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Scanpan products have gained quite some attention because they seem to be very handy and practical, with exceptional cooking performance. Scanpan is the first producer of PFOA-free nonstick cookware, making their products very safe both for the users and for the environment. The nonstick surface does not really require fat, like cooking oil, for cooking, so using it and cleaning it can be much easier compared to traditional nonstick cookware. Furthermore, Scanpan products are often compatible with many cooking surfaces, so they are very versatile in usage. On the following article, we are going to compare Scanpan CTQ to Scanpan CTX, two popular nonstick skillet models from the manufacturer that often cause confusion among potential buyers.

Both Scanpan CTQ and Scanpan CTX feature the 5-layer clad construction design, consisting of alternating recycled aluminum and stainless steel sheets. The interior surface is made of a patented ceramic titanium nonstick surface that is PFOA-free, allowing the use of any utensil, even metal utensils, without any risk. Thus, using either model can be very fun and versatile, as you can easily do browning, searing, and deglazing. Both models are suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction. Both are dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 500-degree Fahrenheit. The performance of the two is very identical and similar, as both models are able to quickly distribute heat with superb heat retention.

The difference is only located at the style –primarily, the style of the lid. Scanpan CTQ is more of a special line, exclusive to Sur La Table, and it features metal knob as its lid handle. Scanpan CTX, on the other hand, has metal strap handle. Most people will agree that metal knob is easier and handier especially when the cookware gets very hot. Scanpan CTQ is slightly more expensive than Scanpan CTX. Nevertheless, besides those things, there is no other difference between Scanpan CTQ and Scanpan CTX.

Scanpan CTQ Vs CTX

Scanpan CTQ Scanpan CTX
Brand Scanpan Scanpan
Key differences – Manufacturer: Scanpan – Material: Ceramic titanium nonstick, cast aluminum, stainless steel – Care: Dishwasher safe – Compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction and oven safe to 500°F – Warranty: Lifetime warranty – 5-Layer clad recycled aluminum-stainless steel construction – Patented ceramic titanium surface with PFOA-Free GreenTek non-stick allows the use of any utensil, including metal utensils – Quick even heat distribution and superb heat retention – Suitable for all stove tops including induction
Customer Ratings* 5.0 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars
Best Deal* Save 46% Save 27%

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

So, the only real differences between Scanpan CTQ and Scanpan CTX are the handle style and the price. If you don’t really care about the style of the handle, you can save some money by going with Scanpan CTX. Howsoever, you are free to choose the one that suits you best, and, if you prefer to have metal knob handle, Scanpan CTQ is the way to go.

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It’s safe to say that ingesting heavy metals or chemical coatings is a bad idea. So why continue to cook with pots and pans that pose these risks?

Titanium is a great idea for cookware because it’s strong, durable, easy to clean, and completely non-toxic to humans. It’s also a popular choice for backpacking fans because it’s extremely lightweight, which everyday chefs could benefit from too unlike even the best stainless steel cookware.

If you are wise in your choice, you could use titanium cookware problem-free for years to come. Here’s what you need to know about the best titanium cookware, including some great options for different needs and budgets.

Page Contents

What To Look For?

Knowing some of the properties of titanium will help you choose titanium pots and pans.

Titanium is very light, and yet it’s still almost as strong as steel. It has the most efficient strength-to-weight ratio of all the common metals. Titanium is naturally non-stick, as its surface oxidizes and creates a slippery and non-porous protective film around the metal.

Knowing all of that, you can smartly choose a titanium cookware piece. Here are the biggest considerations:

  • Substances used. What is the pan made out of? Titanium is almost always combined with another substance, typically ceramic or aluminum, to aide in better heat conduction. Consider health risks when reviewing the underlying substances.
  • Coatings. Even though titanium is naturally nonstick, some companies choose to add a ceramic or nonstick layer. This can be tricky, as some pots and pans will have a tiny amount of titanium in their product and claim all the benefits without having enough of the metal present to make a difference.
  • Weight. The amount and number of metals present will make a big difference in the weight of the pots and pans. Titanium and aluminum mixes will be the lightest. Are aluminum pans safe?
  • Cleaning. True titanium doesn’t require heavy scrubbing. You should be able to rinse and wipe dry. Some titanium dishes might be dishwasher safe.
  • Warranty. If it’s truly made from titanium, it can potentially last a lifetime. Good titanium cookware should have a long manufacturer’s warranty.

