Send balloons to hospital

3. A good quality pillow.

There is something almost transformative about sleeping on a comfortable bed. While you can’t swap out the provided mattress for some memory foam magic, you can offer a pint-sized pillow replacement.

Pair the gifted pillow with a soft, pretty or even silly pillowcase for great effect.

4. Ear plugs and eye masks.

The fluorescent glare of hospital lights may have become a little softer in recent years but sleeping in a partially lit room can still be difficult. Gifting a good quality eye mask can offer some much needed rest to tired patients.

Ear plugs are much the same but can be used during daylight and visiting hours.

5. A soft toy .

Try to match the toy to the patient’s pet for bonus points. (Source: iStock.)

They may not seem like the most obvious gift for an adult but a soft toy can perk up patients separated from their pets at home.

“When I was hit by a car, my manager at a cat shelter where I volunteered sent me a little stuffed cat. I had a cat at home, who I was separated from for a month, and though I felt kind of silly petting it at first, that little stuffed animal got me through some really depressing nights,” shared one user.

Want to know what to do or say to a parent with a child in hospital? Listen to our podcast on navigating such a tricky situation. Post continues after audio.

6. Audio books and podcasts.

Audio books and podcasts are great for patients who love to read but are struggling to do so in their condition.

“Looking at screens or reading made me feel sick. I don’t know what I would have done if I did not have my phone loaded with audio books and earphones,” one past patient wrote on Reddit.

How to Send Flowers to a Hospital

Whether you’re sending flowers to friends or family, or wondering how to send flowers to a hospital employee, there are at least 4 basic things to consider before choosing what flower delivery you want to send and how to make sure your bouquet is delivered efficiently. So before sending flowers to hospitals, make sure to see our help list.

How to Send Flowers to the Hospital

  • 1. Call the hospital to see if deliveries are permitted
  • 2. Ask the front desk for the ideal delivery time
  • 3. Pick out your flower bouquet delivery
  • 4. Enter in the hospital address without room number

Why are these things important for hospital flowers?

Flower Delivery Permission

When considering how to send someone flowers in the hospital, a few easy steps can really add to your experience. It’s very rare that someone doesn’t allow a florist to deliver flowers to a hospital, but every now and then, an establishment will undoubtedly surprise you. In order to ensure a smooth hospital flower delivery, take the two minutes to google the hospital’s phone number and ask the front desk if same day hospital flowers are permitted. When considering how to send flowers to hospital patients, there’s almost always some kind of conversation with the front desk first.

Best Delivery Times

When are the best times to send flowers to a hospital? Only the front desk or doctor would be able to tell you. How likely is the doctor to explain to you how to send flowers to someone in the hospital? Exactly, you should stick to the front desk workers for this. Doctors are very busy. Some businesses take hospital gift deliveries on certain days only. Once again, this is rare, but it’s best to ask. Another reason to check on flower delivery times is to make sure your flowers are delivered without problems. The hospital staff will be able to tell you which days are less busy, or even better, if the patient will be moved at any point throughout their stay. You don’t want someone running around the hospital corridors trying to randomly locate your just relocated loved one. It should be a clear shot to their room, and a hand-delivered flower delivery with a smile. Easy and beautiful.

What to send someone in the hospital

Three things to preemptively consider before sending hospital flowers and flowers for hospital patients, is the amount of available helping hands, amount of floral care needed and the receiving party’s need. What does that mean? Before sending get well flowers for him or her you need to consider:

  • – are they able to return home with them?
  • – are you sending flowers that need care afterwards?
  • – who is receiving them?

HOME. Do you know whether or not your hospital patient will have someone with them when they leave the hospital? If you know that someone is surrounded by loved ones, then go ahead and send flowers in a large flower bouquet that’s both impressive and gorgeous. If you think however that they will be one person driving themselves home, then send a dainty bouquet or even a candy delivery that they can easily get home with them. Either speak to their family members at the hospital, or ask the hospital yourself if people have been hanging around their room. More likely than not they probably are sending people home because there are too many people.

CARE. For example hospital plant delivery is a favorite of customers, but someone whose just broken their leg may not want to water a plant every day. The solution to that is an orchid delivery which only needs to be watered about twice every six weeks. Perfect!

WHO. If you’re sending flowers to a sick child, we can assure you that the bear bouquets are the way to go. The child will be more comforted with a stuffed animal than the flowers, and the flowers will mean more to the parents watching over their sick babe. It’s a beautiful way to provide some small comfort to both parties.

Address Without Room Number

Can you deliver flowers to a hospital if you don’t know where they’re actually going? When you have flowers delivered to the hospital, we actually recommend that you don’t put the room number in the delivery address. If the online florist really feels that they need the room number, they will call you to get it. It’s better to just have the address of the hospital for your flowers delivery because you don’t have any guarantee that your loved one won’t be moved to a different room. The florist will have to check in at the front for your delivery regardless, and this way they can make certain that they go to the correct room. Many times the desk associates will actually take the delivery from them anyways and deliver it themselves. Don’t panic if you entered a room number already, your bouquet will get where it needs to be, it’s just that doing it this way usually clears up some interference. You don’t need to worry about how to send flowers to a hospital room.

