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DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to help consumers take small steps to make a big impact on the environment, Kimberly-Clark’s SCOTT® Brand unveiled a replica of the Empire State Building today in New York City’sFlatiron Plaza. The 30 foot art structure celebrates the national release of Scott Naturals® Tube-Free bath tissue. This innovative product eliminates the cardboard tube that has been the central fixture of rolled toilet paper for more than 100 years. This simple step has major potential to eliminate a portion of the 17 billion toilet paper tubes thrown away each year, which is enough to fill the Empire State Building twice. While the product has been on shelves since 2010 in limited northeastern markets, the national release signifies Kimberly-Clark’s continued commitment to sustainability initiatives.

“Kimberly-Clark is thrilled to be able to release Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue nationally, providing consumers across the country with a product that contributes to a better, cleaner world, without sacrificing quality,” said Jared Mackrory, brand manager for Scott Brand. “Imagining the environmental impact of 17 billion tubes – enough to fill the Empire State Building twice – is hard to do. That’s why we brought the concept to life by creating a 30 foot replica in the middle of Manhattan.”

In partnership with home and design expert Carter Oosterhouse, host of the new show “Rowhouse Showdown,” Scott Brand will help consumers identify the easy steps they can take each day to help make the world a little greener. “I was interested in green living from a young age and now when I’m building, I aim to do the most with the least environmental impact,” said Oosterhouse. “I’m very passionate about the work the Scott Brand is doing and I look forward to sharing my tips and this product with the public.”

To extend the lifespan of the structure, a downsized version of the tube Empire State Building will be donated to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Members of the museum’s Junior Staff Internship program also participated in the creation of the structure by providing the exterior artwork at the base of the replica. Any tubes not used in the museum structure will be recycled.

“A main mission area of The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is to provide leadership in the areas of healthy living and a healthy environment” said Director of Exhibitions and Museum Operations, Tom Quaranta. “In addition to conveying an important environmental message to families, this sculpture will add an authentic New York flavor to the Museum, truly representative of the distinctive spirit of NYC. We are excited to bring this iconic sculpture to CMOM which will help educate children and families about the small changes they can make in their lives to help eliminate waste.”

The replica is just one component of the national launch which is supported by advertising and an online consumer pledge. The ad, released in mid-July, illustrates the impact of the 17 billion toilet paper tubes thrown away each year. The growing collection of tubes culminates into a replica of the Empire State Building, similar to the Flatiron Plaza structure. Consumers are encouraged to take an online pledge to “toss the tube” at www.ScottBrand.com and share their commitment on social media using the hashtag #TosstheTube. In return, consumers will receive a progressive coupon that increases in value as the number of pledges increase.

Scott Naturals Tube-Free can be found at Walmart stores nationwide, as well as select retailers. The national launch builds on the successful 2009 introduction of the entire Scott Naturals family of bath tissue, towels, flushable cleansing cloths and napkins, as well as the 2010 test market release of Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue -helping consumers take a green step while delivering the performance, quality and value consumers demand. The packaging of all Scott Naturals products contains at least 20 percent recycled content.

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Kimberly-Clark (NYSE: KMB) and its well-known global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. Every day, nearly a quarter of the world’s population trust K-C brands and the solutions they provide to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being. With brands such as Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex and Depend, Kimberly-Clark holds the No.1 or No. 2 share position in more than 80 countries. To keep up with the latest K-C news and to learn more about the Company’s 142-year history of innovation, visit www.kimberly-clark.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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There aren’t many exciting developments in the toilet paper industry. Kimberly-Clark is trying to change that with Scott Naturals Tube-Free, a line of tube-free toilet paper set to debut Monday at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the northeastern U.S. Not that exciting, you say? Consider this: Kimberly-Clark estimates that the 17 billion toilet paper tubes produced each year in the U.S. generate 160 million pounds of trash, or enough tubing to stretch over a million miles when placed end to end.

Tubeless toilet paper apparently isn’t as easy to make as it sounds–in an interview with USA Today, Doug Daniels, brand manager at Kimberly-Clark, refused to explain the tubeless toilet paper’s “special winding process,” though he did say that it’s similar to a process used on bath tissue that the company sells to businesses.

This is just the latest in a series of moves made by the toilet paper giant to appease its environmentally aware detractors. Last year, Kimberly-Clark agreed to source 100% of wood fiber used in its tissue products from sustainable sources. The Scott Naturals line, which also debuted in 2009, features toilet paper containing 40% recycled material. The one exception to that is the tubeless toilet paper, but Kimberly-Clark says future versions will contain more recycled content. That is, if customers decide to welcome the tubeless toilet paper revolution.

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In the “what will they think of next” category, Scott Paper Company just announced the introduction of a new tube-free toilet paper. The innovation, which is the result of a proprietary winding process, eliminates the cardboard roll that has formed the core of the roll since 1880. According to information from Kimberly Clark, who also makes Kleenex, 17 billion paper toilet paper tubes are produced every year in the US. If my math is right, that’s about 56 rolls per person. That sounds a little high to me, but then again, I’m a guy.


All those tubes result in eighty thousand tons of trash, or enough to make one tube a million miles long. I wonder if you could use it to play “telephone” with someone a million miles away.

I recycle my tubes. But according to Doug Daniels, brand manager at Kimberly-Clark, parent company of Scott Tissue, “most consumers toss rather than recycle used tubes.” Come on people, get with it. Next time you change over your roll, think about that million mile long tube. I mean, really, even if we cut it down by three-quarters, it will still be long enough to reach the moon.

In case you’re wondering, the first commercial toilet paper is said to have been used in China in the year 1391, when the Bureau of Imperial Supplies produced 720,000 sheets a year for the emperors. Each sheet was three feet long and two feet wide. I guess if you’re making toilet paper for the emperor, it’s better to err on the side of too big than too small.

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