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Princess Jasmine Hairstyle Tutorial

After Disney movies fairy tales would never be the same again. When you think about Bell, Aurora, Jasmine, you would imagine the princesses from the famous Disney animation movies. That is why today we have prepared for you this hair tutorial that will make you look like one of the most exotic Disney princesses – Jasmine. The Arabian princess and Aladdin’s love is one of the easiest princesses to recreate because you do not need to put a lot of efforts and money in the costume and hairstyle. You can wear this look both if you are attending a Halloween party, or some other theme party, or if you just have decided to try something new and playful. So, take a look at the hairstyle.

The effect would be complete if your hair is black, but even if it is not you can still be blonde, or red Jasmine. You this hairstyle you will need: a teasing brush, three elastic bands, a lot of bobby pins, hairspray and some headband. If you have the one that the real Jasmine does, it would be great, but I have chosen to use a golden one.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is tease your hair. As you know Jasmine has a lot of hair, so much that it is not natural to have it. So, what you can do to have a similar effect is to these your hair to create this kind of volume. It is important to have a straight path, because you will need it later.

Step 2

Now put the headband on. You should place it on your head not too much to the front side of it, so there is some hair left.

Step 3

Now you need to pull this part of your hair between the hairline and the headband. You should have two sections of hair, one from each side of the hair path. Roll them and pull them back a little so they cover parts of the headband, but not from the front, but on the sides. If some of the hair starts falling, secure it with some bobby pins.

Step 4

Now you need to tease the rest of your hair a little so that you create again some volume.

Step 5

Finally, you need to apply the elastic bands on your hair creating a ponytail with a couple of small sections. The number of smaller sections depends on the length of your hair, but if it is long enough, I suppose three elastic bands will be enough.

Apply some hairstyle and your Jasmine-inspired hairstyle is ready!

Good news! There’s going to be a prequel to Disney’s iconic 1992 film Aladdin. To celebrate this news and potentially discover your next great Halloween costume, check out YouTube makeup artist Charisma Star’s tutorial on how to turn yourself into Disney Princess Jasmine.

Step 1: Foundation and contouring

First, apply foundation to even out the skin tone, then use contouring techniques to add depth to the bone structure.

YouTube/Charisma Star

This includes contouring cheekbones and nose, using a shimmery bronzer.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Step 2: Eyeshadow

Applying a white eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the brow bone makes eyes look extra big — essential for a cartoon-inspired look.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Add bronze and purple eyeshadow to give yourself a colorful smokey eye.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Step 3: Eyeliner

Eyeliner is integral to achieving this princess’s signature look. Apply black liner to your lower lash line, then create an exaggerated winged cat eye to the top.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Step 4: Glitter

A little glitter along the top lid and underneath the eye will go a long way.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Step 5: Lashes

Curl your lashes, apply mascara, then add a pair of big, bold eyelashes to make your eyes look massive.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Step 6: Brows

Using a brown brow pencil, shape your brows into an exaggerated contour and fill them in.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Step 7: Blush

Get that princess glow with a pretty pink blue applied to the apples of your cheeks.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Step 8: Lips

Outline your lips with a maroon lip color, then apply a creamy nude lip color.

YouTube/Charisma Star

Now you’re a real-life Disney Princess. All you need is a tiger and a magic carpet!

YouTube/Charisma Star Sam Escobar Contributor Sam’s enthusiasm for makeup is only rivaled by their love of all things relating to cats.

September 29, 2011

Princess Jasmine Ponytail | Bubble Braid

You may recognize this as the ponytail that Princess Jasmine wears in Disney’s Aladdin, which makes for a super cute hairstyle for Halloween!

For many of you moms, Bubble Braids will not be new to you as they were popular back in the mid to late 1980’s. Interestingly, I have been seeing them around lately! Fans on YouTube have been saying that some female characters in today’s video games have been sporting this ‘do.

This style is really easy to to do, as all you need is to secure a low ponytail in the hair. Then, simply rat each section a little {to add volume} before securing the next band.

After placing that next band, you can gently tug the hair up into the secure section from the remaining hair to create the bubble/poof effect around the ratted hair. Then do the same for the remaining sections.

The hair bubbles can be as little or big as you wish, by the amount of hair that you tug in, and if you secure the bands closer together… you can get some incredibly flat bubbles for an even more dramatic effect! You may also choose to do two ponytials, or use this in a fun combo for Crazy Hair Day! Enjoy!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 4 clear rubber bands, hairspray, accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

* Note from Mindy: I apologize for the camera angle, as my hubby was out of the country on business when we filmed this. One of my 11-year old twins volunteered, and she actually did a fantastic job… don’t you think???

Happy Hairdoing!