Send Gifts to the Hospital

If you don’t want to send flowers to the hospital, there are other gift delivery options for you to choose from. Chocolate delivery is a great place to start. Sending chocolate to the hospital follows almost the same procedure as flowers delivery. I would only recommend to you, depending on what chocolates you want to send, that you call ahead to see if someone’s dietary needs have changed. Though breaking an arm or spraining an ankle may not change your dietary needs, I think we can all agree that there are thousands of other things that can. Also keep in mind the nuts inside of a chocolate brownies delivery, in case they have allergies. Your safest choice for same day delivery food items, if you aren’t 100% positive on the dietary restrictions, is the chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate strawberries won’t include nuts, and they’re covered in Godiva chocolate which is simply delicious. With a fruit base they’re also arguably a bit healthier than the brownie delivery. With that said we love the brownies!

We hope this helps you understand how best to send hospital flowers and gifts. Hopefully this help on sending flowers to a hospital taught you some things you didn’t know. We’ve been delivering gifts to hospital patients for years now and we can be the first to tell you how much it means to your friends and loved ones. So the next time you’re thinking, can I send flowers to a hospital? Yes you can, and they will love it! Your gift of flowers for hospital delivery may very well be the highlight of their day.

Tips for Sending Flowers to a Hospital

When a loved one is hospitalized, a hospital floral delivery is one of the most encouraging and uplifting gifts you can give. Flowers brighten their room and serve as a constant reminder of how much you care. Flowers have even been shown in studies to bring about a positive mood. So your gift could be just what the doctor ordered! With Teleflora, sending flowers to a hospital is easy, even if you’re thousands of miles away. Our local florists are experienced in making these very special deliveries and know the protocol for each neighborhood hospital.

Keep in mind that some areas of the hospital, such as the Intensive Care Unit, do not accept floral deliveries due to possible plant or pollen allergies. In this case, consider sending the bouquet to the recipient’s home when they are released.

When placing your order online, make sure to specify the name of the medical center and room number where your loved one is a patient. If you are unsure of the room number, our florist will attempt to call the patient visitor information desk to check for you but, if the patient is registered as a non-disclosure or no information patient, and you do not know the room number, the hospital staff cannot confirm that they are a patient at the hospital and will refuse the delivery. That is why it is important to know the hospital room number before you place your order. The florist can then deliver your gift to the Patient Visitor Information Desk and a volunteer will take it up to the room.

We will email you a delivery confirmation so that you can be sure the bouquet was received. In the event that your loved one checks out of the hospital early, the local florist will call you to ask for an alternate delivery address so that they can enjoy your gift at home. Below are some of our suggestions on the most beautiful hospital floral deliveries, you can also browse our Get Well Gift Guide for more ideas. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

Make it bright!

When sending flowers to someone who is recovering from surgery, the brighter the better. Your bouquet will serve as a cheerful reminder of your love for them. A gorgeous, multicolored bouquet is bound to lift their spirits and catch their eye. Wondrous Wishes by Teleflora with Orange Roses is a great choice. The hot pink gerberas and unexpected orange roses will wow them!

Send a Be Happy Mug to make them smile

One of our classic feel-good arrangements is our Be Happy® Bouquet in a Mug. This assortment of white and yellow daisies and yellow roses is bursting out of our signature Be Happy mug! They will love the flowers during their hospital stay and can use the mug to sip tea with honey at home during recovery.

Cheerful balloons make a standout hospital gift

Is there a doctor in the house?! My Little Chickadee by Teleflora includes a cute ceramic chick sending a hug to help them feel better. Why not add a balloon to this adorable gift? .

For safety reasons, latex balloons are not allowed in hospitals but Mylar balloons are acceptable. Hospital volunteers deliver these items daily to patient rooms. Balloons are a great touch because they stand out on a bedside table or even across the hospital room. They’re great for patients with poor eyesight because they make your arrangement larger and can be enjoyed from a distance. You can add Mylar balloons to any Teleflora bouquet to make your gift even bigger and better.

Avoid the sniffles with a green plant

Just because they’re allergic to flowers or pollen doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a special delivery to cheer them up. Teleflora’s Good Luck Bamboo plant makes a great gift for patients who suffer from allergies or can’t have cut flowers in their room. Of course, green plants like bamboo have an added bonus: they can be enjoyed for months after the initial delivery! When your recipient gets out of the hospital, they will love this chic plant on their desk at work.

Send him a truckload of well wishes!

This ’48 Ford Pickup is the perfect pick-me-up! This gift is a great choice for the man in your life who’s feeling a bit under the weather. An assortment of colorful flowers fill the bed of this miniature truck, a keepsake he’ll enjoy long after the flowers are gone. Teleflora’s ’48 Ford Pickup Bouquet is a favorite for dads, uncles or husbands.


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