Titanium Cookware Reviews

1. 10-Piece Saflon Titanium Nonstick Cookware Set

They claim that the coating is pure titanium sourced from England. The non-riveted surface and the non-stick coating makes them easy to clean. The added aluminum helps these pans to heat quickly and evenly.

This set includes:

  • 8” fry pan, 9.5” fry pan
  • 1.5-Quart covered saucepan
  • 2-Quart covered saucepan
  • 4-Quart covered saute pan
  • 6.3-Quart covered stockpot
  • Bonus storage bags

The thickness of these pans is a great feature for durability, and yet the guarantee is for only 2 years. If it were pure titanium, it should have a longer lifespan and warranty than that. Also, the rubber handles mean that you can’t put anything in the oven.

This is a good set for the price. The 10 pieces are well-chosen and can cook anything. The thick aluminum cooks well, and the titanium coating does its job. A good choice for health-conscious cooks and those looking for solid, nonstick pans.

2. 17-Piece T-Fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Cookware Set

T-Fal is a well-known kitchen brand. Their products have a limited lifetime warranty. This affordable set can get you the benefits of healthy, non-stick titanium and the durability and smooth heat transfer of aluminum. Plus, it includes almost any size pot or pans you could need.

Top Features:

  • Hard anodized aluminum with a non-stick titanium coating
  • Unique Thermo Spot pan indicator changes when optimal temperature is reached
  • Free from lead, PFOA coatings, and cadmium and dishwasher safe
  • Tempered glass lids and stay-cool silicone handles

T-Fal asks that you only use at medium-to-low temperatures and that you don’t use metal utensils. This tells me that the coating is not pure titanium.

This complete set may be a good choice for a new, novice cook who just wants to cook on the stove top (only oven safe to 400 degrees) and wants the non-stick aspect of titanium. However, it’s not pure titanium, so those who are seeking titanium health benefits may be disappointed.

3. Snow Peak Trek Combo Titanium Cookware Set

This set is geared towards backpackers who are seeking a lightweight and small option for trekking with. The whole set is only 13 oz. in weight. This set is as strong as steel without the weight. The metal cooks evenly heats fast and cools quickly.

Perhaps the biggest perk for backpackers is that you can store a portable stove and fuel canister inside to save space.

  • Pure, lightweight titanium (Grade A)
  • Folding handles and nesting shapes for space saving
  • Rounded bottom edges for better heating

Includes: 47 oz. and 30 oz. titanium pots, 5 in and 5.75 in titanium fry pans that double as lids and a nylon mesh storage sack.

Just a couple of issues with this set. It isn’t totally non-stick, so you will have to use a bit of oil. This is because of the high heat source (i.e., flame) that is used, combined with the fact that these are ridiculously thin. Also, these are very small pans designed for cooking for one or two people at a time.

Great for backpacking since it’s light, healthy, and won’t rust or corrode. It isn’t cheap for what you get, but the titanium could last you a lifetime if you take care of it.

4. 14-Piece BLACK+DECKER Cookware Set (Titanium Non-Stick Interior)

This set is a less-expensive titanium option. It works well as far as the non-stick surface goes. The ergonomic handle is also nice to have. The vented lids prevent boiling over, which is handy for an inexperienced chef.

  • Aluminum with titanium reinforced non-stick coating
  • Vented glass lids with ergonomic handles
  • PFOA free
  • Includes 8” and 10” fry pans, 1-Quart, 2-Quart, and 3-Quart covered saucepans, 5-Quart covered Dutch oven, 10” covered deep sauté pan, nylon slotted spoon and spatula

There are more cons than pros with this set. The handles come loose easily. You can’t put these in the dishwasher, and if you do, you will mess up the non-stick coating. Also, they can’t be used in the oven, or the handle will melt. This makes for a fussy cookware set.