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3 simple steps to get Princess Jasmine’s iconic look

M.A.C’s new Aladdin inspired make-up range is making our Princess dreams a reality.

When M.A.C revealed they were launching an Aladdin inspired make-up range, it was like all our beauty wishes had come true. Not only would we get a live-action adaptation of one of our favourite Disney films. Aladdin – in cinemas now – we’d also get beauty products inspired by the super stylish Princess Jasmine.

The new range, which is available to buy now, is packed with the vibrant colours of Agrabah and will no doubt leave you feeling shining, shimmering and splendid!

Disney’s Ella Victoria got the inside scoop from M.A.C makeup artist, Sanaz Fakhra, on her top beauty tips and the three products you need to get the iconic Princess Jasmine look.

  1. Get the sun-kissed look with bronzer

    Disney’s Aladdin is set in the sunny city of Agrabah so you’ll definitely need some bronzer to get that summer glow. Start by applying it to the apples of the cheeks and brush the product upwards towards the temples and with the excess of the brush, brush a little bit onto the forehead and onto the jawline and downward.

    Top tip: Brush a little bit onto the bridge of the nose and through the center of the face so it looks like you’ve just stepped out of the sun.

  2. Bring the confidence with a bold eyeshadow palette

    Be bold and add a pop of colour with this Agrabah inspired eyeshadow palette. Start by using some neutral colours on the eyelids. Begin at the outer corner of the eye using small circular motions and lightly bring it through the center of the eye lid. Sweep outwards over the eye crease to finish.

    Top tip: Press a little sparkle onto the eyelid for a more dramatic look. Using more of a pressing motion, apply your second colour on the inside and center of the eyelid.

    Finish the look with black liner line the eyes and add a bit more definition. Use your brush to really smudge the edge and connect the two lines together.
    Voila! A perfect smokey eye.

  3. Stand out from the crowd with a vibrant lip shade

    Finish your Princess Jasmine look with a bold lip. Begin by applying normal lipstick with a rose tone. Finish the look with some gloss. This is going to add a nice shine to the end.

    Top tip: Applying a lip gloss over your lipstick will add a bit of sparkle and help make your makeup stand out.

    And there you have it. Three very simple steps to get the Princess Jasmine look.

For the full tutorial, and more tips and tricks, watch the video:

Posted 8 months Ago

5 Reasons We Wanted To Be Just Like Jasmine, And Still Do

Jasmine has to be one of our fave Disney characters, not only because her hair and skin were major goals, but she was feisty and playful, and… she had a pet tiger! Of course, we were all madly jealous that she had the gorgeous Aladdin picking her up on his magic carpet – no need for Tinder when you’re a princess in Agrabah! So aside from the obvious dating-goals, here’s why Jasmine is still, and always will be our girl crush…

1. She knew what she wanted, and she wasn’t going to settle for anything else!

2. Her hair was always flawless AF. Like volume level 100, and not a flyaway in sight.

We’re inclined to believe her years as a princess gave her plenty of time to perfect her haircare regime, not the fact that she was a cartoon. So, if you want hair like Jasmine, here’re three things to try with your hair:
1) Blow-dry your hair upside down and tie it immediately up on top of your head, twisting it into a bun. Leave for 30 minutes while you do your makeup (or overnight) – when you release your hair, volume shall be yours! Spritz with hairspray at the roots for extra hold.
2) Use the right products! If you want volume, you have to give your hair a little help; we swear by this Dallas Thickening Spray from R+Co, it’ll do things to your hair that you thought only a cartoon could achieve!
3) DIY: Jasmine wasn’t even allowed out of the palace, and we don’t think she had access to our fav Ouai haircare products, but somehow her hair was ALWAYS super shiny. This hack with avocados will give you locks like Jasmine for a couple of dollars.

3. She had a pet tiger as her BFF! Rajah was the ultimate sidekick; he was loyal, fierce, understanding, and even better, he got rid of any unwelcome suitors – we could all do with someone like that.

4. Jasmine’s lashes were on a whole other level of fluttery!

If there’s one thing we continually strive for, it’s long lashes! This insanely good drugstore mascara is our new go-to for Jasmine-like lashes. Otherwise, there’s nothing like a pair of false lashes for ultimate princess allure. Check out our tips on how to apply false lashes here.

Fashion Inspiration: Walt Disney’s Princess Jasmine

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. Please read our full disclosure here.

After the many requests from you guys, our Disney inspiration series continues today with fashion inspired by the independent and adventurous Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin.

Like the previous articles in this series, the purpose of this article is to use a childhood idol as inspiration for outfits that you can actually pull off as a college student. All it takes is a little creativity! For more Disney-inspired looks, check out the articles on Walt Disney’s Snow White, Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and Walt Disney’s Cinderella.

