch ideas are endless. Grab a Hot and Cold Container and start packing! They’re perfect for sending last nights dinner or a homemade favorite to school. Think soups, salads, yogurt parfaits, veggie sticks, pasta, mac and cheese and more! The vacuum insulation keeps food hot for five hours or cold for seven hours.

*Leave kids a special note in their lunch to remind them you’re thinking of them throughout the day. This is especially helpful for first week of school jitters!

As my kids have gotten a little older, I like to include a “question of the day” in their lunch to ask friends around the lunch table. Ask silly questions like “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor” or “If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?” I love the idea of kids engaging in thoughtful yet silly conversation at lunch time.

Capture the excitement

*Capture the iconic first day of school picture. There’s nothing more fun than putting a first day and a last day of school picture side by side to see the growth.


*Capture the process of the first day of school. Little hands packing school supplies into their new backpacks and outfits laid out near the bed. It’ll be interesting to see how the supply list and fashion trends change over the years.

*Grab a snapshot of best friends rekindling after a long summer apart or the combination of kids together at the same bus stop or crosswalk. These are sweet photos to look back on.

I hope these tips and ideas were helpful in preparing your littles for another school year! What are your favorite ways to prep for school?

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Photography by Kelly Clare Photography


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