The surface is essentially non-stick with a little titanium thrown in for good measure. Finally, the set includes utensils, which just seem like a silly afterthought to make the set seem larger.

I would recommend this set to a brand new cook, aka someone who doesn’t cook anything difficult and has never used a high-quality set. This is a budget set and is not made for expert chefs or health-conscious cooks.

5. Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set (Non-Stick TICerama Coating)

This is an “as-seen-on-TV” product that promises to deliver nonstick greatness. The TIcerama ceramic and titanium coating makes for lightweight and nonstick pans that cook things like eggs well. These are some of the most stylish titanium cookware as well, with an attractive design available in many colors and for a lower price than other sets.

It’s also super convenient that they are dishwasher, oven, and even microwave safe! For example, you could boil potatoes, drain them, mash them, and heat them in the microwave without ever changing pots.

  • Aluminum with and titanium/ceramic coating
  • Free from non-stick chemicals like PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS
  • Vented and tempered glass lids and stainless steel handles

See our Gotham Steel reviews for more purchasing considerations.

However, the quality may be short-lived with this set. There’s a 90-day money back guarantee, but beyond that, there’s no real warranty. The ceramic coating can flake off easily when you use high heat (not recommended) or dish-washing it often.

Because of the shorter lifespan, these pans would be best for someone who doesn’t cook often and doesn’t cook with high heat. The small sizes are more ideal for a couple or singleton versus a large family.

6. 10” HUFTGOLD Tri-Ply Titanium Fry Pan

This is a high-quality titanium pan that doesn’t rely on non-stick chemicals. Just pure titanium coating. It never corrodes and never rusts. This makes it a seriously healthy option. It also cooks evenly because of the combination of metals. The limited lifetime warranty backs up this fantastic skillet.

  • Stainless steel outer, aluminum inner, and titanium surface
  • Zero non-stick chemical exposure
  • Long handle, modern design, and sturdy construction

It is a little harder to clean. You could put it in the dishwasher, but it will last longer if you don’t. The natural metal oxidation can lead to some discoloration, which is normal but looks strange. Last, this 3 lb pan is very heavy compared to plain aluminum fry pans.

This isn’t for novice cooks. The heating efficiency means that this is a pan for serious cooks only. When used properly by an experienced chef, this pan can last long time and keep cooking great meals consistently.

7. 11” Woll Nowo Titanium Saute Pan

The size of this skillet makes it convenient for cooking almost anything. It heats well and cooks evenly. The fact that it can be placed in the oven means that it can work as a skillet and a casserole dish in one, saving you dishes and money. The detachable handle makes for easier storage as well.

  • 8mm aluminum pan with titanium non-stick coating
  • PFOA free and dishwasher safe
  • Included tempered glass lid and detachable handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The handle itself isn’t very comfortable. Which is a shame, since this skillet weighs 7 pounds and it would be nice to have a better way to hold it. The amount of titanium in the pan should be enough to stay non-stick throughout its lifetime, but it’s not. Even with the limited lifetime warranty and proper care, it will begin to stick.

If you just want a backup skillet or don’t cook often, you’d be fine getting this. But if you need an everyday kitchen workhorse, and want the health benefits of titanium, this skillet will disappoint.

8. 12.5” Woll Nowo Titanium Wok

This is a large piece of titanium cookware that’s supposed to be a wok. I would say it’s more of a dutch oven, what with the side handles and cover. It’s easy to wipe clean with a sponge, and doesn’t require a lot of oil to cook things. It’s also very high-quality and solid construction.

  • 8mm aluminum pan with titanium non-stick coating
  • PFOA free and dishwasher safe
  • Included tempered glass lid and oven safe handles
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The short handles make it hard to use as a traditional wok. You can purchase a long handle from the company, but at this price, you’d think it would have them already. The fact that it still has non-stick chemicals (PTFE) is a little disconcerting from the health standpoint.