About Princess Jasmine – Story Recap

Princess Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah. She is frustrated with her life because she is denied the right to make important decisions for herself. All she really wants is to have adventures, but there is a law stating that she must get married. Of course, the princess refuses to get married to someone that she does not love.

Angry with her circumstances, she sneaks out of the palace dressed as a peasant, vowing never to return. When she enters the marketplace, she meets a young man named Aladdin and his pet monkey Abu. Meanwhile, the Grand Vizier to the Sultan, an evil man named Jafar, is on the hunt for a genie in a lamp. He finds out that Aladdin is the only one who can retrieve this lamp, so he has him captured and the Princess is returned to the palace. Before being separated, Aladdin finds out Jasmine’s true identity.

Jafar tricks Aladdin into getting the lamp, then attempts to steal it from him and leave him trapped in a cave. However, Jafar is unable to escape with the lamp. Now Aladdin has a genie to grant him wishes, and his first wish is to become a Prince so that he can marry Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin rides into Agrabah in a huge parade to make a grand entrance for the Princess. Jasmine, however, is not impressed and thinks Aladdin (now known as Prince Ali) is just like all of the other rich, pompous princes. That evening, he takes her on a magic carpet ride around the world, where she recognizes that he is the boy from the marketplace, but he lies and says that he is truly a Prince who dresses as a peasant from time to time.

The Princess is in love with Prince Ali and tells her father she wants to marry him. After the Sultan formally announces their engagement, Jafar steals the lamp from Aladdin and gains control of the genie. He reveals to everyone that Prince Ali is really just Aladdin, and makes Jasmine his personal slave. Fortunately, Aladdin tricks him into wishing he was the most powerful genie in the world, and Jafar then ends up locked in a lamp for all eternity.

Everything goes back to normal, and Jasmine tells Aladdin that she loves him even though he isn’t really a Prince. Her father recognizes her bravery and her love for Aladdin, so he changes the law and allows the two to marry.

1. Jasmine’s Aqua Outfit

Princess Jasmine’s everyday outfit consists of a cropped off-the-shoulder top and matching aqua pants. The outfit I made consists of a gorgeous shoulder-baring aqua dress, a headband similar to Jasmine’s, and cute pointy flats.

Headband- Anthropologie, Shoes- Endless, Dress- French Connection, Bag- ASOS, Earrings- Papaya Clothing

2. The Big Announcement

When the Sultan announces “Prince Ali” and Jasmine’s engagement, Jasmine is pictured wearing a gorgeous purple dress with volume around the waist. My outfit inspired by her purple dress consists of a sparkly lilac top, a voluminous skirt, and a headband. I also included tiger eye jewelry because, of course, Jasmine’s best friend is a tiger.

Top- Modcloth, Bracelet- ASOS, Headband- Barney’s, Skirt- ASOS, Earrings- Jessica London, Shoes- Baby Phat

3. Jafar’s Slave

When Jasmine is forced to be Jafar’s slave, she wears an outfit that is similar to her everyday outfit, except in red. Since her slave look is more sultry than usual, my “inspired by” outfit includes a sexy body-con dress and black and gold accessories, including a snake arm cuff like the one Jasmine actually wears.

Earrings- Monsoon, Shoes- Forever 21, Dress- Miss Selfridge, Arm Cuff- ASOS, Bag- ASOS

4. Another Aqua Outfit

Since Princess Jasmine is most often pictured in her aqua outfit, I decided to make another outfit inspired by that particular look.

Most Disney Princesses are depicted wearing dresses the majority of the time, but since Jasmine rarely wears dresses, I took the opportunity to make an outfit with pants that would be appropriate for work. For the outfit below, I chose harem pants with a similar shape to Jasmine’s, but in a neutral color so they don’t look like a costume. The top echoes the aqua in her outfit, and the accessories are inspired by the atmosphere of Agrabah, creating a very Jasmine-esque vibe.

Earrings- We Like Fashion, Bag- Nine West, Pants- Modcloth, Top- ASOS, Shoes- Endless

Bonus: Genie Fashion for Guys

Since the genie is one of my favorite characters in the movie, I decided to make a genie-inspired outfit for guys. (I know some of you read CF, too!) Whether your boyfriend or your closest guy friend really needs your fashion guidance, or if you just want to give him a new look, this genie outfit is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Since the genie has a fairly simple look, I used dark jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a lighter blue cardigan to achieve a similar aesthetic. For genie-inspired accessories, I added a red belt and gold watch.

Jeans- Levi’s, Watch- Endless, Tee- Gap, Belt- DC, Cardigan- ASOS


Are you inspired by Princess Jasmine’s looks? Which other Disney characters would you like to see posts about in the future? I want to know what you think, so be sure to leave your thoughts in a comment!


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