This wok isn’t ideal for traditional Chinese cooking and stir-fry’s due to the short handle. If you simply need a big and deep skillet that has great non-stick ability, then this is a good choice.

9. Keith Titanium 6L Pot

This company makes a lot of backpacking gear, and that’s what inspired this large pot. It weighs only a couple of pounds, which is incredibly light considering the size. The compact fold of the handles makes it easy to store and transport as it comes with a convenient travel bag. It can be used on a regular stove or a camp stove. No coating means no chemical exposure.

  • 100% real titanium with no coating
  • Holds 6 liters or 203 fluid ounces
  • Silicon covered, folding handles and tight-fitting lid with vent/drain
  • Lifetime warranty

This pot isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. There aren’t many points of complaint. You have to get used to the pseudo-non-stick of the titanium, but it works well when used right.

This is a great option for any chef, whether in the kitchen at home or on the trail. It’s perfect for those who want a chemical-free option for boiling things or making soups.

Is Titanium Cookware Safe?

Some metal cookware is questionable in its safety. Titanium is not. It’s essentially non-toxic to humans. In fact, it’s used in bone replacement surgeries and dental applications, and even sunscreen. It is considered biocompatible, so scientists have always thought that this inert metal is no cause for health concern.

Now, it’s important to know that titanium buildup in the body is not safe. Studies are now showing that titanium implants, which are largely accepted by the body, can corrode after years of grinding and emit titanium into the body, where it is thought to collect in lymph nodes, the lungs, and the brain.

Also, some people confuse pure titanium with titanium compounds. One example is titanium dioxide, a commonly used food additive. This substance can become toxic to the body when too many nanoparticles are consumed. It’s a possible carcinogen with negative effects on the brain.

When using titanium cookware properly, there’s no way to ingest this metal or it’s compounds. Since titanium is very difficult to dent, scratch, or otherwise damage, your metal exposure risk is almost zero when using high-quality and pure titanium cookware.

Final Thoughts

All titanium cookware is useful, but I’d prefer two products: the 10” HUFTGOLD Tri-Ply Titanium Fry Pan and the Keith Titanium 6L Pot.

They’re the only two products that don’t have a chemical coating. Between the large skillet and the pot, you can make a variety of meals. The lifetime warranties on both pieces tell me that they are well made.

Since titanium products are expensive to begin with, it may be worth it to pay a little more and get pure titanium, instead of a non-stick and titanium mix.

Best Titanium Cookware Reviews 2020 – Top 5+ Recommended

Purchasing cookware is never an easy task, there are so many ranges and cooking surfaces to choose between.

If you have ever considered titanium cookware, maybe because you are frequent campers or love cook-outs at the beach, take a look through our best titanium cookware reviews. Learn about the safety aspects and advantages to cooking with this incredibly durable metal.

Hopefully, we can help you to make the most informed buying decision.

Table of Contents

Why Should you use Titanium Cookware?

There are many advantages to cooking with titanium, the main ones are its unrivaled strength, lightweight, and health features.

Expose Even High Heat

Titanium is the second strongest of all metals allowing it to be exceptionally durable even when exposed to high heats and rough conditions. It is as strong as steel even when cut from much thinner sheets. It won’t bend, scratch, or dent, it is virtually indestructible.

Lightest Metal

Titanium is by far the lightest metal making it ideal for outdoor use as it can be easily transported. The titanium frying pan reviewed is at least 45% lighter than the equivalent sized steel pan.

Healthy Cooking

Titanium contains natural inhibitors that prevent everyday harmful bacteria from growing.

Pure titanium can withstand huge heats of above 1000-degrees f. This makes them perfect for outdoor cooking where temperatures can’t be regulated.

Boil Rapidly

As the surface heats up quickly it cooks and enables water to boil rapidly.

Non-stick Cooking Surface

Titanium has a naturally non-stick cooking surface; this makes for healthier food and also ensures that cleanup is a quick and easy task.

Best Titanium Cookware List

Best Titanium Cookware Set Reviews

1. Woll Nowo Titanium Wok– Our Pick

Woll Nowo Titanium Wok is a reinforced titanium nonstick pan that provides superior durability and excellent cooking performance. These Woll Nowo titanium nonstick pans are titanium utensils and, dishwasher safe plus and PFOA free.

It’s german titanium cookware which body and base are made of stress relieved chill cast aluminum. Perfect titanium elite cookware for browning, searing and deglazing.

It’s the right cookware for you if

If you want durable cookware that guaranteed not to crack, blister, bubble or separate and that has superior durability and excellent cooking performance then Woll Nowo titanium wok will be the right choice for you.


  • Oven, Dishwasher & Metal utensil is safe.
  • Sturdy Firmly affixed handles.
  • Perfect heat distribution.
  • Energy efficient cooking.
  • Easy cleanup.
  • Superior durability.
  • Two Side Handles.
  • Advanced PFOA free coating.


  • Expensive than other cookware.

2. Woll Nowo Fry Pan– Best Value For Money

This titanium cooking pan is perfect for all your frying needs and great value for money. This titanium pots and pans set is made from high-quality titanium which has a non-stick coating allowing for healthy cooking and easy clean up afterward. This is made from heavy-duty titanium allowing longer life. The other bonus feature found on this frying pan is the detachable handle. This allows for it to be stored in tight spaces and small cabinets.

This also allows this to be used as a dish in the oven when needed for casseroles or oven meals. Oven safe and dishwasher safe this is probably the best frying pan on the market today. Don’t forget the lifetime warranty either.

Looking for a compact & sturdy frying pan?

It is a super compact and sturdy frying pan that allows for users to cook without oil due to the nonstick coating. Reinforced titanium makes for a durable titanium pan frying pan which you can use day in and day out, over and over again.


  • Super sturdy titanium construction.
  • Superior durability and excellent cooking performance.
  • Detachable handle for functional use.
  • Dishwasher and oven are safe.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • No Lid.
  • Only available in plain black.

3. Snow Peak 3 Pieces– Best for Those on the Go

For those that find themselves on the go or regular camping trips then a compact cook set might be just what you are looking for. This travel cook set comes with three separate pots. There are two pots and one frying pan which can also be used as a lid for the pots.

This is also reasonably priced so is worth the investment if you like cooking while outdoors. The titanium material is rust and corrosion resistant and better to use than the usual stainless steel sets. This set is safe to use and lightweight to carry around so that backpackers will love this set.

The set is best because

It is a durable cook set at a great price. Three various size bowls will be sufficient enough for all your needs while hiking, camping or backpacking. Additionally, these are durable and won’t disappoint you in any situation.


  • Functional and practical for all users.
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Comes with a carry bag.
  • Made from strong titanium


  • No non stick coating.

4. Titanium Camping Cookware Set– Best for Outdoor Cooking

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and enjoy cooking over hot coals, you will understand the necessity for tough cookware that is easy to carry.

This set of 10% titanium pots and pans is perfect for 1 or 2 hikers as it is ultra-lightweight.

The entire set stacks inside each other; it is compact and takes up little space. If you use a solo stove, that will also nestle inside to fit neatly into a rucksack.

Cooking on titanium is healthier as the natural non-stick properties require a tiny bit of oil or water to keep food moving freely.

It can also withstand very high temperatures so it is safe to use over hot coals.

Using this set will make you a friend of the environment; no wood or plastic is used in its construction.


  • Pure titanium remains durable for many years
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Healthy and protects against bacteria
  • Comes with a carry-pouch


  • No lids are supplied, available separately.

5. Keith Titanium Pot and Pan Set– Also Good

It is difficult to believe that 3-pieces of ultra-durable cookware that will last for many years can weigh so little, but it’s true.

These 2 pots and 1-frying pan stacked together weigh 10-ounces and stand just 13cm tall.

Titanium has a non-toxic cooking surface and can withstand exceedingly high temperatures. That makes this set ideal for campers and hikers who need to cook over campfires.

The handles are also made of titanium but have a tubular covered grip that is made of silicone. This makes them easier and safer to hold, even when the contents of the pot are boiling away.
Once the pot is clean and dry, simply fold the handles in and nest the pots, using the frying pan as the lid.

The pots and pans featured in this titanium cookware review are built to last a lifetime and as such will be passed down through generations of campers and boy scouts.


  • As strong as steel yet 45% lighter
  • Storage bag supplied for easy carrying
  • Small footprint, fits easily in a pack
  • Frying pan doubles up as a lid for the pots
  • Corrosive resistant and hypo-allergenic construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Superb durability


  • Only big enough for 2-people.
  • Handles are quite short.

Titanium cookware safety- is it OK to use for cooking?

When you consider that titanium is regularly used in the medical profession for hip-replacements and dental work, this must give us a clue that it is indeed a safe cooking surface.

It remains inert, harmless, inside the human body, even at high temperatures.

The surface is non-porous which prevents any aluminum that may be at its core, from leaching into the food. Pure titanium is non-toxic and possesses hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties.

So if you’re asking is titanium cookware safe, you can assume it is probably the safest cookware surface available.

Take into consideration how robust it is, how it won’t scratch or rust, even with metal utensils, and you just might have the perfect cooking surface.

Titanium Cookware Video Reviews

Things to Consider before buying titanium cookware

When choosing which the best titanium cookware to buy the choices are endless. There are many things you need to consider before buying the first pan you see for sale. Here is what the experts say to consider before making your purchase.

Purpose and Use

The first thing you need to consider is the purpose and main use of your cookware. Do you prefer frying or boiling? Are you looking at making meals for ten or two? This will help you cut down the options. If you are only a family of two, then you might not need a fifteen-piece cookware set. If you are feeding a large family then one small frying pan won’t be sufficient enough for what you need. Consider how much you use your pots and pans and for what type of cooking.

Size of Cookware

Secondly, you need to consider the size. Do you want a nine-inch frying pan or an eleven inch? Do you have space in your kitchen to store large pots and pans or do you want something more compact? Ask yourself before purchasing a size that might not be what you need. Think about how practical and functional the pots and pans are before choosing.


Next on the list is the budget. You need to set a budget before you go on the search for pure titanium cookware. It is easy to go over budget and buy something you don’t need. Set a budget and stick to it. This way you will still purchase what you need but won’t spend money you don’t have.

Style and Design

The last thing to consider is design and style. Do you want a glass lid? Is black the color you want? Are you looking for something classic or antique style? All cookware comes in various styles, and colors so have something in mind before you choose. This again will help you limit the options making the overall choice a lot easier.

Final Verdict

Now you have read the best titanium cookware reviews we hope we have made your choice clearer for you. The choices are endless and when it comes to cookware titanium is a great choice to make. It is sturdy, durable, easy to clean and will last you a lifetime. Every kitchen needs cookware like this and you won’t be sorry you made the investment.

Out of the three titanium choices we looked at we have come to the conclusion that the Woll Nowo Titanium Wok is the best. The ten-pieces will cover all basic needs in the kitchen, it is stylish, durable and great value for money.

Again the choice is yours. Consider the options first before you buy and when you make your choice, enjoy cooking healthy and tasty meals.

5 / 5 ( 5 votes )

Product code: 81341710

This frying pan’s super-strong, titanium-infused ceramic coating has fantastic non-stick properties which allow for healthier cooking with less oil, and make it more energy efficient. The pan can go from hob to oven, with a maxiumum oven temperature of 240°C, and is suitable for use on all hob types. Dishwasher safe, for easy cleaning.

Ceramic cookware – care and use
Heat settings – ceramic cookware conducts heat much more efficiently so make sure to turn down the heat. There’s no need to pre-heat.
Using the cookware – with the ceramic non-stick coating, metal utensils can be used but plastic, rubber or wooden utensils are recommended to prolong the life of the pan.
Use of oils – it’s recommended to use a little bit of oil or butter when using ceramic non-stick. It’s good to note that Extra Virgin Olive Oil and oil sprays carbonise (creating the brown, sticky stains that won’t come off the pan) very quickly when the pan is heated and should be avoided when cooking with ceramic non-stick.
Cleaning and storing – dishwasher safe. To preserve the pan, it’s recommended to wash it in warm soapy water. Please allow the cookware to cool completely before washing; leftover fats can carbonise fast. A hot pan plunged in cold water can result in a thermal shock and eventually deform the frying pan.

Metal handles
Metal pan handles heat up when cooking so be careful when lifting pans and touching handles. Please use an oven glove, mitt or pot holder when handling hot pans.

Scanpan CTQ Nonstick Skillet 69002000, 11″

Ideal for browning meats, flipping pancakes, searing tuna and more, this professional-grade skillet features Scanpan s incredible ceramic-titanium nonstick surface. Completely PFOA free, ceramic titanium nonstick is bonded directly to the pan so it doesn t blister, peel or scrape away, even when using metal utensils. Unlike other nonstick pans, Scanpan can be used for browning, searing and deglazing, and boasts exceptional food release for easy serving and cleanup. Manufacturer: Scanpan. Material: Ceramic titanium nonstick, cast aluminum, stainless steel. Care: Dishwasher safe. Use: Oven safe to 500°F . Dimensions: 8 x 3 ; 9½ x 3½ ; 10¼ x 3¾ ; 11 x 4½ ; 12¾ x 4½ . Warranty: Lifetime warranty. Made in Denmark. FEATURESScanpan pans are completely PTFE and PFOA free from the start of the manufacturing process to the finished product. Handcrafted in Denmark, Scanpan CTQ features five-layer clad-aluminum construction with brushed stainless steel exterior and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Unlike other nonstick cookware, Scanpan s patented ceramic titanium nonstick interior can be used for browning, searing and deglazing, won t scratch or warp, and is safe for the dishwasher and for use with metal utensils. Durable stainless steel and aluminum body distributes heat quickly and evenly and boasts superb heat retention. Redesigned stay-cool handle is securely riveted and features a gentle curve for an easy and ergonomic grip. Compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction and oven safe to 500°F.
SKU:ADIB00ICNF4D0 Ideal for browning meats, flipping pancakes, searing tuna and more, this professionalgrade skillet features Scanpan’s incredible ceramictitanium nonstick surface. Completely PFOA free, ceramic titanium nonstick is bonded directly to the pan so it doesn’t blister, peel or scrape away, even when using metal utensils. Unlike other nonstick pans, Scanpan can be used for browning, searing and deglazing, and boasts exceptional food release for easy serving and cleanup. Manufacturer: Scanpan. Material: Ceramic titanium nonstick, cast aluminum, stainless steel. Care: Dishwasher safe. Use: Oven safe to 500°F . Dimensions: 8″ x 3″; 9½” x 3½”; 10¼” x 3¾”; 11″ x 4½”; 12¾” x 4½”. Warranty: Lifetime warranty. Made in Denmark. FEATURESScanpan pans are completely PTFE and PFOA free from the start of the manufacturing process to the finished product. Handcrafted in Denmark, Scanpan CTQ features fivelayer cladaluminum construction with brushed stainless steel exterior and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Unlike other nonstick cookware, Scanpan’s patented ceramic titanium nonstick interior can be used for browning, searing and deglazing, won’t scratch or warp, and is safe for the dishwasher and for use with metal utensils. Durable stainless steel and aluminum body distributes heat quickly and evenly and boasts superb heat retention. Redesigned staycool handle is securely riveted and features a gentle curve for an easy and ergonomic grip. Compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction and oven safe to 500°F.


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